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Posted by R. Ross on March 07, 1998 at 21:27:30:

In Reply to: Re: State Sales Tax posted by Ross on March 07, 1998 at 21:16:04:

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: : Greetings,

: : I mentioned many months ago in an earlier posting that my wife and I and the business we manage that is owned by a so called "pure trust" was being investigated by the Colorado Department of Revenue for not charging, collecting and paying state sales tax.

: : Well guess what? They are filing criminal charges against us and nothing against the Trust.
: : The above violation of a C.R.S is a class 5 felony in this state, with a maximum of 1-3 years and a fine of $1,000 to $100,000.

: : I could take up a lot of space in telling you how stupid I was to buy into some of the Patriot fairy-tales that led to our current situation, but I won't waste your time.

: : It is amazing how anxious people are to convince you of the latest rehtoric, but as soon as trouble comes they are nowhere to be found.

: : Once again as I try to figure out my next move. The future in this case looks gloomy(at least according to the people I've talked to; ie. Rommel School of Law, Bill Conklin,Justice Team One,Dennis Posley(our trustee! !)

: : Funny, some people sure make it sound easy before the fact. I doubt anyone out there can help, so I won't ask.

: : My advise to anyone who reads this is to consider all possible aspects of the choice ahead and count the costs well before you proceed.

: : B. Morris

L. Brobst might have some information that may be of help to you. Following is some info and how to contact him:

IT IS OUR ONLY WAY TO ACCESS THE CONSTITUTION.Our Constitutional Republic made a dramatic change in 1933 that became official with the Erie Railroad v. Tompkins decision in 1938. Erie stated there is no general (commercial) federal common law. Erie overturned Swift v. Tyson, 16 Peters 1 (1842), that stated there was a general (commercial) federal common law. In other words, you could demand a jury trial in federal court in civil matters. This changed in public policy under Erie created a trust that operates outside your direct access to the Constitution, thereby restricting your contract rights. This allowed government to overrun its Constitutional restraints with unilateral (adhesion) contracts which started to manifest itself in the late 1960's. As a result of this manifestation, Congress passed the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, (FSIA) 28 U.S.C. 1602-1611 in 1976 in order to offer to those who are dissatisfied with public policy, a statutory remedy to the Constituion. Your access to the Constitution runs directly through the FSIA in every area in dealing with government, federal, state and local. In short, the FSIA codified the era of Swift v. Tyson supra, whereby a jury trial can now be demanded, in State court on any statutory issue covered in the FSIA against federal, state or local government. The FSIA has laid dormant for 21 years as a vast and most powerful tool for you to use to assert your Constitutional rights under Article III, outside the realm of Erie, administrative, and state law. You must remember that the law is like a funnel, the more restrictive it becomes on one end (public policy), the more open it becomes on the other end of (Law). In other words, where there is a wrong, there is a remedy. Our biggest problem has been that we do not understand our Constitution, we only think we do. You can order information that will show you how to access the Constitution through the FSIA to regain your absolute rights and get government out of your life. This is a statutory remedy to get yourself out of the Public Trust. FSIA will help resolve a lot of tax problems. PLEASE NOTE: I have a Question and Answer pages on how the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act will effect you. I will be glad to send it to you. REMEMBER the Erie Doctrine held that the law of the (s)tate shall apply in the absense of Constitution or Acts of Congress. For further information, email:, or write: Lee Brobst RD 1 Box 213 F Hesston, PA. 16647 814-658-3117

Give him a call.

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