Part X

       I hope, when you are done with this last part, that you understand why I do what I do. And why I have chosen the life I have. I am happy. Can you say the same thing? If not, why not? I am content. Can you say the same thing? If not, why not? I have found patience. Can you say the same thing? If not, why not? The flip side to this is that I have not found perfection, but that is a gift that must come from God; it is not available to me or to you as the tree of life is blocked from us because of our natures. And perfection is Eternity. It is the only way you may reach Eternity. Perfection in His Law, and not in your perception of law. This is THE reason for understanding The Truth; His Law. Nothing else exists in the Universe, for His Word, which is The Law, is the foundation for everything. Without that Word, we cease to be, but He does not. That is what makes Him God, and us man...

       Read on, dear friend, and perhaps together we can find some answers for the future. Our future, and the future of our children and of America. The America that once was, and will one day be again.

The Law
Diet & Health

Deuteronomy 14: You are the sons to the Eternal your God: you must not gash yourselves nor shave your foreheads for the dead; for you are a people sacred to the Eternal your God, and the Eternal has chosen you to be his prized possession, out of all nations on the face of the earth.

       You must not eat any detestable food. Here are the animals you may eat: the ox, the sheep, the goat, the hart, the gazelle, the roebuck, the ibex, the antelope, and the mountain sheep. Also, you may eat any animal with a parted hoof, that has each hoof divided through, and that chews the cud. But of those that either chew the cud or have the hoof divided through, you must not eat the following: the camel, the hare, and hyrax, which are unclean for you, since they chew the cud but have no divided hoof; also the pig, which is unclean for you because he has a divided hoof but does not chew the cud; of their meat you must not eat, their carcasses you must not touch.

       As for fish, you may eat anything in the waters that has fins and scales, but you must not eat anything that has not fins and scales; that is unclean for you.

       You may eat any clean bird, but the following you must not eat: the griffon, the vulture, the eagle, the glede, the buzzard, the kite of any species, the raven of any species, the ostrich, the nightjar, the sea-mew, the hawk of any species, the barn-owl and the eagle-owl, the water-hen, the pelican, the carrion-vulture, the carmorant, the stork, the heron of any species, the bittern, and the bat.

       Also all winged insects are unclean for you; they must not be eaten. Any winged thing that is clean, you may eat.

       Some time ago, I read an interesting letter to the editor in a major newspaper. Which paper, I have no recollection. But I expect that I will remember the essence of the letter to the last days of my life here on this earth! The "man" who wrote the letter was "so glad" that the thinking of the "dark ages" is a thing of the past. You know, back when they "believed" that disease was visited upon man by God! How much better to be living in this "enlightened age" when we know and understand the true causes of disease!

       If the letter had not been so pathetic, I would have laughed myself sick at the blatant ignorance of the individual who penned it! But the more I thought about it, the sorrier I felt for the man. "And my People are lost for a lack of knowledge." And the sorrier I felt for the young me, who, in his own ignorance, fed on the filth of the earth, trusting in those about me to tell me if something was bad for me (I had an unfortunate upbringing; I was raised as a "Catholic"). The young me, trusting man for the truth, when His Word existed to show what was bad, and what was good.

       To be honest, I thought this essay would be simple to write. How wrong I was! I have started this several times, and I keep getting lost. This subject is so vast, and most people know so little on the subject, that a little information is almost as damaging as no information. Frankly, this subject would be better covered in a book. However, that is not the purpose of this essay; this essay is intended to provide you with the reason to look farther, and, perhaps, the sources you should look to for the answers I will be unable to supply in this short work. And the answers that I have not as yet found, as well.

       First, a warning. I have read extensively on this subject. But I have never found a book that had more than an inkling of all of the facts that are needed in order to make informed decisions (and every author of every one of those books would argue with me about this!). Every book covered one, or at most, two or three different aspects of diet and health. Most of the books warned the reader about different aspects of what was causing many of their problems, but not one of the books contained a complete picture. And none of the books I have read bear upon the facts about the foods "forbidden" in the Bible, and why. If you depend upon just one source for your information, you will end up confused, even if you do not realize the confusion. You will be making decisions, decisions affecting your life, and the health of your family, without all of the facts. Do not follow any one man, for none have within them all of the answers.

