Part VI: What the whole story is all about!

"Interest never sleeps nor sickens nor dies; it never goes to the hospital; it works on Sundays and holidays; it never takes a vacation; it never visits nor travels; it takes no pleasure; it is never laid off work nor discharged from employment; it never works on reduced hours; it never has short crops nor droughts; it never pays taxes; it buys no food; it wears no clothes; it is un-housed and without home and so has no repairs, no replacements, no shingling, plumbing, painting, or whitewashing; it has neither wife, children, father, mother, nor kinfolk to watch over and care for; it has no expense of living; it has neither weddings nor births nor deaths; it has no love, no sympathy; it is as hard and soulless as a granite cliff. Once in debt, interest is your companion every minute of the day and night; you cannot shun it or slip away from it; you cannot dismiss it; it yields neither to entreaties, demands, or orders; and whenever you get in its way or cross its course or fail to meet its demands, it crushes you." J. Reuben Clark’s classic statement in interest -- April, 1938.

       It is necessary to repeat this paper again. I never could, in all the time I studied, before I found out the real story behind the Constitution, understand the First Bank of the United States (But then, I did not understand the United States either!). The power of interest is awesome. And the power, I should say the privilege, of charging interest on the circulating medium of exchange is the literal power to destroy, or to steal, as is the inclination of those gifted with the privilege.

       A close study of our history in America shows that the power of destruction (recessions and/or depressions) has been used nearly as much as the power to steal. Generally, the power to steal has been entrusted in the agents of the bankers after the bankers create economic hardship. Few understand how this is done. It is necessary to understand this to understand America. The following paper will explain most of the story.

       However, there is one more part to the story that you need before you start. Very few Americans understand international corporations, or shopping centers, or the concentration of shopping in so-called "shopping centers". Few Americans realize how little sense these kinds of things make. Perhaps you will after this.

       America used to be a nation of shop owners, craftsmen and farmers. Farming is the foundation of any nation, and the wealth of any nation depends on the land, despite what ever else you have been told. There is now, in America, very little wealth coming from the soil, very few shop keepers left, and darn few craftsmen of any kind. Why?

       Because of the fractional reserve banking system. If you do not understand this system. the paper which follows is a through discussion of how it works. But the real key to this system is in the study of the ultimate result of the use of the system, and why it destroys so completely.

       All very successful businesses in the "United States" depend upon a close relationship with a bank in order to become huge. Why, and how is this done? But, you see, this is the secret to the whole house of cards created by the fractional reserve system.

       Every multi-national corporation (including that "benign giant Wal-Mart) have a "banking relationship". What this means is that the people involved with the business understand the fractional reserve system. Instead of banking with any old bank as the rest of us do, they either buy a bank or enter into a partnership with the ownership of a bank. They do this not for the reasons you and I think of, a better "interest rate" for instance, but for the sole purpose of multiplying their daily receipts.

       Let’s say that this store brings in $10,000 a day, and has a "close" business relationship with a bank (mutual ownership is the usual case). The bank takes the store’s deposits and, using fractional reserve principals, multiplies the money times ten, thus giving the effect of the store having brought in $100,000 that day but, only having the expenses involved in a $10,000 business! I think you could say this is a rather profitable business transaction. Now, it is not as simple as I make it sound. After all, appearances must be kept up!

       But appearances not withstanding, this is the effect of what happens; they multiply the daily receipts of a store like Wal-Mart by a factor of ten. Tell me, how does the average shop keeper compete with that? Of course, they can’t, so the average shopkeeper in America starts to disappear, and instead, finds himself, his wife and his children working for the multi-national giant for next to nothing when before he and his family were a pillar in the community, and a source of jobs for others. And a source of income for the craftsmen as well.

       The same is true of the farmers in America. Where have they all gone? When you couple the banking relationship which the multi-national corporations enjoy with the taxation of the land in America, you quickly see why no money can be made dealing in the real wealth of the nation. And you understand how ultimate control of America will be accomplished, and why so many will starve to death here. Multi-national corporations have very few feelings for the suffering of individuals, and are concerned only with the bottom line. And, once again, the people who were the source of income for the craftsmen are gone, and so are the craftsmen.

       There is a lot more to this story, but you will learn more as we go on. Please read the following at least twice, even if you "think" you really understand the "monetary" system.

       Part VII is an explanation of Money, so you can easily grasp the Biblical principals involved, and why His Law is so pure!

The Federal Reserve
i.e., THE FED

       Another proposal advanced by Paul Warburg at Jekyll Island was the manner of selection of administrators for the proposed regional reserve system. Senator Nelson Aldrich had insisted that the officials should be appointive, not elected, and that Congress should have no role in their selection. His Capitol Hill experience had taught him that Congressional opinion would often be inimical to the Wall Street interests, as Congressmen from the West and South might wish to demonstrate to their constituents that they were protecting them against the Eastern bankers.

       Warburg responded that the administrators of the proposed central banks should be subject to executive approval by the President. This patent removal of the system from Congressional control meant that the Federal Reserve proposal was unconstitutional from its inception, because the Federal Reserve System was to be a bank of issue. Article 1, Sec. 8, Par. 5 of the Constitution expressly charges Congress with "the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof." Warburg's plan would deprive Congress of its sovereignty, and the systems of checks and balances of power set up by Thomas Jefferson in the Constitution would now be destroyed.

(Author's note: This was quoted from page 6 of Eustace Mullin's book, The Secrets of the Federal Reserve. And, of course, as we know and understand the true, and hidden meaning, of the Constitution, it is in error. However, the basic premise of the information is as valid today as it was when Eustace Mullins wrote it.)

       The Constitution for the United States of America was written to provide a means whereby the People of the united States of America, could be preyed upon by the "federal" government for the benefit of the those who would, through treaties never revealed to the People at large, control that same federal government. That is the reality of the situation. Therefore, the only reason for the federal government to move to increase its own power and reach, is to fulfill the mandates of those unrevealed treaties, and to benefit the men they have freely given their allegiance too. The sole purpose of these actions is to violate (rape) the citizens of the United States of America. This can only occur after the Citizens of the united States are fooled into becoming citizens of the United States. It's that simple. Actually, its even simpler than that. The Constitution was the King’s (Crown’s) answer to the Declaration of Independence, thereby establishing a Crown Colony to be known as the United States, to be placed in Washington, D.C., a part of Virginia (see the Virginia Charter of 1606), and directly opposed to the united States of the Declaration of Independence.

       And the Declaration of Independence was what reversed the Biblical curse of I Samuel 8:18, where we demanded a King, just as all the other nations had a king. Thus turning our backs on the True King of the Earth -- the Christ.

       I know this is a lot to take, in just the first page. However, nothing else explains the First Bank of the United States, chartered by the federal government in 1792, nor the rest of the information you are going to read about in this report.

       And make no mistake in thinking that the men in Washington, D.C., do not willingly serve their hidden masters. America, properly led and motivated by the Truth, could easily fend off all the armies of the world in the protection of her shores, and her People would willingly serve in such endeavors. Instead, the men in Washington, D.C., deliberately sell their People out for greed, ambition, and power; in other words, MONEY. One of the most visible ways in which they do this is called the Federal Reserve System, and the forced use by the People of America of credit as money. Credit created by the favored few at the stroke of a pen, so that the favored few can live idly.

       And make no other mistake about what you are about to learn, the issue of credit, issued by the stroke of a pen by the favored few, the "moneyed" few who conspire to control those with the guns, is as simple as I wrote above, that the few may live idly. As Scripture says, The love of money is the root of all evil.


It's Privately Owned

       Now let's establish one point: The Federal Reserve is privately owned. This is not open to debate. Just look it up in any encyclopedia or in the phone book. Not only that, but the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on this issue in 1983, declaring that, indeed, the Federal Reserve is privately owned (At issue was the demand by Federal Reserve ‘employees’ for access to government pensions, which are much more generous than private pensions). You should ask right now, "Heavens sake! What's the court doing ruling on such an issue? You're either privately owned or you're not!" Of course, you would be absolutely right to ask such a question.

       That would be true unless the Federal Reserve has something to hide, perhaps? If you are a privately owned bank with nothing to hide and someone asks, "Are you privately owned?" you forthrightly step forward and reply "Yes, we are. What's the question?" That is unless you have something to hide.

       That brings to mind the deceptive name: Federal Reserve. Do you think the name was used by accident or for a reason? Perhaps, Federal Reserve was used as the name of that privately owned bank in order to be sure that a vast majority of American's never realized that the agency controlling all of their money, credit and interest rates was a private monopoly controlled by those best situated to take advantage of them. Furthermore, I'm sure that those same Americans are not supposed to know that most of the control of the Federal Reserve is from overseas and that the United States Government (actually, the United States government is a private (Crown) corporation as well) literally exercises no control or oversight of the privately owned Federal Reserve—at all!

       With human nature being what human nature is, and with this type of power being unquestionably open to abuse, the Federal Reserve has never been audited by the government. Can you believe that it hasn't been audited, not once since its inception in 1913? Why? The government has no authority to do so! This is what members of the federal government will often times tell you is why they don't push for an audit of the FED. Of course, what those same members of the federal government then fail to finish explaining to Americans is that since Congress established the Federal Reserve with an Act of Congress, Congress can take the authority to audit the FED at any time it chooses to do so. OOPS! Wrong! See what happens when you don’t know what the meaning and intent behind the hidden treaties really is? Any attempt to interfere with the FED is an outright violation of the Peace Treaty of 1783, and undoubtedly others as well.

       To further see to it that the FED would never have to answer any questions, the Federal Reserve is also exempt from income taxes, both State and Federal, but not property tax, which really blows a hole in the argument that the Federal Reserve is a governmental or quasi-governmental agency. How much property tax does the Post Office Department, a true quasi-governmental agency pay? Zero!


The Central Banks of the World

       You may be very interested to know that the Federal Reserve Bank is effectively controlled by the same families that control the privately owned Bank of England, the Reichsbank (Germany’s Central Bank), the Bank of Italy and the Bank of France. Do you believe that it is by chance that such deceptive names are used in each case? Or can it be said that the use of such deceptive names in so many cases constitutes a definable pattern?

       What pattern? This is a pattern of deliberate deception of the people of each nation where the banks are located, and ultimately, all the people of the world. How? The men who control the central bank of any nation are the true rulers of that nation. You'll see exactly what I mean as we go along. When you finally begin to get a grasp of this deliberate deception of the people of the world about the creation of money and couple that grasp with an understanding, as explained in this report, of how our economic system actually works, the truth about the ocean of debt our world is swimming in becomes painfully clear. This understanding also brings the New World Order into a painfully sharper focus.

       Paul Warburg is credited with writing the Federal Reserve Act. He came to America from Europe in 1902 where the Warburg's family banking house of M. M. Warburg Company, along with the Rothschilds, was and is the principal stockholders of Germany's privately owned Central Bank, the Reichsbank (Author's note: Are you shocked that a European banker set up America's central bank?) For a man to be in this country for the very short time he was, prior to the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act, and for him to have the immense impact that he did on this nation speaks volumes for the organization that was involved in the effort to saddle America with a Central Bank There are a number of sources where you can read about the history of the continual fight that has gone on since before 1764 to saddle America with privately issued ‘money’ upon which usury (interest) is charged.

The Rothschilds

       The Rothschilds family has been a constant through all of that time, while America struggled for peace and prosperity, generally working through the Bank of England. To give you an idea of the Rothchilds' power in the nineteenth century, they had more money than most of the nations of Europe put together. In fact, the only customers large enough to be worth their time and attention were sovereign nations, where they could get special privileges with the granting of their loans. According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. X, (1909 edition), on page 496, in the year 1848, the Paris bank of the Rothschilds was reckoned to be worth 600,000,000 francs, as against 352,000,000 francs held by all the other Paris bankers. The Paris house of the Rothschilds made one loan to France of 250,000,000 francs in 1847, and their list of customers includes virtually every nation in Europe and stretches across the Atlantic to South America as well. (It is important to note that the Rothschilds do not loan gold or silver out. They only deal in their "paper credit", but often require that interest payments to them be made in gold and/or silver.)

       The Federal Reserve Act, the basis for the existence of the Federal Reserve System, passed on Monday, December 22, 1913. It passed by a vote in the House of Representatives of 282-60 and in the Senate by a vote of 43-23. You can note from the statistics concerning those who voted that many members of Congress were not present for the vote. In the Senate alone, thirty members were absent. It has been shown that the vote on this bill was rushed through after many of those not in favor of passage had left for Christmas. I can assure you all those in favor of passage were kept informed and were present. It is fairly easy to see that debate before the full Senate, after the holidays, would probably have led to defeat of the measure just as an earlier version of the Federal Reserve Act, the Aldrich Plan, had died in Congress because of strong opposition. You can read in any number of books about how the money king’s man in the White House, Woodrow Wilson, signed the Federal Reserve Act the day it was passed by Congress.


The Constitution Limits Power
of the Central Government?

       An important aspect of the Constitution that most citizens do not realize is that the full power and existence of the federal government flows from the Constitution. Unlike the Citizens of the united States, who retain all power, the federal government has no powers except those specifically spelled out in the Constitution. One of the most important aspects of the Constitution is that Congress has no authority over any individual, who does not voluntarily contract with/reside in an area which is under the exclusive jurisdiction of Congress. This is a very important concept in law, and it is called jurisdiction (jurisdiction is simply a claim of ownership: God’s jurisdiction, or man’s jurisdiction; you ARE in one or the other). This limiting of the power and of the jurisdiction of the federal government occurred because the People of the united States were armed and willing to enforce the principles of Biblical freedom with those arms.

       The difference between this Constitution and all others of the earth is that the central government retained only a small piece of exclusive jurisdiction (Article I, Section 8, Clause 17), over the ten miles square area to be known as Washington, D.C.

       I am directly referring to all other constitutions such as the UN's Constitution and the Soviet Union's Constitution, which specifically retain all rights and all powers for the central government in all areas whatsoever. When the media begins telling you about other constitutions under which people are forced to live, don't be fooled into comparing those documents which grant rights, in other words privileges, to the people and reserve all other powers to the respective governments with this Constitution. All powers, not specifically laid out as belonging to the federal government, are reserved to the several states or for the People of this nation and this is acknowledged by the Constitution. Those powers and rights are acknowledged by our Organic Law (Declaration of Independence) as coming from God.

