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Posted by Common Right Group on November 04, 1997 at 02:13:00:

In Reply to: Reply to Daniel Re: DATELINE-LISTEN UP PEOPLE, posted by David on November 02, 1997 at 00:27:07:

: "Primary post deleted to save space"

: : >David
: : >A very interesting article and I agree with what
: : >you stated. I was new to this whole thing until
: : >a little over two years ago and I have very
: : >sterong feelings that the IRS(which is actually
: : >trust #62 Puerto Rico) need to be completely
: : >exposed and the only way it can be done is to
: : >have a rally in Washington. At that time we
: : >need to have every congressman on the front steps
: : >of the Capitol and confront them with the
: : >questions about the whole tax system and a lot of
: : >other things that are going on.
: : >I completed a career in the military and I took
: : >the oath also. I will live by that oath until the
: : >day that I die.
: : >Daniel,
: .......................................................

: Daniel!

: A rally will not do. As most true and freedom loving
: Americans are stuck with the millstone of providing
: for their families, and do not have the resources or
: a prosperous family provider and are not on welfare
: as has been obvious in the past with other marches
: on D.C. .

: What is needed, is for the millions of us out here to
: use the powerful resource of the internet and on a
: particular date and time swamp the Senate, Congress,
: White House, Justic Departnment and any other
: relevent Political party or agency with such incoming
: demands for the truth, for change that will remove
: the yoke of "tax slavery" from the neck of each and
: every American and our decendants to come " now and
: forever."

: David.

Oh yeah, and there is also the Serviceman's Code of Conduct, Art. I = "I will never forget that I am an American Fighting Man, dedicated to the principles that made my country free."
The Constitutional Oath, per se, expired with the term of enlistment. The word "Never," in the C of C appears to extend on into the time of unorganized militia. Expire that sucker with a spade full of dirt in the face. Wonder how many Congress-critters, bureacrats, foreign agents, etc. appreciate that?

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