Part VII: Slavery

       Understanding this part -- after the others -- is not difficult, and it is very necessary. The problem with us is that we do not understand that when the old Israelites asked God for a King, they were really asking for slavery, and slavery has been the natural state of man ever since.

       It does not matter if you wear your chains openly, or partly hidden as they are today in America. The condition exists nevertheless, any time you can be called into military "service" at the whim of the state or if any part of your property can be seized at the whim of the same government or of any of its agents. That is part of the privilege of the King, that he may make ANY law he pleases, including that law that takes your property, or your life. The Kingís privilege includes the ownership of EVERYTHING in the Kingdom, including you. Welcome to "Amerika."



Money; In usual and ordinary acceptation it means coins and paper currency used as circulating medium of exchange, and does not embrace notes, bonds, evidences of debt, or other personal or real estate. Lane v. Railey, 280 Ky. 319, 133 S. W.2d 74, 79, 81.

The complete lack of understanding concerning money, that I see in my fellow Americans, has astonished me to no end. Of course, that astonishment was years ago when I had first begun my studies. Since then, I have been equally astonished at my naiveté in considering that other Americans were lacking in understanding. My own ignorance became the driving force for my learning, and that must be anyone's first concern. Only study, and knowing that each of us has a long way to go in order to really understand, pierces the conditioning and programming that we have all been subjected to. Most Americans accept that which they are told very readily; this acceptance makes Americans very susceptible to conditioning and to programming. Why do you think they call television "programming?"

The above explanation of money was taken from Black's Law Dictionary (6th edition). It has little or no relationship to the Truth, but then, hardly anything in Black's actually does. To understand Black's, a person must study for a long time, because the definitions given in Black's are all for very specific reasons. Few of those reasons have anything to do with Truth; they are simply there to serve the purposes of the men (the International Bankers) who derive a benefit from the use of the private system of statutory (private, contract law for public purposes) law (using the bankerís enforcement surrogates of the American Bar Association), which covers up the Babylonian Monetary System (that's what the "money system" actually is) of the Federal Reserve System.

(A side note: BAR, to the best of our understanding at this time, is British Accreditation Regency; undoubtedly a private stock company, the majority of which is owned by the Bank of England and the "Crown" of the Ďthe Cityí of London.)

For instance, in the above definition it says: In usual and ordinary acceptation... What does this mean? It means that this is not necessarily the truth, it's just what everybody accepts as a belief. What is a belief? A belief is something not based on fact, but accepted without proof being offered. It is something accepted "on faith," so any "belief" can be attributed to religious principles. Think about this very carefully anytime you make a silly statement such as, "I believe in the government!í"

In the above quoted definition, Black's also mentions real estate, but if you do not understand the term "real estate," you have no way of seeing what it is that "they" are referring to. Real estate comes from the word "Realty," and English land law is based upon the ownership of all realty by the Sovereign, i.e., the King, under the King's Allodium. Thus from the "Crown", all titles flow (the "Crown" is separate and distinct from the King, and comprises, generally, all those whose interest it is to keep the current King in power for their own benefit. Today, the "Crown" in England specifically refers to the bankers of "the City" of London). Under this system of "real estate," the title to land is held in the form of "fee simple absolute" (sound familiar?). In modern English tenures (i.e., tenant), the term "fee" signifies an inheritable estate, being the highest and most extensive interest anyone -- other than the King -- could have in the feudal system.

(A side note: to continue we must understand the word system; a system is an artificial creation of the few, designed for the express purpose of benefiting the same few, at the expense of the many. A few examples are; government (not established under The True Godís Law); church (not established under The True Godís Law); religion (not established under The True Godís Law); etc. The only way a system works as the few design it is, when the many are programmed to think it benefits them. Think about this carefully and think of Part VI, and what is written there concerning the FED, as you continue to learn about and understand the true nature of "credit.")

"Simple" means that you may transfer/pass on your estate without restraint, as long as your heirs stay in favor with the King and maintain the tribute payments when due!

"Absolute" merely denotes that the entire estate could be transferred, assigned or passed to heirs. "Fee Simple Absolute" designates mere user privilege on the land (i.e., real estate), subject to the King's Allodium. Allodium means ownership in your own Right, without owing any rents (property tax), tribute or service to any master. This also means that there is no substance to Real Estate because there is no ownership -- only the interest of a tenant.

To really understand what I am getting at, it is very necessary to know where your so-called property tax (as well as all other "state" taxes) is actually going and who is benefiting from the same. All taxes collected by the "State of," or the "County of," or the "City of" corporate franchises of the federal corporate state are subject to having a certain percentage of the said taxes taken before they are allocated for local uses. This is to pay the "State of" franchise tax on the federal corporate bankruptcy. Simply obtain a copy of the Comptrollerís Report to the Governor of your respective "State of" and examine the "trust funds" being paid into, from every taxing authority in the state. Ask some pointed questions concerning these trust funds and why payments are made into them before accountability is required at the state level. Good luck! It is also interesting to note here that ALL taxes are under Admiralty jurisdiction.

Remember, there are no "state taxes" when the "State of" is a federal franchise. ALL taxes today are federal in nature and derive under contract from and through the UCC, and are levied against privileges extended by the god-state (faith, anyone?).

Substance can only be determined by that which is left when all privileges are removed. If your ownership is determined by privilege, and not by Right, then there is no substance to the ownership, and if the county can move you out for the failure to pay your "property tax," then -- by definition -- your ownership is through the stateís privilege and not by the Rights detailed in the Declaration of Independence.

After all privileges have been removed, what you have left is what you own. If there is nothing left, you own nothing, and have arrived at the perfect description of socialism/communism/democracy/capitalism/Judaism!

But I will guarantee to you that you are not going to learn this type of detail by studying Black's Law Dictionary! (It is very important to note here that Black's Law Dictionary, 6th Edition, has a TABLE OF BRITISH REGNAL YEARS on page 1657. No United States Presidents are listed in the book. This is a clear message as to where Black's Law Dictionary originates.) And, if we are not going to learn these important details from Black's, then where do we turn for the Truth?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer for that question. Most of what we need to know is scattered over many books and texts, and some of it has yet to be rediscovered. Many of the details about the Law in this nation(s) have been carefully hidden away, or obscured by years of deliberate lies and half-truths (which by definition are lies). The one place we can turn to for answers is Scripture, but most no longer believe that, and those who do believe it have so little basic understanding or education that most of Scripture is unfathomable.

