Part IV: Understanding

       Hello. My name is David Gould, and I would like to introduce myself to you. You see, this is necessary, so you can begin to understand why I do what I do. Unless you understand why I do this, you will spend your time thinking about that rather than about the information we are sharing. And, at some point in time, I will be asked many of the questions that this is intended to answer anyway -- so we might as well get this part out of the way.

       For many of you, understanding me will be necessary for you to begin to accept the information that we are discussing. I understand this, because not so many years ago, I was in the same position you are in now, with nothing but questions as I looked around me at the unbelievable and the unexplainable. At that time, I met a man who began my education. I had trouble accepting much of what he said, and found myself -- finally -- giving him the attention that his message deserved -- almost as a denial of the information. Later, as I began to understand more, I did my own research and started to study on my own. I finally understood what he told me. He was not the point. He was simply a messenger.

       And I am the same thing -- just a messenger. This information is not mine; it belongs to all of the people of America -- my country -- my people -- be they red, blue, green, black, white or polka dotted -- my people.

       The part about "my people" is very important, because one of the lessons which has been brought home most forcefully to me is the one about freedom. Quite simply, I can not be free unless you are free. Without freedom for everyone, any freedom is an illusion. And I have to be careful here, because this is not intended to be a dissertation about any one subject, and I can get on my lecture podium very easily!

       I hope you understand that most of what has happened to America and to my people is because of the introduction of public education to America. The originator of public education was a man named Bismarck (remember the German battleship Bismarck) of Prussia. He was rather eloquent when he explained to purpose of public education, via the government. "Give me your children to educate and I will turn them into soldiers."

       I think a short look at the history of America since the introduction of public education will prove Bismarckís point rather well -- not to mention trying to talk to a former or current serviceman about the Constitution!

       Why does America need carrier battle groups to defend our shores? Of course, we donít, but the profit in building such tools of destruction is immense. And, I must admit, having the battle groups available in the Middle East and Asia to protect the source of supply of drugs from the ignorant natives who are restless because of the rape of their women, the theft of their land and the impressment of their children to tend the drug fields is necessary, for the benefit of the elite.

       Why is the military overburdened with fancy weapons, but the troops underpaid and unable to operate most of their equipment due to a lack of training and spare parts? Because there is little profit to the multi-national corporations in spare parts, and none in pay for the troops.

       But then, it is the UNITED STATES army, air force and navy. It has nothing to do with defending America... If my people do not figure this out in the near future, they will learn what the militia is all about, because the fighting will be on their own doorstep, not in the Middle East, Southeast Asia or Europe. I think that most people now realize that the "gun control" issue has nothing to do with crime, and is devoted to disarming America for the totalitarian NWO. No nation in the world would dare attempt an invasion of America. Our destruction must come from within, hence the United States (government) -- but perhaps I am a little ahead of myself here.

       But perhaps one more point about the military, -- just for more understanding. How many of you know what Kuwait is? It is a British Protectorate. Kuwait was carved off Iraq about 100 years ago by British force of arms for the purpose of stealing the natural resources (oil) of the Iraqi people and giving those natural resources to the three sisters; Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum and I forget the third. The British then imported a landless "sheik" and used him as a puppet to form a new "government" subject to their control. They pay a "royalty" to him and everyone is happy -- except, of course, the Iraqi people, but they are just ignorant tribesmen, so who cares. If you want to really understand America and the United States military, I suggest you read the book Inevitable Revolutions, about the exploitation of Central America by the multi-national corporations. Perhaps for the first time you will begin to see the term "Ugly American" in a new light, and begin to understand why America and Americans are so hated around the world.

       To finish this part on the military, it is necessary to bring in the United Nations and its new military, the United States army. The men doing the research on this have discovered that the UN is the present day existence of that corporation once known as the British East Indies Company. If you wish to learn more, study the use of the British army in creating the wealth of the financial district of London, "the City".

       Drugs are an interesting subject. How many people know that Britain has controlled the illegal drug trade for over 280 years? The Queen is the richest woman in the world, and she did not get that way taxing the English people (by the way -- the BRITISH {a small minority} control the English; a study of English history will show you the difference).

