"What Has the New World Order Done for Us Already?"


                        Gregory Alexander
                      Copyright March 1991

     As America  approaches the  next millennium,  we confront  a
grave  threat   to  our  constitutionally  guaranteed  rights  to
freedom, health,  and the  pursuit of  happiness.   A  New  World
Order, managed  covertly by  the  Rothschild/Rockefeller  banking
system, now  seeks to  bring the  U.S. economy  to its knees more
thoroughly than it did in 1929.  The previous generation of world
controllers crashed  the stock  market by design.  First, through
the use  of front  companies, their agents synchronized the sales
of large  blocks of  stock, back and forth, at successively lower
prices.   This precipitated  a panic.   Investors large and small
scrambled to  sell short  and cut their loses.  Then, the bankers
called in  the debts.   These  debts were  created  by  extending
credit to stock brokerages who, in turn, extended margin to their
retail customers.  After the panic had started, selling proceeded
until the prices of all shares hit bottom.

     In the  end, banks like J.P. Morgan and Guaranty Trust, both
covertly  controlled  by  Rothschilds,  owned  everyone's  debts,
transforming the  bankers into  legal, financial  slave  masters.
When people were forced to sell their land and business assets to
cover their  debts, the  bankers were waiting in the wings to buy
them up  for pennies on the dollar.  Expanded ownership increased
their control  of the U.S. economy.  Expanded indebtedness became
the most  efficient   way to  implement gradual  slavery  without
chains. Each  generation has  come closer to this brave New World
Order, a  world in  which citizens  are tenants,  their  cost  of
living always  exceeds their  income, and  attempts to escape are
electronically observed and economically countered.

     In order  to finance the enslavement of America, the bankers
needed gold in amounts that are  beyond our normal comprehension.
To obtain  this gold,  they stole  it from the Czar, who stole it
from the  Russian people.   In 1917, the Rothschilds financed the
Bolshevik Revolution and instructed the Bolsheviks  to murder the
entire Romanov  family, particularly the little children, leaving
no heir  to lay  claim to  the vast  wealth the  Czar had naively
deposited in Rothschild banks.  Those stolen millions enabled the
international bankers  to engineer  the world  depression of  the
1930's, and  then to  buy vast  world holdings on the cheap. They
bought American banks and companies at bargain prices, increasing
their power  and influence over the American economy and American
politics.   They also hired the best politicians that money could
buy, including  the President,  who dutifully placed their men in
his cabinet.

     After World  War II,  while the  American people  were still
dazed with postwar euphoria, the National Security Agency and its
right hand  of covert  operations, the  C.I.A., were  established
without the  full knowledge of Congress.  Every cabinet office in
the Executive  began carrying  out the secret  directives  handed
down to  them by  the National  Security Agency, which guarantees
the security of the World Order, not the American Citizen.

     How was  it possible  for President  John F.  Kennedy to  be
publicly executed  before our very eyes, with the Secret Service,
the C.I.A.  and the  F.B.I watching?   If  you think that a lone,
crazed assassin  succeeded in  outwitting  an  army  of  security
specialists, skilled  in the  operation of high-tech surveillance
equipment, furnished  by the  limitless  generosity  of  American
taxpayers, you  are the one who has been outwitted.  In fact, any
citizen  who,   by  word   or  deed,   upholds  and  defends  the
Constitution of  the United  States, is a threat to the New World
Order.   The Constitution  was written  by men  who envisioned  a
country where each citizen would be free to develop his abilities
to their  fullest.   None of  these men  was willing to trade his
freedom for  the security  of slavery,  and neither will we.  Not
for money and not for fear will we give up our freedom.

