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Posted by Henry T. Liberty on February 02, 1998 at 00:46:57:

In Reply to: Re: IRS Fraud posted by anonomous on January 31, 1998 at 19:46:59:

You will never retreive what was mis-appropirated under the color of Law.

You need to realize that the Federal Alcohol Administration ( as amended in 1939) set up office's in San Juan, where in you will find an agency that is annotated at USC Title 31, 5313.

This domestic corporation has the authority that is currently annotated in Title 27, of the USC to enforce the regulations as delinated in Title 26 of the USC.

So, is your property a distillery? A tobbacco Farm?, or an Arms Factory?

Well then apparently, someone over at the ATF has mistaken your property as some kind of coporation in business with the Federal Corporation, (USC 28, section 3002, paragraph 15).

Verfiy the Individual Master File encoding. By the way, just how do you drive your Trucking rig from ST. Thomas, to San Juan?

If you arenot this entity, then the United States Postal Service must have delivered the notice to levy a domestic corporation, (Do you have a charter issued inside the Federal Area, Washington D.C.?) to the wrong address, and PERSON.

Refer to Black Law's 4th edition, for Accept, Acceptance, and Consent, and Corpus Juris Sercudum under names.

Then take a hard look at the Lien notifications. Chances are they have forwarded the noticies to the wrong PERSON. Gather up all this misdirect mail, and send it back whence it came!

If you live in a Federal State, then your Governing Polity doesnot suffer the limitations of the Public Trust. If you are an inhabitant of one of the States of the Union of these united states of America, then you are the sovereign.

Yes you can file a Zero return, and amend the previous three years. . 535 F2d 400, 404.

The peace treaty that terminated the hostilities between the States, created a new class of citizens, subjects of Congress.( XIV amendment) These corporated citizens suffer the discretion of the Congress Assembled.

Read the Voter application used in the by the States of, (Corporations). Did you know that you are now an alien with permanent lawful residence in the STATE OF. (Title 5, section 552a)

Guess what, you just "volunteered" to join the UNITED STATES. Enjoy!

: : : I have recently come across a couple of businesses that claim they can recover all the Tax money a person has paid to both federal and states for income taxes, over the last three years.
: : : Has anyone out there ever gotten money back in this manner?
: : : What methods did you use?
: : : I understand that Lynn Merideth and her methods have been totally unsuccessful!
: : : In talking to others it seems that I can find no one who has been able to actually recover any funds, only gotten themselves ina deeper hole
: : : I would appreciate any responses and experiences from others.
: : Bill,
: : You might try
: : Ron
: I tried to get my money back and quit filing also. I had my bank account raided and a lien placed on all my possessions. Now I am trying to figure out a successful way to get rid of this illegal lien. I do not even know of anyone who has gotten rid of a Fed. Tax Lien. How can the government tax the natural right to earn a living? Anonomous.

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