The details concerning money are some of the most carefully concealed subjects in the world, for if the American People were ever to begin to understand this subject thoroughly, the ability of the bankers to prey upon them would end overnight! That is how important this subject is, because it is only through understanding how the banker's Predation is done, and the real intent of that Predation (the actual, physical claim of ownership of the people of the nation), that enough understanding comes forth to break the years of conditioning by the Predators upon We the People.

So, that said, just what the heck is money?

A medium of exchange, right? I mean, how complicated can this subject be?!

Well, yes, the accepted explanation is that "money" is a medium of exchange. But to really understand whether that is the truth or not, we simply need to look at the definition in Black's. That is what "they" say, so just for starters, I would mistrust that explanation, since anything in Black's serves the banker's purposes or it would not be there! And, if it serves the banker's purposes, then it probably does not serve the People's purposes.

Yes, "money" does serve as a medium of exchange, but that does not explain what "money" is. It simply tells us the use of money. An object's use is not the definition of that object! And, if they are not giving us the true and complete definition, is it possible that there is a reason for such an omission?

So, if "money" is not just a medium of exchange, then is it gold and silver? That is what the Constitution says, that no State shall make Anything but gold and silver a payment in tender of debt. So does that say that gold and silver are money? Yes, gold and silver can be used as "money", as tender in payment of debt, but does that mean that they ARE money?

No -- gold and silver simply fulfill the command in the Bible that a man must be paid in substance for his labor. And, gold and silver are a compact and valuable substance with which to heed this command. But according to my understanding, any substance, agreed upon by both parties, could be used as the substance to pay a man for his labor. Never doubt for a single moment that Pay is an exacting Command.

So what is the secret? What is money? Why are we commanded, under Biblical Law, to use substance to pay a man for his labor?

Because "money," as we understand gold and silver to be, is simply a substance used to compress time. That is actually what "money" is -- compressed time. Therefore, money IS time in a very literal sense. We have all been told this in a business sense, that time is money, but we have ignored the absolute truth buried in that "figure of speech."

Anyone, no matter what the level of his skill or his knowledge, trades his time as a means to sustain life. He can grow a garden and build his own shelter, or he can labor for someone else and take his PAY to exchange for food and shelter, but it is the time he spends -- the time which is a gift from his and our Creator -- which he expends in sustaining his life, and the lives of those dependent upon him.

What we call money is simply a storage unit for time wherein time is compressed for storage so that it may be converted for a later, more convenient use or at a different location.

For instance, when you hire a man (you actually hire his time) to till your field, the man consumes a portion of the time that is allotted to him upon this earth, in the performance of your labors. When his labor for you is completed, he arrives in your presence for payment (tender in payment of debt; your labor performed, your debt in time for his time; how did you obtain the "money" with which to pay him?). Payment may be arranged in a number of ways -- food, clothing, shelter, or some other substance. Gold and silver have for many thousands of years been that other substance. And when you place those silver or gold coins into that laborer's hands, he has literally taken the time spent in your fields and compressed it into those coins. Just as you took the time spent in managing the fields/farm, doing the planting, harvesting, and/or performing other labor to obtain those gold or silver coins in your own Right, as a means of storing your own Time.

At some point in the future, when your laborer has need of his time to be exchanged for food, shelter, clothing or any other item that he needs or desires, he will take that stored time and transfer it out of those coins, by expending them. The time that he had labored in your fields is thus used to fulfill his needs, whether it is done tomorrow, next week, next month or several years down the road. The point is, his time was safe, as long as it was stored for his later use in some form of substance, ready for him to spend that time at his convenience.

Let us place you in a similar situation. You go down to the store and purchase food. What did you use to PAY for the food -- "money?" From where did you obtain the "money," -- from your PAY check? How did you earn the PAY check? You received the PAY check because you labored last week working for your "employer," and he was obligated to PAY you for that time consumed (something consumed can never be replaced). And that "money," for which you consumed your time, is where the "money" came from to purchase your food, so in a very real sense, you have literally spent your time in exchange for the food you and your family need to sustain life, and for your shelter, your transportation, every need and luxury item you own along with anything else in your possession -- provided, of course, that you did not steal, as bankers do, what is in your possession!

And for this reason, there is a point-of-fact that must be mentioned here. Namely, Federal Reserve Notes, when obtained by a man through the performance of labor, thus by the expenditure of his Time, ARE lawful money. And it is only through the control of "our" tribunals-called-courts by the American Bar Association that the jurisdiction claimed over Americans by the owners of the Federal Reserve for the privilege of using Federal Reserve Notes can be maintained. (The claim is that this jurisdiction comes about through the Common Law declaration of bankruptcy in 1928 of the corporate federal government in an international tribunal by which you, through contractual obligations acquired voluntarily through licenses, and other privileges [such as Social Security] you have agreed to participate in. Of course, without full disclosure, the fraud is self-apparent.)

(A side note: the owners of the Federal Reserve, in their excessive greed, have, through law (statutory codes) acquired a monopoly on the exchange unit in America. This monopoly is called the Federal Reserve note. Because of this monopoly, and no one having any choice in what they use today, the use of Federal Reserve notes, as bankruptcy script of the United States government, under common law, becomes in the nature of a gift. Unfortunately, arguing this in a federal tribunal is a waste of valuable breath. By the way, Federal Reserve notes are obligations of the UNITED STATES under the Brenton Woods agreement of 1947, and are based on SDRs (Special Drawing Rights [under bankruptcy]) according to the international bankruptcy of the corporate UNITED STATES.)

How free or how equal, can any man be when he must consume his time to earn the necessities of life, compared to the man who is privileged, by fear/force of government, to create the exchangeable storage unit of Time out-of-thin-air? The Privilege, which is ordained by statute, to create from nothing, an exchange unit with which to steal the Time of the citizens of the nation, creates the bondage of men, which is simply the owning of the labor (Time) of men. That is all this or any bondage is -- the owning of the labor (Time) of a man. No matter what name the bondage is done under, i.e., slave, resident, serf, or peon -- bondage is simply control of the time that a man must consume in order to survive.

It is a Maxim of Law that from nothing comes nothing. When a banker creates from nothing the exchange unit with which to steal the labor/Time of the residents of his town, that is exactly what he has created -- nothing. Man can only create NOTHING! Man does not have the power of God! And from that "nothing," flows only waste, despair, grief, slavery, and virtually every ill that stalks this once great land.

