Kirby Ferris, Sui Juris
c/o General Delivery
Stinson Beach, California

                    AFFIDAVIT OF KIRBY FERRIS

                          )          Subscribed, Sworn and Sealed
COUNTY OF MARIN           )

July 30, 1992

To Whom It May Concern:

     On August 22, 1990, I attended a "town meeting" put on by my
Congressional Representative, Barbara Boxer.

     I had  one basic  thing in  mind that  night.   I wanted  to
confront  Congresswoman  Boxer  with  the  evidence  that  I  had
available that  would  prove  that  the  16th  Amendment  to  the
Constitution for  the United  States of  America was fraudulently
ratified in 1913.

     I had  been attempting  to get Barbara Boxer to look at this
evidence since March of 1989.  I had written three columns in the
Coastal Post  newspaper explaining  the fraud  to readers of that
publication  and   I  mentioned   Barbara  Boxer's   ignoring  me
repeatedly in  those columns.   On  top of  this, I  had  written
Congresswoman Boxer several letters (see attached exhibits) prior
to the publishing of my newspaper columns.

     When August  22, 1992  came around,  I had  gone to  Boxer's
"town meeting"  in San  Francisco.   A friend  of  mine,  Godfrey
Lehman, left  a copy  of the  book The  Law That Never Was on the
podium for  her.   One of  her aides  took it  and said that they
would "make sure that Barbara sees it".

     Later in  the day  I went to Mill Valley to the second "town
meeting".  I left another copy of the book The Law That Never Was
at that  meeting and  also handed out copies of my columns to the
people at  the meeting.  There was also a statement entitled "She
Just Hasn't  Listened" that  I placed on chairs and handed out to
people at the "town meetings" (see attached exhibit).

     Finally, that  evening in Point Reyes Station, Barbara Boxer
promised Mitch  Modeleski and  me that she would meet with us and
look at  the evidence  personally.   Mitch and  I looked  at each
other and  smiled.   "That's all  that we  wanted,  Mitch.    She
promised to  meet with  us and look at it.  You heard it!" I said
to him.

             Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 1 of 19

     This enthusiasm  waned rapidly,  a couple days later, when I
called Jackie Denevers, Congresswoman Boxer's assistant, and told
Ms. Denevers  that I wanted to set up an appointment to meet with
my Congresswoman  as she  had promised to do.  Ms. Denevers said:
"She didn't agree to that."

     Barbara  Boxer   has  fallen   silent  on   all   subsequent
communications and,  to this  date, has refused to demonstrate to
me that  she has ever bothered to look into the evidence of fraud
that we have attempted to present to her.

     In my  mind she  is a  liar.  Her promise to meet with Mitch
and me  to examine  the evidence  of the 16th Amendment fraud was
made in  front of  hundreds of  people.   I  have  had  my  First
Amendment guarantee  to petition  my governmental  representative
thwarted by deception, delay and studied evasiveness.

     I will  swear to  any fact  stated above  under  penalty  of

Further This Affiant saith not.

Subscribed, sealed and affirmed to this  ________________  day of

___________________________, 1992 Anno Domini.

I now  affix my  own signature  to all  of the above affirmations

/s/ Kirby Ferris
Kirby Ferris,  Sovereign, by  special Appearance,  proceeding Sui
Juris, In  My Own  Stead, with  Assistance Special, with explicit
reservation of  all my  unalienable rights, and without prejudice
to any of my unalienable rights.

                          Kirby Ferris
                      c/o General Delivery
                 Stinson Beach, California state

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                                )   Subscribed, Sworn and Sealed
MARIN COUNTY                    )

     On this  ______ day of ______________________________, 1992,
Kirby Ferris  did personally appear before me, and is known to be
the one described in, and who executed, the foregoing instrument,
and acknowledged  that he  executed the  same as his free act and
deed as a Citizen/Sovereign in this above named said State of the
Union.   Purpose of notary public is for identification only, and
not for granting jurisdiction to any government agency.

