Part III: What is the Truth, Anyway?

This is a paper I wrote many years ago, and it makes up the vast majority of Part III for the simple reason that I do not want you to accept what I say blindly. No matter what you may think, I do not have a clear and concise picture of what is going on. Only those at the root of our problems understand everything, and it is very necessary for each of us to verify everything we are told, to our own satisfaction.

There is another aspect of verification, as well. When you begin to verify and study, you are going to see things no one else has. The reason that so much information is now coming to light is that there are so many of us looking, instead of the dozen or so men who were doing so in each previous generation.

But then, we have an advantage the people of any other age never had; itís called electronic communication. Not only can I look at much more information from many different sources, but I and others, including you, can share that information with so many more interested men and women than ever before.

Please keep this in mind, as you read what I supply: you have a moral obligation to begin your own threads of discovery. With this in mind, read on ...

The Doctrine of Reality

Or, Is it really a Lie, Daddy?

truth (trooth) 1. The state or character of being true in relation to being, knowledge, or speech. 2. Conformity to fact or reality. In other words, truth matches reality.


       I never intended to write this. Why would it be necessary? People understand truth! But they donít actually understand the truth, and they generally have even less of an understanding about what a lie really is.

       What is a lie? Lies are like mosquitoes. No matter how you turn or where you go, lies will always find you. They come at you from above, from the rear, from each side and yes, even from the front where you can see them coming. Why? Because lies only exist to serve someone elseís purpose. Lies have no other reason to exist except to serve someone elseís purpose! That is why they tell lies -- to serve their own purposes! When you are listening to someone tell you something which serves their own purpose, you can know that you are listening to a lie (advertising comes to mind). To serve that other personís purpose, he must throw those lies at you in a constant stream in order to fool you into accepting each lie. One of your first clues that something is a lie is when the facts about that something are endlessly repeated until you are literally tired of hearing about them -- balancing the federal budget comes to mind.       


       The truth, on the other hand, is like a rare gem. You must make an effort to uncover and savor its beauty. Since the truth seldom serves anyoneís purpose, it is only occasionally out in plain sight but must be mined and worked for by you. Like a diamond, the truth is indestructible and will always be there, waiting to be found.

And like a diamond, Truth is hard -- very hard! How hard is it? Truth is the hardest substance in the Universe! Let me make sure you understand what I am saying -- Truth is the hardest subject in the universe, because not even God can change the Truth! Why -- because of God's Nature, which is Perfection, and because God Ordained the Truth. All truth in the Universe was Ordained by God. There is no exception to this statement. ALL Truth in the Universe was Ordained by The True God. And because He Ordained the Truth, He cannot change the Truth, for to do so would deny His being the True God. It would mean that He was acting in His own interest, rather than as God. An imperfect being can not exist forever because an imperfect being will self-destruct, no matter how long, or how short a time that takes (for reference, see Man). And like God, the Truth is indestructible and visible, if you look.

The truth always becomes visible to those who are willing to look because the truth is stronger than any lie and will always win in any conflict against a lie. That is if you are willing to look, because the truth has another tendency -- the truth often makes people uncomfortable and will sometimes shake them from their comfort zone -- their shell -- if you will. Why? Because the Truth is the hardest substance in the Universe! When you confront the Truth, you have only two options:

  1. You may deny the Truth and turn from it;  or,

  2. You must change! Because you cannot change the Truth, you must change! If God cannot change the Truth, then neither can you, I assure you.

When you have uncovered the truth, you must work to polish and to understand it. Then, and only then, can you admire its beauty, its sparkle and its simplicity as it stands above all else like a beacon of light. Yes, I did say its simplicity. The truth is never complicated. Only lies are complicated. When things are made complicated, they always are done in this manner in order to hide a lie. Have you ever read the IRS Title 26 Income Tax Code? The tax code which is deliberately made so complicated that it may be safely hidden from you that this system is designed to transfer all money and wealth upwards, to what is known as the Elite -- the super-rich -- the money kings and the Royalty.