       This means that the federal government can never have a legal right to violate any provision of the Constitution. So, when the government moves to violate the Constitution, as it did when it created the Federal Reserve System and forced it on the rest of the nation or when it adopted the Fourteenth Amendment (as well as most other Amendments), it is not only attacking the Rights of the People directly, it is also enlarging its own powers in the only manner by which the government can, by violating the Constitution. The secret behind what is going on is that they must then have the People contract into their ‘exclusive jurisdiction’ before the appearance of ‘legalisms’ can be established.

       It is also very important to understand that Rights come from God, and privileges come from man (government). Rights can not be taxed nor can they be taken away. Rights have to be voluntarily given up, as in voluntary compliance (voluntary compliance simply means that you voluntarily contracted with the exclusive jurisdiction of Congress). Privileges are always taxed, and they can be taken away or restricted at the whim of man. Remember this when you read about property taxes or any other taxes you pay. It is also true in America that all taxes are contractual in nature unless they were spelled out clearly in the Constitution, such as excises, imposts and duties.

       This brings us to the natural and expected manner of how a tyranny is established in a republic which is supposedly under the Law. If you wish to control the government, you must control those with the power to do what you wish to have done. You should note how much easier it is to control the Presidency (one election every four years) than Congress, with 535 elections to control. Thus, we find that the removal of the Federal Reserve from oversight by Congress to a form of oversight by the President was accomplished. Since the term of a member of the Federal Reserve Board runs for fourteen years, it would be impossible for a President to have any real impact on the board of the Federal Reserve, even if he were so inclined.

       It should also be noted here that each President, no matter which so-called political party he claimed to be a member of, has ALWAYS appointed the men recommended by the bankers to serve on this board. Since this is just like appointing the wolf to tend the sheep, why would we be surprised at the result? I refer you to Richard Kelly Hoskin's memorable book, The Wolf and The Sheep, The Virginia Publishing Company, P. O. Box 997, Lynchburg, Virginia 24505.

Does the Federal Reserve System
Represent the Entire Nation?

       One of the claims about the Federal Reserve System is that the twelve regional reserve banks adequately represent the entire nation. This is totally false. The New York Reserve Bank dominates the entire system just as the founders of the system knew it would. It could work no other way, as that is where the money is, and that is where the money markets are. However, to be sure that this would be exactly the result of the Federal Reserve Act, the manner in which the Federal Reserve system is set up to operate in, guarantees that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York controls the system. In Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins, you can find chart after chart to trace out who are the true owners of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. These charts are necessary because the true owners are very well hidden. You do not have to hide something if it is not ill used!

       It has been my experience that things are hidden for a reason, just as lies are told for a reason. I have a letter, dated December 30, 1992, from Henry B. Gonzalez, Chairman of the Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs of the House of Representatives, to a gentleman in California. In this letter, Mr. Gonzalez says, "...the Federal Reserve is a Government agency."

       I deduce from this letter that Mr. Gonzalez is either a fool or a liar. Which would you rather have representing you in Congress—a fool or a liar? Given that Mr. Gonzalez is chairman of the US House of Representatives' Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs, I'd guess he probably knew the truth but has some reason to lie. Would you believe a member of the government would lie to you? Does he tell that lie to protect you or the government? No, he lies to protect the Federal Reserve, which makes you wonder for whom he really works, doesn't it? Approximately six weeks after Mr. Gonzalez answered the letter we noted above, he gave a speech in Congress containing this information:

"The Federal Reserve Board, which is really not a federal agency, though it was created by the Congress, is really a creature of the commercial banking system, the commercial banks" (Author's note: This was taken from the Congressional Record — H House for February 16, 1993, page H 622).

       Could we say that Mr. Gonzalez thinks that he can give different facts to different people, depending on what he believes their level of gullibility to be? Reality, Truth, is never different.

       Is this an isolated instance? I have another letter from a member of the ‘government’. This one is from Senator Hank Brown of Colorado. I note paragraph five, particularly the phrase: "The government-run Federal Reserve..." The only truth contained in paragraph five is the statement that The Department of the Treasury prints what "our" government refers to as "money" (Author's note: Please refer to the legal definition of money contained in Black's Law Dictionary). What Senator Brown doesn't tell anyone is that, while The Department of the Treasury prints what he refers to as money, i.e., Federal Reserve Notes, The Department of the Treasury does not issue this money, but almost literally gives it to the Federal Reserve, which can and does loan it back to the government with interest attached. You will see exactly what I mean as we go along. Everything else in paragraph five of this letter is, in my opinion, deliberately misleading or an outright lie. Of course, former Senator Hank Brown is a lawyer, so what else can be expected?

       To take this a step further, in the February 20, 1993, Casper Star Tribune, Casper, Wyoming, there was an Associated Press story about the Federal Reserve entitled "Greenspan Says Federal Reserve Will Play Crucial Role in Recovery." In the story, it said: "Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, whose agency..." Is the word agency, instead of corporation or bank, leading citizens to assume that this is a Federal Agency? Is this a deliberate lie, or once again, the act of a fool? Can we assume that the AP writer in Washington does not know what the Federal Reserve is and that none of his supervisors do either? Or is this an attempt to continue to delude the American people? You figure it out for yourself because I know what I understand and comprehend. If what I know and comprehend is not true, then why do they continually try to mislead us?

       It would be very beneficial for you to inquire into the ownership and management of AP. You could be in for a shocking surprise. Reality will do that to you. You can check the important parts of the management of most of the major media in America quite easily.

To Indebt a Nation ...

       The FED was created in order to "...indebt a nation." Before the FED came into being, it was virtually impossible for the government to borrow any meaningful (in other words, large) amounts of money. Why? It is because the money just did not exist. A method had to be set up whereby large sums of money could be created to be borrowed and spent and, incidentally, owed. You'll see shortly what I mean by created. By the way, if you don't understand money and wealth and the tremendous difference between them, it may prove to be instructive for you to study this subject:

       MONEY, as most understand it, is an exchange item whereby wealth is passed back and forth among the People.

       WEALTH is what provides for the necessities of living for the People, i.e., food, shelter, clothing, tools, etc.

       As a related subject, you may find it instructive to study the origins of World War I. It is very important for you to understand that World War I was impossible without the existence of the Federal Reserve. The nations of Europe were broke, and the burden of taxation on their citizens was already extreme. One of the subjects of my study addresses the absolute idiocy of there always being enough money for a war to be waged, but never enough money to take care of the needs of the citizens of a nation. This situation occurs, of course, because the bankers and their friends, who benefit from the waging of war, are permitted to control the creation of money as they see fit and for whatever purposes they decide are worthy of being pursued, such as buying warships, guns and bullets from the corporations they control.

       The only citizens available to be set-up to be indebted and taxed so that World War I could be "waged" were the citizens of Russia and the Citizens of the united States. The Czar of Russia refused to permit the International Bankers into Russia so they could install their scheme of economic slavery. In 1923, Lenin invited the International Bankers, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs and their ilk, to be partners in the new Central Bank of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This is reality. The people of Russia, supposedly freed from Communism, will now, in the 1990s and beyond, be crushed with a burden of unpayable debts, which will be an excuse for endless taxation while their natural resources are raped and pillaged by the Elite. This taxation is for the benefit of the money kings who invented Communism as one more tool to begin with. The new reality of the citizens of Russia is now identical to ours. Are you confused on this issue? Who do you suppose benefits from all of the taxes paid in this country and who do you suppose owns the oil and gas companies, the big mines and much of the industrial sector of America? You know, all of the major polluters?


Money: The Heart of the Issue

       I have a number of letters written to a gentleman named Byron Dale from The United States Department of the Treasury, which is actually part of the federal government. These letters from the Treasury are Treasury's replies, in letter form, to letters of inquiry, which were addressed to the Treasury by Mr. Dale. These letters from the Treasury are very eye-opening and will give us an insight into our economic system that we would never get in any other way. I will be quoting quite extensively from these letters, because they prove, quite conclusively, that our present monetary system is completely fraudulent. Remember and note this very well: Do not think for one moment that most of "your" elected officials to federal office do not understand this.

       In a letter of November 1, 1982, from the Department of the Treasury, Office of the General Counsel, to Mr. Dale, paragraph four states:

If the money supply is to be increased, money must be created. The Federal Reserve Board (or "the Fed" as it is often called) has several ways of allowing money to be created, but the actual creation of money always involves the extension of credit by private commercial banks.

       Pretty simple, isn't it? Of course, you must know the legal definition of "money" in order to really understand the deliberate deception used in these letters. "Office of the General Counsel" means lawyer, so you can be assured that the person who wrote this letter knew and understood the legal meaning of the term "money". Let's break this paragraph down:

If the money supply is to be increased, money must be created.

       That's fairly straight forward, but let's always keep in mind that this letter refers to Federal Reserve Notes (all bank deposits in America are denominated in Federal Reserve Notes) as money. This also confirms what I said above about "money" (in other words, some type of medium of exchange) having to be created in order to be owed (interesting concept, that any "man" has the "power" to create). A little further on, you will see how all money must be borrowed into existence, or "created" in other words.

       In paragraph two of the same letter, it says:

The board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System has the responsibility for determining United States monetary policy...

       This is correct. A privately owned bank which operates for profit, and in the best interest of its owners who are not, for the most part, citizens of the United States, sets all monetary policy of the United States, including increasing or decreasing the supply of money. The ability to decrease the supply of money is every bit as important as the ability to increase the supply of money.

       Let’s examine the last sentence of the second paragraph of this letter very closely:

Since our economy has grown between 1913 when the Federal Reserve System was founded and the present, this ordinarily means that the Board determines the rate of increase in the money supply.

       Notice the two words, ordinarily means. This is an admission that the Federal Reserve also decreases the money supply.

       They confirm this on page four of the same letter:

That is how the Federal Reserve helps to decrease or increase the money supply.

       The word helps is extremely misleading. The Federal Reserve controls the increase or decrease of the money supply to the penny. Paragraph four continues like this:

The Federal Reserve Board has several ways of allowing money to be created.

       You will notice that nowhere in this sentence does it say after consultation or with permission. They need not ask for permission nor do they answer to anyone before making any decisions. Paragraph four continues in this way:

...but the actual creation of money always involves the extension of credit by private commercial banks.

       This sentence gets the award, best sentence or part of a sentence in a letter, in this report, or written in this century! As I stated above, all money must be borrowed into existence. That is what this sentence says: "...actual creation of money ALWAYS involves the extension of credit (debt)..." BY PRIVATE COMMERCIAL BANKS! The so-called government does not issue ANY money at all into circulation!

       If you cannot create a medium of exchange (money) except by extending credit (debt), then there is nothing in existence except debt! How do you pay off the debt if nothing exists except debt? The answer, of course, is that you can not. Rest assured, this is not a state of affairs which has occurred by chance.

       There is another interesting aspect to this which a man revealed to me. Several "economists" were lecturing businessmen on the ‘evils’ of the ‘government’ issuing ‘too much money’ and thus ‘creating’ inflation. The man who spoke to me, during the Question and Answer period, simply asked how it was that a ‘government’ that issued ‘money’ to pay its lawful debts could be in debt? At that time, to the tune of 4.5 billion dollars. Needless to say, the so-called economists had no answer and the question put an end to the conference!

       It has been said, "You cannot borrow yourself rich." Yet, this is exactly the situation in which most of the citizens of America find themselves. It is impossible for us to have any type of prosperity without borrowing the money into existence, which allows prosperity to occur. Prosperity for a nation is absolutely dependent upon an adequate supply of a medium of exchange! This is the function of money: to allow the exchange of wealth to be easily accomplished within a community so that the community or nation may prosper.

Our "Money" is Nothing but Debt!

       The only thing, which we here in America may use for money under our present system, is debt. Every dollar must be borrowed into existence for the exchange of wealth to be facilitated within our nation. Since every dollar must be borrowed into existence, the natural corollary to this is that every dollar has interest attached to it for every moment that dollar exists. Once you understand compound interest, it is easy to see how this will lead to massive amounts of debt. And not just the so-called ‘national’ debt, but the accumulated debt of every man, woman, child and business in America as everyone desperately attempts to borrow enough credit to keep themselves and their family afloat.

       Always remember: Webster's Dictionary defines truth as "conformity to fact or reality." If what you are reading here conforms to or matches the reality of what is occurring in America, then perhaps you had better give it some serious thought. Do not permit convoluted answers to such simple questions and facts to sway your judgment. The easiest way to hide something this simple is to bury it with megaton words and ridicule.

       On page two of the same letter we have been discussing, dated November 1, 1982, in paragraph two, these three interesting sentences are found:

A private commercial bank which has just received extra reserves from the Fed (by borrowing reserves for example) can make roughly six dollars in loans for every one dollar in reserves it obtains from the FED. How does it get six dollars from one dollar? It simply makes bookkeeping entries for its loan customers saying "You have a deposit of six dollars with us."

       The very essence of this is that when you borrow money from your local bank, you are paying the bank interest on nothing. A bookkeeping entry to your checking account is the only basis the bank has for charging you interest. You are now beginning to understand how bankers can afford the monuments they build for themselves to house their headquarters. They are being built, not from the interest you pay to them, but from the same type of deposits I just described, being put into the banks' own accounts. In other words, their monuments cost them virtually nothing.


       To understand fully the nothing aspect of what we mistakenly call money here in America, there was a very interesting article written by Jo Hindman. It was published in the Central Valley, California, Valley Times, on May 15, 1969. This story was titled "$1,000 Bill Worth Less Than A 10 Cent Trading Stamp" and was inserted in the Congressional Record on May 22, 1969, by Congressman John Rarick of Louisiana:

A recent court ruling that affects your money reveals that the Federal Reserve credit and currency—the same as you are earning and spending—has no lawful value.

