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Posted by Two Cities on February 13, 1998 at 19:54:35:

In Reply to: Re: TRUSTS posted by Common Right Group on February 12, 1998 at 08:45:09:

: After you have done your homework, you may then rail against trusts and developers!

Not to say that it is conclusive homework.
But some opinions of this State Creature (AG),
and some references touch upon the subject of
Trusts. Perhaps worth mining for additional nuggets.

And it is/was against statutory assault that these
entities in some instances are asked to provide a
shield, or a different mode of interface.

Most of the opinion concerns the 'recording' of titles
or deeds to real property. For those who will read the
opinion, it can be observed, that the AG carefully walks
a thin line between the concepts of recording vs. filing,
the latter mentioned only when it appears to be neccessary.

And "land" is not a subject. Real estate, and realty are.

Now if I "rail", as you put it. It is perhaps from a lack
of a individual list of "victories", where some unintelligent
PA decided to go up against the unassailable virtues and lost.
Even though the case may not go to appeal, and be published,
hopefully it would be a feather in someones cap. And perhaps
the record preserved.

Now the above opinion contains a curious remark, that
these business entities have to file with the Secretary of
State to legally conduct business in Washington. So is
the AG a liar, or is someone else, purporting to portray
the opposite. Perhaps the AG was referring to the State
of Washington.

Perhaps it is related to Washington's status. If anyone knows,
which Public Law by Congress admitted Washington by an Enactment,
I would like to see that PL number. I have asked many, some whom
I thought were knowledgeable, and it would have been a 'cinch' to
reach for it, through their deep reservoir of fact and knowhow.

So if the Washington AG says one thing, and a number of "developers"
say another, I tend to get a little curious.

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