Free Compact States in the US CODE

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Posted by STATE on November 09, 1998 at 01:26:58:

In Reply to: The European Union does not permit us to speak accurately of a `United States of Europe' as an entity analogous to the United States of America. France is in no danger of being relegated to "the equivalent of Nebraska" as supporters of the "No" vote in the Maastricht referendum claimed. posted by Francisco Rubio Llorente on November 07, 1998 at 00:44:40:

Alaska and Hawaii were no longer defined (U.S. Code) as states when they joined the Union.

The above must not be States any longer but just legal fictions; franchises of the Internationally recognized State called the "United States."

The "States in Free Association" (26)(63rd Congress, Oct, 3, 1913. sess. I., CH. 16, page 177)
The above States referred to as state(s) in U.S. Code has caused many much confusion!

Some of these "States" are or were the District of Columbia, American Somoa, Guam, Commonwealth of Porto Rico, Virgin Islands, Midway Island, Wake Island, Johnston Island, Baker, Howland and Jarvis Islands, Navassa Island + on .

Short-form name Geopolitical
Long-form name
Sovereignty Code 1 Capital
01. American Samoa
Territory of American Samoa
United States AQ Pago Pago

06. Baker Island
(no long-form name)
United States FQ Admin. fr. Wash. D.C.

32. Johnston Atoll
(no long-form name)
United States JQ Admin. fr. Wash. D.C.
33. Kingman Reef
(no long-form name)
United States KQ Admin. fr. Wash. D.C.

38. Midway Islands
(no long-form name)
United States MQ Admin. fr. Wash. D.C.

40. Navassa Island
(no long-form name)
United States BQ Admin. fr. Wash. D.C.

45. Northern Mariana Islands
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
United States CQ Saipan
46. Palmyra Atoll
(no long-form name)
United States LQ Admin. fr. Wash. D.C.

49. Puerto Rico
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
United States RQ San Juan

58. Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands of the United States
United States VQ Charlotte Amalie

60. Wake Island
(no long-form name)
United States WQ Admin. fr. Wash. D.C.

Source: Office of The Geographer and Global Issues, Bureau
of Intelligence and Research U.S. Department of State, Washington,

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