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                                        May 1, 1991

Mr. Howard Freeman
c/o P. O. Box 364
Lusk, Wyoming
Postal Code 82225/tdc

Dear Howard:

I attended your seminar on the U.C.C. last Saturday in
Pleasanton, California, and want you to know I was very impressed
by the depth of your knowledge on this subject.  Your lecture
style was most informative and most entertaining.  I will look
forward to receiving the video tape of this lecture.

We have recently assembled a number of papers and letters which
document our continuing research and political action with
respect to the 16th Amendment and related subjects.  Copies of
these assembled papers and letters are enclosed, for your review.
I would appreciate any comments you may have on this material.

I am also very interested to learn more about the difference
between "public law" and "public policy," as you used these
terms.  You will recall telling us about your confrontation with
a federal judge who said that Supreme Court decisions prior to
1938 were "too old."  If something happened in government which
rendered obsolete all U.S. Supreme Court decisions prior to 1938,
where is the record of this event?  In the Federal Register?  In
the Congressional Record?  In some enacted law?  To what event
was this judge referring?  Could you be more specific about the
relevant events of 1938?

Would it be possible for you to prepare a signed affidavit which
documents the conversation which you had with this judge?  I am
beginning to think that evidence like this ought to be sufficient
to put judges on the witness stand (at the appropriate time and
place, of course!) particularly if they have been holding secret
meetings to decide the fate of free citizens without publicizing
those decisions in any way.

Thanks again for the excellent lecture.  Keep up the good work!

Sincerely yours,

/s/ John E. Trumane

John E. Trumane
Account for Better Citizenship


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