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Posted by Two Cities on March 03, 1998 at 16:19:51:

In Reply to: Re: State Sales Tax/Two Cities posted by B. Morris on March 02, 1998 at 13:33:31:

: To: Two cities

: From: Bill Morris

: Yes there is a case # why did you ask?

I'm suspicious. I suspect pretenders in some areas. So I ask.

: My personal opinion on the strength and validity of the Trust contract in question is suspect at best.
: Also I am not sure we as Managing Directors did everything right.

Which is why I am embarked upon individual research on that subject matter.

: I am having a difficult time seeing how any of the above really matters. Since the State of Colorado is after us personally.

: How can a State or any other entity take a right guaranteed by the Constitution and license it or attach a fee to it? (look up rights and Liberty in Blacks Law).

They aren't using That Constitution. Perhaps you should also consider dictionaries other than Black's. I suspect this is the dictionary for the persons.

: How can a state force a Trust or a person to enter into a contract (ie Sales Tax License) without the opportunity or ability to negotiate said contract?)

I would think the state can force a person to just about anything. To force the individual (man) is a different story. Personality? I happen to think all persons are creations of the State.

: Does it mean anything that the first book of the C.R.S. is the Constitution of the uS and the Constitution of The State Of Colorado? How about the fact that the C.R.S. is copyrighted?
: Comments Appreciated
: B. Morris

As I understand it, the people (some individuals (usually men (male))) initially take it upon themselves to declare sovereignty. In the United States Territories when some certain number of inhabitants are there. They draft an instrument. Submit it to the vote of the people. Upon completion this instrument is submitted to Congress along with an application for admission, and one requirement is that this state constitution not be repugnant to the constitution of the United States of America.
In Washington this happened (afaik) in 1878 in Walla Walla. The only Constitution publically bandied around about here is one with a date of 1889. Communicating with the government for the people seems to be very hard. Any excuse, such as an address (men don't have addresses) seems to be enough for them to assume personality (that juristic appearance of the dead, immovable).
On the government sites. The Government Manual titles (styles) the constitution as the Constitution of the United States. The Senate Manual styles the constitution as the Constitution of the United States of America. That makes sense.
No doubt you read the other responses about venue.
Washington's court structure is trifurcated. They even publish this on their "own' site. The people (man/woman) side of the venue is one thing. County courts seem to have and publish their own rules of the court. On the person side of the venue Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure apply. Flags make a difference. I don't know these BOP's from BEHOLD, but it seems that you should find out by what vector you the man was translated into the person.
In Washington the Office of the Code Reviser creates the code, by adding and deleting. Not everything one needs to know may be published in the Code. The process is a draft bill, to final amendment and vote, to signature by governor, to authentication by secretary of state and application of the "seal" of that juristic person (the state) in whose name this law is taken. Then it goes on to publication etc., each step fraught with the possibility of error, although due care is taken.
The "seal" of the state is visible but once. That document would what I consider the highest evidence of the law. Colorado is perhaps similar.
The copyright could be anything, such as West's. They don't copyright the Code, but the presentation and the surrounding information that they have collected and present in a very definite format.

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