       Two books I recommend are Dope, Inc. and Red Cocaine, The Drugging of America. Both can be ordered from, and they will give you a completely different look at the world of drugs than you will have any other way. I would also recommend that you visit <> and find out part of the real story in America. Be careful when you read Red Cocaine, because the man who wrote it is a professor, and he really has no clue except as pertains to the drug "problem".

       I realize that as you begin assimilating this information, you will change. It is impossible not to. It is also very difficult to change. To begin to change you must first accept that most (nearly all) of what you are told is a lie. Read the following carefully, then judge for yourself.

       The taped admission of Navy vessels in the area cited below is now available here:

       You'll need the RealPlayer to hear it, which is free here:

       In addition to over 100 eyewitness accounts of a rising rocket shooting down the plane, there are several eyewitness accounts of Navy ships close to shore; here are two:
Others witness accounts are cited below:


       In a tape-recorded debate between Reed Irvine and James Kallstrom, who headed the FBI's TWA 800 crash investigation, Kallstrom is reported to admit that three ships tracked on radar near the crash "were Navy ships on classified maneuvers." [1]

       The ships in question were within 3 to 6 miles of the crash, in the very same area that triangulated witness accounts indicate to be the launch site of the rocket that witnesses saw shoot down TWA 800. [2] The official story had been that the closest Navy ship, the USS Normandy, was 185 miles away.

       Kallstrom was recorded by Reed Irvine of Accuracy In Media [3] on September 14, 1998 during a debate between the two over the phone. The tape recording was first released during a special meeting of the organization Judicial Watch. [4] It was first made known to the public on September 28, with the publication of a letter [5] from private investigator Commander William Donaldson (USN ret) to Louis Freeh, head of the FBI, wherein Commander Donaldson states:

       "I...have in my possession a taped conversation held on 14 September 1998 between Deputy Director Kalstrom (Retired) and Mr. Reed Irvine, Chairman of Accuracy in Media. That conversation puts Deputy Director Kalstrom on record with two startling new facts. He alleges: 1. The 30-knot surface contact was a helicopter. 2. Three of the surface radar contacts were U.S. Navy vessels conducting classified operations."[6]

       Supporting Kallstrom's admission is the fact that many witnesses reported seeing Navy ships in the area. The Village Voice reported [7] that Dean Steward and Susan Smith saw "a naval warship about three miles offshore" a few hours before the crash. Steward, an eight-year Navy vet, said the ship was an Aegis Ticonderoga-class cruiser. Another witness, Barbara Pacholk, reports that she saw a surfaced submarine and two Navy ships just before the crash.

       In addition, The Winds reports [1] that Commander Donaldson has "obtained testimony from several witnesses, one of whom is an ex-Navy Bombardier/navigator... who observed an Aegis Cruiser to the west of the air disaster." The Winds goes on to note that "Because of the highly trained nature of [the witness], Donaldson, in his words, considers the identification of the Aegis Cruiser to be 'positive, with 100% credibility.'"



       The issue of ships in the area first arose after the NTSB released a preliminary report last year, which included radar plots of the crash scene with several tracks said to be unidentified "boats."[8]

       Prior to the recent admission, the FBI refused to identify these radar tracks. When Congressman James Trafficant asked the FBI to identify the radar-tracked craft now admitted to be Navy ships, the FBI responded by citing the Privacy Act (US Code 5:552a). [9] Such a response is in itself an admission of a cover-up. Commander Donaldson countered by saying that the Navy is not covered by the Privacy Act.[6]

       Even without the recent admission of Navy ships in the area, such could be logically deduced from the available evidence: (a) eyewitness accounts of Navy vessels and activity (missile launchings), (b) radar tracks of large "boats," and (c) the citing by the FBI of the Privacy Act in order to conceal from the public the identities of those radar-tracked ships.


       After first claiming that no Navy assets were in the area except a P-3 Orion aircraft, the Navy then admitted that they had three submarines in the area.[10] After first claiming that there were no military maneuvers in the area that night [11], months later the Navy admitted that there were. [10] In addition, TWA 800 researcher Tom Shoemaker proved that there was a large-scale wargame in the area during July 17, 1996 [12], and private investigator James Sanders learned through his inside contacts that the Navy was testing advanced anti-missile technologies that evening. [13]

       Now, after claims that the closest Navy ship was 185 miles away, comes the admission that Navy ships were in fact within 3 to 6 miles of the TWA 800 crash, in the very area from which witnesses saw a missile rise.