                            Notary Public

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                      Exhibits Attached to

                    Affidavit of Kirby Ferris

          Letter to Barbara Boxer, August 26, 1990

          Letter to Barbara Boxer, August 23, 1990

          Town Meeting Flyer     , August 22, 1990

          Letter to Barbara Boxer,  July  23, 1990

          Letter to Barbara Boxer,  April 16, 1990

          Letter to Barbara Boxer,  April  5, 1990

          Letter to Barbara Boxer,  March 16, 1990

             Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 4 of 19

Congresswoman Barbara Boxer                       August 26, 1990
3301 Kerner Blvd.
San Rafael, Calif. 94901

Dear Barbara,

     So you  may more  quickly and  directly come  to  share  our
conclusion that  the 16th  Amendment is  a fraud, Mitch Modeleski
and I  have compiled  a brief  list of  documents  that  you  can
request from  eight State  Capitals.  As I told you in a previous
letter, if  we can  prove that  seven States  were the victims of
fraudulent ratification  process, those seven States (in addition
to the  six that are officially recognized as having rejected the
16th Amendment)  will disclose  a reality in which 13 States have
NOT RATIFIED  the 16th  Amendment and  that will  effectually (by
every standard  of law  and parliamentary  procedure) NULLIFY the
Income Tax.   I  would suggest  that you  consult an  independent
Constitutional Lawyer on what happens if we can even prove that a
single State's  vote was  a fraud.   Remember,  Mitch and  I  are
attacking only seven States.  There is reason to believe that not
one single State legitimately ratified the income tax amendment!

     Let's find  our "dirty  seven".   I have gotten the document
numbers from  the book  The Law That Never Was by Bill Benson and
"Red" Beckman.   I have left a copy with Jackie Denevers in which
I "hi-lited",  in bright  yellow, some  of the  pertinent points.
YOU MUST  STUDY THIS  BOOK!   17,000 documents  were gathered and
certified by  Bill Benson.   More that $100,000 was spent on that
project of investigation.

1.   Illinois.   In Ryan  v. Lynch,  68 Ill. 160 and in People v.
     Knopf,  198  Ill.  340  we  have  bold  and  decisive  court
     decisions declaring  that Illinois  DID NOT  ratify the 16th

2.   Arkansas.   The Governor  VETOED the  ratification bill!  He
     did so  on June  1, 1912.  Simply request this documentation
     from Little Rock.

3.   Kentucky.   The Governor  VETOED the  ratification bill!  He
     did so  on Feb.  11, 1910.   Request this documentation from

4.   Georgia.  The President of the Georgia Senate added his vote
     to the  "yea" tally against the Constitutional directives of
     the State!   Even  if his  vote were  valid, the  resolution
     mustered only  56.1 percent  majority ... not the 66 percent
     (two-thirds) required  to pass!   Therefore,  Georgia didn't
     ratify the  16th Amendment.   Refer to Senate Journal at 282
     from 1910.  Request this documentation from Atlanta.

             Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 5 of 19

5.   Kansas.  The Kansas State Senate voted 25 yea's and 14 nay's
     and the  ratification proceeded.  Only one problem with this
     ... the  majority must  be two-thirds of ALL MEMBERS elected
     to the  Senate.   This  would  have  required  27  votes  of
     approval!   This did  not happen.   Consult  Senate  Journal
     (Kansas) at 68.

     The House  of the  Kansas legislature  committed pretty much
     the same gross violation.  Two-thirds of the elected members
     would have  been 84  votes, but  the actual vote in favor of
     adopting the  16th Amendment was only 81.  See House Journal
     at 493.  Request this documentation from Topeka.

6.   New York.   New  York committed  the same  fraud that Kansas
     did.  Their Assembly vote reflected only 60.7 percent of the
     ELECTED MEMBERS  OF  THE  ASSEMBLY.    The  New  York  State
     Constitution  makes  the  procedure  very  clear.    Consult
     Assembly Journal (New York) at 3725.