It came about this way: a bank foreclosed by advertisement on a borrower's note, I bought the property (loan's collateral) at a Sheriff's sale, sued to acquire possession of the real estate in a case titled: First National Bank of Montgomery (Minn.) vs. Jerome Daly.

Martin V. Mahoney, Justice of the Peace, Credit River Township, Scott County (Minn.), presided at the jury trial on December 7, 1968. The jury found the note and mortgage to be void for failure of a lawful consideration; also the jury refused to give any validity to the Sheriff's sale. The bank lost. Jerome Daly, the defendant, won and kept his land.

The president of the bank, which is within the Federal Reserve System, admitted in testimony that the bank "created" the money/credit by a bookkeeping entry, the so-called consideration for the note and mortgage deed; also that no US law or statute existed that gave the bank the right to create money in that manner. Handing down the Judgment, Justice Mahoney said that "only God can create something of value out of nothing."

The bank tried to appeal the case. The appeal fee of $2 was offered by the bank, using two Federal Reserve Notes. These were likewise declared unlawful and void. The bank agent failed to appear at a hearing on January 22, 1969, and the appeal was dropped.

By comparison, a humble trading stamp is worth more than a $1 bill (Federal Reserve Note), or even a $1000 Federal Reserve Note. The two bills differ only in denomination and perhaps engraved design, each has paper-and-ink value of a fraction of a cent. On the other hand, basic trading stamps—the gold, the blue, the green—each has face value of one mill. Superior to paper money (FR notes), trading stamps have redemptive value in the merchandise offered in the stamp companies' catalog. The Fed's currency cannot be converted into the gold or silver it purports to represent, and can only be exchanged for more of the same—paper or cheap clad-copper coins.

       Fantastic? Remember the foregoing Daly case: A United States court prevented the bank's attempt to redeem its worthless note by seizing Daly's valuable land.

       The practice works if nobody objects. Do you object to working 23 hours (three days) to pay for a new suit? Or two weeks to buy an automatic washing machine while a Federal Reserve banker needs only to uncap his pen to create and to multiply fiat dollars a thousand fold? Fiat means money cannot be converted into metal coins—gold or silver, etc.

       Worse, the Federal Reserve System is a private corporation, not a federal agency, despite its name and the 1913 Act that blessed it. This means that private individuals profit from the fraud and the deceit practiced in the name of the FED.

       Within months Judge Mahoney was dead. He died from a heart attack brought on by what the coroner said were "unusual circumstances at the death scene and the controversy he was involved in at the time."

       As The Eagle, a newspaper in Yakima, Washington, said in its issue of September 11, 1969: "Whether he was given a whiff of prussic acid or handed a fatal cigarette is not known at this time, but the possibility is certainly more than idle speculation. The international conspiracy, which owns and controls our Federal Reserve System, and which has brought our nation to the brink of the most cataclysmic financial crash in history, is understandably unhappy with the earthy judge whose name is Mahoney. The case and its outcome has sent quivers and spasms up and down the entire trunk lines and tentacles of the conspiracy as literally thousands of people across the nation have challenged the duplicity of the king-makers over the thievery of their hard-earned wealth."

       Jerome Daly, the winning attorney in the above case, also got three men off who were accused of counterfeiting Federal Reserve Notes. How? He did this by proving the FED notes have no more value than the supposedly counterfeit notes. Both are nothing but paper. Shortly after winning this case, Mr. Daly lost his license (read this as his Bar registration) to practice law. Of course, I'm sure that the loss of Mr. Daly's license to practice law, after winning these two landmark cases, was just a coincidence, just as the fact that his "license" under the BAR (British Accreditation Regency: Esquire) is from the "Crown", i.e., the "City" of London. The financial district of London, a supra-national "jurisdiction" of the world (i.e., New World Order).

The Creation of Money
by the Government

       Now let's carry this creation of money to another level, to that of the government. The Department of the Treasury executes a bond for one billion dollars, or whatever amount, and the Federal Reserve "pays for them with a check on itself" (Author's note: This phrase is stated on page three of the same letter from The Department of the Treasury from which we have been quoting, paragraph five). The Federal Reserve covers this check by creating a bank deposit from nothing and presents it to the federal government as lawful funds. Now, it does not matter if the presentation to the government of these so-called lawful funds (lawful only by statute, not by Law, and applicable only to those under the authority of Congress) is through the direct purchases of government securities from the Department of the Treasury by the FED, or through purchases of government securities from private entities by the FED; the result is the same.

Just Who Does this System Benefit?

       Never doubt for one moment that every bond sold by the federal government, to individuals or to private banks, will end up being in the possession of the Federal Reserve. Yes, some will be cashed or rolled over by those who own the bonds, but the simple truth of the system is that all debt instruments migrate to the top of this system, and all debt will eventually be owned by a very small, very rich group of men. Please remember that all "notes" are debt instruments, as in Federal Reserve Notes! The underlying methodology of this system allows for no other possible result except that all wealth becomes concentrated in a very few hands. This small group of very rich men will own all of the banks and all of the bonds of the federal government at some point in the not too distant future. The local bankers who believe that this system benefits them look like pretty foolish businessmen once this is understood. Sounds very profitable, doesn't it? Creating money from nothing? But remember, the Federal Reserve Banks don't have to acknowledge any profit because they are not taxable!

       In that same letter, on page two, paragraph three, it states:

You may want to know whether the bank is the one getting the benefit of the new money, since the bank owns the new money while the customer has merely borrowed the money. The bank does indeed get the benefit of the new money.

       This has to be one of the worst understatements ever to be made in the history of the world. However, while this letter is referring to your bank, the same holds true for the PRIVATELY owned Federal Reserve Bank and the "loans" they "make" to the federal government!

       Listen as the same source explains how the FED controls the amount of money in reserve in the system. This is found on page three, in paragraph four:

The Fed has several ways of controlling the total amount of reserves in the system. One has already been mentioned, namely the fact that the Federal Reserve Banks can lend reserves to the private, commercial banks. To do this, the Federal Reserve Bank simply makes a new entry on its books showing that the borrowing bank has more dollars in its account with the Federal Reserve Bank (i.e. its "reserve account").

       This confirms what I just said: "The Federal Reserve Bank simply makes a new entry on its books." All money, or rather, what we have been fooled into accepting as money, used in America today is created from nothing, and all of this so-called money has interest attached to it.


How Simple is This Story?

       This is how simple the entire story of America's economic system really is. As you are reading, remember that this is the system that economists try to convince you is so complicated that you, the average person, could never understand it. When your government borrows one billion dollars (or whatever amount) from the Federal Reserve, International Bankers (the Insiders; the money kings) pay for the bond with a bookkeeping entry and pocket the entire amount as a permanent mortgage on the productive capacity of every American. This permanent mortgage is then used as the excuse for endless taxation!

       This unpayable debt is then used as a justification for the massive income taxes, real estate taxes, license fees, and all other forms of tax in America extorted from the American people for the benefit of the International Bankers. They not only collect the interest on nothing as your local banker does, they get to keep the principal as well as a PERMANENT MORTGAGE on our nation! This is why stories that report how the FED forgave interest on the national debt are disseminated to confuse, mislead and placate the American public. Think about this: If you were the beneficiary of such a system (the International Bankers), is there anything you wouldn't do to protect the system? Is there any place you would draw the line? With that kind of money, which you would receive for nothing, is there anything you could not arrange or any person you could not afford to buy? Do you think, perhaps, some people were bought to enable such a system to be put upon the backs of the American public and TO ENABLE IT TO REMAIN HIDDEN?


Unpayable Debt!

       Let me give you something else to consider, something which is very important and goes right to the heart of this matter. Up above, I mentioned unpayable debt. Let me explain to you exactly what I mean. Tomorrow, you go down to your local bank and borrow $10,000. As we've already seen, there is actually no money in the bank, except for a few miscellaneous savings accounts and CDs plus whatever balances exist at any given moment in the banking system's checking accounts. So to complete your transaction, the bank creates $10,000 and credits it to your checking account (Author's note: It is allowed to do this by statute, not by Law. Actually illegal or not, this action is totally immoral. And it is a little more brazen than what I am portraying. The bank really steals the "note" you sign at the bank and converts it to the bank’s asset).

       In return for the creation of this so-called money, you execute a note for $10,000 at 10% interest, due in one year and present it to the bank. The bank creates the $10,000 by a stroke of a pen and puts it in your account, basing the $10,000 on the promissory note you turned over to the bank, which is actually the only legal tender in this transaction (Author's note: The bank actually takes your created money, the promissory note, and loans it back to you!) Did you ever wonder why banks required you to have an account? It is the only way they can create the money! In one year to the day, you return to the bank and pay them the $10,000 back. This completes the bookkeeping on the original creation of $10,000. It was created one year ago, and it is destroyed by your return of the funds.


The Explanation for Unpayable Debts

       Hold it! Kings-X! Time-out! Take a break. I can see the smirks from here. That comes from talking about this for so many years and watching people's reaction when I tell them the money disappears. Money can't just appear and disappear! I mean, get real! But it CAN just appear and disappear when you use a debt-based money. That's what we use: money based on debt. If we don't have debt, we don't have money. When the debt disappears, so must the ‘money’ disappear!

       Part of the proof that our money is debt-based is right on the front of every piece of Federal Reserve currency. They are called Federal Reserve Notes. What is a note? What do you sign down at the bank? Right, you sign a note, which in the case of Federal Reserve Notes are obligations of the Federal Reserve Bank (and of the United States government), just as United States Notes are promises to pay issued by our government.

       Just how twisted and diabolical is this system? Or should the question be: "How stupid are we?" It's a Federal Reserve Note. It's an obligation of the Federal Reserve! THE PRIVATELY OWNED BANK OWES THE MONEY, AND WE PAY INTEREST ON IT! This is true of all bank deposits. We pay interest on what the banks owe us for because every bit of our money has to be borrowed into existence!

       Additional proof that money disappears comes from Report No. 83-125E Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress. On page 29, we read these words:

Money is created when loans are issued and debts incurred; money is extinguished when loans are repaid.

       A loan from a bank creates a deposit which the borrower may draw upon for the payment of obligations; the payee is the new holder of new money.

       Some existing money in circulation must be acquired by the borrower to repay the capital of the loan; when that is returned to the bank it is withdrawn from circulation.

       Do you remember what I told you? This is the real difference between the FED and your local bank, and this is something that your local banker doesn't even understand. When you repay your loan to the local banker, he loses the ability to collect interest on those funds. The FED requires your local banker to collect on all debt instruments and extinguish them. The FED, however, will never lose the ability to collect interest on the money it has loaned to your government because that debt is unpayable. You'll see what I mean shortly after we finish with disappearing money.

       Since it, the money, did not exist until you borrowed it and put it into circulation in the economy, it can hardly exist after the destruction of the original note, its means of creation. This is the explanation of the real problem with our system. We do not have a permanent monetary system in use within America at this time. We have one, which is detailed within the Constitution, but Congress refuses to use it and, instead, insists on paying interest on every dollar they or we spend. The members of Congress insist on paying interest to the International Bankers because we allow them to make that decision by our not understanding how the system works! This means that the amount of money (debt) in existence at any given time is solely at the whim of private, international bankers whose motto is "the end justifies the means" and "might makes right."

       Mark this well: the men we are dealing with tell nothing but lies. If "might makes right" were the truth, then the Roman Empire, or else the British Empire, would still exist! Once a few greedy families had monopolized all the wealth of the known world during the time of the Roman Empire, the Empire collapsed. This is because "might flows to right." The biggest fear of the super rich Elite is that the people, who are "the might," will begin to wake up, and the world will see kings beheaded as in days of yore. In their fear, they begin to make the same mistakes anyone can find, recorded all through history as they clamp their rule tighter and tighter around the citizens, not only of America, but of the world. It is impossible for the few to govern the many without the consent of the many, for any extended period of time. These men know this very well. However, their egos and fear are their worst enemies and our eternal hope.

Private Control of the Permitted Amount of Debt

This private control of the amount of debt permitted to be in existence at any given time also explains why our money supply expands and contracts. As loans flow freely and debts are incurred, the money supply expands and creates artificial good times, good times which can only last as long as the money supply lasts. As wealth is freely exchanged among the people of the nation because of an adequate supply of a medium of exchange and as prosperity expands, debts begin to be repaid in the private sector (since the government can never repay any debts while this system is permitted to exist). The money supply begins to fall as payments are made to private banks which extinguish the money as it is received by them, except for the interest they collect. The nation then experiences a recession as the supply of a medium of exchange (money) falls below the level, which is necessary for the nation to achieve an adequate exchange of wealth in order for prosperity to continue. We are in an unfortunate position, here in America, where there is no free, permanent money in circulation in our nation except for a small amount called United States Notes dating from the Civil War.

       Of course, one of the most important controlling factors on the supply of money in America is the amount of interest which the private commercial banks are permitted to charge to their customers by the Federal Reserve. This is why, when interest rates are held down, job creation and prosperity become so common in America. Low interest rates permit a reasonable amount of prosperity to occur because there is an adequate supply of money created for circulation. Higher interest rates are used by the Federal Reserve in order to break the cycle of good times and permit the friends of the owners of the FED to prey upon the people of America who are not able to borrow enough money to enable them to maintain their payments to the banks.


A Bookkeeping System for Debt

       To explain this a little better, remember that a debt-based monetary system is actually just a bookkeeping system for debt. Since the "actual creation of money always involves the extension of credit by private commercial banks," nothing exists except debt! That's what always means: always! This means that the creation of money can not happen any other way!

       "...always involves the extension of credit..." Here, credit equals debt. Therefore, the only money available to operate our economy is the amount of debt available each year. You must never stop borrowing or have your credit shut off, or you have a recession. In an extreme case, a Depression will be created. Since our monetary system is actually nothing but a bookkeeping system for debt, all entries must balance. When you borrow money, a bookkeeping entry is made to create the funds. When you pay the money back, a corresponding entry is made to destroy the funds. It can't work any other way.