Almost EVERY ill effect! From this perversion of Law comes the vast majority of all divorces, all bankruptcies, the vast majority of the homeless and the poor, our nation's slums, the ecological damage to our nation and planet, and the hand to mouth existence of most of the bonded servants of this nation's "banks". This is what creates the stress, the hopelessness, the drug addiction as a means of escaping a hopeless existence, and the overwhelmingly large portion of our crime problem; as people -- who deserve better -- turn to crime as the only means of bettering themselves in a system which does not permit any other way of actually getting ahead. As Scripture says, the root of ALL evil is the LOVE of money.

How safe is your Time, stored in the private paper of these bankers? How safe is your family when the coming cashless society of the bankers puts every minute of your Time into their complete oversight and control? Think about that because every time you use one of the banker's private debt instruments (credit/debit cards), you put your stamp of approval upon the bankerís plans to reduce you to complete servitude through their complete control of your stored Time!

And yes, we will always call gold and silver "money", but that does not change the real nature of money. There is nothing that a Man has to spend/consume upon this earth, except his Time. We come into this life naked, with only Time on our hands, and we will leave here in the same manner. No matter what you think you may have accomplished or accumulated on this earth, you still will have spent nothing but Time, because everything else you may have owned, "consumed" or possessed upon this Earth is still here after you have left, even if in a different form from when you first touched it! The only thing you can actually "consume," that you can completely use up on this earth, is Time.

This also exposes one of the bigger lies that our so-called ministers have been telling to us for so many years. Think about it. How many times have you been told that you are born into this world with nothing? This is a bold-faced lie, because you are presented at conception with the greatest of all gifts by our Creator -- the gift of Time. It is how you elect to spend this gift of time that will make the difference in how you spend the next 10,000 years! (Read Revelations; being rewarded, or in a lake of fire.)

How you spend this gift of Time will determine how you leave this earth. And no, you do not leave this earth with nothing, for you leave with either condemnation or salvation (and donít bother to argue with me about it! For if I am right, then you lose for your ignorance, and if you are right, you still lose because your existence ceases at death. Iíd rather not be faced with such a stupid approach, particularly since Scripture is so easily provable to a dedicated seeker of Truth.)

The other Truth that is revealed to us by understanding Time is in the Scripture that tells us that "the root of all evil is the love of money," -- not some evil, not even most evil -- ALL evil! But to understand what is meant, you have to understand that Time is money, and that what is meant is the love of human bondage for personal benefit, always through force, fraud and deceit. And always, so that the few can live idly at the expense of their fellow man, producing nothing.

And if a Man is Lawful, there is virtually no chance that he can accumulate the immense stores of time that constitute being "rich," just by spending his own Time doing so. Can he be well off -- very comfortable -- yes, because an industrious, righteous man is rewarded in this life, just as a willing violator of the Law is sanctioned in this life! (If you do not understand this, then you should study the dietary Laws of the Bible, and then study the causes of most diseases. Disease IS a sanction of The True Godís Law, for disobedience of His Word.)

Therefore, in order to accumulate vast amounts of stored Time, a man must -- to be very rich -- prey upon other Men and steal their Time for his own personal gain. (There are exceptions to this, but very few. A few men have found immense wealth, such as gold, silver or diamond mines, which are not the Lawful property of the People. Almost all natural resources ARE the Lawful property of the People, to be shared equally.) Perhaps the parable in the Bible that tells us that a rich man has so little chance of going to heaven now makes more sense.

Understanding these subjects and finally knowing the true meaning of real estate explains to you why Black's Law Dictionary says that real estate is not "money." Because "real estate" is solely a "mere user" privilege of the realty and there can be no ownership, thus no substance, involved.

To Store Time...

Throughout recorded history, many types of substances have been used to store time. Almost all of them have been found to be lacking after their use has been tried for a period of time. For instance, some of the forms of substance that have been used as money are: sea shells [break, too easily found], silk [perishable, too easily controlled by a few], grain [perishable], rocks of different size or shape [bulky, not easily transported or safely stored] and even human beings [care and feeding of].

Besides these few examples, dozens more types of substance have been tried. None worked as well as gold and silver. This weeding-out process took thousands of years, until today, gold and silver are recognized by those "in the know" as the most acceptable storage unit for Time ("money"). To understand this, simply examine the complete absorption of the bankers in their never ending quest to collect every scrap of gold and silver they can lay their hands on, despite their claims that "our paper is as good as gold."

Once the bankers control all, or at least a great majority, of the available gold and silver "storage units," then it is simple for them to substitute their "exchange medium" (debt instruments) into the economy.

Why -- because it is through the substitution of debt instruments, in the place of substance, into the economy as "storage units" for the Time of the People that they steal or devalue the Time, the money, of the people of every nation that they control. They can accomplish this without the outward trappings of slavery (guns and chains), but it is slavery none the less. And, do not be lulled into a false sense of security, because as the wealth is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, the chains and the guns become more readily used as the power of the few grows.

What is Inflation?

Is inflation increasing prices -- of course not! Increasing prices are simply a symptom of the problem, but they are not the problem. Inflation is the term used by the bankers to conceal the real process of "inflation" which is the devaluation of the storage unit used as the exchangeable medium of the Time of the People of the nation. Inflation is simply the process through which the Time (the life force) of the People is appropriated by the privileged few for their own personal benefit and gain. The most important fact is, firstly, that the bankers must keep this process secret for fear that the people will awaken to what is going on and hang the bankers -- which is exactly what has happened many, many times in the past. Never doubt for a single moment that inflation does not exist, except through a definable and specific plan of action. It is deliberate!

Understanding the real nature of money also explains why so-called equality can never exist. Some men can justify the Time they spend at an exchange rate of $5.00 per hour/day; others can easily justify double, triple or ten times this amount because of their increased productivity in sustaining lives through their labor. A man who must spend his Time irrigating is not as valuable, nor should he be rewarded as much as the man who tills and plants or harvests the food, or the man who builds the shelters or levels the roadways, etc. (I hope I do not have to explain here that a lawyer, politician, judge, military man and their ilk have no productive capacity so there is no basis for any wage PAID to them. They are simply parasites scrabbling for the scraps of the productive in society. Unfortunately, we permit them to write or to enforce laws, which enable their scraps to become quite impressive.)