7.   Vermont.   This story  is incredible  in  the  mass  of  the
     trickery and  deceit involved.   But  let us  just grab  one
     solid piece of evidence out of the jungle of chicanery.  Get
     Senate Journal  at 823.  The roll call in the Vermont Senate
     shows that  Vermont's Senate  approved of an income tax by a
     vote of  13 to  11.   This  is  simply  not  the  two-thirds
     majority that the State Constitution calls for!

     AND  A  LITTLE  BONUS!    California  ...  our  home  State.
California probably  isn't in the top "dirty dozen", but since we
are citizens  of this  State it  is relevant  to point  out where
California FAILED  to ratify the 16th Amendment.  Verification of
these facts  can be easily obtained if you request some help from
Sacramento, Barbara.

a.   Serious rewriting  of the  text of  the 16th  Amendment took
     place in  Sacramento and  the Legislature voted on their own
     revisions!   Sorry folks!   YOU  JUST CANNOT  DO THAT WITH A

b.   There  was  a  very  precise  procedure  for  returning  the
     ratified document (the 16th Amendment) to Washington D.C.  A
     matter of  such import  as  an  amendment  to  the  Nation's
     Constitution  commands   strict  security   and   procedural
     obedience.  None of this procedure was followed.

c.   In complete disregard for the instructions of the California
     Constitution,  the   proposed  bill,   the  submitted   16th
     Amendment text,  was supposed  to be read to the legislature
     THREE  TIMES  ON  DIFFERENT  DAYS.    This  procedure  is  a
     foundation of  a lawful republican form of government.  This
     directive was simply not followed.

             Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 6 of 19

     the people  of California  were to be burdened with the most
     oppressive taxation  in the  history of  our Nation  and the
     names  of   the  politicians  responsible  didn't  even  get
     recorded for  history or  for  the  voters,  come  the  next
     election day!

     Barbara, I plead with you to sit and read The Law That Never
Was.   Mitch Modeleski and I are in the process of getting copies
of  much   of  the   documentation  mentioned  above.    But  our
documentary evidence  should not  substitute in your mind for the
ORIGINAL CERTIFIED  COPIES that  you should request DIRECTLY from
the above listed State Houses.

     We would  never expect you to go to your fellow Congressfolk
or Senators  with documentation  that did not originate from your
own request  and was  sent DIRECT to you.  This is very important
for you to do.  You owe it to your constituents and America to go
to the effort of some evidence gathering yourself.

     A very careful moral decision should arise in your mind from
all this  Barbara.   You may  approve of  an income tax.  You may
think that  an income  tax is  the only  way  to  collect  enough
revenue.   You may  entertain all sorts of opinions, BUT THE FACT
absolutely scandalous!  If you and your fellow law makers want to
create another  income tax  and try  and get  it  ratified  as  a
Constitutional Amendment ... GO AHEAD AND TRY!  But ignoring this
present fraud is just not lawful or ethical.

     Mitch and  I stand  by ready to meet with you or provide any
help we  can.   Our abilities  and monetary resources prohibit us
from getting  certified documentation  with the  ease that  it is
available to  you.   I would  respectfully ask  you to give Mitch
fifteen minutes  of your  time in a meeting.  He has arranged the
sordid tale  in a  very easy-to-follow manner with the aid of his
computer skills.

     In closing,  I must remind you, as an American citizen, that
I cannot  stop bringing  this to the attention of the public.  My
actions at  your community  meetings rose  out of  a frustration.
But I  have the  time to  keep on  this until it breaks into full
public attention.   I would suggest that you be well ahead of the
game.  You will remember that I often sent you advanced copies of
my columns  so that  you would  be better  prepared to  deal with
inquiries.   I believe  I have  demonstrated a  sincere desire to
help you with this issue ... not use it against you.

     The anger in America with our corrupt politicians is growing
by leaps and bounds.  The "Dump Incumbents" movement is expanding
geometrically.   Don't be  caught by the coming voter "lynch mob"

             Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 7 of 19


/s/ Kirby Ferris

Kirby Ferris

P.S.   A great  crime has been committed upon the Constitution of
the United  States of  America. You  have  sworn  before  God  to
protect our Constitution.  Do the right thing.

             Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 8 of 19

John Collins                                      August 23, 1990
Congresswoman Barbara Boxer's Staff
3301 Kerner Blvd.
San Rafael, Calif. 90210

Dear John,

     Thank you  for taking  me aside and getting my point of view
on this  issue of  the 16th  Amendment Income  Tax fraud.   Mitch
Modeleski and  I are putting together a presentation that will be
concise, precise  and indicting.   I applaud Barbara's invitation
to us  to present  our case.   At  this point, that is all we are
asking for!

     Here is  what we  have to  accomplish to  satisfy  Barbara's
doubts about our claim that the 16th Amendment is a fraud.

     (1) It  is acknowledged  by Congress that SIX (6) States DID
NOT ratify  the 16th Amendment.  Simply check the encyclopedia on

     (2) Had  THIRTEEN (13)  States  "officially"  voted  against
ratification, the  16th Amendment  would have  not gone  into the
Constitution.  (The same way the ERA failed in the recent past).

     So ...  Mitch Modeleski  and I must prove to you and Barbara
and Congress and the American people that fraud took place in the
procedure in  SEVEN STATES.  We already have 6 States against the
16th as  a given  ... and  we are  looking for only SEVEN MORE to
destroy the  supposed 3/4  majority (36  to 12)  of the 48 States
that was  necessary in  1913 for a Constitutional Amendment to be


     So Mitch  and I  are going to put together our "dirty seven"
list.   We are  going to give you guys a chance to participate in
the evidentiary  process.   We will give you the DOCUMENT NUMBERS
from the  State Houses  of the  "dirty seven".   At  no charge to
Barbara (it  can cost  Mitch and  me ten  dollars a page for this
process ...  and it will take much more time) she can request HER
OWN SET of certified copies of the damning documents.

     In this  way you  and Barbara and everyone on the staff will
know that  the evidence  is ABSOLUTELY  legitimate.   This is  so
important in  this procedure.  You all must see the legitimacy of
our claims.   Obviously  Barbara is  not going  to risk  her hard
earned reputation  on some crackpot fantasy.  I know this.  Mitch
knows this.  And every voter in our District knows this.  We want
Barbara to  be able  to call other Congressfolk and Senators into
her office  and sit  them down and confidently say to them: "Wow!
Look at this!"

             Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 9 of 19

     In a  week or  so Mitch  and I  will present  you with model
letters to send to the Secretaries of State of the "dirty seven".
Then you  folks retype the requests for the specific documents on
Barbara's letterhead  and you  will get  back to your offices the
certified copies of the documentation.  Then the fun begins!


/s/ Kirby Ferris

Kirby Ferris

cc: Jackie Denevers

            Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 10 of 19

                    SHE JUST HASN'T LISTENED


                          Kirby Ferris

     What is our complaint about Congresswoman Barbara Boxer?  It
is simple.   She  has not adequately exercised her Constitutional
responsibility, or  her authority as a legislator, to examine one
of the  grossest injustices in this Nation's history.  I speak of
the utter  fraud of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution.  This
fraud established  the vile  oppression of  income tax  upon  the
American people.   (Fraud  has no  statue of limitation).  We are
all the  victims of  this criminal  hoax.  As a lawmaker, Barbara
Boxer REPRESENTS  us.   Her sworn  oath to the Constitution is to
protect us from government abuse.  She is just not doing so.

     Over and  over, people  in Barbara's  District have tried to
make her  PERSONALLY AWARE  of the massive evidence that the 16th
Amendment (Income  Tax) was  never ratified  lawfully.   She  has
passed our  letters of  concern over  to the  tax  consuming  TAX
MAKERS in  Congress.  She has passed the buck.  This is so unlike
her!  She has therefore consistently asked us to trust the fox to
guard the  hen house.   We  have received responses from agencies
citing documents  that were  written in  1981 or  1985  that  are
trumped up to address MASSIVE EVIDENCE that was brought to public
attention in  1987!   This is logically absurd.  Any court of law
would laugh at such responses.