       But wait! Let's go back to when you borrowed that $10,000 from the bank. When you repaid the $10,000, it disappeared. But now the $10,000 you owed has a tail, a tail called interest. That is the $1,000 that you owe to the bank for the use of its bookkeeping entry. Actually, after you understand how the system works, you will see that this is what you owe to the bank for the use of their nothing. From where did this interest that you are paying to the bank come? The bank didn't create it. They only created the original $10,000. So who created it? Did you? And I'm not talking about your labor.

       Have you the authority to create money? No? Then, from where did the $1,000 come? We already realize that the $1,000 was never created, so the only place it could come from is the same place all other money comes from in this system: someone else's debt. Isn't that right? This is confirmed in paragraph three of the January 6, 1983 letter from the Department of the Treasury, Office of the General Counsel, to Mr. Dale:

Money for paying interest on borrowed money comes from the same source as other money comes from.

       In other words, money paid for interest must be money made from debt: someone else's debt. And that someone else's debt is principally the deficit run by our national government.


How Do You Pay the Interest?

       NO ONE HAS EVER CREATED ANYTHING TO PAY THE INTEREST! This means that all of the interest each and every one of us pays has to be first borrowed into existence. How can you reduce your total amount of debt if you have to borrow each payment into existence?

       This needs to be made clear. Let's say you're banking at Bank A, and you owe them a very substantial amount of money. You don't have the money to make your payment, so you go over to Bank B and borrow $20,000 to make your payment at Bank A. Once you make the payment at Bank A, does that reduce the total amount of debt you owe? Of course not! The total of what you owe to Bank A and to Bank B is still equal to what you owed to Bank A to begin with, except you owe Bank A and Bank B more than what you owed to Bank A last year because a portion of that $20,000 you paid to Bank A was used to pay the interest on your loan. The interest due on a loan is always paid first in this system. Next year, if you continue to use the same system of borrowing your payment for Bank A and Bank B into existence, let's say at Bank C, you are going to owe more 'money', or debt, than this year.

       Let me put this another way. Suppose that $10,000 you borrowed from the banker was the only money in existence, real money, not debt. Gold and no other gold exists except that $10,000. This is all the gold there is in the whole world, and you borrow all of the gold under the condition that you will repay $11,000 in gold in one year. If you agree to do this, you have agreed to do the impossible. Does it not make sense then to understand that every time we borrow created money into existence and agree to pay interest on that created money that we have agreed to do the impossible?

       Once again, let's go back to our bookkeeping system for debt. The $10,000 you borrowed was created by a bookkeeping entry. When you paid it back, it was extinguished by a corresponding bookkeeping entry. That is how a double-entry bookkeeping system works; you must have two entries to balance the system. In order to extinguish the interest from out of the bookkeeping system for debt, there must be two corresponding entries for the interest. Since the first bookkeeping entry, the creation of the interest, does not exist, the interest can never be extinguished but must stay within the system and accumulate as permanent debt, (Author's note: Permanent debt equals our so-called national debt, both private and governmental) collecting more and more compound interest, with one exception (Author's note: You can pay the interest in this system and extinguish it from the system by using real money in order to pay it. Gold or silver, in other words. Of course, once you run out of real money, debt accumulation begins immediately. A study of money in history will show you that this type of monetary system has been used many times in order to steal the wealth of nations and reduce the people of those nations to abject economic slavery). It sounds just like a banker's dream, doesn't it?

       Let me explain this clearly. Almost all of the debt of this nation has been caused by the interest we pay on all of the debt carried by both the public and private sectors of our nation through the creation of money by our banks. This interest (debts due to the banks for the use of their bookkeeping entries, or in other words, this interest due to the banks on nothing) to the banks is paid by the massive deficits our government runs and pumps into the system. Everyone runs around collecting little pieces of the "deficit" so that they can make next months interest payment to those private commercial banks. This interest can never be paid! It accumulates as permanent debt within the system and becomes a permanent mortgage on the people of the nation through taxation for the benefit of the International Bankers.


Economic Slavery

       This is an exact prescription for economic slavery and can only result in higher and higher national debts wherever this system is used, followed by higher and higher taxes. There is no other result possible. Congress admits that its own studies show that American citizens now pay 60 to 65% of their incomes in accumulative taxes. CONGRESS ALSO ADMITS THAT ITS OWN STUDIES REVEAL THAT AMERICANS WILL BE PAYING UPWARDS OF 71% OF THEIR INCOMES IN TAXES BY THE TURN OF THE CENTURY. The same Congressional study also admits that within fifteen years, the accumulative tax burden on the American citizen will exceed 85%!

       Just a short time ago, for the first time in my life, I finally found a government official who would admit this in public! In the Friday, May 13, 1994 issue of The Montrose Daily Press, of Montrose, Colorado, on page two I found a story entitled "Budget 'Plan for Insolvency': Brown." The Brown listed in the title of this report is Senator Hank Brown of Colorado (Author's note: This is the same Senator Brown who is responsible for the letter mentioned earlier), and the report in the paper is on a statement that Senator Brown, who is a member of the Senate Budget Committee, issued following final passage of the conference report on the fiscal year 1995 federal budget. Senator Brown said everything that needs to be said, so I am going to let him do the talking:

What is unique about this budget and about this conference report is that it is a long-term plan for financial insolvency.

Let me be clear. This is a long-term plan with specific numbers, specific figures and specific programs to lead this country into insolvency. It is a plan to reduce savings, to reduce jobs and will leave our nation unable to pay our bills.

       Senator Brown then continued with some of the specifics about the plan, but the real shocker in his statement was on page eleven of the paper where his statement concluded:

In the President's own budget is an analysis of generational accounting. That shows that someone being born today will have to bear a tax burden that is in excess of 80 percent of his or her total income just to meet the obligations that are already on the books.

       Yet, this is the same Senator Brown that I have watched walk out of a public meeting when the subject of the Federal Reserve was raised by knowledgeable people in the audience. You can only deny the truth for so long until the squeeze becomes so severe that realization can not be denied. It is simple to solve our problems.

       When will we say, "Enough"? We must be the ones to say it! We have learned that GOVERNMENT HAS PROVEN THAT THEY WILL NEVER SAY IT!

Are We All to Be Slaves to the
Rothschilds and their ilk?

       Mayer Amshul Rothschild devised the specific use of this system of economic slavery, as we see it being used in America. He and his descendants have used this system, coupled with bribery and corruption of government officials and the European Royalty, to obtain a choke hold on the economic fortunes of the world through ever-increasing amounts of unpayable debts (interest). As time went on, they brought other families and lesser individuals, who were willing to do their bidding, into their plan as accomplices.

       Would it surprise you to learn that nearly everything you see going wrong in America today was predicted in a manuscript that Rothschild wrote in 1773? This plan to enslave the world through economic slavery has been carried out over a long period of time. Naturally, I'm supposed to assume that this has occurred by coincidence because it surely could not be a conspiracy!

       The ultimate result of this system of economic slavery is the destruction of the middle class, exactly what we see happening in America today, leaving a thin slice of extremely rich at the top. Everyone else, except those working directly for the very rich, is left to pay a crushing burden of taxes for the direct benefit of those same Elite rich. This will eventually leave almost nothing on which the average citizen can subsist (as in England, once this point is reached, the People are then locked out of the "public" [King’s] land as well). At that point, you will not have to wonder who the homeless are or what it feels like to go to bed hungry because you will know! The American people now pay between 60 and 65% of their incomes in accumulative taxes. How close are we to the end, then, when they repossess all of the real property we owe so much money on, just as they took our gold and silver? And it will be lost, all for our excesses in borrowing nothing!

       (Author's note: They already have repossessed all of the real property in America. That is why you pay property tax on your property! Property tax is rent, and it is proof that you do not actually own the property. I refer you to March 9th, 1933, and President Roosevelt. One of the first acts that Roosevelt took after he was sworn in as President in March of 1933 was to suspend the Constitutional restraints through the rule of necessity. The rule of necessity is used in the case of a so-called emergency, and it always means that the action being taken is being done illegally. But those taking the illegal action have no choice because of necessity. In other words, it always means that a bogus action is being taken for which no basis in law exists. Roosevelt then declared the United States to be bankrupt and pledged all real property in America and all of the subjects of the federal government to the International Bankers as collateral for our unpayable debts, most of which were still to come.)


Where Did All of Our Gold Go?

       Of course, you need to understand that the interest at the beginnings of this system, the inception of the FED in 1913, was extinguished in the only way it could be: that is with real money, gold and silver. That is until our gold and silver was used up. That's why we were pulled off the Gold Standard in 1934. You should study what happened to the gold Franklin Roosevelt stole from the American citizens. He gave it to the International Bankers, who moved it to Europe. This is why we no longer have any gold or silver, and that includes in Fort Knox.

       There is one more real item, which government officials can use to extinguish the interest in this system of economic slavery: real property. However, why would the International Bankers allow that when they hold unpayable mortgages on 98% of all real property now, just awaiting a Depression, so they can own it in detail as well as in fact (Author's note: Once again, I refer you to property taxes) and instead of collecting payments and property taxes, they can just collect rent? If you want to understand "Biosphere Reserves", you should look at a bill recently passed by Congress detailing a "land for debt" swap, of America’s public lands for the debts of Washington, D.C.

       Naturally, the mortgages on most of the real property in this nation have been caused by people being forced to go to their local banker and pledging their property to the bankers for "nothing", in order to operate their businesses, or just to live, and by the inability of the people, through the "creation" of recessions and depressions, to be able to accumulate enough "debt" in order for them to be free of payments. The further a nation enters into this system, the fewer people of the nation there will ever be who will be able to live debt free and still "own" anything. England is a good example of exactly what I mean. Always remember: Depressions are an artificially created event. Depressions are created by deliberately restricting the amount of money allowed to circulate in an economy. This stops the exchange of wealth, which is absolutely essential for prosperity to occur.

       One other process, which slows down the accumulation of unpayable debt within this system, is the charge off banks must make against their earnings (interest charged) for the loans they make, which are not repaid. You can well understand how unpaid "creations of nothing" would irritate the owners of the FED because if enough of this went on, uncontrollable money would exist in the system. This is why commercial banks are severely punished for not collecting back the nothing they loan out. Big banks and the owners of the big banks consolidate their power and wealth and the control of the system by breaking the small banks for not collecting back the nothing which they loan out by manipulation of the interest and discount rates. This is how the smaller banks are severely punished: by breaking them.

       In America today, there are very few locally owned banks, especially when compared to the great numbers of them that existed in the past. Interstate ownership of banks is one of the worst crimes Congress and the various state legislatures have ever permitted against the People of America. I take my hat off to those who do not pay the bankers back. They are doing their part to slow down the collapse.



       It is very important to understand that you cannot operate this system without inflation. The Federal Reserve is solely responsible for inflation in America (See What Is Money? for an explanation of interest being the source of inflation). Inflation will always be present, if for no other reason, than to foster the illusion that people actually have more money as time goes on. Regardless of the illusion, there constantly must be a larger and larger supply of money available to offset the amount of interest the banks siphon from the economy. Inflation has another purpose as well.

       What is the purpose of inflation? John Maynard Keynes wrote the following in The Economic Consequence of Peace:

       Lenin (the Russian Communist) is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the Capitalist system was to debauch the currency.

       By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method, they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily, and while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some.

       There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency.

       The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner not one man in a million is able to diagnose.

       Who is the victim of inflation? James P. Warburg (Yes, the same family) correctly answered that question when he wrote the following in his book The West in Crises:

In recent times perhaps the greatest enemy of a middle class society...has been inflation.

       Why would the middle class be the target of inflation? John Kenneth Galbraith informed the reader that inflation is a method of "income redistribution":

Inflation takes from the old, the unorganized, and the poor and gives it to those who are strongly in control of their own incomes. Income is reallocated from the old to the people of middle years and from the poor to the rich.

       So inflation has a purpose. It is not an accident! It is the tool of those who have two objectives: first, to destroy the free enterprise system and (second), to take wealth from the poor and the middle class and redistribute it to the rich. It is very important to understand that you can not have inflation unless a special privilege is granted by the government which permits someone to "create" a medium of exchange without oversight or control. And yes, in the past even governments have been guilty of inflation, but always for the benefit of individual men, not for the benefit of government or for the benefit of those the so-called government supposedly represented, the people of the nation.

       Did I mention that it is the super rich, the so-called Elite, who own the Federal Reserve? You should note something here I will be bring up again later: Socialism, Liberalism, Democracy and Communism are nothing but very simple socio-economic systems designed to remove all freedom and property from the common man.

       Have you ever done any reading about Communism? The Communists themselves admit that Communism is brought about through "pressure from above and pressure from below." So if you pressure from above and from below, who is in the middle? Of course, the middle class. Once you understand this, the lie about Communism being for the people is instantly revealed. Who is at the top? The Elite. Who is at the bottom? The poor. Do the poor have the money and the means to organize and force a revolution? Of course not. Then where do the poor receive the necessary funding and leadership in order to revolt? From the Elite! Who paid for the so-called Communist revolution of 1917 in Russia?



       There is only one possible result of the type of monetary system our government forces us to use: tyranny. There can never be enough debt money created to satisfy the banks, the government's demands for taxes, and care for all of the members of society. Under this type of system, there will always be unemployed, the unemployable, and the homeless. As the system continues to grind on, concentrating more and more wealth in the hands of the super rich, as it is intended to do, you will have more and more unemployment and more and more homeless. This, of course, leads to more and more calls for the government to do something, which inevitably leads to more and more power for the super rich, who control the government. This is how you establish a tyranny!

       As time goes on and the debt grows larger, there are increasing calls for austerity and belt tightening just as you see it happening today. For those of you who are smug in your government paid benefits, retirements or wages, remember, austerity and belt tightening will refer to you, even if it does not appear so at this time.

       Well known people step forward and proclaim that we all must contribute and we all have to do our part. Efforts are continually made to make the system work and to fine tune the economy. All of this is a smoke screen, and the people speaking it, by and large, understand this very well.

       As time marches on and there is less debt-money to operate the system after the commercial banks demand for interest and the government's demands for taxes are satisfied, the inevitable and intended pressure on wages comes into play.

