Re: People in the Several States are Nonresident alien individual!

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Posted by Craig on September 20, 1997 at 13:30:25:

In Reply to: Re: People in the Several States are Nonresident alien individual! posted by Steven Pattison on July 10, 1997 at 12:25:59:

: : :
: : : Re: To my friends and family,

: : : I have been reading about tax "law" for about a year now, and it would seem that there are two differing views on this 1) non-resident and 2)Citizen of (The United States of/and or America, American National... etc.) as well as 3) Tax SLAVE (but we'll over-look that one for today).

: : : As far as I have read I belive that I am Not a Non-res, but rather a Citizen who is only required to file a alternate W-8, as well as a notice of Citizenship as per:

: : : C.F.R. 1.1441-5 Claiming to be a person not subject to withholding.

: : : (a) Individuals. For purposes of chapter 3 of the code an individual's written statement that he or she is a citizen of the United States may be relied upon by the payer of the income as proof that such individual is a citizen or resident of the United States. This statement shall be furnished to the withholding agent in duplicate. An alien may claim residence in the United States by filing form 1078 with the withholding agent in duplicate in lieu of the above statement.

: : : (b) Partnerships and Corporations. ...
: : : (c) Disposition of Statement and Form The duplicate copy of each statement and form filed pursuant to this section shall be forwarded with a letter of transmittal to the Internal Revenue Service Center, Philadelphia, PA. 19255. The original statment shall be retained by the withholding agent.

: : : Note (a), (c) and please explain how a non-resident would satisfy this section???

: : : I may be wrong, and I admit that this tax crap is tough reading at times, but I belive that it is constructed to be a nitemare pure and simple ;)

: : : Please email a response as I can't get on the very often.

: : : check out:
: : Common Right Group recommends reading Otto Skinner's book **THE BIGGEST TAX LOOPHOLE OF ALL**. Available form Otto Skinner, P.O. Box 6609, San Pedro, California. { 90734 ] for $44.95 incl. Shiping and Handling. That will reduce the difficulty of reading through all the tax codes, etc with the b.s. filter system overheating from overwork.
: : Also suggest staying away from filing ANY W-8, substitute or not, as those forms, "Withholding Exemption Certificate" or "Withholding Allowance Certificate" are only for taxpayers 'as defined in the Internal Revenue Code'. The arguments over residency, non-resident Aliens, Aliens, citizens of the (these) united States, etc., are typical of several frivolous arguments that will take you nowhere or to jail. Misdirection is suspected here.
: : What is your revenue taxable activity that makess you subject to the tax on income derived from that activity?
: : Bill at Common Right Group of San Diego county.

: Reply:

: Reply: I am a nonresident alien as defined in the IRC, because they, "the powers to be", changed the definition of United States and State and I do not inhabit the United States as defined in the IRC. Then they passed the "Buck Act" that made the zip codes and the two letter abbreviation of the states all a Federal Zone and after finding out about this, I no longer use two letter abbreviation or a zip code. So, when you sign a 1040 form where they have you as a U.S. citizen, are you a citizen of the United States as defined by the IRC? Did you use a zip code or a two abbreviation of the states?

: Ignorance of the law is no defense. If you signed a 1040 form the states you are a U.S. citizen and you are not, you may want to get that corrected right away.

: Now, stop and think about it. I am an inhabit of Kansas and when I am visiting someone in Missouri, I am also a nonresident alien of Missouri. It is just words, but you need to know the definition of all words before you sign something ³Under Penalties of perjury². Donıt you agree?

: Steven Pattison


Somebody, Please read section 7806.

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