On the other hand, because of the control of our society by the bankers, many dislocations exist in our nation. Corporations are a very good example. Corporations exist only to take control of immense wealth by the self-styled Elite, and to enable them to hide that control from the common man. This also explains how control of our major media is so carefully concealed in just a few hands. Wall Street, and the so-called stock market, simply should not and do not exist! They are a fiction we have been carefully programmed to see in our minds for the benefit of a few at the cost of many (a Ďsystemí).

And, as long as we think they do exist, the predatory actions, "Predation," upon the people of the world will continue for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many -- in direct opposition to the Law. Wall Street and corporations are just tools to steal the nation(s) from the people who create and sustain civilization. I mean, come on! How much sense is required to understand that no "government" has the "right" to "create" an "artificial being," [i.e., a fiction, a nothing] with the same Rights as a Man. This is what governments do when they "create" corporations -- they literally attempt to act as a "god!" Decide this day, which God you wish to serve -- the "god-state", or your Creator, and His Law. And do not tell me about how we are not under the Law, because you are either under His Law (about 728 of them), or the god-stateís laws and statutes (about how many millions of pages worth?).

The general principal of the creation of the god-state's artificial beings revolves around and is in complete opposition of Christian Law through limited liability, which is the controlling principle of corporations. (For some interesting research, study incorporated churches.) They are intended to take the responsibility for illegal acts by the true owners of the property and therefore stand as a buffer against the Law. The single most important aspect of Christian Law is personal responsibility, but that is absolutely not acceptable by the internationalists and their minions. When they break the Law, they want protection from the fruits of their actions on this earth, which is why they teach and believe that there is no greater power than them, which will hold them accountable at some point in time. So be it, and may The One True God have mercy upon them.

And the other purpose of the corporations is to hide from the People the true identity of exactly who has stolen all of the wealth of the nation through fractional reserve banking (artificial creation of debt instruments by the bankers).

Do you doubt this? Go down to the nearest mall and just walk through the place. Look at each business, and ask yourself how many of them are owned locally. Not very many of them, IF any are. Most of those stores are owned by large corporations, most of them multi-national in outlook and scope, and the People who once benefited as entrepreneurs -- by owning small businesses in America -- are left with no choice but to work -- at very low wages -- for those corporations. Those corporations have no concern for America or for her People.

Take a close look at where the vast majority of the goods sold in those stores come from and you will quickly learn where the industrial base of America has gone. Of course, I understand that this is just an accident -- there could be no identifiable plan of action. As your standard of living in America, and as the standard of living of your children continues to drop, just keep telling yourself that. I assure you, the media (owned by the same men who own all of the other corporations) will continue to explain this "accident" to you in ever-exhaustive detail. Primarily, the media will concentrate on our "inability" to handle "debt."

Those corporations have another privilege not extended to the average American. They are greatly benefited by a "bank" (many directly owned by a bank) through very easily created "credit" at very low Usury. Generally, you will find that these corporations are part of a business association where a bank and the various businesses around the bank are owned by the same people. This makes it virtually impossible for the average man to compete with them and their "creation of the medium of exchange" from nothing. This is why a real understanding of "fractional reserve banking" is necessary if you are to understand what is going on around you. Any of those "businesses" in an "association" with a bank, both owned by the same people, simply keeps itís "deposits" (all "deposits" are the property of the bank -- this means that they can "fractionalize" them) at the "friendly bank" so the bank can multiply the deposits six to ten times from thin air!

Once you understand how fractional reserve banking works for those "in the know," Walmart and the other retailing giants make sense. How do you compete with someone who has the "privilege" of multiplying his daily receipts by six to ten times with no additional expense involved? Now you understand why so many businesses and corporations are owned by so few, super-rich individuals, why the gap between the rich and the poor keeps getting larger, and where the middle class is going. Only those who serve the Elite will comprise the "middle class" in the future -- i.e., attorneys, judges, doctors, politicians, the military hierarchy, etc.

Understanding the "privilege" of corporation also explains why those artificial privileges of government (corporations) are subject to the so-called Income Tax and Man is not. (Man must contract for the income tax.) Corporations are the creations of government and as such are controlled/owned by government. (There is only ONE corporation in America. All corporations flow from the same Crown charter which "created" the federal corporation in 1871 [see Federal Corporation as defined at 28 USC 3002]). Thus, corporations are subject to the whims and desires of those who control the government.

This is also why the "government" must view Man only in a fictional corporate capacity, i.e., their "corporate shadow," in order to justify and legitimize jurisdiction/ownership. (Jurisdiction IS a claim of ownership/interest). (In other places this fiction is not necessary, but in America the "government" can only control that which it creates, as in corporations. Once you begin to understand the problems created for the Elite in America by the restriction of the Declaration of Independence, the push for a convention to alter the Constitution becomes understandable.)

This "view" of Man is taken at the highest levels of "government" and carefully concealed from the masses, and from those who serve the masters of government. To reveal this view, and the real meaning (ownership of the People) of the view is to expose the lies and deceit practiced by the self-styled Elite, and this exposure always puts the Elite at grave risk -- and with good reason!

The Real Issue ...

I hope that you are beginning to see the real issue, which is simply the protection of the Time of the People of ANY nation. Protection of their Time against the depredations of criminals that style themselves as bankers and/or politicians -- when they are nothing but enslavers of Man for their own personal gain. And that is exactly what we are talking about; enslavement by stealing Time for the gain of very animalistic humans and their controlled imps. To accomplish this, the hidden master must have a physical claim of ownership of those under his control. That claim is hidden within the statement of jurisdiction.

Slavery is a very simple subject. It simply means that your owner/master will be fed first from the fruit of your labors/Time. Slavery does not even have to be an openly acknowledged state-of-affairs so long as the actions taken result in the owner/master being fed first. Inflation (the deliberate destruction of the storage unit of the people's Time), is the most obvious of these crimes. However, it is not the only one. Reducing the people, as Roosevelt did in 1933, without their knowledge or consent, to a mere user status on the land; mere user of their cars, mere user of anything possessed, under Socialism/Communism/ Democracy.

(See Senate Document 43, "Contracts payable in Gold" written in 1933:

"The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called ownership is only by virtue of government, i.e., law, amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State." This is still on the books; still in force and effect today.)

This "mere user status" which is hidden behind the lies of a Constitutional Dictatorship for the benefit of the money kings is another, much more obvious type of slavery. Slavery IS the owning of the fruits of the time spent/consumed by Human Beings upon this earth! And, make no mistake about the above Senate Document 43 -- what it simply says is that the "government" has the right to tax anything and everything because the "government" owns everything, and that the government has the right to deny the "privilege" of "ownership/use" to anyone who is deemed to be a threat to those in power.