       You see part of this pressure on wages now in the effort to saddle the American worker with the North American Free Trade and Finance Agreement. The average hourly wage in Mexico is $.95 an hour. When you join our work force with Mexico's (which is what this agreement has done), wages will move towards the lowest common denominator: Mexico's. It is impossible to pull Mexico's wage rate up to ours, so ours must fall, over a period of time, to a level on a par with Mexico's. I sincerely hope I do not have to explain the North American Free Trade and Finance Agreement (Yes, that's the real name of the agreement). You do not need 2000 pages of agreements to set up Free Trade. You need 2000 pages to set up special interest protections. So who are the real beneficiaries? Of course, they are the International Bankers.


How Time Benefits
the Super Rich Elite

       This is what the entire system is based on—time. It works slowly enough that over several generations, the people are not aware of what is going on even while their standard of living is declining.

       All of this, naturally, leads to more calls for the government to do something which again leads to more power by the super rich through their control of the leaders of the federal government!

       Does this mean that the leaders of our government do not understand what is happening? Of course not! Most of them understand very well and are very willing to help in the destruction of the ideal, which was America, because the super rich make it in their interest to do so. We assist in our leaders' deception of us by not paying attention, studying, and understanding what is happening.

       Everything, which you have read up to now, also explains why absolute control of the primary media in our nation is essential for this system to work. If the money kings did not have absolute control of the primary media in America, their control of the FED and of our economic system would have been exposed long ago.

       Of course, we also find that as long as the banks agree to roll our debts over again and again as we keep putting up more and more and more collateral, we can continue to operate as if nothing is wrong. What happens, however, when the bank says "OOPS! Time to pay"? Very simple, you and I become tenants on the continent our fathers settled.

       Let's make a reality (truth) check: Do you suppose that the compounding of interest on our snowballing mountain of debt could have something to do with our debt accumulated since 1913 (95% of our nation's debt consists of compound interest since 1940)? That's when the Federal Reserve came into being. That was back when our entire national debt was approximately one billion dollars and private debt was negligible. You know, these were the good old days when we were BTF (Before The FED).

Our True National Debt:
16,000 Billion

       Today, our total admitted national and private debt totals over 16 trillion dollars; that's 16,000 billion in total debt, minus 1 billion, which was owed in 1913, since 1913. Have we, then, agreed to do the impossible? It would seem so, wouldn't it? Of course, if you would listen to them, there are those who would try to convince you that the debt is caused by excesses, both yours and the government's. I agree about the excesses, only the excess is created by our habit of borrowing nothing. Now you understand what the truth is, and the truth conforms to reality.

       Another aspect of this that I want to make sure you understand is the amount of new debt, which MUST be created each year to service the old debt and to replace all of the debt, which had been paid back in the previous year to the bankers. Money is the lifeblood of a system. There must be enough of it around to handle the millions of transactions, which occur each day. So to service the old debt and to keep the economy functioning requires the creation of more and more debt each year. As the bankers continue to extend credit, they also act as a siphon, pulling money from the economy as they collect interest and principal on the debt.

       I assume you now understand our government's deficit spending. Without the massive deficits our government pumps into this system each year, the house of cards we call an economic system would collapse overnight. Yes, the government will cut the deficit, and that will be your last warning before the Depression hits.

Who Is Going to Own
the Smaller Banks?

       The biggest siphon of debt is the Federal Reserve. I have never been able to understand local bankers. They, for the most part, don't understand how the system works. While they sit there, fat and happy, taking advantage of the system and collecting interest on nothing, SOMEONE IS DOING THE SAME TO THEM! And they are doing it much more efficiently than the local bankers can, with the will and ABILITY to whipsaw and break the smaller banks. It is particularly easy to break our banks at will because our monetary system is nothing but bookkeeping entries. That means there is no real money in our banks to fall back on. When a private commercial bank has less than a 10% reserve (of credit), and if they are loaned to the maximum as most of them try to be, it does not take much thinking to understand how easy it is to break them by simply forcing 11% of their loans to go bad. How? Simply raise interest rates.

       This makes them particularly vulnerable to an unscrupulous Federal Reserve. Do you really believe, Mr. Banker, that the massive bank failures since 1980 all happened because of mismanagement or fraud? It doesn't say very much for the banking profession if they did (understanding what I am writing, who can say anything good about the banking profession anyway?). I believe the true facts are much simpler than that: someone with a lot of power wants control of all of the deposits in all of the banks of the nation. I have read many times that by the year 2000, over 80% of all bank deposits in America will be concentrated in a relatively few mega bankers' hands. Would anyone care to make a wager as to how well those mega bankers tie into the Federal Reserve or to the International Bankers? Don't EVER forget the International Bankers, the money kings!

       Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of anything that is lent upon usury. Deuteronomy 23:19

       The Bible, I believe, was originally written as a natural guide by which to live, and what was written into the Bible had and has a solid basis in reality. Anything which has a solid basis in reality can be judged to be the truth. That's what the dictionary says; look it up.

       There are numerous prohibitions against taking or paying usury (interest) in the Bible, and they are there for a reason. Interest destroys, and there are numerous examples of this throughout history. One of the best books I've read on this subject is War Cycles: Peace Cycles by Richard Kelly Hoskins, The Virginia Publishing Company, PO Box 997, Lynchburg, Virginia 24505. This book also contains the best description of the tally system that I have ever read. You will need to know ALL there is to know about tallies (money substitution in an economy) when we are thrust into the next Depression. I urge you to read War Cycles: Peace Cycles.


The FED Is Stealing the Money!

       I do understand create and creation. I know a car is not created from nothing and that I cannot create wealth but must work for it. Creation is the province of God, not man. Therefore, our government has attempted to bestow God-like powers, the creation of money, upon the Federal Reserve and the commercial bankers. Our government cannot bestow God's power upon anyone or anything. Therefore, if the FED is not using God's powers to create money, it is stealing the money. Go back and take a close look at the bookkeeping system for debt again, and see if there is any other conclusion that can be drawn from this operation. It is theft, theft of the wealth of an entire nation, and ultimately, the theft of the wealth of an entire world for the benefit of special privilege of a very few at the expense of the whole of mankind. This is not a New World Order: This is the same system of privilege and benefit of the few which has plagued the earth since the days of Babylon. In other words, the parasites are back!

       One more point needs to be made here. The government, according to the Constitution, has no powers it can bestow on anyone without first taking those powers from the People! The reality of this situation then is that the owners of the Federal Reserve have stolen the power to create money from the People of America! They did this, as they do all things, by bribery and corruption.



       We have reprinted a short letter here from an attorney. Please read it carefully. You may have trouble believing the next several pages if you do not:


Attorney at Law

Walnut Grove, Mississippi 39189

August 27, 1980

Mr. F. Tupper Saussy

C/O Spencer Judd, Publishers

Box 143

Sewanee, Tennessee 37375

Dear Mr. Saussy:

In response to your question "Is Article 1, §10 of the United States Constitution, particularly the words 'No State shall...make any thing but gold and silver coin a Tender in Payment of Debts...', still binding on a State?", the only lawful answer is Yes.

Meant to "crush paper money" by unanimous consent of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, this Section prohibits the States from imposing upon the people a paper currency, paper money or anything else other than gold and silver coin as a medium of exchange in the discharge of debts. Since the Constitution can be changed by amendment only, and since no amendment has changed this Section, no federal action can excuse a State of this prohibition.

The effect of this Section is thus:

If a paper dollar is delivered to, or received from a state authorized party without particular objection to its being an unlawful tender under Article 1, §10, no Constitutional question has arisen and the payor/payee, in remaining silent, has renounced his individual rights flowing from the Constitutional prohibition.

Those rights are the following:

  1. Discharge of the debt in gold or silver coin, if provided for in the debt;

  2. Dismissal or forgiveness of the debt altogether, if the debt is not denominated in gold or silver coin, since any rule or judgment repugnant to the Constitution is void, invalid, and without effect.

As with other rights, the right to gold and silver coin, and the right to be forgiven of any debt not denominated in same, are considered waived unless properly and timely asserted.

              Sincerely yours,

              Richard L. Stadley

              Attorney at Law

       Let's talk about currency, not money — currency. Despite what you may have heard to the contrary, currency is not money. The Constitution clearly states "shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts" (Article I, Section 10, never rescinded, nor superseded). So unless you are paying off your debts in gold or silver, you are violating the Constitution. Of course, you really don't have much choice in the matter because of the system our government has forced upon us. However, because you limit your liability by extinguishing your debts with fictional funds, you incur an assumed liability to follow all legislated regulations. Legislated regulations are another word for statutes, which are not law. Legislated (Article I) administrative law has completely replaced judicial (Article III) jurisdiction. And this is true not only in the federal enclaves but in the several states as well.

       More and more people are being punished and imprisoned by statutes and regulations, not laws. This is done primarily to People who are disgusted with the monetary system, and the new prisons are for such People, not for murder and rape crimes.

       Howard Freeman has discovered that ARTICLE 1 COURTS (Legislative Tribunals) have jurisdiction over us because we unknowingly enter into a contract any time we use Federal Reserve Notes to "discharge a debt." Paper currency has no real value since it is created by the FED from nothing. When we use Federal Reserve Notes to buy goods or services, we are afforded "limited liability" against suit for equal value in terms of gold or silver. For this consideration of "limited liability," the performance is our acceptance of all Article 1 administrative statues and laws, under the "exclusive jurisdiction" of Congress. There are a great number of other contracts involved as well.

       I want to point out to everyone right now that the above information pertains to you only if you are in the system and are a Fourteenth Amendment citizen of the federal government. This information does not pertain to me because I am a Sovereign State Citizen with no contracts between me and any form of government. You will understand this a lot better after you finish with Strategic Withdrawal. And yes, I use Federal Reserve Notes, but only under duress and against my wishes.


The Constitution and Currency

       How long has it been since you have read the Constitution? Do you pay taxes on your property? Do you understand why you do? Have you read the Constitution lately, particularly where it says that debts must be paid in gold and silver? When you bought your land, farm, ranch, place of business or house, did you quiet your title with gold or silver money? If you failed to do so, there is a cloud upon the title to your property, which prevents you from taking full and complete title, i. e., a Quiet Title, to your property! Congress passed acts, on April 24, 1820, and again on May 20, 1862, as well as at other times in our history, which guarantee Americans Allodial Title to their real property.

       Allodial Title means that you are not subject to real estate taxes nor any other fees the government may dream up. No one can touch your property! No one! Not the IRS or the EPA or the FBI or anyone! But you can not have Allodial Title to any property, which was not paid for constitutionally by a Sovereign Citizen! In other words, you could not be a Fourteenth Amendment citizen of the federal government and you would have had to purchase the property with gold or silver money. This was one of the primary reasons why Roosevelt took the gold coins and gold-backed currency away from the People of this nation: In order to allow government ownership (the government holds title to all property on which it levies taxes. That is why you only have a certificate of title or a Fee Simple title, not the real title for your property or for your car) and taxation of all property. This works just like it says in the Communist Manifesto. In the place of Constitutional money, we are left with no choice but to use Federal Reserve currency (Author's note: This is called colorable money, as in color of law) which can not give us, according to the Constitution, clear title to anything purchased with it. (Note; There is a process through which you can update the land patent to your land so that you can have complete title, without government interference, and without using gold or silver.)


Do You Know Who Owns Your Car?

       I know that many of you are not going to believe much of what I am saying without a lot of reflection and thought. I had the same problem when I finally realized what "disappearing money" really meant! While you are thinking about what has been written here, give the following story some serious consideration. This came from America Today, PO Box 188, Houston, Missouri 65483:

Tennessee Department of Revenue Operations Supervisor Denise Rottero told Judge Greer how Tennessee's auto registration process works.

The process begins with the "surrender" of the Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) by the auto dealer to the Department of Revenue in exchange for a Certificate of Title. Asked if a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin is proof of ownership, legal title to the automobile, Ms. Rottero said, "Yes."

"Are you telling me that ownership of an automobile must be surrendered to the State before it can be registered?" she was asked.

"Surrender title, yes," Rottero said.

The certificate of title to your automobile is not title, it's merely evidence that title exists. Your car's legal TITLE is the MSO, which the dealer surrendered to the State. Ms. Rottero said the MSO is put on microfilm for permanent keeping, the original is destroyed.

       After the trial, spectators expressed shock that their personal automobiles were actually owned by the state. "No wonder state law officers stop people for no reason!" said a housewife. "If your car's got a Tennessee plate, it's theirs, and they can do anything they like to you!" That's the law, but it's voluntary. No one but Judge Greer had dared say that if you don't surrender your car to the state in exchange for plates, you go to jail!

       Yes, many of the spectators were shocked at the testimony offered, but how many of them understood that one of the reasons why the state takes the title to your car because you never "paid" for the car? How many of them understood that this occurs because the private owners of the Federal Reserve, through bribery and corruption of "our" government, removed our ability to "pay" for ANYTHING when they stole our system of money? How many of them understood that, because they don't have clear title to ANYTHING, the federal government was able to pledge ALL assets, including the RESIDENTS, of America to the money kings for collateral against our un-payable, non-existent national debt?


       (Note; Again, there is a method whereby you can side-step the fraud committed in Washington, D.C., and Quiet the title to your car, thus removing your travel out of the jurisdiction of the government. See the book Strategic Withdrawal.)

       This includes everything purchased with Federal Reserve Notes, right down to the shirt on your back. You own nothing, because you never paid for anything! All you have ever done with Federal Reserve Notes is limit your liability, through a contract entered into with the person accepting the Federal Reserve Notes, which says that the person who accepts Federal Reserve Notes will not demand actual payment for those items you have purchased from them. You have acquired no actual title or true interest in the items purchased, and you use those items under a cloud of ownership. This is a simple concept to grasp. When you use debt (colorable money) in order to pay a debt, it is obvious that the original debt cannot disappear! Anything purchased in this manner can never be owned by you. This means that anything you purchase with debt can be taken away from you at the whim of any agent or agency of the government which desires to do so. Read the Constitution. It will answer most of the questions, once you understand which questions to ask, about where our Rights have gone.