     The authors  of the  Declaration of Independence were keenly
aware of  the danger  that spiralling taxes would rob citizens of
their  individual  labor.    By  paying  ever  increasing  taxes,
citizens do  not get  any more  or any  better services  from the
federal government.   We  can and  certainly should  make  better
arrangements for  our own  education and preventative health care
and treatment.   Instead,  we get  a bigger  C.I.A.,  waging  war
around the world against any free people who refuse to relinquish
their wealth  to corporations  bent on  seizing raw materials and
labor to  finance universal enslavement.  We get a bigger F.B.I.,
conducting  surveillance   on  American  citizens  and  targeting
opponents of  tyranny with harassment and assassination.  Witness
the fates  of   Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, President John
F. Kennedy  and Senator  Robert Kennedy.   We  get a  bigger Drug
Enforcement Agency,  entrapping its  victims and  eliminating all
independent competition  for  C.I.A.  drug  smuggling  and  Mafia
distribution.   We get a more efficient Internal Revenue Service,
collecting taxes  on a selective basis, ignoring all due process,
plundering private property, and intimidating citizens who assert
their constitutional rights.

     Consider this:   How often do we see people speaking out for
these  rights  on  network  television?    We  have  the  Federal
Communications Commission  to license  and regulate the radio and
television stations.   This  same F.C.C.  regulates the  type and
number of  four-letter words  the public  may hear,  but not  the
number of murders that are broadcasted.  If you watch television,
you see a myriad of television programs about police working hard
to catch  sadistic criminals,  but few  if any programs about the
lack of economic opportunity or inadequate education which create
the conditions  for criminal  activity among the poor.  There are
few if  any programs  about criminals, like the President's sons,
who steal  the money  of honest  people from  banks with  pen and
paper, instead  of guns.    Rather  than  televised  examples  of
enlightened and  educated people  working to  promote  individual
freedom, the networks serve up an endless series of programs that
condition viewers  to  accept  a  high  levels  of  interpersonal
violence and corporate plunder of the environment.

     With its  vast natural  resources, America could pose a real
challenge to  the Rothschild/Rockefeller  banking and  industrial
slave masters.   Allowed  to become  an intelligent  and educated
population, America  could demonstrate authentic moral leadership
throughout the  world.   By means  of financial and technological
participation, we  could reinforce nonviolence and brotherhood in
smaller countries.

     Instead, corrupt  politicians are  paid to  vote for  aid to
terrorist dictators  in Third  World  countries.    These  lethal
parasites (Batista  in Cuba,  Somoza in  Nicaragua,  Pinochet  in
Chile) prevent  subsistence economies from advancing to societies
that are  self-controlling and  freedom-based.  The only brand of
brotherhood permitted  is the  slavery to bankers that comes from
the "choice"  of working for their export industries.  The wealth
of the  bankers always  comes before the wealth of the people, so
that they  cannot "purchase"  the time and education necessary to
understand what  is really  happening to them.  If and when these
parasites are  removed, the  United States  is inevitably  forced
into an  endless series  of wars.   The  President  and  his  men
provide the  excuses, while  we provide  the lives and the money.
The nation of Iraq was completely destroyed because it was in the
process of developing its vast oil reserves independently of OPEC
(of which the U.S.A. is a member).

     In fact, all the Islamic countries represent a threat to the
New World  Order.   Recognizing the  danger of financial slavery,
the prophet Muhammad prohibited the charging of interest on debt.
This prohibition  is written  into the  Koran.  The Elders of the
New World  Order have  decreed that  Israel, with the help of the
United States,  must divide  and destroy  the  nations  of  Islam
before they have enough time to recover from the Crusades.

     The pattern is clear.  Even if we Americans are not aware of
our destiny,  the world  banking interests  are.   In every  war,
American people  suffer.   What did  World War II do for America?
We paid  to destroy  Germany and Japan, and then we paid to build
them up  again.   We paid to destroy South Korea, and what did we
gain?   We paid  to destroy  South Vietnam, and what did we gain?
We get  the same  treatment meted  out to  Third World countries,
only slightly more subtle and refined.