The third and most blatant claim of ownership of the Man, after inflation and the forced reduction of their status, is the creation of a "fictitious debt" by claiming the "privilege" -- always through bribery and corruption -- of charging interest, or -- to understand a little better -- to charge Usury upon the medium of exchange of time permitted to flow through the economy. It is only through control of this, that the bankers can work their inflation AND taxation tools against the people in order to steal from them to the extent that the banker's greed finds necessary.

Just as ALL depressions and recessions are deliberate in nature and exist only for the gain of those with the power to arrange them. Recessions and depressions do not occur naturally! It is impossible! Recessions and depressions can only occur because the storage unit (medium of exchange) for the Time of the people is missing in a complicated society where barter is not a viable option. People want to create -- to work and produce. People want to eat and enjoy the tremendous benefits of this earth. They do not willingly quit eating or working unless some outside force prevents them from doing so.

This is why the real treason being committed in this nation(s) is extending the privilege of "creating" the supply of the medium of exchange to a few criminals. Namely the Rockefeller (red fellow) and the Rothschilds (red shield) banking cartels (systems). And if you think that the use by the Communists of the color red (the British Redcoats are another example) is just an accident, then you have not yet seen the situation clearly or deeply enough. I strongly recommend that you read the book by Eustace Mullins entitled The Curse of Canaan so that you may better understand.


What is DIRECT taxation? It is the taking, or the actual theft, of a man's Time from him by force, police or military powers, of the government. This can not be accomplished without an interest of ownership being established in the laws of the nation, which clearly demonstrates that the state has a claim against the Time of a Man (see Invisible Contracts by George Mercier). A claim against a Man's Time is a physical claim of ownership. And if you are still paying the so-called Income Tax, understand why you are being taxed by the federal state. They CLAIM ownership of you, and you willingly agree and contract with them! Their "brand" is the contractual Social Security number.

What is a "government?" It is a mindless beast, an illusion, which exists only in our minds and whose minions do that which they are directed to do. "Government" does not exist in the physical sense. It must be given force and effect by men. Only two forms of government have ever existed! They are (A) Dictatorship of man over other men for the benefit of a privileged few, or (B) a government "of the People, by the People, and for the People" under the Laws of The One True God. The (B) "government" can not exist except under the Law of the Creator! (Do you want to talk about Grace now?)

Manís law, which must, by our nature, always result in type (A) Ďgovernmentí, is always written to exact some benefit from another man for the benefit of a few (see system). Never, in the history of the earth, has any law been written by man that did not cost another man some part of his substance and/or freedom. Godís Law -- on the other hand -- is and was written to protect Man -- principally from himself -- but also from other men. How much sense, then, does it make to state that we are not under THE Law?

Power broadly spread:              Power concentrated:

We, the People The United States Government

the united States, as agents of the People Human Resources

Note the exact opposite nature of the two systems. The pyramid is the favorite symbol of the self-styled elite for a good reason.

In a Lawful government "of the People, by the People, and for the People," the government has no jurisdiction over Man, and is strictly controlled by the Law. The only reason for the government's existence (under Godís Law) is to protect the nation and the People, and to enforce the Law. Constitutions (We, the People thought) were intended to be instruments of Common Law procedure. The constitutions (state and federal) are supposedly strict restrictions on the actions of those who volunteer to serve the People in government; the constitutions DO NOT apply to the People! (Case law exists to show this.) It is only through extending jurisdiction (ownership) over Man through contracts that the second type of government -- a government for the privilege of the few at the expense of the many -- can be established. However, this statement, "through contracts," is only true in America because of the Declaration of Independence. All other governments of the earth assume full jurisdiction over their people, and will enforce that jurisdiction at the point of a gun.

The jurisdiction claim of government is the claim of ownership of the time spent/consumed by the people of any nation. This is the general power exercised by all the governments of the earth -- for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many -- formed under the laws of man. That is all governments -- including the United States government.

This ownership benefit is accomplished by and through the term taxation. This is the reason that a heavy, graduated income tax, a direct tax, is one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto -- to appropriate (steal) the wealth of a people/nation and transfer that wealth to a privileged few -- sound familiar? No Lawful government, which represents the People, can ever tax the people directly, for that IS a claim of ownership -- ownership of the Time spent/consumed by the People. Think about this -- a government "of the People, by the People and for the People," is an agent of the People, and the People are the principal. How can an agent tax the principal!?

All direct taxation is a claim of ownership. This is not only the so-called Income Tax, but property tax, which is a direct tax on real estate; a county or state tax on a motor vehicle, which is a direct tax on the vehicle; even a drivers license, which is a direct tax on the privilege to travel. All such taxes are direct claims of ownership by the state to the benefit of those who control the state and are simply methods of redistributing wealth in the only way that it has ever, throughout history, been redistributed: upwards from the People to the self-styled, corrupt Elite.

To take from one man's Time and give that Time to another is prohibited under a Lawful government. It is only a government that exists to prey upon Man for the benefit of others that this Predation can occur. This is the lie of Democracy -- that Man's Time can be Lawfully appropriated/stolen for the benefit of another. The reason for this lie is to conceal from the People that the only beneficiaries of this system are the Elite who control the government.

If you doubt this, then take a walk through any of the Great Slums of any major city in America or in any city in the world where Democracy is proclaimed and see the result of "Democracy" for yourself. Take a careful look at the plight of these people trapped in despair and abject poverty, and understand that the only ones who benefit from the plunder of the Time of the people of any nation are those who control the government of that nation! Almost all of the plundered/stolen Time ends up in the hands of the few, corrupt, self-styled Elite. Very little is actually ever returned to anyone through so-called benefits.

(The figures showing the amount of "transfer payments" made in America are very revealing. If the amount spent on "proverty" was directly distributed to those listed below the "proverty level," each and every one of the "poor" in America would receive well over $45,000 each year. They obviously donít.)

Remember, a government that does not exist to do the bidding of the people, exists for the men/man who control that government. Determine which situation exists and you can easily find where your Time is going. (Follow the money!) And note, once again, that America is in a fraudulent bankruptcy for the benefit of the international bankers, and that the Law in America is suspended by contract. This means that the government is no longer bound by the restraints of the constitution.

This explains why Americans have been fooled into coming under the rule of the Municipal Code of Washington, DC, as citizens of the District of Columbia, i.e., the well-known United States citizen we have all been trained to believe we are -- as compared to the Citizenship detailed for us in Scripture.