       How currency comes into being is very interesting. Paragraph two of the December 14, 1982 letter from the Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, is very enlightening.

       The Bureau of Engraving and Printing produces the Nation's paper currency and sells it to the Federal Reserve system for $20.60 per one thousand notes. The notes, however, are not money until they are monetized and issued by a Federal Reserve Bank. To obtain notes, a Federal Reserve Bank must pledge collateral equal to the face value of the note. Collateral must consist of the following assets, alone or in any combination: 1) gold certificates, 2) special Drawing Right certificates, 3) US Government securities, and 4) "eligible paper," as described by statute (Author's note: "Eligible paper" means exactly what they say; any paper they deem fit to declare as suitable to use. For instance, all of the uncollectable debt paper which are loans granted to the nations of South America by our biggest banks).

       That's right. For a total cost of $20.60 (recently raised slightly), the Federal Reserve can receive 1000 $100 bills, or 1000 $1,000 bills, or 1000 $10,000 bills or... I'm sure you get the picture. But what's that, you say? They have to pledge security? Right you are. Let's go back to our earlier transaction when the Federal Reserve received a Treasury Bond for one billion dollars, which it paid for with a check on itself. We've already ascertained that the total cost to the Federal Reserve for this bond was nothing. But that bond is now US Government Securities, as described in number three above. The FED then takes this bond, which it will still own and on which it will still collect interest, back over to the Department of the Treasury, pledges it as security, and receives back 10,000,000 $100 bills or one billion dollars in cash. Total cost: $20,600. This is what I was referring to when I was discussing Senator Brown's letter when I said that the Department of the Treasury almost literally gives the Federal Reserve Notes to the FED. The FED then takes this cash and distributes it as needed to member banks. We should not have to note, but I will anyway, that the FED does not distribute this cash to the member banks for free.


The Government Issues No Money!

       There is one other very important truth contained within this paragraph:

...the notes are not money, however, until they are monetized and issued by a Federal Reserve Bank.

       This is an admission that our government issues no money! Even the small amount of cash that circulates in our economy and which still has to be borrowed into existence, is issued by the FED! There is a small amount of cash that is an exception to this which I mentioned earlier, called United States Notes.

       I wish to restate something at this time: Our so-called national debt is an illusion! The secret to understanding this is contained in the statement above where we found that our government issues no money. The only way our national government could owe any money is if they were spending money. They are not spending money. They are spending debt, which is nothing but an illusion because they have not borrowed any money from anyone. Remember what I stated before: In order to indebt this nation to the degree that it has been put into debt, they had to be able to create the debt from nothing because that much money just did not and does not exist! And what does not exist can not be owed, and it certainly can not be collected! All this illusion can be used for is to create a belief that we owe more and more taxes, which is exactly what it is intended for in the first place.


How Do You Control Any Government?

       You restrict the government's access to money. This is why the concept of limited taxation is just as vital to freedom as is the concept of a free press. How do you create an uncontrollable and fantastically fast growing government? You give that government access to unlimited funds. This is our fault. Our forefathers told us that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Our freedoms have been stolen from us in an illegal, unconstitutional method of creating debt from thin air and using it as an excuse for confiscatory taxation and as unlimited funding for an uncontrollable government. Yet, we did nothing!

       Paragraph three of this same letter states that:

Federal Reserve Notes are obligations of the United States, and have first lien on the assets of the issuing Federal Reserve bank.

       This proves that Federal Reserve notes are private money from a private bank. Of course, if it weren't private money from a private bank, the Federal Reserve wouldn't be paying even the nominal cost of printing. Also, this private money shows another way our debt continues to snowball as our economy is paying interest on all currency in circulation. That is what I said above: the Federal Reserve does not issue currency for free. Federal Reserve Notes have to be borrowed into creation the same way as bank deposits are created and are nothing but debt instruments (Author's note: Once again, please see the legal definition of money in Black's Law Dictionary). And you can not use a debt instrument to acquire a Quiet Title to anything, because whatever it is that you are purchasing can never be finally paid for by the exclusive use of debt!

       Remember, we do not have a permanent monetary system in use in America. Any money, including currency, which exists at any given time exists ONLY at the whim of the International Bankers, and it ALL collects interest for every moment of its existence. This is called usury. In the Bible, bankers are called money changers. Christ kicked the money changers out of the temple FOR A REASON! I sincerely hope you now understand that reason.

       As it says above, our government guarantees the Federal Reserve Notes. That is rather a unique situation when the US Government is guaranteeing the products of a private business. Of course, that guarantee is made through the ability of your government to tax its citizens and thus make good on the debts of the International Bankers, if such should ever be found to be necessary (This means YOU [if you are a citizen of the United States] guarantee Federal Reserve Notes). It is claimed that this guarantee is what makes Federal Reserve Notes acceptable to the people. I claim that it is ignorance of the true nature of Federal Reserve Notes, which make them acceptable.

       Paragraph five of the March 16, 1988 letter from the Department of the Treasury, United States Mint, to Mr. Dale, completes the story of currency:

Federal Reserve notes are printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, which is also an agency of the Department of the Treasury. The notes are sold to the Federal Reserve at the cost of manufacture, not at face value. There is no seignorage or profit on issuing paper currency from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to the Federal Reserve.

       Actually, the Department of the Treasury, by printing Federal Reserve Notes, is illegally competing with private printing firms, which would otherwise do the printing for a profit. This admission that "...there is no seignorage or profit on issuing paper currency from the Bureau of engraving and printing to the Federal Reserve..." is an actual admission that our government issues no money. seignorage, or profit, is a prerogative of the issuing entity of any money and is ALWAYS PRESENT, if for no other reason than to pay the cost of minting or printing. I would say that the difference between the cost of printing one billion dollars in currency, $20,600, and the value our economy places on that currency, one billion dollars, is a significant seignorage for the Federal Reserve. Yes, the Federal Reserve is the issuer of Federal Reserve Notes as their significant seignorage proves.

       There is one more point. I refer to The Coin Coalition letter of April 9, 1990:

There's no need to round checks off to the nearest nickel. Most money exists only as ink on computer print outs. Every time you use a credit card, the bank that is the card issuer creates money equal to the amount of purchase. When you pay off your credit card balance, money is "destroyed." The size of the US money supply rises and falls as debt is created and paid off...


Is There Any Profit?

       After you've read this report, if you still have any doubts about how profitable it may be to own the Federal Reserve Banks, I refer you to page 160 of Secrets of the Federal Reserve. Mr. Mullins tells us:

The Banking Act of 1933 also legislated that all earnings of the Federal Reserve Banks must by law go to the banks themselves (Author's note: Of course, this means to the owners of the private banks which own the Federal Reserve). At last the provision in the Act that the Government share in the profits was gotten rid of. It had never been observed, and the increase in the assets of the Federal Reserve Banks from 143 million dollars in 1913 to 45 billion dollars in 1949 went entirely to the private stockholders of the banks.

       In 12 United States Code 152, we find:

The terms 'lawful money' and 'lawful money of the United States' shall be construed to mean gold and silver coin of the United States.

       Read this carefully. You can not have a clear title to anything unless you obey the law! The law says you must use gold or silver to extinguish any other claim to that which you purchase!


Am I the Only One
Saying These Things?

       As with the Constitution, 12 USC 152 has never been changed. Why are our Constitution and laws ignored if not to defraud the populace? Throughout our history, as the following quotes will show, much has been said and written about this subject. Do you remember reading any of these quotes in school (Are we to suppose that this is also by chance)? These quotes also serve another purpose. I would not want you to think that what you are reading here is strictly my opinion. What I'm saying has been voiced by uncountable thousands of Americans. Please notice the wide range of occupations of these Americans as well as the range of years these ideas have been on the minds of thinking individuals.

Daniel Webster said:

Of all the contrivances of CHEATING THE LABORING CLASSES OF MANKIND, none has been more effective than that which deludes them with paper money.

Thomas Jefferson said in 1816:

We are now taught to believe that...tricks upon PAPER can produce as solid wealth as hard labor in the earth. It is vain for common sense to urge that NOTHING can produce but NOTHING.

President Andrew Jackson said in his 8th Annual Message to Congress:

It is apparent from the whole contest of the Constitution as well as the history of the time which gave birth to it, that it was THE PURPOSE OF THE CONVENTION to establish a currency consisting of the precious metals. These were adopted by a PERMANENT RULE excluding the use of a perishable medium of exchange... or the still MORE PERNICIOUS EXPEDIENT OF PAPER CURRENCY.

Even Horace Greeley, a man who worked closely with Clinton Roosevelt, had these words to say:

While boasting of our noble deeds, we are careful to conceal the ugly fact that by an iniquitous money system we have nationalized a system of oppression which, though more refined, is not less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery.

President James A. Garfield said:

Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce.

Note well what President Garfield said:

"Whoever controls the volume of money in any country …...."

Dr. Carl F. M. Sandberg said:

From those not familiar with these things, has come reluctance to accept as truth THE FACT that our government, without getting anything whatsoever in return, gives the Federal Reserve Notes to PRIVATE BANKERS for them to loan out at interest even back to the government itself. To them this seems so senseless as to be unbelievable.

John Maynard Keynes, FDR's Adviser during the New Deal, made this comment:

Lenin was certainly right, there is no more positive, or subtle or surer means of DESTROYING THE EXISTING BASIS OF SOCIETY THAN TO DEBAUCH THE CURRENCY. By a continuing process of inflation, governments CAN CONFISCATE, SECRETLY AND UNOBSERVED, AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE WEALTH OF THE CITIZENS. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily, and while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some. The process engages all of THE HIDDEN FORCES of economics on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner that NOT ONE MAN IN A MILLION CAN DIAGNOSE.

       I have repeated this quote from Keynes here because it is very important. What is even more important about this quote is based on what we now know. It is not the government which is confiscating the wealth of our nation. It is the private owners of the Federal Reserve, who are doing the confiscating!

       Marriner S. Eccles, Governor of Federal Reserve Board, in testimony to House Investigating Committee, stated:

The Federal Reserve System banks are private corporations whose stock is one hundred per cent owned by international bankers and their ilk. When the banks take a billion dollars of government bonds as they are offered, they credit the US Treasury with a billion dollars, and charge their government on account with a billion dollars; or THEY CREATE BY A BOOKKEEPING ENTRY, THE MONEY WITH WHICH THEY BUY THE BONDS.

       This quote is to make sure you understand that there is plenty of corroborating evidence for what I have been telling you..

       From the testimony of Marriner S. Eccles, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, before the House Banking and Currency Committee, September 30, 1941, it is recorded that Congressman Patman asked:

Mr. Eccles, how did you get the money to buy those two billions of government securities?"

Mr. Eccles: "We created it."

Mr. Patman: "Out of what?"

Mr. Eccles: "Out of the right to issue credit money.


(Author's note: Credit money is the correct term for what I call debt money. The term comes from the usage of the term credit in bookkeeping. However, the term credit money is misleading to most of the people with whom I talk. No one mistakes the term debt money for anything other than what it is: money based on debt. In my opinion, this makes the subject clearer and more easily understood to the great majority of my fellow Americans, so we will continue to use the term debt money.)

In an article of the May 5, 1969 issue of US News and World Report, Treasury Secretary David Kennedy was asked, and he replied as follows:

Do you approve of the latest credit-tightening moves? Treasury Secretary David Kennedy answered, "It's not my job to approve or disapprove. It is the action of the Federal Reserve."

(Author's note: The Federal Reserve neither asks for nor receives permission for any action it desires to take.)

       On page 57 of Lightning Over the Treasury Building, John R. Elsom said:

"When a great California banker was asked by Andre Nordskog, the author of "We Bankers," how it came about that the Secretary of the Treasury was no longer on the Federal Reserve Board, his reply was: "Because WE KICKED HIM OFF THE BOARD."

       Mr. Nordskog then asked why the President of the United States was no longer on the Board and his reply was: Because WE KICKED HIM OFF THE BOARD."

       Here are Major George Racey Jordan's comments about usury:

Usury is also strongly condemned in many other parts of the Bible. It is difficult to understand how we can class ourselves a Christian and Godly civilization when we pursue as a nation a course such as this. Our banker money system is a GREAT USURY CONSPIRACY. It makes usury an inherent part of our money system. It is economically unsound, and is a wicked, vicious, and defenseless method of exploitation. It is contrary to the laws of reason, to the laws of nature and of God. Such a violation of the laws of nature and of God could only have resulted in bringing the great curses upon our civilization known as "depressions."

       The communists want us to be drowned in an ocean of worthless currency. The privately owned Federal Reserve System (created by Paul Moritz Warburg, agent for the Rothschilds), stands ready to create that ocean.


Mr. Ross Perot, a Tool of the Insiders

       Tell me, are you one of those who was enamored of Mr. Ross Perot with his evening TV telecast, explaining how we all have to pay our fair share? Remember how Perot told you that it was going to hurt, but paying your share of the debt was something that had to be done? Do you really suppose Mr. Perot doesn't know the facts I've been outlining? He's not your friend. He's a tool of the Insiders.

       What do you suppose would happen if Mr. Perot had taken the air time that he did take and explained the truth I've just shown to you about our system to the American people? With one show, repeated for five nights during prime time, say at 9:00 P.M. Eastern time, by the time Mr. Perot got to the fifth night, word of mouth would have seen to it that 80-90% of all Americans would have seen the show. The resulting scream of outrage would have blown Washington, D.C., wide open. Of course, even if I, or you, or Mr. Perot produced such a show, it would never be allowed on the national networks.

       If you doubt what I'm saying, try calling any of the nationally syndicated radio talk shows and present the facts about the FED, the facts I've just given you. They'll cut you off at the knees. Believe me, I've tried. It doesn't work because it's instantly time for a break.

       So just the very fact that Mr. Perot was allowed to present his program on TV shows that he's tied in with the Insiders (Author's note: That wasn't his program anyway; he was flying a trial balloon for Clinton. It was a trial shot at a "Let's see what kind of reaction we get" program).