The truth is ageless, and the truth is indestructible. What is true today was true yesterday and will be true tomorrow, throughout the Universe. The truth never changes; only a lie is capable of being transformed. Just as in the truth, reality is a constant, which never changes. Reality can only be that which actually exists around you -- not someone elseís lies about your environment, your taxes, or your health care. Thatís how you judge what is the truth and what is a lie. Does it conform to reality?

Has the government ever taken over any program and effectively made it work better and save money? Then, what members of the government are telling you about improving health care and cutting costs does not match reality. Could it be that they are deliberately lying to you? And if they are deliberately lying to you, in whose interest are they telling those lies?

Who is going to benefit from the governmentís control of the health care system? (Always follow the Ďmoneyí.) The super-rich Elite who will receive all of the money flowing from the government to the various insurance schemes and, of course, to the legal drug companies they already control. One important point that experience with our government shows us to be true is that the average American citizen will not benefit from the government seizing control of health care. The average American citizen will, however, pay a tremendous additional cost for the Eliteís control of the health care system, both in money spent and, even more importantly, in lack of care or much poorer care for the common man.

When you begin to feel uncomfortable about what you are hearing or reading, it is generally because you subconsciously realize that it doesnít match reality. You know, subconsciously, that you are being misled -- being misled is never an accident. Even if the person misleading you sincerely believes what he or she is saying, you can rest assured that there is always someone behind that person who knows exactly what reality really is! There is always a benefit to be gained by someone every time that reality is twisted. That is why lies are told!        

One of the real problems with getting someone to look at the truth and open up his mind is the tremendous investment he has in his beliefs. The words "I believe" are, to me, the two most disgusting words, when used together, in the English language. Just think how much better it is to be able to say "I know".        

What is a belief? It is something you have been told by someone else. Sound familiar? But in order to judge your beliefs, you have to admit first that you may have believed someone elseís lies. That is very difficult to do, particularly if you have carried some of those beliefs around like lead weights for twenty, thirty or forty years. You have a tremendous investment in those beliefs. Having an open mind with a willingness to look at all facts is difficult, but there is no other way to learn the truth. If you want a real lesson in a closed mind and in a refusal to accept reality, sit down sometime with a collection of facts about Communismís origins with a dedicated liberal or with a dyed-in-the-wool socialist. Now that is a real lesson in what a belief actually is and it will go further in opening your own mind than anything I could ever say.       

I have been led to write this by the talks and seminars I conduct concerning the Federal Reserve. People are reluctant to believe that the government and the media have deliberately lied to them and that they have been foolish enough to be tricked. Why are they reluctant to believe this? The truth serves no oneís purpose! The truth is simply the truth! Just because you are reluctant to believe someone would lie to you does not mean that he will not, if he can gain an advantage by doing so. He is also not going to stand there and admit to you that he is lying. That would defeat his purpose.        

This also means that it is up to you to judge the reality of what anyone else is telling you. That is how you judge the truth. Does what I am being told match the reality of what I see, hear, and observe going on around me? If, as in many cases, something just does not feel right, then the chances are that you are being lied to for the gain of someone else. Remember, lies are told for a purpose! Very few people go around promoting lies for no good reason.

This is how you use the Doctrine of Reality in order judge truth. Does what you are being told match the reality you observe around you? If not, start asking why not!       

I want you to notice something in what I have just written. I have talked about people lying or about someoneís gain. Nowhere have I mentioned the government lying, because a government can not lie just as a government can not gain. Only people lie; and only people can gain just as only people can pay taxes (corporations do not pay taxes; that is a lie to mislead you. Corporations can only have "expenses," of which taxes are just another expense which is passed on in the form of higher prices to people).

       This means that the people in a government are the ones who tell lies. When you identify a lie being told by a government, you must identify which people in that government are responsible for that lie. After you do that, it is important for you to identify exactly who benefits from that lie. After you have done those two things, you have arrived at the source of the lie. If you do not know who is lying to you and who is benefiting from that lie, it is very difficult to combat the lie or even to understand why it is being told. If you do not understand why a lie is being told, you will have trouble believing the truth because the truth will fly in the face of everything else you are hearing.