[1] THE WINDS: TWA Flight 800 Analysts Say FBI Is Intentionally Obstructing Justice. October 6, 1998.

[2] Triangulation of Witness Accounts Indicating Line of Sight:

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[7] VILLAGE VOICE: How Did TWA Flight 800 Blow Up?

By Robert Davey, March 3, 1998.

[8] NTSB Report Reveals Radar-Tracked "Boats":

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[13] The Downing of TWA Flight 800. By James Sanders, 1997.

       And I know that we all understand that the government does lie. Well, actually, that is not true. A government is not capable of lying, because a government has no actual, physical existence. The people in government, in whose interest it is to lie, do the lying. We keep forgetting that. And even understanding this, it is still necessary to belabor the point. Why? Ask yourself why you have never seen the first information that I supplied to you and you will begin to see. All together too many people accept -- blindly -- the premise given to them by the same people in government that are responsible for the above cover-up that things are going to change, that the Republicans/Democrats can fix the situation. Just donít worry and donít give up the faith!

       When you are done with the above research, then ask yourself what is the true story behind the Oklahoma City bombing? Do you think we will ever know? Not unless a great number of Americans get up off their couches and change things -- to change things, you must first change.

       If you continue to do the things you have been doing you will continue to get what you have been getting -- more taxes, more intrusive laws, more programming -- of you and of your children. Just continue to do what you have been doing -- reinforce the United States by participating in the politicianís games. Vote Republican, for a change...

       And when you think about these things, think about the Trade Center bombing in New York City. During that trial, a FBI agent admitted -- under oath -- that the FBI knew about the bomb, that the FBI had supplied the basic material for the bomb, and the training necessary to build the bomb. But through a "slip-up", they failed to intercept the bomb before it was detonated. I believe that the real story would probably include information about the FBI recruiting the men judged guilty of the bombing as well.

       Now, part of what we are going to discuss concerns health. It must. Health is absolutely essential to freedom. Without health, there is no freedom, and that includes there is no monetary freedom without health. And when I spoke before of how I could not be free unless you were free, the following information is a part -- a big part -- of that equation.

Gene Altered Frankenstein Food Deluge About To Be Eaten By Americans

By Brian Halweil

MSNBC Contributor


       America's fruited plain will yield another bumper crop this year, but it will be a harvest like no other. The genetic codes of roughly one-quarter of the corn and one-third of the soybeans grown this year have been altered to resist herbicides or produce pesticides. Potato, tomato, and squash crops have also been genetically engineered. The unknown dangers that might lurk inside these Frankenstein foods are enough to scare anyone.

Mothers for Natural Law: Campaign to label transgenic crops

Campaign for Food Safety, Union of Concerned Scientists

       A rapid transformation of our food supply is underway with no public consent or warning about unknown impacts on public health.

       In coming weeks, these crops will be refined into vegetable oils, livestock and poultry feed, frozen potato slices, and high-fructose corn syrup. These ingredients will find their way into breakfast cereals, tofu, margarine, milk, hamburgers, french fries, soda, candy, and most other foods sold throughout the United States.

       A rapid transformation of our food supply is underway with no public consent or warning about unknown impacts on public health. But you wouldnít know it, because the Food and Drug Administration, the federal agency responsible for safeguarding our food supply, does not believe genetically engineered foods should be labeled as such.

       Across the globe, people are becoming concerned about transgenic crops -the products of genetic engineering. The American organic foods community blew a gasket when these crops nearly slipped into their national standards. France, the United Kingdom, Austria, and Italy have banned the planting of genetically altered crops, citing possible environmental and health risks. India recently banned imports of so-called 'Terminator' seeds, which contain a sterility gene that prevents farmers from planting seed from the first year's harvest.

       Multinational corporations that develop and market these agricultural products claim that much of the hysteria is unfounded. But consumer advocates and ordinary citizens are picking up on the concerns of environmentalists and biologists who contend there is plenty of reason to suspect that there could be serious risks involved with splicing genes into foods that humans consume..


