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Posted by Common Right Group on January 10, 1998 at 04:14:04:

In Reply to: Re: Bills of Particular posted by Joe R. on January 09, 1998 at 22:28:30:

: : : Need success stories of use of the Bills of Particular in criminal cases or The More Deffinite Statement in civil matters. These are powerful and we are using them with some success and need other stories of their use.

: : You can ask the lawyer if he has a green card, since the American Bar is directly related to the English Bar. Also asking a judge if he is or has ever been a freemason. If he says yes and he is, it is a conflict of interest. If he says no and he is, well we know what that is.

: Where Can I find out what a Bill of Particulars look like? Is there a law book that has one. Also, and please forgive the ignorance but, What does freemasonary have to with judges or conflicts of interest? Go easy on me!


Hate to do this to poor ol' Woody, but Freemasonry has absolutely not one doggoned thing to do with judges. This thought comes from a certain Masonic Oath taken to asist a [Masonic] brother in need, even at the expense of all other forms of oath or loyalty. The proper question is one of whether the Judge subscribes the masonic Oath in derogation of any Constitutional Oath of Office. If the answer is yes, he is not a judge or even in a public office, pure and simple.
There is another Oath that us modern straw-grabbers reach for, and that is the Oath of Kohl Nidre, a Hebraic oath taken on the day of Atonement that disavows all oaths taken under the duress of the captivity of the time. That Oath was taken by the Israelites at a time when it was a question of taking an oath to the deity of the human sovereign or die. To take that Oath under any other pretense is a blasphemy and a fraudulent oath, but many feel that there are those in the judiciary that are using that oath today, like the Masonic Oath of brotherhood to avoid doing their jobs as duly mandated by law.
What does a Bill of Particulars look like? Try hunting down Right Way Law on the internet, they're here, and talk with them. There are manyy versions running around, most of which walk one right into the very jurisdiction one is trying to deny and avoid. Us Patriots are such half-butted imitators, and the blind leading the blinder. Sorry to sound so harsh, but dealing with our criticism is preferable to singing the jailhouse blues. Right Way Law has published information on the five stages of litigation and explains how it is that, without the demand for the right to discovery of the Nature and Cause (Bill of Particulars or Request for More Definite Statement), we lose stages three and four, and go directly to filing a responsive pleading to the allegations, whether criminal or civil. In other words, don't worry about what a B.O.P. looks like until you understand what it is all about. That's the problem with lawyers today, they know all this law, but have no clue about where it came from or why it's there.
Want to be like them? Yeah, but they have 'license' from the courts to be there. We have to know what we're doing and why we're doing it.
G_d bless.

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