Hello, my friend. My name is David Gould, and I have prepared these papers for the education and enlightenment of the people of America. My wish is that understanding may start within my people. Without that understanding, things will continue to get worse, and everyone reading this introduction is very well aware of this, or you would not be looking for answers.

       I think, from the hundreds of comments that I have received, that what you are about to start reading, what I refer to as "The Series," will supply the answers you have been seeking. However, that being said, I must warn you; like all good answers, the end makes no sense without the beginning of the discussion. If you are serious about learning, you must start with Part I, then you must read Part II, and so on.

       This Series was written to answer the many questions that people were asking me, and it developed to fulfill their needs. You are likely to find that it will do the same for you, if you read it in order. If you do not, I warn you, much of it will not make sense, because you will not have the knowledge contained in the previous parts which are necessary to later revelations and discussions.

       Please bear with me, and stay the course, reading each Part as it is presented in the Series. May YHVH Bless you, Greatly, for your desire to learn. -- David Gould


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David Gould