       Transgenic crops represent the most serious change in our diet since humans first domesticated plants some 10,000 years ago. In contrast to traditional crop-breeding, in which genes can only be exchanged between closely related species, these new crops contain genes from a grab-bag of diverse plant and animal species, including viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

       These transgenic foods contain genes designed to pump out proteins, enzymes, and all types of foreign substances - including deadly insecticides - that were never before part of the human diet. Pesticide-producing crops, engineered to churn out plant toxins in significantly greater volumes than found in nature, may cause many of the adverse effects on human health and the environment that are associated with the spraying of pesticides. Should the government label genetically altered produce?

       The pesticides produced within the plant ripple throughout the farm food chain, disabling not only the intended pest, but other organisms. The pollen of genetically modified crops spreads from farm to farm, unleashing a persistent genetic pollution that can be passed from one generation of plants to the next. Crops engineered for herbicide-resistance pass this trait on to nearby weeds, making them immune to the very herbicide intended to destroy them, leading farmers to use larger doses of toxic herbicides.


       Two recent public opinion polls conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and by the pharmaceutical and food corporation Novartis show that a majority of Americans want to see labels indicating when a food is genetically modified. Yet biotechnology companies and the FDA continue to argue that labeling genetically engineered foods will just confuse consumers: by indicating difference, the label implies the product is unsafe.

       Under current loophole-laden regulatory mechanisms, a corporation can obtain approval for sale of a new transgenic crop simply by presenting the FDA or Environmental Protection Agency, (depending on whether the crop produces pesticides) with brief summaries of safety assessments.

       There are no independent assessments done by the FDA or EPA.

       Despite the fact that transgenic crops contain pesticides and food additives (which both require labels in the United States) clever and fierce industry lobbying has distorted food safety laws and successfully blocked labeling. Most Americans want genetically modified food to be labeled.

       Biotech companies and the FDA argue that labeling will just confuse consumers.

       The risks attached to this manipulation of the food chain are complex and poorly understood " even, admittedly, by the corporations whose responsibility it is to assess them. Thus, it would seem wise to maintain impeccable records of production and consumption of these foods and to acknowledge that we do not understand all of the risks, and that the adverse health and environmental effects may not be detected for years.

       Mandatory labeling would allow consumers to make informed choices, and give food retailers valuable information on what the public will and will not buy.

Brian Halweil is a research fellow at Stanford University.

       "Where there is secrecy, there is no truth;

        where there is no truth, there is no justice;

        where there is no justice, there is no freedom."

       You see, slaves have no right to know the truth, or to judge what is good for themselves. From some of this information, you can better judge the truth of what the first two papers contained. Judge that truth, but do not trust that judgment. I urge you to confirm everything I say and write -- not only for your own good, but for the good of America and of your families. I also urge you to subscribe to ACRES USA, P.O. Box 8800, Metairie, Louisiana [70011]. This is probably the finest newspaper in the states, and it totally concerns food and the growing of it. Without the knowledge from this paper, you will have little chance of protecting yourself and your family from some of the problems coming in the states. Subscriptions are $24.00/year, sample copies $3.00 each.

       I am going to give you one more piece of information before I wrap this part up. How many of you have a Social Security Number? Why? I don't, and I would never dream of having one (I did at one time, of course). Are you aware that the first Social Security Numbers (they weren't called that then, but were 9 digit identification numbers) were issued in the 1870's -- to black slaves registering as citizens of the United States?

       And how many of you believe that Social Security is only in the United States? Perhaps you should read the following, and judge for yourself what the truth is about the insolvency of the scheme:

Statutory Instrument 1997 No. 1778

The Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997

© Crown Copyright 1997

All Crown Copyrights are reserved. The following are concessions.

Individuals are authorized to download this text to file or printer for

their own individual use. Reproduction of the text for the purpose of

developing and publishing value-added products is also allowed, without

prior permission or charge, provided reproduction is accurate, not

malicious and is accompanied by an acknowledgment of Crown copyright.

Any other proposed reproduction requires the consent of the Copyright

Unit at Her Majesty's Stationery Office. For more details on the

reproduction of Crown and Parliamentary copyright material, see the

latest Her Majesty's Stationery Office Dear Publisher letter.