       Remember what I told you about the Media? Do you think there would be some interest on the part of the American public in seeing such a show? Do you believe there would be any chance of getting it broadcast nationwide? Do you see why it's called the Federal Reserve? Do you also see why it is necessary for each and every one of us to see to it that as many of our friends and neighbors as possible are exposed to the truth?


The Economic Throat of America

       I sincerely hope you do not need to be told in too many other ways how terrible our present economic system is. You should understand by now that whoever controls the FED has his hands firmly around the economic throat of America as long as he exercises that control. Here is one more story you should see, taken from John R. Elsom's Lightning Over The Treasury Building:

In 1763, Benjamin Franklin made a visit to England. While there he was asked how he accounted for the prosperous condition of the Colonies. His reply was simple. "It is only because in the Colonies we issue our own money. It is called 'Colonial' Scrip, and we issue it in the proper proportion to the demands of trade and industry." It was not very long that the Rothschilds Bank caused a Bill to be passed through Parliament which provided that no colony of England could issue its own money. They had to use English bank money. The colonies were compelled to discard their "Scrip" and mortgage themselves to the Bank of England in order to get money.

Franklin stated that in one year from that date the streets of the Colonies were filled with the unemployed, because when England exchanged with them she gave them only half as many units in payment in borrowed money from the Rothschilds Bank as they had in "Scrip." In other word, their circulation medium was reduced fifty per cent, and everyone became unemployed, according to Franklin. He said that this was the cause of the Revolutionary War. He said: "The Colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the colonies their money, which created unemployment and dissatisfaction.

The refusal of King George III to allow the Colonies to operate an honest colonial money system, which freed the ordinary man from the CLUTCHES OF THE MONEY MANIPULATORS, was probably the PRIME CAUSE OF THE REVOLUTION.

During the Revolutionary War, 16,000 Hessian soldiers were supplied by the Rothschilds to keep America in bondage to this evil system.

       Have you seen this story in any of the US history books you read in school? All of your life, you have been told "taxation without representation," lest you find out the truth. We fought a revolution in 1776 to break the bounds, which stifled freedom. In the 1860s and beyond, we find that those same bounds are being tightly drawn across our chests.

       If you want to investigate the conspiracy theory thoroughly, start looking up the tax exempt foundations and the control they exert over the universities, which produce your teachers. Start looking at the ownership of the firms which write and print your text books and look into who controls the think tanks, which promulgate the ideas for and changes in your educational system. This is how you take the ultimate control of a nation: through the educational system and the minds of the children of that nation.

       If the people of a nation are kept unaware of these types of controls being formed around their educational system by the gradual implementation of the control, and if someone has an unlimited source of funds (such as the FED) with which to capture this control, it is easy to see that this is a relatively easy way to conquer a nation.

       Through all of the investigations you could possibly do on this subject, you will see men in decision-making positions who are members of The Council on Foreign Relations (the glue that holds it all together) and the big banks. This is a connection the media does not acknowledge or admit when they talk about our educational system. Of course, how can the media Elite admit this connection when they will not report anything on The Council on Foreign Relations? Suffice it to say that the CFR is a creature of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, or should I say, the money kings?

       Here is more alarming information about the Federal Reserve Bank from the book Secrets of the Federal Reserve:

From 1914 to 1982, a period in which many thousands of American banks went bankrupt, the original purchasers of Federal Reserve Bank stock have not only survived but they have consolidated their power. And what of "the London Connection"? Does it still exist, and is it still dictating the economic destiny of the United States?

The Washington Post, May 19, 1983, carried a story datelined Nairobi, Kenya, noting the meeting of the African Development Bank. "The British merchant bank, Morgan Grenfell and a syndicate of the United States, Kuhn Loeb, Lehman Brothers International, the French Lafzard Freres and Britain's Warburg are discreetly acting as financial advisors to about ten debt-plagued African states."

There are the same names we encountered in 1914, still managing the finances of the world, with profits for themselves but with disastrous results for everyone else. Perhaps we can look for relief to the present Administration of President Reagan. Unfortunately, before reaching him we have to run the gamut of the long list of his principal staff (Author's note: All members of the CFR) composed of men from J. Henry Schroder, Brown Brothers Harriman, and other leading components of "The London Connection."

Lopez Portillo, President of Mexico, in addressing the National Congress of Mexico in September, 1982, called the world credit boom of the past decade a financial pestilence akin to the Black Death which swept Europe in the fourteenth century. "As in mediaeval times, it flattens country after country. It is transmitted by rats and it yields unemployment and misery, industrial bankruptcy and enrichment by speculation. The remedy prescribed by faith healers is forced inactivity and depriving the patient of food" (Author's note: He means depriving the patient of debt).

       Forbes magazine stated October, 1982, "The world gasps for liquidity, not because the supply of money has contracted but because too much of it now goes to pay off old debts rather than fund new productive investments" (Author's note: Has this gotten any worse since 1982?)

The policy of high interest rates and tight money has been disastrous for the United States. In early 1983, a slight easing of money and credit promises some relief, but as long as the Federal Reserve System and its unseen manipulators continue their control of the money supply, we can expect more problems. The Nation on December 11, 1982, in commenting on economic problems, stated, "The blame for all this lies at the door of the Federal Reserve System working as usual on behalf of the international banking system."

Only two segments of American society—banking and big business-have any substantial representation on the boards (of the Federal Reserve) and often even these become merged through interlocking directorates...Small farmers are absent. Small business is barely visible. No women appear on the district and branch boards—only thirteen members from minority groups appear.

The study raises a substantial question about the Federal Reserve's often repeated claim of "independence." One might ask, independent from what? Surely not banking or big business, if we are to judge from the massive interlocks revealed by this analysis of the district boards.

The System's mandate is too essential to the nation's welfare to leave so much of the machinery under the control of narrow private interests. Concentration of economic and financial power in the United States has gone too far.


Ownership of the Federal Reserve

       The only story left to tell about the Federal Reserve here is ownership. That is the only thing left, which common sense can't fill in for you. On page 179 of Secrets of the Federal Reserve, we find the following statistics regarding ownership of the FED:

As of 11:05 Tuesday, July 26, 1983, the list of member banks holding Federal Reserve Bank of New York stock includes twenty-seven New York City banks. Listed below are the number of shares held by ten of these banks, amounting to 66% of the total outstanding number of shares, namely 7,005,700:

                     Shares              Percent

Bankers Trust Company       438,831       ( 6%)

Bank of New York              141,482       ( 2%)

Chase Manhattan Bank       1,011,862       (14%)

Chemical Bank              544,962       ( 8%)

Citibank                     1,090,813       (15%)

European American Bank       127,800       ( 2%)

J. Henry Schroder Bank       37,493              (.5%)

Manufacturers Hanover       509,852       ( 7%)

Morgan Guaranty Trust       655,443       ( 9%)

National Bank of North Am       105,600       ( 2%)

The tremendous number of shares held today as against the original purchases in 1914 is brought about by Section 5 of the original Federal Reserve Act which called for a member bank to buy and hold stock in the district Federal Reserve Bank equal to 6% of its capital and surplus.

Currently, shares held by five of the above named banks comprise 53% of the total Federal Reserve Bank of New York stock. An examination of major stockholders of the New York City banks shows clearly that a few families, related by blood, marriage, or business interests, still control the New York City banks which, in turn, hold the controlling stock of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

It is notable that three of the banks holding Federal Reserve Bank of New York stock, in the amount of 270,893 shares, are subsidiaries of foreign banks. J. Henry Schroder Bank and Trust is listed by Standard and Poors as a subsidiary of Schroders Ltd. of London. The National Bank of North America is a subsidiary of the National Westminster Bank, one of London's "Big Five." European American Bank is a subsidiary of the European American Bank, Bahamas, LTD...

This information, derived from the latest issue of the tabulation available from the board of Governors, Federal Reserve System, is cited as current evidence which indicates that the controlling stock in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which sets the rate and scale of operations for the entire Federal Reserve System is heavily influenced by banks directly controlled by "The London Connection," that is, the Rothschilds controlled Bank of England.


The True Owners of the Federal Reserve

       What this doesn't show is that the true owners of the Federal Reserve are eight so-called Jewish families. These families control the entire FED, and only three reside in American. According to page 609 of Called To Serve, that source stated:

The Eight principal stock holders of the US federal reserve are: Rothschilds of London and Berlin, Lazard Bros-Paris, Israel Moses Schiff-Italy, Kuhn and Loeb-Germany, Warburg-Hamburg, Lehman Bros-NY, Goldman and Sachs-NY and Rockefellers-NY.

       The above statement, about the eight Jewish families, is not totally correct. These families practice the Jewish faith but are not descendants of Jewish blood. In the book The Thirteenth Tribe ISBN 0-394-40284-7 by Arthur Koestler, a Jew, we are shown conclusively that the families in question are Khazars, or as remembered in a popular Jewish legend, Red Jews. That's important to know unless you don't understand that the international bankers bought and paid for Communism and that Communists aren't just called Reds by a coincidence. You may even want to take a close look at the Red-coats who fought against George Washington and the colonies. These Red Jews are descendants of an Asiatic tribe, with Edomites, Esauities and Chaldeans thrown in for good measure, and are not Semitic in blood. However, if you attempt to examine what they are doing, they instantly scream anti-Semitism and claim persecution. Since they are not Semitic in race, exposing what they do cannot be anti-Semitic, which shows that they are hiding behind a lie. Since it is prosecution and not persecution that we seek, we can identify another lie. Why? The answer should be becoming obvious and will be even more obvious as we move along.

       It is amazing to me that we, here in America, continue to ignore the Bible. We were warned, in Revelation, Chapter 3, Verse 9, about those who would come, claiming to be Jews:

Lo! I give them of the synagogue of Satan, who are affirming themselves to be Jews, and are not, but say what is false...

       I think that I have shown that you can consider our so-called economic system, controlled by these so-called Jewish bankers, to be false.


The Sixteenth Amendment

       There is one other item of real interest in the story of the Federal Reserve, and that is the so-called Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution (Author's note: This is the Amendment authorizing "our" so-called income tax). As I stated, the Federal Reserve System was created to indebt our nation and its people. The holders of the debt of a sovereign nation hold first lien on the labor and productive capacity of every citizen of that nation through taxation. If you are going to collect on a massive debt, it stands to reason that there has to be a massive system of taxation in place to accomplish the collection. Prior to 1913, there was not.

       Let me explain, first off, that our income tax is not really an income tax. The US Supreme Court said in 1916 (in its ruling on the Sixteenth Amendment) that the Sixteenth Amendment did not change the US Constitution because of the fact that Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3, and Article 1, Section 9, Clause 4 of the Constitution were not repealed or altered; the US Constitution cannot conflict with itself. The Court also said that the Sixteenth Amendment merely prevented the income duty from being taken out of the category of INDIRECT tax and placed into the category of DIRECT tax.

       Therefore, it's an excise tax which you contract to pay. Because it is an excise tax on doing business, you must voluntarily contract to (as in voluntary servitude or voluntary compliance) pay it on your income, and that is what it says in your IRS tax guide. Voluntary compliance.

       Of course, you're supposed to assume that it is a required voluntary compliance. Here is where the Constitution continues to get in the way of the bankers. How can you be required to file an excise tax return when the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution says "...nor shall be be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or PROPERTY, without due process of law..." There are still to many restrictions in the Constitution for the bankers.

       You cannot be compelled, nor can you be deprived of your property without due process of law until you waive your Sovereign Rights under The One True God. Then, why are people sent to jail for income tax evasion? Because they violated a contract with the federal government. Of course, many People did this in order to get a return of their withheld "money", and return is the key word here, which is why withholding was set-up, as in return of your withheld income. Of course, if you fail to volunteer (as in voluntary servitude, see the Thirteenth Amendment), an IRS agent will explain your obligation in exhaustive detail, and he wouldn't lie to you, would he? It is morally reprehensible to give (volunteer) to the government anything not forced from you at the point of a gun.

       Unfortunately, the IRS is the point of a gun. This brings up the question as to why we have a terrorist organization funded by Americans. This organization (the IRS) obviously operates outside the bounds of the Constitution as its use of tax courts proves. But is the IRS even part of America? You may find it of some interest that Treasury Delegation Order No. 92 states that IRS employees are trained under direction of the Division of "Human Resources" (U.N.) and that the Commissioner (International), by the "Office Of Personnel Management." In the 1979 Edition of 22 U.S.C.A. 287, The United Nations, at page 248, you will find Executive Order No. 10422. In this order you will find it detailed that the Office of Personnel Management is under the direction of the Secretary General of the United Nations.

       The IRS is also a member of a one hundred and fifty nation pact called the "International Criminal Police Organization". Details on this membership can be found at 22 U.S.C.A. 263ael b. The "Memorandum and Agreement" between the Secretary of the Treasury/Corporate Governor of "The Fund" and "The Bank" and the Office of the US Attorney General would indicate that the Attorney General and his associates are soliciting and collecting information for Foreign Principals. For more detailed information see The United States is Bankrupt Now by John Nelson.


Public Servants?

       Look it up. Where are tax courts authorized in the Constitution? Where does a foreign power such as the U.N. have the authority to tax American citizens? Think about it. Then, think about the delusion most public servants are under, such as sheriffs and police officers. An IRS agent goes to one of them and says, " I have a paper here. You have to go with me to seize the property listed." The officer dutifully goes with the IRS agent, without questioning or looking at anything but an ID. What is the paper, and who authorized or signed it? The paper is nothing, and the IRS agent himself signed it. There is no due process, and the agent is actually going to steal the property listed with the assistance of the required public official. Please note that the Supreme Court has ruled that the notice by the IRS agent constitutes due process in this certain circumstance. There is a reason for this circumstance to exist in direct contradiction to the Constitution!


The Real Purpose of Social Security

       Take Social Security for instance. I have a January 10, 1986 letter from the Department of Health and Human Services to a Mr. Schiefen. In this letter, it is stated that "Social Security is a voluntary system..." Does that come as a shock to you? Reading the rest of the letter is interesting because they also reveal the true purpose of Social Security numbers; taxation, and use by the banks. When you understand what is going on, the deliberate use of double talk in this letter becomes very obvious.