The Uniform Commercial Code (the "Code") is a unique system of statutory jurisdiction privately copyrighted by the American Law Institute and the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (see Business Law and the Regulatory Environment published by Irwin Publishing, 1986, page 15 of Appendixes), and is private, corporate commercial law used for public purposes. One of the more interesting aspects of the Code is that everything has a back door -- a way of undoing, or of getting out of any provision of the Code. IN other words, there is a way around every provision of that Code! It is beyond my comprehension, how anyone could willingly choose to put themselves under such a system. Of course, the benefit of such a system for unprincipled men is that they cannot be held accountable for their actions. As long as they know all of the trap doors and neutralizing elements of the system, they have a get-out-of-jail-free-card usable anytime that the very wealthy wish. And since the "rich" control almost limitless amounts of fictional "exchange medium," they can pay any number of scribes to find the trap doors while the poor and middle class can not, but instead must suffer under the tyranny of private law for public purposes.

In this regard, however, there are one or two provisions of the Code that are worthy of note. For instance, on money...

The Code lists four things, which are "money." Naturally, since the corporate UNITED STATES Government is in bankruptcy, we should understand that, Constitutionally, there can be no "money", because that is the reason for a bankruptcy -- no "money," i.e., no gold and silver coin of the nation. So the Code does not and can not address the issue of gold and silver. The reason for the Great Depression (and all of the other "depressions" we have suffered through) was to allow the bankers to steal the "money" (and the literal Money) of the People of this nation; and they did a very good job of doing exactly that. To achieve their goal, they first had to eliminate/steal the substance (gold and silver -- "money") wherein the People of the several states could store their Time safely away from the bankers' reach.

However, if you do not have any "money," then something else must be substituted for use as a "medium of exchange" (money) in the economy. As I stated above, the Code lists four things as money:

       1. Checks

       2. Drafts

       3. CDs

       4. Promissory Notes (Not necessarily in this order.)

Of these four things, elsewhere in the code, we are told that checks, drafts and CDs are NOT money unless there is "money" on deposit to cover them! As I said, the Code contradicts itself every step of the way. Compare that to the Scripture, which can not contradict itself!

So what is "money" according to the Code? Only Promissory Notes. Why?

What gives a Promissory Note value? When you sign a Promissory Note, what are you promising/pledging to do? Aren't you pledging your Time to make the note good? Do you not agree to make so many payments of so much "money" to pay the note back? And how do you obtain the funds to do so -- with your Time, right? Then the value of a Promissory Note comes from the pledge of Time "to be spent" on the part of the signer thereof to make the note good. It is a pledge of Time. Therefore, what is the only money recognized in the Code?


How do the banksters work this to their advantage? First, we need to remember that there is no "money," i.e., no exchange/storage medium of substance, in the system. So there has to be another way of allowing the system to run. So when you go to the bank and pledge your Time on a Promissory Note, the bank takes that Note, deposits it into a checking account, without your knowledge or consent, and writes a check to you from that account. (This is how we arrive at the term "check-book money.") Since what has been deposited in the checking account is your Promissory Note, you must be the one to sign the check issued against it. However, the bank simply forges your signature, or uses another signature, to issue the check.

Simply put, under the Code, the bank takes a mortgage upon your Time, creates a fictitious deposit with the stroke of a pen and lends the "deposit" back to you (check-book money), after attaching Usury to the transaction. This creates a bonded servant relationship between the bank and the "borrower", through the ignorance of the "borrower," for the exclusive benefit of the owners of the "bank" and those privileged to "charter" the private bank i.e., the owners of the Federal Reserve system. This is particularly true when you finally realize that it was actually the "borrower" who lent his Time to the "bank!" We lend our Time to the "bank" and the bank collects the Usury upon it! Just how stupid are we? Perhaps this is why the bankers quaintly refer to us as their "little slaves."

Actually, when you lent your Time to the bank, the bank created a "bookkeeping entry" called "check book money" which is the bankís debt and is entered on the bankís books as a debit! In order to accomplish this and balance the books, your promissory note is stolen and entered as an asset of the bank! They literally steal your promissory note for their own exclusive benefit! And you -- the bonded servant of the bank -- have agreed to pay off the bankís debt!

Never doubt for a single moment that the Code is the private law of the banksters -- the international criminals who style themselves as bankers -- for the bankruptcy of a nation. Perhaps you now understand better the interworkings of this system and the reason for its creation. And further, note that they are using private law for public purposes!

According to the United States Department of the Treasury, the only way to "create" money in this nation today is through local, private commercial banks. However, creation is the province of God, and I have just shown, and as I have always maintained, these local banks "create" nothing! All of their actions are based upon deceit and fraud, and they are literally stealing the Time of the People of America for their own personal gain.

Quite an ingenious system, don't you think? And this system can not exist except through the ignorance of the people. Completely fraudulent and deceitful because the bank has "no interest" (i.e., no "money") in the contract. In other words, the bank has not provided nor given anything of value to justify their economic participation in the Note. Except ...

What the little bankers (that's every banker except the Rockefellers and above) don't realize is that they will not benefit from this system, except for a long enough period of time to install it completely in America. Their participation is not wanted after they have served their purpose of assisting in the subjection of America.

Under the Statutory Jurisdiction of the UCC, all debt instruments MUST travel to the top of the system -- to the Rothchilds and their ilk. They control the rules and there is no room for anyone who could grow rich enough to compete with them. The bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES is controlled through the Federal Reserve, the IMF, and the United Nations, and both the FED and the IMF answer to the U.N.

The U.N. is nothing but the private government of the Rothchilds -- a private corporation operated out of Switzerland and once known as the British East Indies Company. Actually, the Dutch East Indies Company is where it all started. It is interesting to note that in Holland, several hundreds of years ago, the people became aware of the scams being perpetuated against them, and they simply, one fine day, hung all of the bankers in the nation. Believe me, the bankers are serious about gun control. It is the only way they can be even halfway safe for any extended length of time. And not having gun control is the only thing keeping America from experiencing the atrocities of the Russian Revolution, which the bankers I am writing about were solely responsible for, as well as all of the other Communist atrocities world wide. It must be just a coincidence that all Communist holocausts primarily target Christians.