The text of this Internet version of the Statutory Instrument has been

prepared to reflect the text as it was Made. The authoritative version

is in printed form and is published by The Stationery Office Limited as

the The Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997, ISBN 0 11

064698 3, £2.40 sterling. For details of how to obtain a printed copy

see How to obtain The Stationery Office Limited titles.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1997 No. 1778


The Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997

Made22nd July 1997 Coming into force1st September 1997

At the Court at Buckingham Palace, the 22nd day of July 1997


The Queen's Most Excellent Majesty in Council

Whereas at London on the 13th February 1984 an Agreement on social

security between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain

and Northern Ireland and the Government of the United States of America

(hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement") and an Administrative

Agreement for the implementation of the Agreement (hereinafter referred

to as "the Administrative Agreement")[1] were signed on behalf of those

Governments and effect was given to the Agreement by the Social Security

(United States of America) Order 1984 (hereinafter referred to as "the

Principal Order")[2]:

And Whereas at London on 6th June 1996 a Supplementary Agreement

between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and

Northern Ireland and the Government of the United States of America

(which Supplementary Agreement is set out in Schedule 1 to this Order

and is hereinafter referred to as "the Supplementary Agreement")

amending the Agreement and a Supplementary Administrative Agreement

amending the Administrative Agreement (which Supplementary

Administrative Agreement is set out in Schedule 2 to this Order and is

hereinafter referred to as "the Supplementary Administrative

Agreement")[3] were signed on behalf of those Governments:

And more:

<A HREF="">social security worldwide

</A> International Social Security Association


Social Security Worldwide

Brief description

An infobase is a database organized using Folio Infobase Technology.

Social Security Worldwide covers five different infobases (databases) on

social security, all of which can be accessed and searched using simple,

easy-to-use search screens. These five infobases are:

Scheme Description :

Concise outlines of social security systems in 173

countries (from Social Security Programs Throughout the World, produced

jointly by ISSA and US Social Security Administration).

ēReforms : Summaries of important reforms in social protection programs

since 1995 (from the ISSA Development and Trends database published as

Trends in Social Security).

ēLegislation : References to social security legislation, including, in

some cases, the full text of legislation (from the NATLEX database

maintained by the International Labour Office).

ēBibliography : References to books, periodicals and other material on

social protection issues available in the ISSA Documentation Centre.

ēThesaurus : Key social security terms in English, French, Spanish and

German (used in the other infobases for indexation purposes).

The infobases can be searched either individually or, on certain

criteria, simultaneously. The easy-to-use search screens include a

number of fields which are completed by choosing a variable from the

lists provided as well as a free text field. This combination of

variable lists and free text allow even occasional users to make

sophisticated searches with little or no assistance. The infobases are

updated monthly.

Currently the service is available only in English. The French, Spanish

and German versions will be available soon.

Social Security Worldwide will also be available on CD ROM in all four

languages mid 1998.

For further information about the access to the above-mentioned

infobases please contact the following address:

       This is a pretty good picture of how little you can trust what you are told. I hope you are getting the picture. You will need it for the next phase of information.

       To wrap up, since I started this as an introduction of myself, I should include some of that information. As I said, my name is David Gould, and I am 44 years old, or there about. I currently live in Mexico, by choice (for one thing, there are a lot fewer police down here!), and I will shortly be marrying a wonderful woman I met down here. And yes, she is a Mexican national.

       I make a living selling Coffee, organic Coffee, to stores and individuals in the US. Very good Coffee. If you have any interest, I would be glad to send you the pricing and information. We have started a buyers club, and we do not require an SSN, surprise! Just remember, the information I am sharing with you is without. You have no obligation of any kind, so if you really like Coffee, fine, but if you do not, I ask of you, buy or ask about the Coffee because of me. Do it, if you wish, because you like the idea of organic Coffee.

       The cost of living in Mexico is pretty advantageous. I could never afford to spend the time doing the research and writing I do if I stayed in the states. But there are other factors as well -- factors you need to consider. My life is much easier since I turned the TV off, and got rid of every bit of debt. The TV is no longer programming (why do you think they call it programming) me to be a consumer of many things, and a user of very few. And without debt, well, I can live pretty easily now. If I can not afford something, I donít need it. I can always buy food, and what more do I really need? You might think about that. I have enjoyed my relationship with my fiancée' more now since I have so few other distractions than I ever thought possible, and she likes the additional attention. Attention I used to give to the TV, and to my programmed wants.