       For instance, in paragraph number three, it is stated: "...requiring each taxpayer to furnish an identifying number..." This leads people to believe they must have a social security number in order to work or to do virtually anything. The truth of the matter is that there is a legal definition of taxpayer, and one of the first ways you become a legal taxpayer is by having a social security number! The real question is which comes first? You can not be conceived here, in America, and be a legal taxpayer without first having a social security number! A Social Security number also acknowledges that the federal government has jurisdiction over whomever has applied for the number (the ‘agent’ becomes master over the ‘principal’). I wonder why the government is now requiring children, still in the hospital, to be issued a social security number? (It is very important to know that ALL hospitals are now designated as ports-of-entry to the private corporation called The United States government.)

       In M.J. 'Red' Beckman's book, The IRS and the Black Robed Cover-up, there is a lot of interesting information. This information is a listing of the forty-eight states that were supposed to vote on the ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment and what's wrong in each state's case with the so-called ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment. He claims, and I believe (Author's note: This is one belief to which I will gladly admit, as I know the caliber of the men who have done the work on this vitally important question) he is right, conclusive proof that the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution was never properly ratified. You may order The IRS and the Black Robed Cover-up by sending to Common Sense Press, PO Box 15444, Billings, Montana 59103. Of course, it also becomes much clearer after you study this subject thoroughly that the federal government never declared the Sixteenth Amendment as ratified. They declared it as adopted, under the exclusive jurisdiction of Congress, which makes it legally binding on all second class citizens as administrative law (Author's note: this means by statute, not by law) by the federal government.

       To go into even more detail on this subject, Mr. Beckman and Bill Benson co-authored two hard cover books in 1985: The Law That Never Was, Volumes I and II, published by Constitutional Research Associates, Box 550, South Holland, Illinois 60473. These books are an exhaustive study of the ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment on a state by state basis. They leave no doubt that the Sixteenth Amendment was never properly ratified by the several states, and the books contain government documents which show that members of the government knew this and declared the Sixteenth Amendment ratified (adopted) anyway. But by now, do you feel this is really a surprising state of affairs? Just remember; those who declared the Sixteenth Amendment "adopted" did so only within the context of the exclusive jurisdiction of Congress!

       If you want to investigate this further, orderThe Federal Zone: Cracking the Code of the Internal Revenue by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. You can obtain it from Paul Andrew Mitchell, c/o Forwarding Agent, 345 Estudillo Avenue, Suite 104, San Leandro 94577, CALIFORNIA, USA. About this book, Martin A. Larson, columnist for the Spotlight newspaper, wrote:

The book offers 12 highly detailed and documented chapters in order to establish Mitchell's thesis that each and every one of the 50 States is a separate sovereignty. Whenever the term "United States" is used in the Internal Revenue Code, it means the limited area in which the federal government has exclusive jurisdiction. It does not include the territory occupied by the 50 States.

       It is indeed stunning to realize how carefully crafted definitions such as those for "State" and "United States" are found in IRS instructions intentionally so complex that no one can understand them. This indicates that they are carefully prepared to accomplish what is perhaps the greatest fiscal fraud ever perpetrated upon any people in the history of the world.

       As the sellers of the book explain:

The "federal zone" is a carefully constructed and enforced trap that has extorted the earnings and spirit of countless Americans. Like any other lie, the scrutiny of truth will break it.

       A simple matrix is the key to a complex deception.

       "The Federal Zone" is 456 pages of incisive documentation that cracks the Internal Revenue Code. By convincing most Americans that they were inside its revenue base, Congress reaped trillions of dollars and became the masters rather than the servants of We the People of the 50 States.

       Author Paul Mitchell shows conclusively how most Americans are, in fact, outside the "federal zone" and what they can do about it. Already sold out in its first edition, this book has become the standard of proof that our income tax system is the greatest fiscal fraud in the history of the world. One thing Mr. Mitchell did miss is the contractual nature of taxation, and what to do about that. Once again, see the book, Strategic Withdrawal.

       Of course, how many of you are aware that not one dollar of your income (excise) tax goes to the Federal Treasury? (I know. Some income tax dollars do reach the Treasury, about $23 from each $1000 collected. For my purposes, that IS nothing.)

       Have you ever written a check to the IRS? Go look at it. On the back it will say, "Deposit to any Federal Reserve Bank in payment of US government debts." Do you think this may be part of the reason why they are careful not to let the majority of American citizens know the Federal Reserve is privately owned? That is the one thing wrong in the statement above, where they say: "Congress has reaped trillions of dollars..." It is not Congress and the Treasury, which reap the benefit of the income tax; it is the Federal Reserve that reaps the benefit!

       I also realize that no matter what I tell you about the income tax, some of you are going to shake your head and wonder about all of the nuts running around loose out there. Tax protesters, again! What about David Rockefeller? Do you mind that he pays no income tax? How about those billions of dollars that the super rich have tied up in tax exempt foundations? Do you mind that all of the profit those foundations make is tax exempt? There are reasons why the super rich don't pay taxes. They were never intended to pay taxes in this system! Taxation is for the poor and the middle class. Am I a tax protester? No, I just have this weird interpretation of the law which says that I have the same rights as David Rockefeller!


America's Debt: Paid in Full?

       Can America ever pay off her debts, public or private, using the system the Federal Reserve controls? Of course not. Just look at this logically. The amount of standing debt in this nation, about $16,000,000,000,000, far exceeds the amount of money (debt) in circulation at any given time.

       So what happens if the banks just quit lending as they did in 1812, 1837, 1893, 1907, 1919 and 1929? So what happens if you take, or are called to take, a substantial portion of the existing money (debt) and apply it to the standing debt? Depending upon the amount applied out of existence, a recession is precipitated, or a Depression is created as industry grinds to a halt for a lack of funds and a lack of customers with funds. In fact, the amount of debt (money) in existence each year must increase by a percentage at least equal to the average amount of the interest being charged by the banks. If this does not occur, a slump is precipitated as there is less money around as the banks continue to act as a siphon, drawing money (debt) out of existence as loans are paid down.

       It is a simple matter of fact that this is a weak situation, just increasing the money supply by the amount of interest the banks are charging (Author's note: Of course, this increase occurred after you have replaced (borrowed back) all of the principal debt, which had been paid back in the preceding year), because of our negative balance of trade payments and the hoped-for expansion of our economy. Anything, which removes money (debt) from our shores, from interest to the purchase of a foreign car, brings us that much closer to a recession or, in our next case, a Depression. Do you begin to see why the 18-20% interest charged on credit cards is so damaging?


Can America Cut Her Deficit?

       No, but she will. The Federal Reserve and her minions are busy burying the federal government with as much debt as they can to keep this bubble afloat while restricting the growth of money (debt) creation to business.

       If you doubt that, go ask a small businessman, farmer, or rancher. He will tell you that the banks will not lend him any money (debt). Why?

       Ask a banker. He'll tell you, "The FED won't allow us to." I've asked several bankers and received the same answer each time. There are reasons given, but the reasons are immaterial. It is the effect, which is important, and that effect is the dumping of the creation of money (debt) upon the public back. This allows access through taxation to the pocket books of even those who refuse to indebt themselves to the banks and is a rock solid indication that we are almost out of time and near a New World Order.

       And the last indication that you will have of the impending implosion of debt will be when this is reversed and the government cuts its deficits and interest rates drop low, so that the debt burden falls on the People instead. Then, you know they are close to pulling the plug.

       Can we change what is going on? Yes, we can, but not without addressing the following issues: educating the public, and changing our monetary system away from one founded on debt creation.

       Is our nation's wealth to be thought of as bottomless? No, I think not. Nothing exists in an endless supply as even the sun will one day fail. Then, what happens when something continually draws that wealth from you without refunding anything? What if that something acts like a leech, continually drawing its sustenance from your blood (money)? But unlike a leech, the Federal Reserve never attains a point of satiation and continues to feed as a spider does upon a fly until nothing is left but a desiccated husk. Is that where we wish to live, in a dried-out husk of a country? Do we really wish to raise our children as tenants and to live and work in a nation our forefathers settled, now foreclosed and owned by the international bankers, and all due to a lie? That is surely our fate if we continue to stand by and watch as the greed of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Warburgs and their brethren swallow our nation whole as they have swallowed much of the world already.

       In conclusion, let Mr. Robert H. Hemphill, credit manager of The Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta, Georgia, have the final say:

If all the bank loans were paid no one would have a bank deposit and there would not be a dollar of coin or currency in circulation. This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent on the commercial Banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the banks create ample synthetic money we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent money system. When one gets complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless position is almost incredible, but there it is. It is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may collapse unless it becomes widely understood and the defects remedied very soon (Author's note: This quote is from page nine of the book, The Buck Stops Here! Now!)

       The most important lesson of this report is simply this: It is impossible, using our present economic system to balance the Federal budget and eliminate the deficit without creating a severe Depression.

       Did you know that Paul A. Volker once wrote a book, entitled The Rediscovery of the Business Cycle? He wrote it in the 60s, and on page 32 of that book, he states:

It could be interpreted symbolically as the demise of the doctrine of annually balanced budgets. Memories of 1937, when concern for a balanced budget had led to both tax increases and expenditure reductions ....

       Mr. Volker then goes on to explain, very clearly, that budgetary deficits are needed in order to keep the economy functioning. The problem in 1937 was simply that the FED had not yet broken the politicians completely to lead. They were still foolishly trying to balance the budget as if it were a good thing to do! In looking at our deficits today, I would have to observe that the small oversight of 1937 has been rectified.

       This foolishness of politicians has exhibited itself eight times since we went off the gold standard in the 1930s. That is how many times we have had a balanced federal budget since 1933. The last time this occurred was in 1969. Each time, not surprisingly, this balancing of the budget led the nation directly into a severe recession. There is always a reason for events which occur!

       If you are a citizen of these united States, it is important that you understand some basic facts. Those basic facts are contained in this report. Go back and read this report as many times as you have to, until you thoroughly understand just how simple our economic system really is. Then you will understand how important it is, for the safety of you and your family, for you to get completely out of debt. You should also understand by now how important it is that you begin to educate those close to you as to how our system really works. Then, volunteer to talk to service clubs, schools, teachers, your church or wherever you can find people willing to listen and learn. Together, that's how you and I will make a difference. You and everyone else in America are either part of the solution, or you are part of the problem. There is NOT an in-between course.

       STOP! Right now. Do not reread this report and do not go on to another book. Put this report down. Do not turn on the radio or the TV. Don't talk to anyone. JUST STOP AND THINK! What you have just read here is actually very simple. Why wasn't this subject taught to you in school? Why isn't it written about in the newspapers you read? Why aren't the politicians you are voting for discussing this? Have you heard it talked about on the radio or TV? Understanding these simple questions should run a shiver up your back, and it should go a long way in demonstrating to you where change in America MUST come from—YOU!

       Just exactly how controlled is America? What if I could show you convincing evidence that the last Presidential election in America was a complete sham? Would that get your attention enough to make you want to learn more and to pass on that which you are learning to others?

       On February 21, 1991, during the 102nd Congress, 1st Session, H. RES. 86 was introduced by Mr. Gonzalez. This resolution was for the express purpose of:

Impeaching George Herbert Walker Bush, President of the United States, of high crimes and misdemeanors.

       If you will take note of the date of this Resolution for Impeachment, it was well before the last election. How many Democrats mentioned this during the campaign? How many times did Perot or Clinton mention this Resolution for Impeachment? How many members of the media, including that great champion of George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, mentioned this Resolution? Was this just an oversight? An accident, do you suppose? Articles of Impeachment are not minor items. They are very serious matters, and have been filed very seldom in the history of the United States, up until the last few years, of course. The Democrats controlled the House of Representatives; yet, they did not make an issue out of this Resolution. Why? Because this election was already fixed, and everyone in-the-know understood that Bush could not be re-elected, or he would have been impeached! If not on this Resolution, then there were others which would have been filed sooner or later on any number of counts including treason, bribery, etc.

       You can find Mr. Gonzalez speech on this Resolution for Impeachment and the Resolution itself in the Congressional Record—House, for January 16, 1991, on page H520, and following Section 1310.

       The details on how this election was fixed involve Mr. Perot and his deliberate actions to spilt the Republican vote so that Clinton would be elected. Please study the election of 1912 where the Bull Moose campaign of Theodore Roosevelt, who was a Republican President in 1908, was used in order to make sure that Woodrow Wilson was elected President. Roosevelt was backed by the money kings, in order to split the Republican vote and defeat a Republican President who would not do the bidding of the money kings. Wilson was elected with about forty-two percent of the vote, and the rest, as they say, was history.

       But to understand exactly what Mr. Perot's role in this so-called election really was, we have to know a little more about him. For instance, his banking connections go directly to David Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank, and he has joined the Council on Foreign Relations. Mr. Perot, in 1979, received the Winston Churchill award (Author's note: It is very important to know that Winston Churchill and Cecil Rhodes were dear friends with very closely shared beliefs). He is one of only four individuals who has received this award. Perot claims that Winston Churchill has always been his hero.

       During and after his campaign for President, Perot liked to play on words by stating that you could join his United We Stand group as a R-O-A-D Scholar for Fifteen Dollars. This information will have a lot more impact on you after you study about Cecil Rhodes and the Rhodes' Scholars, and Rhodes stated intention that Rhodes scholarships be used to train the men necessary to return America to British domination. .

       Perot's wife, Margot, whom we seldom hear much about, is a descendent of a long line of Englishmen -- the Birminghams. Her maiden name was Gertrude Margot Birmingham, daughter of a wealthy banker named Donald C. W. Birmingham and his wife Gertrude (Price) Birmingham. The further you dig under Ross Perot, the clearer it becomes that he had massive help in acquiring his billions of dollars. Such help always has a heavy price which must be paid.

Matthew 7:15

Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing, but underneath are ravenous wolves.

This Part VI is the largest file of all. Now that you have finished it, and I hope you read it at least twice, please read Part VII. Part VII is the only real explanation of Money that I have ever seen, and it is well worth your time, all of the time you have spent on this information up till now, all by itself!

God Bless, David


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