       It is extremely important to understand something here. The truth stands alone. Truth never needs reinforcing, endless repeating, or justification by a law. Whenever you see a government enact a law in order to bring out the truth, you can be assured that you are witnessing a lie. One of the prime examples of this would be the laws in Canada, Australia and Europe, which make it a crime for anyone to question the facts about the so-called holocaust. If many of the holocaust facts were not fabrications to begin with, no law would be necessary in order to stop people from questioning them.

       This should also make you wonder about just who is actually in charge of those governments and what those people know about the reality of the holocaust. You might ask yourself what they have gained by the lie they have promoted for fifty years (Authorís note: If you doubt what I have just written, you need to do some of your own research. I suggest you start with Wilhelm Staeglichís outstanding book, Auschwitz: A Judge Looks at the Evidence, ISBN No. 0-939484-22-1. The second investigation you need to make is concerning who actually paid for Hitlerís rise to power in Germany. A hint: who controls the sources of Ďmoneyí in Europe and in America?)       

       Who controls our media? George Washington, writing to Edmund Pendleton in 1795, spoke on the effects of propaganda:       


       "It is well known that when one side only of a story is heard and often repeated, the human mind becomes impressed with it insensibly."

       Bertrand Russell, philosopher, educator and self-styled atheist wrote this:       

       "I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is Mass Psychology. Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda ...Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class (Elite). The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated."

       Bertrand Russell was privy to information on means of propaganda that George Washington could never have dreamed of, so he was -- understandably enough -- a bit more insightful than Washington could possibly have been. Russell realized that the common people could never be permitted to know the sources from which their brainwashing came. He foresaw the power of the modern media, and he was able to see who in America would usurp and hold a stranglehold on the power of the media for their own benefit. Now tell me, do you still feel like sitting down to enjoy a few hours of the rich manís harmless TV?

       "Truth will prevail. Truth will ultimately prevail where there [are] pains taken to bring it to light." (Authorís note: George Washington wrote this to Charles Mynn Thurston in 1794).                     

Why you believe what you believe

       Experts on the human mind say that humans are convinced to believe things for four principal reasons:

  1. You tend to believe most strongly that which you hear first.

  2. If you change, it will most likely be to that which you hear repeated many times.

  3. You next tend to believe that which you want to believe or that which fits your already conceived ideas or notions.

  4. Lastly, humans are least likely to believe that which is logical and makes sense, especially if it contradicts what they hear most!

       Interesting, isnít it? Since the truth serves no oneís purpose and is seldom repeated, most people are left believing only that which serves someoneís purpose. By definition, that means they are left believing a lie. Unless you understand this and guard against it, you will be endlessly confused for most of your life.

       This is the end of what I wrote many years ago. But I have a few words to add to it, strictly for the purpose of those reading these threads.

       Why is this paper necessary for you at this time?

       For those of you who are reading the real facts about United States citizenship and the Constitution for the first time, I understand the turmoil you are going through. I warn you, it will get worse. I know. I have already gone through it. I have done the soul searching, the denial, the turning away, everything, in fact, that you will be, and are, facing. For the same exact reasons.

       I had faith in the "system" -- faith, without understanding -- without understanding exactly what any system is, and without knowledge of the real facts. I failed, just as so many of you have failed, to understand that "faith" is a religious term ... And it took me a long time to accept that. I hope, for the majority of you, by doing this in an entirely different way, to short circuit the time required for understanding and acceptance. It will not work for everyone; Iím sorry about that, but perhaps for the majority, it will be easier and better.

       For those of you reading Part III, let me tell you that you have already accomplished much. Many can not handle Parts I & II, and never reach this point. Sometimes it takes many weeks before they can ask for Part III. There is nothing I can do about that. But ... I warn you now, if you continue these threads, they will alter your life. I know! And, in many ways, these three parts are just an introduction to the real information to come. Believe that, please, for all of our sakes.