       As to the rest, I am 5í 10", 210 pounds and very healthy. The health issues are very important to me. I lost my first wife to cancer, after 21 years of marriage, and I now understand that it was totally unnecessary. I have since talked to a number of people who have cured themselves of cancer -- cured themselves. The doctors are licensed by the state. They can not cure you. Their job is to "manage" your illness. You manage something for profit. Get the picture?

       As to the rest, I have black hair and blue eyes.

       The following is a list of the people I work with:

       Gamaliel Ministries. The expert on sovereignty of the individual. They have a manual that has all of the forms and detailed information on canceling contracts with the government. Also, if you purchase the manual from them, they then act as a consulting agent for the inevitable questions and continue to give updates as regulations change.

       In addition, they work with what an entity called Corporation Sole. This is what the major churches, such as the Roman Catholic, use to insulate themselves from the governments of this earth. It is pretty effective. When you read about one of the major airlines having a plane crash, the plane is held in a Corporation Sole, with the pilot and crew being the agents of the same -- no liability to the airline. It is a neat little trick. The only exposure is to the limited liability of the insurance policy. This is why you only hear about the laws "limiting" the amount of the liability of/judgments against the airlines.

       As to property, Corporation Sole -- I think -- is probably going to work for holding a house or car and keeping the tax man away as well, but I need to do more research on this before I say so. We now understand how property is taxed in this country, and it is strictly a contractual matter between you and the state. Anyway, they are beginning to use this tool for that, and I see some success so far.

       Another firm I work with is Andersonís Ark & Associates. They furnish offshore banking and offshore trusts. It is a pretty good operation. All of their trusts are aged -- having been begun some time ago and predating some of the problems people run into. In addition, they have Costa Rican corporations. It is important, in this day and age, to hold assets as far away from the "government" as possible, and there are safe areas off shore. I know of no safe place in the states where the long arm "of the law" can not reach.

       The main thrust of Andersonís Arkís work is to limit taxes for people still in the system and work to free them from their burdens as they progress to more knowledge. Also, to recover funds for those people just leaving the system. They have been very successful with the IRS, and have gotten some huge refunds for people. They have one man in the association who breaks down the IMF (Individual Master File) of so-called "taxpayers" and then helps whip the IRS in court. It is very successful. Ask more about this if you need more inf.. Believe me, their help is not free, but it is very effective. They also have a set of tapes available, but it is very expensive at $1000 (the sale of them is based on multi-level), and I canít recommend them.

       Andersonís also offers offshore banking with debit cards usable in the states (again, for tax purposes), and offshore investments with very good returns -- some of them exceeding 4% a month. And I know they pay, which is a big item!

       For education about finances, I recommend Investors International. They have a couple of sets of audio and videotapes available. The first set is well worthwhile at $395.00, but the second set runs $1250.00, and I would expect that you would need to have 30,000 to 50,000 to invest to make them worthwhile. They are like having a crash college course. If you are interested, there are moneymaking opportunities in selling the tapes to others for information. I have not purchased a set, so I have no financial interest (I have, however, reviewed them).

       In addition, Investors International runs offshore seminars at $6000. There are people who need this; let me know if you think you may be one. These seminars basically cover many of the same things that Anderson's Ark & Associates offer in the way of offshore investing and banking, as well as tax havens. I am familiar with Andersonís material and I know they are successful. As to the others, I have no idea.

       I also work with a group of men who are writing lawsuits for people. These lawsuits are against United States citizens, and are filed in Washington, DC, which is the only true forum for such suits. Again, the work of these men is not free, but if you are not in a position to join someone like Right Way Law and spending two years learning how to do this yourself -- well -- they are an alternative. They work with all kinds of deprivation of rights cases and currently have fourteen under way. The initial fee is $1250.00, and $100 an hour after the first 10 hours. Naturally, you pay all service and filing fees. But these men are awfully good. I have read their suits, and I assure you I would not like to defend against them.

       Anyway, now you have a better idea of who I am and what/why I do what I do. As I said, my name is David Gould. Actually, Richard David Aaron Gould.

       If you want to understand the world, and the whys of everything wrong, simply look at this one quote from Scriptures: the root of ALL evil is the love of money... Not part of the evil; not just the money; but ALL evil, for the LOVE of money.

       Thinking about this part of Scripture has done more to explain the world I know today than all of the research I have ever done.

Now that you have finished Part IV, and if you are ready to proceed, please read Part V.

All my best, David


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