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Posted by Stefan Norberg on December 18, 1997 at 11:38:37:

In Reply to: Re: Anti IRS info posted by Common Right Group on August 11, 1997 at 20:08:19:

: : I am currently challenging the IRS with Irwin Schiff's system.
: : (see Please provide me with any proceedural
: : steps I should take in filing a "ZERO" tax return, plus any
: : steps I should take in confronting the IRS about charges of
: : "frivilous" returns and associated penalties. Is Irwin Schiff's
: : system legit? Do you think it's the right way to go?

: : Thanks
: : Jim Thompson

: Jim,
: We don't recommend filing "Zero" tax returns or "exempt" W-4's or any other IRS form unless you are a taxpayer as that term is defined in the Internal Revenue Code. It's a trap. Not saying that Irwin Schiff is a "trapper." Not at all. We believe Irwin's research and information is correct, but the question is about what happens if you follow his technique and get charged with filing a frivolous return or willful failure to do whatever, etc.
: In the first place, those forms are only for "taxpayers" as that term is defined by law. When using those forms, you are creating a record that admits to and confesses being one obligated to file. You sign those forms under penalty of perjury, which is the second part of the problem.
: We have a tendency to lean a bit more towards recommending obtaining and reading the book by Otto Skinner called *THE BIGGEST TAX LOOPHOLE OF ALL.* Otto's book is available for 39.95 + 5.00 shipping from: Otto Skinner - P.O. Box 6609 - San Pedro, California [ 90734 ].
: We beg people not to read and rely on one single source that looks and feels good. Please read works from many sources, then pray a lot, then act or not according to your ability and wilingness to take 100% responsibility for the result. None of these publishers of "silver bullets" are the ones going to jail if YOU get convicted of something. Of course, the more materials you have, also including the IRS Code, the more you can present as evidence to a jury in your defense as "reliance" information per the Cheek and Long Cases.
: Mostly, we agree with Skinner as to three relevant questions: 1). Is the nature of the tax I'm purportedly liable for one of CAPITATION, PROPERTY, or EXCISES (ACTIVITIES)? 2). If Excises (revenue taxable activities), then what is the revenue taxable activity which I am purportedly involved in? 3). Who made the determination and under what authority that I am one "liable for a tax" upon which your so-called "tax liability" is based?
: Remember, we are not degrading Schiff's work at all. We think Irwin is a wonderful guy and has done a lot for the people with his revealing work. However, we know of many more who have gone to jail using Schiff's technology than have even been charged under Skinner's philosophy. Skinner names eighteen of the most popular "Patriot" arguments used that are usually, if not always, frivolous and off point.
: May we point out that both John Cheek and Lloyd Long used the Skinner argument for his defense, not the Schiff arguments. To wit: "What is the statute that makes me liable....?" Both stipulated that they were obligated to file a return and pay a tax if they were one "made liable for a tax" under the law, and asked only that the law be produced in evidence.
: Don't know what else to suggest. May YHWH (God) bless and keep you in your endeavors and may the Holy Spirit be your guide.
: Bill

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