       The most important part to come out of this is the simplest one; things that are endlessly repeated are lies, or they would not need to be endlessly repeated! Vote, to effect change, comes instantly to mind.

       If voting effected change, it would be illegal to vote.

       I think of the many men I have talked to over the years. One in particular comes to mind. He had worked -- worked very hard -- for a long period of time to make things change in Washington, D.C. Then, he had been actively engaged in "getting out" the Republican vote in his district for over thirty years. Things keep getting worse, but he keeps the faith, and keeps working. Nothing I ever said made a difference to him. As far as I know, he is still working to "get out the vote" so "we" can change things.

       He never caught on that Washington, D.C., is what Washington, D.C., is and was intended to be -- now -- and in 1792. Washington, D.C., has never changed, nor can it. Washington, D.C., is just now coming into focus; it is not changing. It is only our perception of it that is changing as the inevitable corruption of that type of system becomes endemic. History proves, beyond any doubt, that any democracy, which defines Washington, D.C., to a T, can never exist for any extended period of time. To exist for any period of time, there must be the rule of law. That means that the foundation of the law can never change. For Washington, D.C., that is impossible. So to work to change that system is not only self-defeating, it is very dangerous as well.

       Why? Because it is only through your interacting with them that they are legitimized. They require your participation for their existence. And as the voting public continues to shrink, as more and more people wake up to the FACT that their vote means nothing (please find and read the book VOTESCAM), the cries for "VOTE FOR A CHANGE will become ever more strident, and there will be more and more laws passed to make it easier for anyone -- anyone at all -- to vote. They care not one whit who you vote for; they just need you to vote!!! They need you to participate, to legitimize their scam -- their fraud.

       In many ways, Parts I & II are a weeding out process. To get to this point, you must be different from most people. Many never understand that to change America, they must change! They want to keep doing the same things, and never realize that to do so is to continue to get the same result. They prefer to rant and rave about "others" and never turn the scope on themselves. Perhaps they are afraid to find out that the problem is them, not someone else.

       I want to ask something of you. Before you ask for Part IV, read this Part III at least twice, and then spend a day thinking about it. I know this paper seems really simple, but it isnít. Before I started to study the Bible, I wrote this paper. A man I consider to be a man of The One True God read it and gave me one of the greatest compliments I have ever received. He said that he had never seen anyone who had arrived at this much truth outside of the Bible before. He still uses this paper in his ministry.

       And I know some of you are going to object to the use of the word Bible, in any context whatever, but bear with me, please. Especially since you have reached this point. Perhaps there is more to this story than you think!

       The next part you will receive, Part IV, has an immense amount of information in it. It is not necessary for you to study all of it, because it is simply there to show you a part of what the men I work with and myself have uncovered, and to give you a different perception of the federal government. For some of you, the perception may not be different, but I assure you, very few have an actual picture of the true depth of depravity and corruption in Washington, D.C. There are a lot of sources listed in Part IV. Use what you will.

       Part V begins with a quote that I want you to think of within the context of these last few paragraphs and, ultimately, this whole paper. But, please, be sure you have read this paper at least twice before you go on to Part IV, not to mention Part V.

       In ending this part, let me leave you with a parting thought: Can you give me one Law of The One True God which man can violate with impunity? I have asked this question before, and I have never received a serious answer. Perhaps youíll be the first with an intelligent, meaningful answer. Understanding the Law as I do, I doubt it, but ...

       You see, under the Declaration of Independence, the Law in America is the Bible. Perhaps this explains to many of you why there has been such a concentration on teaching everyone in the so-called "churches" that His Law has been set aside. Perhaps this explains, in some small way why murderers and rapists are released from "their" prisons but people who reject the system stay locked up for many years. Perhaps.

Now that you have finished Part III, and if you are ready to proceed, please read Part IV.

All my best, David


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