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Posted by Wm.J on January 20, 1998 at 22:15:09:

In Reply to: Re: UPDATE FOR ALL /Re: 2 IRS Agents Expose it all posted by Connie Leach on January 15, 1998 at 15:55:44:

: Richard,

: Thank you. These people need to be told where their place is and you did it
: very well.

: I also would appeciate the information you offered to share. I have spent three years reseaching the IRS
: and believe it or not I am still afraid to take the plunge, but people like you
: make me feel much better. At least I know I am not alone in my thinking.

: Please send reply to :

: Thanks again. You are appreciated greatly.

: : : : Dear fellow Americans,

: : : Body deleted to save space:

: : I forgot to mention that, besides opinion letters
: : to put a stop to the IRS, the one and only book
: : that anyone needs to use that explains it all
: : is OTTO SKINNERS "The Biggest Tax Loophole of All"
: : it explains it all in Common Language, and, if followed
: : "TO THE LETTER" It will take time, but, you will get out
: : of the system. You may need to read through three
: : or four times to make it as there is much to digest.
: : I did and all the letters and phone calls and demands
: : for hearings have stopped.

: : It costs $39.95 + $5.00 S+H from

: : P.O. Box 6609
: : San Pedro, CA 90734

: : all come clear
I think you have inadvertantly disclosed why this movement has a problem gaining more momentum
quicker than it has. There are not enough people out there sharing their experiences and skirmishes
with the IRS to improve strategies. Most people that I have observed or read about these past two years
of my enlightment are lone individuals that are rightfully wary of everyone and everything that presents itself on this wonderful medium
we are now using. Myself included. This is only my second post after a year and a half of reading this forum. I expect there are
many people out there afraid to put themselves on line, even on this friendly(?) forum. Much less in a courtroom where even if you win, you lose.
Now for the second problem of this movement(this perspective will be from that of a professional insurance salesman): Unless and until
interpretation or understanding of The Code and/or one's sovereign rights are made simple for all to understand, nothing will change.

I have spoken with many who are spearheading this fight for what I believe is the first battle of the final war for the Nation's exsistance.
But they are not helpful to those of us that are fighting this battle on a micro level. God bless these people for their excellant work,
but they are fighting this battle on a macro level and frankly don't have time to help us.

I am ready to correct this problem today with this post. To any and all who read this; I am willing to share all of my experiences and
thoughts with any and all who email( any expectation of reciprocation. I want everyone to know that there are
others out there fighting the battle every day.

Further, let it be known that I am not a government agent and I do not work for any governmental agency as an investigator.
My only hope is that I too will know others are out there fighting and will share some of there experiences with me.

God bless all of us!
Wm J.

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