       And more importantly to my own understanding, I have talked to a lot of individuals who have used what I am going to share with you to "cure" themselves, many times when the so-called medical profession was unable to help them. All of this information has led me to a number of conclusions, conclusions regarding diet and health, and the Law. His Law. So please, read on, and draw your own conclusions, just as I have done, and then begin your own research and discovery.

       First, let us define disease, which is two words; dis & ease, meaning that your body is at dis-ease. The opposite of this is that your body is at ease. This is important to know if you are to understand what is happening to a body which is dis at ease.

       There are two types of dis-ease. The first is called infectious dis-ease. This is caused by a foreign organism which has invaded your body, and the body is fighting to throw the invader off. Colds, flu, polio, pneumonia, the Black Plague, etc. This problem is usually accompanied by fever as the body rushes to kill off the invading organisms. If your immune system is healthy, and operating at peak efficiency, you will seldom know when one of these problems is present in your body. (I might add here that pumping the derivatives of coal tar, commonly called "drugs", into your system does not help your body. Instead, it generally slows down your bodyís attempts to throw off the invading organism while poisoning your body in other ways.)

       The second dis-ease, and the primary subject of this essay, is called chronic dis-ease. This dis-ease is not caused by a foreign invasion of your body which puts the body at dis-ease. A chronic dis-ease, by definition, must originate in your own body. It is Ďchronicí to your body. And since it is chronic to your body, there will seldom be a fever to indicate that the body is fighting some invader, because there is no invader. (There may be some indication of a fever on occasion in this set of circumstances, but it will be because your weakened body is fighting some other organism trying to take advantage of the weakness in you.)

chronic; 1. Continuing for a long period. 2. Inveterate; habitual: a chronic complainer. 3. Prolonged; lingering: said of a disease: opposed to acute. Websterís Dictionary

       Think about this for a minute; if nothing has invaded your body, and if the source of the dis-ease can not be found, yet the dis-ease is not acute, and there is no admitted or known cure for the dis-ease, might the problem be within your body? Now, the medical "establishment " will argue that they simply have not "discovered" the "cause" of the various chronic dis-eases of your body. And, of course, they will call lunatics such as myself everything but right.

       But they have been doing the same thing for hundreds of years! For instance, the chronic dis-ease known as scurvy. Between 1600 and 1800, the casualty list of the British navy alone was over one million sailors, dead of scurvy. Yet, the cure for scurvy, vitamin C, was known since at least 1535. A surgeonís mate in the British navy re-discovered the "cure" for scurvy in 1747, yet it took another 48 years before the British medical establishment accepted the knowledge and acted on it. And in the meantime, more hundreds of thousands of sailors died from chronic scurvy. And can you call vitamin C a "cure"? When it is simply a lack of vitamin C causing the problem?

       Pellagra is another example of a deadly chronic dis-ease. The "cure" for Pellagra was discovered in 1914. Yet the knowledge of it being a vitamin B deficiency was not accepted until the 1940s.

       Rickets is another example. This is a chronic dis-ease caused by a vitamin D deficiency.

       The medical establishment literally rakes in billions of dollars every year looking for the "causes" of die-eases just like those listed above (You have to know the "cause" before you can find the "cure"). Much of this comes from gullible or frightened people in the form of donations, but most of it comes from the "government" which self-serving men have learned to turn to their own uses.

       The medical record of failure to acknowledge most of the discoveries concerning health, and in particular, diet, is well chronicled for anyone who really wants to know the truth. All you have to do is stop listening to the major press and tune in the alternative sources, and read the alternative books. History is replete with the tales of anguish and extreme suffering of millions of people who trusted the medical experts of their day. There is no reason to expect that a future age examining the records of our time will see any thing different. The record will still show that millions have suffered and died for little or no reason, except that they trusted and believed the wrong, self-serving men (Please refer to Part III).

       It is a logical (donít talk logic to people who believe) conclusion to expect that if a dis-ease can not be identified as being caused by some source outside of the body, then it may be caused by the lack of something being put into the body (you are what you eat). However, this conclusion is rejected out of hand by most in the field of medicine. After studying the record, I am forced to conclude that the primary cause of the rejection stems from fear of the actual discovery of a cause/cure, and fear of the loss of the lucrative treatment of chronic die-eases and of the loss of the billions in research grants being doled out.

       That being said, what are the chronic dis-eases that I am revering to: diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, Alzheimerís Parkinsonís, multiple sclerosis, aging, cancer, obesity, lupus, and many more, far to numerous to list here.

