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Posted by Henry T. Liberty on April 18, 1998 at 01:12:23:

In Reply to: Re: Who owns the Land? posted by Two Cities on April 16, 1998 at 13:28:49:

Government is the creation of man.

Man was the creation of nature's God.

Nature's God created the Earth.

How can Government claim ownership.

Simply, you the man consent by an operation of law, the registeration of the property in the constructive trust, an operation of Law.

To purchase "strawt" is not what is gown in the fields.

Government is a "Trust" operated for commercial interests. Purchasing a homestead for one's family is not a commerical enterprise.

The "Fruad" of the Government turn private rights into legislative plunder.

No "highwayman" will leave alone a helpless unarmed victim who is willing enters into the register their property.

Learn how to keep away the coroporate state. Simple, read their rules. Understand their rules are a "code" based upon consent.

The legal coercion used by this "Fruadulent Trust" can be defeated.

You put these violaters on notice that YOU are THE PRIVATE PARTY FOREIGN STATE. (USC Title 28, 1602 et seq.)

Look through the State of: codes under estates and trusts. Look for the release of fudiciary appointment.

Look in your local law library under ejectment.

No court will consent to rebated the funds of registered property. No court compell the payments outside it's jurisdiction.

You must remember as long as people stand in line, and think that Government is soverign and all powerful, you will have recorders of the deeds downright mis-state fact.

The defined "borders" are Title 4, section 110 B. Learn what the State Of; is. Learn what the "body politic" represents, and how it is incembent upon you to learn that until you stand upon your own two feet, their will always be a parasite known as government converting your wealth for its unlawful use.

: Sounds good.
: Where is the "straw purchase".
: Once upon a time, it was said that governments were
: instituted among men to secure rights.
: So I am under the impression that "filing for record"
: is inherently different than recording or registering.
: The last two are probably also different from each other,
: and registering land may involve the application of the
: Torrens Act, this imported piece of Australian (british),
: I believe, system of land registration.

: After the straw is purchased, the locals around here are
: likely to continue to ASSESS the REAL ESTATE, if they can see it.
: Or do they walk away from their prize?

: Do you have any data on successful defenses, were the County Treasurer,
: or COUNTY TREASURER loose and yield.

: The legal descriptions are quite varied, but the modern ones, that
: you get from a 'normal' real estate transaction will include all kinds
: of ROMAN LANGUAGE, and abbreviations (ABB(my joke)) that may or may not
: signify location on earth. Our willingness to rationalize understanding
: jumps out to meet the authors of these documents, and people find themselves
: owning property in some TWP, thinking it was actually a township somewhere on earth.

: Likewise on investment 'vehicles' of various kinds.
: Joint Tenant, JT TEN. Tenants in Common. Tenant to whom? And why should a man think he is
: not a tenant of one kind or other when it says so, right in plain sight.

: The County Treasurer in Snohomish County, Wa. says that the COUNTY
: borders are a matter of record with the County Auditor. Why anyone
: should bother filing or recording BORDERS and being redundant in the
: face of existing law defining the borders of the county, is also of
: some interest.

: Provisions in law in Washington, allows anyone to pay PROPERTY TAXES
: under protest and seek a court ordered refund, provided form and procedure
: is adhered to.

: "To seek a court ordered refund". What does that mean? Is it a suit, or a petition,
: or something else? Is the court just asked to interpret the "law" in the presence of
: existing evidence?

: The government as a repository of claims, titles, deeds etc. is probably not an
: entirely bad idea, as long as they stick to their function of providing a place for
: evidencing private holdings. It seems that they once did this, and perhaps still do,
: for a few.

: Some land was actually purchased (bought) from the government for money. A dollar and
: a quarter per acre if memory serves me right. Even government can probably divest themselves
: of the possessory interest, and why a man should not be interested in this land, I do not
: understand. The Homestead Act created a number of landholdings in the past.

: : When you sit down to purchase your property, learn how to keep it your personal property.

: : Land patents are grants from the government. That is a benefit from government.

: : Why would anyone want a benefit from government.

: : When you buy your home, you plot of ground, simple donot register the with the State of:

: : There is no law anywhere that coerce anyone to register their property with the State of:

: : The State of: is a nul tiel corporation of the United States. When you register your property with the State of:, you simply entered into a constructive trust, an operation of law, a fraud.

: : Why would anyone want to their property over to a second party, and enter willingly, and intentionally a a fraud.

: : When you register your property you have entered into a cestui que trust. You no longer have any form of title, you are simply now a vassal to the State of: who now bonds the property, and charges you for the privelege, This charge, of course, they call it a property tax. It is an excise tax imposed upon without full disclosure.

: : What to keep your land free and clear.

: : Take it out of the registry. You can proceed on an ejectment motion in the County where the State Of: seat of government is, or you can learn about a straw purchase.

: : Allodial, land patents, are fine terms, but the only way to own your land, is to come out of Babylon, take back your life, your liberty, and property.

: :
: : : : : What proof exists that municipal entities(courts)

: : : : : will grant you a tax-free land patent?

: : : : Some of you may enjoy the following read.
: : : :

: : : Thanks for the reference. We have a bad feeling about the question though. It asks about Municipal entities "GRANTING."
: : : As far as we know, all granting in the form of land patents was done by the federal gov't. If you want to know what the original patent on your land says, write or phone your nearest BLM office, and follow directions.
: : : We obtained copies of two three patents originally issued during the Grant Administration. Interstingly, two were for Mexican Grant lands under the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, and the other was a Railroad Patent. Of the first two, one covers the lands, the other covers the lands and all improvements thereto.
: : : NEVER attempt to file for a new patent. It's a done deal from long-long ago. What you are is an assignee, if anything, but be careful, the City of..... or the County of..... may be an assignee, in which case the rules change.
: : : There is an outfit in Morgan Hill, California that has done tremendous research into the issues of political status and property rights, including patents, that could be of mor help on this subject than we could hope to be. We intend to request their materials real soon, but need to put some eggs together in a financial basket first.
: : : Hope this tidbit helps - some.

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