Re: Has anyone gotten a bank account without a SSN???

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Posted by Common Roght Group at San Diego county on July 14, 1997 at 22:21:09:

In Reply to: Has anyone gotten a bank account without a SSN??? posted by Chris Heidz on July 01, 1997 at 18:24:51:

: I have tried at a few banks, and they all just blow me off. I have tried using a Notice of Demand stating all the privacy act issues, and the likes, but they all pretty much say "so sue me..."

: I would love to sue them, frankly, however I don't have the expirience, nor the resources to do so yet. Is there a "Majik Bullet" for compelling them to start a non-interest bearing acount in my name?

: I have tried to read everything that I can, but it seems that may "Patriot Groups" are really out for your cash and I just don't have it to fork over; not to mention that there seems to be such a variety of opinions available for sale as "Gospel"

: Please email me as I can't get on to read the group very often.

: Thanx.

Yes, but it wasn't easy at first. Now, the same bank allows us to open accounts in whatever lawful name (such as trusts, etc.) that we choose because they "know us." Well, that's they're excuse.
The first time, we went through a pile of documents about chin high to a giraffe and asked them to show cause six ways from sundown. The end result was, the branch manager finally said the reason they needed the SSAN was "for those transactions in excess of $10,000 that had to be reported." At that came our suggestion that we just cross that river when we get to the bridge, to which the manager agreed. End of report.
There is a lot of law applicable to banks in Title 12 U.S.C. (Banking and Finance), and in a set of books published by Warren, Gorham and Lamont entitled *THE LAW AND REGULATION OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS*. That is the banking law, and walking into a branch with a set of those volumes under an arm puts the management at a distinct disadvantage, because most operations managers and branch managers haven't read those books.
Now, if anyone wants something for nothing, you're out of luck. We don't overcharge anyone for anything, but "a workman is worthy of his hire." Our estimated rate is around $25/hour, darned cheap compared to attorneys and such. Of course, we don't represent anyone.
Hope this helps answer your question. Basically, you have to take the full responsibility for what you use and do. As Robert Heinlein (S.F. Author used to say, "TANSTAAFL; (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch)."
Best of luck to you.
Common Right Group

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