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Posted by Joe R. on January 13, 1998 at 22:05:37:

In Reply to: Re: 2 IRS Agents Expose it all posted by Joe R. on January 09, 1998 at 22:12:04:

: : I am also in this battle. I recently terminated my W-4
: : but, upon reflection, saw that there was a strong possibility
: : that I could be incarcerated. With my tail between my legs,
: : I resubmitted my W-4. I am now legal/illegal. My reasoning
: : is that I must remain as the central support for my famiy, otherwise,
: : I must depend upon my government to support those that I love. I am
: : not out of this battle, I just have to find a safer way. Protesting
: : the "law" by asking for declarations regarding the Constitutionality
: : of swearing, under the penalty of perjury, to a law that is, by far,
: : un-understandable seems to be a start. Is there no way to marshal our
: : forces to cause this issue to become a media event? Seriously, you doing
: : this, and me doing that, does not get much press interest. The Supreme
: : Court picks and chooses it's battles. Can't we get a little more force behind
: : this idea? I am a relatively intelligent person but I cannot battle the Courts
: : because I don't understand their game. Even if I did, I have read some
: : unbelievable results from cases that were not too hard to decide but the
: : "jurisdiction" card was played and therefore, Justice was not served.
: : In addition to my personal battle, I will participate in any action that
: : serves to involve the media in as far as it is non-violent. I am interested
: : in any event that supports a return to our Constitution of(and for) the United
: : States of America.

: :

: I fear, only a million man march on Washington, with all the patriots assembled, could maybe, just maybe, send a signal to America.

: : How about a Common-law convention? The agenda would be to inform the public what the common-law is. What it is used for. And how to use it. Once ratified by members elected by each state, the matter then would be to petition each state that the newly ratified Common-law is to be amended into the US Constitution. Well, any ideas?


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