     Our  fellow   Americans  are  rotting  in  tax  prisons  for
disregarding a  "law" that  does not  exist!    Others  have  had
everything stolen  from them.   The  horror  stories  abound  and
George Bush  wants billions  more for a modernized and omnipotent
IRS to  pay off  the immense  Reagan debt and the trillion dollar
S&L scandal!   My friends, evil is upon the land.  The Income Tax
is a  "law" that DOES NOT EXIST.  The Internal Revenue Service is
a monster  that is  out of  control.   The gut wrenching thing to
realize is  that IRS  authority to  tax  our  incomes  has  NEVER
existed.   Income tax  is naked  theft.  We can prove this to the
Congresswoman and to you.

     THE TAXPAYER  HAS BEEN DUPED.  Many of us now understand how
this happened.   We  want to  teach other Americans what happened
and  how  it  was  accomplished  by  devious  men  and  women  in
government.   We want to tell Barbara Boxer what has happened and
show her  the evidence.  Is that too much for an AMERICAN CITIZEN
to ask  of a  public servant?   We want to change things, but our
REPRESENTATIVE, Barbara  Boxer, seems  to be ducking the evidence
we are  trying to  present to  her.   She will simply not look at
what is  being put  before her.  We don't even ask her to declare
that we are correct.  We just plead with her to give the evidence
a fair  evaluation, not  just pass  it on  to some  tax-consuming
bureaucrat's assistant  in Washington  D.C. and  think she's done
her job for us.  She must see the evidence herself.  If she does,
she will  be stunned and angered ... just like we were!  She will
want to act.

     Barbara Boxer  could tackle  this issue  and be a HEROINE to
America.   The income  tax is  the biggest  financial hoax in the
history of the world.

            Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 11 of 19

            Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 12 of 19

Congresswoman Barbara Boxer                         July 23, 1990
Cannon Bldg. Room 307
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Barbara,

     I'll be  glad to meet you at one of your community meetings!
I, and  a couple  of dozen  other people,  plan  to  deliver  the
EVIDENCE of the 16th Amendment fraud to you personally ... and at
each meeting!   Please  don't mistake our intensity for a lack of
respect, but it is pretty obvious that your staff really kept you
"insulated" from  the facts  of the matter.  Misprision of felony
can only be pressed when we can prove that you know what is going
on about  this fraud  ... and  ignore it.   If  you act  on  this
felonious fraud  ... and  fail to change things ... you are to be
complimented for  at least  REPRESENTING US  and you  will  stand
clear of any misprision charges.

     The House  Ways and Means excuses about the Income Theft are
shopworn and date to BEFORE this evidence.  Is that really a fair
way to  handle my  inquiry ...  sending out  for the  boilerplate

     Personally Barbara, for someone who has made a bit of a name
for herself  as a  gadfly and  muckraker ... you seem to appear a
bit evasive  on this IRS fraud subject.  I just cannot understand
why you  don't grab  this thing by the neck and go with it!  Kick
some butt!!!   I've told you before that it would GUARANTEE you a
Senate seat!   You could do this thing very subtly and be a hero.
All  you   have  to   do  is  to  firmly  instigate  an  official
Congressional investigation with an independent prosecutor.  Look
at all  the bad  press the  IRS has  gotten lately.   Get  on the
bandwagon!  Go for it Barbara!  Do the right thing.

     The fact  is that  if you  saw the  evidence of  the alleged
ratification  procedure  in  1913  you  would  be  disgusted  and
appalled.  You have to realize that it just was not done legally.
It just  wasn't.   The evidence  sits in every Statehouse in this

     See you August 22.  I promise to be polite and parliamentary
about this  whole issue.   Actually,  I would like nothing better
than to stand and publicly praise you for striking a blow for the
American citizen.   I  mean that  deeply.  Your success should be
our success.  That is what America is supposed to be about.