No man's Time may be taken from him unless he is the chattel property of those who benefit from the taking. That is the essence of slavery; the owner/master will be fed first. So a man can not enter into a subjection/servitude contract with a bank under the laws of Usury unless he has a Social Security number -- a brand, to show that he is the property of the state -- i.e., property of those who control the state because the state, having no physical existence, can not own anything! Today, if you are a "taxpayer," this means you are the property of the owners of the IMF and the U.N., and a voluntary correspondent to the International Bankruptcy of The (corporate) United States Government.

This is why, contrary to Biblical Law, a man must pay three times what a house or other property is worth to establish "mere user" privilege of the Realty, or half again as much to establish "mere user" privilege of a car or truck.

You pledge your Time, Usury is attached, and then you are given permission (privilege) to use your Time to claim the use of whatever you wish to possess, provided that your fees to the state are kept current (property tax and licensing fees). This is the very essence of Socialism, where the state has ownership/control of all property, for the taxation benefit of the so-called Elite, or of Feudalism. Feudalism and Socialism/Communism are one and the same.

The real failure point of this "system" comes within the greed of man. As the Ďsystemí grinds on, the amount of Usury and taxation reaches the point where the common man no longer can support himself or his family, and he simply walks away and, with his production gone, the "system" collapses. When you study history, always keep this in mind, because it is exactly what happened to every "empire" recorded in history. And, it happens just as soon as the wealth becomes concentrated in a few, greedy hands.

But to understand this completely, you have to face the truth of Empire/Socialism/Feudalism -- ALL THINGS ARE PROPERTY OF THE "STATE," AND THIS INCLUDES YOU. Since this nation is as thoroughly socialized as any in the world (except that the restrictions of the Constitution because of the Declaration of Independence [i.e., Constitution = instrument of Common Law {Biblical} procedure] are still in force and effect for those that understand the Law), and once you understand the real nature of Socialism/Feudalism, you need to read from Senate Document 43 again, about all property belonging to the State.

Senate Document 43, "Contracts payable in Gold" written in 1933:

"The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called ownership is only by virtue of government, i.e., law, amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State."

This is still on the books -- still in force and in effect today.

If you have no Rights, then you are the property. And the property being referred to in that odious document is not land or cars -- it is Rights. Rights are the only property that exists. Within those Rights are all other things, including the Right to own land, or a car, or anything else, including the Right to have the means to defend yourself. Those are the Rights that the Senate was talking about. Not your land, because without those Rights you are the chattel property, and property has no Right to own property, nor does property have any Right to the fruits of his/her own labor. Property may keep only that which the owner/master deems is permissible for him to posses (not own). Your master owns everything you have, and you are permitted to "use" it.

SLAVE: A human being over whom some other person has the same property rights as he has over a domestic animal which he owns. A slave has no legal status, no righ [sic] of action in court, no property and can neither enter into a contract nor a valid marriage... (Rabinís Law Dictionary)

Do you understand the so-called "courts" that you enter into when summoned by the "law" or when you "sue" someone? To enter that court you must be "represented," i.e., you must step aside and represent yourself (pro se), or you must hire a BAR lawyer to represent you because you have no standing in that court! The very use of BAR controlled courts proves that you are a SLAVE!

Perhaps now you understand the soon to be 85%, currently 70%, accumulative tax burden that Bill Clinton predicts for America within the next few years! Make sure that you understand accumulative taxation. 70% accumulative taxation means that when you buy a loaf of bread for $1.00, 70 cents is taxes! When you buy a home for $100,000.00, $70,000.000 is taxes!

Before we begin with a discussion about inflation, let's be sure that we clearly understand the Rothschilds and the "privileges" bought and paid for by them. The Monarchies of Europe, and the corporation known as The United States Government, gave the Rothschilds permission, because of bribery and corruption, of forcing Men into Economic Servitude through bondage of their Time to banks. This bondage does not have to be directly to the Rothschilds, because the small bankers can do nothing without paying "homage," monetary and personal homage, to the Rothschilds and their ilk.

This extends to each nation's taxpayers as well. Governments turn over "taxpayer backed bonds" to the Rothschilds; the Rothschilds turn the "promissory note-bonds" into "check-book money," and lend it back to the government. This creates an unpayable debt of bondage to the Rothschilds, and at the same time, it creates an uncontrollable government by greatly expanding the ability of the government to "spend" the time of their subjects. (Are you so surprised now at the size of the military-industrial complex? What else would the bankers permit the bankrupt governments to spend their "credit" on but guns, so that the "collection" of taxes can continue no matter what?)

How do the people of any nation control the government -- by restricting the government's access to funding, by limiting the government's power to tax. But when the government is in debt, and has the ability to "create" unlimited debt, those kinds of controls disappear, largely through the ignorance of the people. From this seed we then have wars, demands for "living space," and anything else which will divert the people's attention from the real issues which are money, and the bondage of those same people through Usury.


What Causes Inflation?

The real cause of inflation is very simple. People do not, people cannot cause inflation just by the ordinary process of buying and selling.

But it is only through the understanding of the real nature of money that inflation can be understood.

In a nation, there is only so much Time of the People of that nation in existence. And the People of the nation will spend that Time in their own interest. In doing so, whether they pledge the Time for land or other material benefits, there is still only so much Time. You can not water down the Time of the people -- it is a physical impossibility!

The only thing that you can do is water down the storage medium of the People's Time, so that the stored Time of the people has less value when it is "spent" than when it was stored. This can be accomplished in one of two ways.

1. The "government" issues excessive script (known as fiat currency) in order to pay for benefits for the Elite. This is usually done under the guise of "building for defense," "public works," "war" or some such nonsense, but since the federal government in Washington, DC, no longer issues any "money", we understand that this is not the problem in America. This is also why a balanced budget is an absolute necessity with a Lawful government so that the people who control the government cannot prey upon the people of the nation through the government's power to issue and value the "money," the storage unit of the people's Time. (And this means debasement of the gold or silver coin, as well as use of "paper" currency.)

2. The second, and most common form of inflation, is through the process of Usury. When a Man pledges his Time at a bank, and the bank lends it back to him through our current process under the bankruptcy of the federal government, the Usury charged to that man automatically devalues his Time, because when he pays back his Time that he has borrowed, he must pay the Usury as well. If he borrows $10,000, he must pay back $11,000, and the devaluation of his Time is automatic in ANY instance in which Usury is charged -- ANY INSTANCE! And the inflation is automatic at this point.

Usury/interest is the primary cause of inflation wherever it exists! This is why, under Christian Law, no Usury/interest may exist! It is literally the stealing of a man's Time upon this earth for the benefit of those privileged by manís law, the "government," to do so.