     The Order  relies  mainly  on  television  brainwashing  and
artificially created health problems to manage their domesticated
American  livestock.   These   super   rich   own   the   medical
establishment,  making  health  a  scarce  commodity  which  they
control.   We spend  billions of  dollars to  research a cure for
cancer, but our cancer treatments do little more than keep people
alive until  their wallets  are empty.   In  1925, Dr. Royal Rife
discovered that  the correct  frequency radio wave applied to the
body would  kill cancer,  bacteria and  viruses.  His discoveries
were suppressed  because his  service would  compete with  a drug
industry that  is controlled  by the  Rockefeller Foundation  and
based on treatment for profit, not cures or prevention.

     Interest rates are an important means of social and economic
control.   Bank loans to buy property are free to the Bush family
in the  middle of  a savings and loan  crisis they helped create.
Meanwhile,  the  average  struggling  American  can  only  obtain
shelter for  his family at usurious rates, controlled by a secret
syndicate of  European banks  that underwrite the Federal Reserve
System.   The amount  of money  in circulation  is stimulated  by
Congressional appropriations  but, when  the money is printed, it
automatically creates  debt  in  the  form  of  promissory  notes
payable to  the Federal  Reserve.  The federal deficit may be all
American, but  the IOU's  they call  "money" are owed to private,
foreign stockholders  who actually  own the  banks of the Federal
Reserve System.

     The fact  that we  are not  taught in  college who  actually
controls the  federal monetary  system manifests  the  extent  to
which The  Order controls  higher education  in the United States
(not  to   mention  the   radio  stations,  television  stations,
newspapers, and  magazines).   The Order need not control ALL the
media.   It need  only control  enough of  the  formal  education
system and  the major  media to keep most people ignorant most of
the time.   In a modern country like the United States, ignorance
is their  most important  product, making  it possible  to turn a
democratic republic  into the  tyranny of  an ignorant  majority.
This the  rulers fondly  call a "democracy"  --  their word for a
successful public relations campaign.

     Buying politicians to harass the people, they maintain their
assault on  personal freedom.   By  poisoning the air, the water,
and the food, they keep even informed Americans too weak to mount
any effective  opposition.   By maintaining constant inflation in
the money supply and high interest rates for borrowing, they make
it impossible for people to buy enough time to educate themselves
or invest  in  enterprises  that  benefit  themselves  and  their
communities.   The universities  channel middle  class youth into
careers that  serve large  corporations.  The poor young are told
to be  all that  they can be, in the modern U.S. Army World Order
police force.

     The entire  population is  encouraged to  rely on ubiquitous
credit cards as a means of convenient purchase/debt.  These cards
have been  fashioned into a necessity by the banking system, with
usurious interest  rates.  Not only have property "owners" become
the slaves of banks.  Even little people fall prey to a synthetic
demand manipulated  by media,  allowing  banks  to  attach  these
plastic leeches  to their  financial bodies.  Like their medieval
ancestors, in  the absence of medical truth, the victims of these
leeches slowly bleed themselves and often die early deaths.

     And now the banks and their corporate friends turn varieties
of junk  food, drugs,  toxic waste,  air pollution,  fertilizers,
pesticides, and  petroleum products  into modern  leeches on  our
body politic.  Are we already so weakened, we cannot perceive the
ultimate crisis now upon us?  Our environment has been laid waste
to strengthen the corporate Forces of Darkness arrayed against us
in the final battle, the battle for planet Earth.

     The planet  can be reclaimed, with re-mineralization and re-
forestation of  our land  and re-education  of our  people in the
light  of  Christ's  teachings.    What  educator  follows  those
teachings?  What politician follows those teachings?  What church
follows those teachings?  We must shine the light of truth on all
who lie  to us,  who steal  from us,  who kill us with junk food,
drugs, radiation, pesticides, poisoned water and polluted air. If
all of  us, each and together, align ourselves with the forces of
light and truth, we will win.  As a free people, free of poisons,
free of  financial fetters, free of the public relations vampires
telling us  what they  want us  to be, we can follow the light of
truth in science, the arts, and industry.  Developed in the light
of truth,  these endeavors  cannot fail  to enhance  human  life.
Developed in  darkness and  secrecy, these  endeavors become  the
technologies of war, the instruments of propaganda, the chains of
a New World Order.


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