/s/ Kirby Ferris

Kirby Ferris
c/o General Delivery
Stinson Beach, California

            Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 13 of 19

P.S.   Still haven't  heard from  you or  your  staff  about  the
alleged "detention" camp down at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.
Don't you  think that is pretty important?  How about some aerial
photos, a  la Adlai  Stevenson at  the U.N., to prove or disprove
this scary story?

            Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 14 of 19

Congresswoman Barbara Boxer                        April 16, 1990
307 Cannon Bldg.
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Barbara,

     Consider this  a  petition  for  redress  of  grievances  as
defined in  the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United
States of  America.   Men and  women  are  rotting  in  jail  for
"breaking" a  law that  never existed.   I THEREFORE RESPECTFULLY
REQUEST A  PERSONAL MEETING  WITH YOU.   I will be accompanied by
four or  five citizens  from this  Congressional District.  It is
either this  ... or  we begin protests at your public appearances
or meet  you at  the airport sometime.  We are at a dead end with
this frustrating  lack of  cooperation.   THE 16th AMENDMENT IS A

     The power  of taxation is enumerated in the Constitution and
is a  LEGISLATIVE  task  (despite  the  fact  that  the  Treasury
Department runs  the  IRS).    I  would  believe  that  the  16th
Amendment fraud  is therefore a grievance that I rightfully bring
to your  Congressional attention.  Jackie Denevers tells me it is
a court  issue.   Some courts say it is a political issue.  While
people rot in prison.

     Why don't  you just do the right thing with this Barbara?  I
just can't  understand this  evasive smoke screening you (or your
staff without your knowledge) are apparently putting up.

     It is  real simple.   I  am telling  you  about  this  gross
injustice and  I expect  you to  do something  about it.  You can
start by making an appointment with me and others who want you to
PERSONALLY see  the evidence.   Then  you can  bring  it  to  the
attention of  Congress and  place it on the Congressional record.
At that  point you  will no  longer be  liable of  "Misprision of
Felony" charges  because you  will have  fulfilled your  oath  of

     You SWORE  to uphold  the Constitution of the United States.
How can  you condone  this smoke screen about it being "a problem
of the  courts"?   This type of answer is evidence of "Misprision
of Felony"!

     I just  returned from  a four-day  meeting  in  Nevada  with
extraordinarily skillful  men who  are willing  to help  me press
FELONY charges  against you  if you  do not  go  to  your  utmost
extreme and  investigate this case.  You could bring the evidence
to the  attention of  a Grand  Jury.   You could  ask to  have an
independent prosecutor assigned to the issue.  INSTEAD, ALL I GET
ARE EXCUSES  AND STALLING TACTICS.  You could give me and several
other of  your constituents  the opportunity  to speak to you for
five minutes  when you are back in Marin.  Believe me when I tell
you that  the television  media will be there if we are forced to
demonstrate against you when you land at SFO.  To quote one local
TV news  producer: "When  you are  ready to confront her, we will
have the cameras there."  Unquote.

            Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 15 of 19

     I am  giving you  every chance to make powerful and positive
political mileage  out of  pursuing this injustice.  But we won't
let you  off the  hook.   Don't you  understand  why  we  are  so

     I am  also here  and now  formally asking  you to provide me
with  an   accurate  and   up-to-date  list   of  your   campaign
contributors.  Please acknowledge and fulfill this request.      

     I am here and now formally requesting a list of your planned
public appearances  in the  immediate future so that I may attend
those PUBLIC meetings and exercise my freedom of speech.

     I would  also like a copy of your signed oath of office that
I may  reprint in  the Coastal  Post.   It is  a public document.
Here and now consider this also a formal request that you provide
your authorization to represent me.
     We will be contacting your campaign contributors and sending
them copies  of all  of this  correspondence.   I am sure that at
least one  of your  money people  will be upset with the sluggish
performance that is being demonstrated.


