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Posted by Two Cities on October 26, 1998 at 11:40:07:

In Reply to: Re: Need help and advice with a COURT hearing posted by Tom on October 26, 1998 at 01:52:36:

: Listen to the Tax scams of the Snakeoilers and you will get you sent to the Wolves. (TAXCOURT)
True enough.

: I have heard that IRS Agents collect a commission on money that they collect.
Probable enough. Many businesses give bonuses.

: Maybe the Snakeoilers are IRS AGENTS???
Can it be profitable, to any substantial degree?
Counterintelligence and deflection aimed at the
few who provide good information.

: They sure will not answer or dodge many questions.
The IRS does answer questions. Just send a letter and
ask. They do answer, and in substantial detail as well.

: Getting in trouble only hurts yourself and your family.
30% or more already is trouble. If a correct, legal and
recognizable solution exists, what is the problem?
Form 2555 provides for a $70,000 blanket deduction,
which for most purposes hould cover a variety of private

Convince me that "California" no longer exists,
and that the only way to position an entity is
within the "State of California" or the "STATE OF
CALIFORNIA". The soil and the flesh exist only
within "California". It is possible that entities
may operate there as well, if they didn't apply
for priviledge, and stayed out of the proper business
of the "State" and the "STATE". Convince me that
proceeds received within California (which afaik does
not have a tax treaty with the U.S.) would not fall
under the reportable income requirement for U.S. citizens
and U.S. resident aliens.

When modern companies stopped running payroll,
i.e. an envelope with cash, countersigned for, they
also stopped paying into the hands of the flesh. The
remuneration is automatically directed via the
intermediary entity, the misnomer CONTRACT name on
the bankaccount, which is the recipient of the proceeds,
and is a taxable entity. The source of the payment also
lies "within the U.S.", so the taxable nexus is set up
twice, first by remuneration to a taxable intermediary,
second from a source within.

: If you go to COURT with your defense based on "The Constitution and case law" and the JUDGE puts a gag order on you or sends you to jail; does this mean that the JUDGE is a crook? What it really means is that "The Constitution" and case law are not law in this COURT.
How true. On these "infraction" notices, it can sometimes
be observed that the judge(s) evidences his own identity
several times. Steven S. Truthful, STEVEN S TRUTHFUL and
TRUTHFUL, STEVEN S. How many hats (corporate) does this
man wear (can he wear depending on circumstance). The
pure business organization of the private fiefdom, that
usually provides services to the CITY, can be observed by
partaking in local politics, and the obfuscating reports
run by the governing body. It is my impression that sometimes
they are amenable to negotiation, it is a private business
after all, and that they do not particularily want to
discuss their business in a mode of discovery in a public

: Somebody is lying to us:
All the time, from several angles, main media included.

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