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Posted by M. Terry on November 21, 1997 at 19:02:44:

In Reply to: Re: IRS Manual/ Document 6209 posted by Frank on November 04, 1997 at 22:31:48:

: : : : : Using a FOIA request I got a copy of the 1994 version of IRS Document6209.
: : : : : In it are references to an IR Manual and to "LEM's". Does anyone know where
: : : : : I can get copies of these documents? I'm deciphering/decoding my own
: : : : : IMF.
: : : : : Thanks,
: : : : : Carlos

: : : :
: : : : IRM can also be gotten using FOIA under the justification of "understanding administrative procedures."
: : : : We don't know what an LEM is, but that information should also be available via FOIA. As you undoubtedly know from obtaining the 6209, you'll probably have to pay.
: : : : By the way, the last we heard, the 6209 was hitting wallets for about $65 when provided under FOIA. Is this number still true?

: : : Thanks for the prompt response. I paid $65 for the 6209 and I got it from the SeattleDistrict Director. Just after posting my query, I was thumbing through my old copy of D. J. Pilla's Taxpayor's Ultimate Defense Manual and lo and behold on page 18 was my answer
: : : on how to acquire a copies of the IR Manual. Thanks for the help.

: : : Is their a website for Otto Skinner? I'm using Eddie Kahn's method in my encounters with the IRS. I got as far as the group manager with my questions which remain unanswered. I have addressed the same questions to the District Manager and Branch Manager along with a
: : : complaint about my treatment at my last meeting with the group manager. I also forwarded a copy of that letter to the Senate Finance Committee as an example of mistreatment.
: : : Thanks,
: : : Carlos

: : No website for Skinner. Kahn is good - very good.
: : Paul got rattled becuase we posted stuff about Skinner's book on his site about three times in different places, each in response to someone's problem. If you look through the postings by us, you'll find Skinner's address and book cost data.
: : Thanks for responding.

: For those of us unfamiliar with the reference, can you tell us who Eddie Kahn is and where to get other info on his "methods"? Thanks

An "LEM" is a Law Enforcement Manual. If you do not know that, your results decoding your IMF will probably be less than spectacular. As for Eddie Kahn, his "methods" will ultimatly probably get you in serious trouble. He apparently does not understand the Federal Register, and, as a result, does not know how to obtain regulations concerning practice and procedure of the IRS. He maintains that there are no regulations for enforcement of lien and levy procedures in title 26, except in 27 CFR. This is patently wrong. As for following any of the untax gurus, may I suggest that you mail them an declaration which they can sign under penalty of perjury, citing the cases wherein they have prevailed using thier unfounded arguments arguments.

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