/s/ Kirby Ferris

Kirby Ferris
c/o General Delivery
Stinson Beach, California

P.S.   On top  of the  16th Amendment fraud of 1913, Harry Truman
NEVER renewed the authorization (the chain of command) of the IRS
in 1949!   Look  it up!   This  came to light just two weeks ago!
Are you going to IGNORE this also?  It is the Billie Murdock case
out of Utah.  It was dismissed immediately when she presented the
documentation that  the Secretary  of the  Treasury never renewed
the authorization  of the Commissioner of the IRS in 1949.  There
was also  a failure  to record  any renewal  in the Congressional


            Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 16 of 19

Congresswoman Barbara Boxer                         April 5, 1990
3301 Kerner Blvd.
San Rafael, Calif. 94970

Dear Barbara,

     Today, in  San Rafael, I dropped off a copy of a book called
The Law  That Never Was.  I showed some of the information in the
book to  Jackie Denevers.  She seemed competent and careful.  She
said she  couldn't make  any judgement as she "was not a lawyer".
Fair enough.  I am not a lawyer either.

     But Barbara,  the evidence  in that  book is  not  all  that
technical.     The  story  that  unfolds  regarding  the  alleged
ratification  of  the  Sixteenth  Amendment  is  astounding.    A
Constitutional Amendment  is a  very, very  serious event in this
nation's history.


     Please, as  my representative  ... my  voice in  Congress, I
respectfully request  that you  NOT ignore  the details  of  this
issue.   There is  no income tax law!  But good men and women are
incarcerated all  over this  country for refusing to "obey" a law
that never  was.   How can you worry about political prisoners in
far away  lands before you give your absolute and complete effort
to righting  the injustice  that is  perpetuated by  the Internal
Revenue Service and the courts that sentence these people?

     For several  years, in  case after case, judges have refused
to accept  this documentation  into evidence  in tax cases.  Why?
Because no jury in the world would bring a guilty verdict against
a tax  "evader" if they knew about this issue!  The documents are
certified copies  of public  records that  indicate  the  biggest
fraud in  the history  of this  country!  How can you simply hand
this investigation  over to  some  gopher  in  the  Congressional
research division?  How can you not care about this?  Because the
Income Tax is your pay check?

     I am  telling you  right now.   I  am  going  to  go  to  an
incredible length to see that you sit up and acknowledge this.  I
will personally  contact every  single one of your major campaign
contributors and show them this story.  I will be at every public
appearance you  make.   I will  raise my  voice to  the  absolute
limits of  my  Constitutional  and  legal  restraints.    I  will
organize picketing  and non-violent  demonstrations at or in your


            Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 17 of 19

     A trillion  and a  half dollars  a year  are stolen from the
people of  this country  under this fraud "Income Tax Law".  This
must stop.  You must realize the determination that is fermenting
out here  in your  district.  We are not happy about this.  Don't
let us  down.   I will  be requesting a personal meeting with you
soon ... as my First Amendment Right guarantees.


/s/ Kirby Ferris

Kirby Ferris
c/o General Delivery
Stinson Beach, California

            Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 18 of 19

Congresswoman Barbara Boxer                        March 16, 1990
3301 Kerner Blvd.
San Rafael, Calif. 94901

Dear Barbara,

     Please find  enclosed advance  copies of two columns of mine
that will appear shortly in the Coastal Post.

     I warn you that an extraordinarily well planned legal attack
is going to take place.  You have advance warning and you can act
now to  bring the  16th Amendment  fraud to the attention of your
constituency ...  or you  can ignore  the  education  that  I  am
providing you  with and  you will  be named  in a suit in Federal

     We have  planned this for the last four years.  The evidence
has been  saved from  destruction and  certified  copies  of  the
evidence are  in the  hands of  numerous people in every state in
the Union.

     It would  be a  shame for you not to do the right thing with
this information, Barbara.  I, personally, have a high regard for
your loyalty to the citizens you represent.  I vote for you.

     But unless you move to bring these facts to the attention of
your fellow  Americans, you will have turned me into a very, very
determined political enemy.


/s/ Kirby Ferris

Kirby Ferris
c/o General Delivery
Stinson Beach, California

            Affidavit of Kirby Ferris: page 19 of 19

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