The single largest source of inflation in America is the federal deficit; Usury charged against the "taxpayers" of America for the benefit of the international bankers. And this deficit MUST exist in this system, or our economy would collapse.

Let me make sure that you understand exactly what the deficit really is: The deficit exists as a means of pumping into the economy the approximate amount of the Usury removed from the economy by the International Bankers as "interest" charged against the fictitious national debt. This is accomplished by the banksters through the so-called Income Tax which is paid directly to their private Federal Reserve bank as tribute for the "privilege" of being able to work through the use by our nation of their "storage unit," the Federal Reserve Note. It is not an accident that the "deficit" has always closely matched the "interest" paid by that bankrupt entity known as The United States Government. This is deliberate and necessary or our economy would collapse. If the federal budget is balanced, a depression is a certainty!

And the men and women serving the self-styled elite in Washington, DC, understand this very well indeed.

Make no mistake about this -- Inflation is a result of the privilege extended to bankers and known as "fractional reserve banking". As long as this evil is permitted to exist in our nation we will have the poor, the homeless, and the victims of oppression in ever increasing numbers. There is no other result possible as this system continues to grind its way through the wealth of America.

Foreclosure -- or Tax Sale?

To really understand America today, one more piece of information may be necessary.

This is something that has just come to my attention through the efforts of a friend of mine and the work he is doing against this predatory system of banking in America.

What foreclosure? The bank has no interest in the contract -- no interest in the Mortgage Note (i.e., promissory note) that the bank loaned back to the man who signed the mortgage. The only interest that the bank has in the contract is in the Usury attached to the Time of the maker (a Human Being) of the Promissory Note! (Go back and review how the bank actually "creates" "money.") How do you foreclose on Usury?

But what other provision of the "contract" can the bank foreclose upon? Why do the banks require that they hold the "property use tax" charged against the property for your "mere user" privilege of occupying the property? What if the real process in the "foreclosure" is actually a tax sale to the bank by the "government?" -- a simple change of the privileged occupier of the property at the whim of the master/owner?

And the more that we find out about foreclosures the more we are beginning to understand that this is probably what is actually going on. This is the explanation of why it takes so long to foreclose upon the property. They quit paying the "property tax" when you quit making your payments and they have to wait until the property comes up for sale on the tax roles.

Doing a tax sale accomplishes the single most important thing that the bank needs done -- it eliminates your "credit" with the bank, which is the deposit of your promissory note, which is a debit against the bank. The bank must eliminate this to gain the equity in the property.

Do the people working in the county tax office realize what is going on? People have tried to go in and pay the past due taxes on their property, which is being foreclosed and the assessor's office refused to accept the payments! I would say that they know exactly what is going on. The only ignorant ones -- once again -- appear to be Us the People, as the Feudal system is once again installed for the benefit of the self-styled Elite at the cost of the common man through the elimination of the Law.

And this is a very real system of Kings and Queens (Dictatorship), because under these Codes, there can be only one Sovereign. Or we in America, unlike the rest of the world, can go back to the Common Law for everyone, and every Man in America can be a Sovereign on the land once againóa Sovereign, whose Time belongs solely to him, and to God -- no one else. Everyone is free, or no one is free and freedom can only exist under The True Godís Law. I wish no benefit from anyone, but I refuse to permit someone else to consider me their property, to dispose of as they wish, and to steal from me, as they desire. Am I a taxpayer? NO!!!

Nor am I property of the State. This is the Question of money -- What Is Money?

The Time you spend, ladies and gentlemen, and only the Time you spend is money. Is that your Time -- granted to you by your Creator -- or does your Time belong to another man? The choice is simple. I've made mine.

Again, all of these distortions of America really should not come as a surprise. After all, freedom is not free, and every subterfuge that is possible will be used in order to change your status Ė from that of FreeMan as granted by our Creator and as declared in The Declaration of Independence Ė to the level of an animal; the chattel property of he who controls the power of government.

In passing from this Part, it is necessary to belabor one point; the LOVE of money is the root of ALL evil.

This is necessary, not because you have not heard it enough, or because you have not begun to grasp the significance of this part of Scripture in understanding the world around you. It is necessary because you do not get it yet.

Why? Because you look at this as a lens through which to see the world, instead of yourself...

This Scriptural passage is not referring to "the world" -- it is referring first to you. It is telling you to quit making decisions based on money. Decisions are first to be made based on right and wrong -- absolute right and absolute wrong. There is no other basis to be used in making decisions, and to use money as the first primary concern in decision making is to acknowledge this Scripture in your own life, and in the lives of your family.

I hear it so often. "Organic food is so expensive! Herbs are so expensive! That book is so expensive! Besides, I have medical insurance so I really do not need the Herbs, or the better food, or..." And the list goes on and on, but the first to suffer are your families. I know people today who are paying over $100/month for cable television! They are making payments of more than $600/month on a new pickup, some much more on two new vehicles, and others pay $100's for "insurance." But to pay thirty or forty dollars for a book on Herbs, or health -- nope -- no money, not for that!

When will you have the money for "that," or for anything of importance? When will the scams of the advertisers, the bankers and the international corporations mean less to you than your family does -- when? When will you make the decision to change your life, to become closer to Him, and to move towards the Right, the real Right? When will you get out of the city, and back to where He wants you, self-sufficient and out-of-her? When it is too late?

The LOVE of money is the root of ALL evil .... Television is a very close second ....

It is not hard to understand the world -- simply look at yourself first.

When I started doing this, my anger about the men who do "this" to us disappeared. After all, as I discovered in my studies, they do the same things to themselves. The ones playing with the food supply eat the same filth they sell to us, all for the love of money, and they feed it to their children. And the drug importers often are the first hooked on the drugs, or their children are. And the "law enforcement" thugs often find their own children and relatives ensnared in the same mess we have identified, or with the IRS, or with...

Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord. Oh, how often we forget the absolute truth of Scripture! His Law is Absolute, and it works at all times. It is only we, the blind and deaf who do not recognize the infinite wisdom inherent in the world, and struggle against submission to Him.

Be not angry with them, for they know not what they do. Instead, pray for them, and pray for the strength to alter your own actions, to His Plan.

Now that you have finished Part VII, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you, please read Part VIII. Part VIII contains research and sources you will be hard pressed to ever put together any other place. They are fantastic!

God Bless, David


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