       The body needs approximately 90 vitamins, minerals and various enzymes and related natural substances on a daily basis in order to operate and remain at peak efficiency. The medical establishment generally acknowledges this. That is to say, what few in the medical establishment have any knowledge or understanding of diet and health generally recognize this. If we can identify scurvy, pellagra and rickets as vitamin C, B and D deficiency caused dis-eases, it should not be any stretch of the imagination to think about a minimum of another 87 (see 90 listed above less three named) dis-eases caused by the lack of specific nutrients reaching our bodies. And the nutrients needed may not all be vitamins. We are told in Scripture that we are made of the dust of the earth; is dust made up of vitamins? Or do minerals play a part in the make-up of dust?

       In fact, since not all nutrients that we utilize have been discovered, and since a number of them work together and separately as single or multiple factors within our bodies, the possible dis-eases caused by the lack of the proper nutrition probably can be numbered in the hundreds, if not in the thousands.

       Scripture tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil. ALL evil! Not most, not 99%, ALL evil! Think about that. Now, knowing this, just how much sense does it make to trust those who depend upon our illnesses, our dis-ease, to live a life of relative luxury and ease?

The Beginning of Understanding

       Itís not as if the subjects that we are discussing are unknown, or that the facts needed for health are strange and unobtainable to the common man. The problem is that most people believe in their doctor and in drugs. You can not bring the truth to those who believe. Logic and knowledge mean nothing to those who have no ears and no eyes.

       So if you believe in your doctor, there is no use going any further, because some of this is going to be entirely too logical for you.

       First, letís discuss some experiments that have been done on rats. The first experiment was a common one in the labs of our high schools across the country in the 1950s and into the 1960s. However, I can find no record of any such experiments being done in the public schools for the last 30 years. I would surmise from this that someone put out the word, and the experiments were deleted from the public school teaching. Isnít central control of education great?

       In this experiment, the children in the class would take full grown rats and feed them a diet of white bread, and water, of course. Nothing else. The rats always were difficult to control, unsociable, cannibalistic, and every rat died of malnutrition. Well before the school semester was over. Every rat. No exceptions to this. So if you are feeding your children white, enriched bread, and they are exhibiting anti-social behavior and are difficult to be around, perhaps drugs are not the answer.

       But then, perhaps it is not just white bread, either. The main point of the above experiment was that white bread has little, if any, nutritional benefit (there is a lot more to this story, and I encourage you to study the effects of white flour on your body. It is extremely damaging). The enriched part of white flour comes from inorganic, mirror-image vitamins added to the flour. All of the good, organic material natural to the wheat is removed during the processing of the wheat into flour. More on inorganic vs. organic later. For now, think of it this way; to add iron to the flour, they use a form of iron filings, basically the same as rust. But one thing can be said for this type of iron; itís cheap.

       The other experiment on rats involved three groups of the rats.

       In the first group, they feed the rats only raw fruits and vegetables. Most of these rats lived to the ripe old rat age in equivalent human terms of eighty years. These rats led very peaceful lives, and played with each other well, with little if any fighting or biting. At the end of this time, they killed the rats that survived (any that died did not die of dis-ease, but from other causes normal to any group of animals), and autopsied them. There was no evidence of any sort of dis-ease associated with old age in humans or rats! None!

       The second group of rats was fed a standard American diet. This group of rats exhibited strong anger, anti-social behavior, and cannibalistic behavior. Many of these rats died, some well before the end of the experiment, and the few remaining survivors at the equivalent age of eighty years were killed and autopsied. All of these rats exhibited every possible dis-ease common to the people in America eating the standard diet bought in Ďourí supermarkets! There were no well rats at the end of the experiment. They were all sick, and for the most part, in great pain as the Ďchronicí dis-eases slowly killed them!

       The third group of rats were perhaps the most interesting. This group was fed the standard American diet for the first "forty" years of their life, then a number of them were killed and autopsied. Up to this time, this group exhibited the same behavior as the second group of rats, and a number of the rats had already died of various dis-eases. During the examinations, every one of the ratís bodies autopsied showed evidence of many different dis-eases, all common to Americans.

       The surviving members of this group were then placed on the same diet as the first group, nothing but clean water, and fresh vegetables and fruits. Most of these rats lived to the equivalent age of eighty years, with a few dying because their dis-eases were already too far advanced for them to Ďcureí themselves. After they were placed on this diet, the attitude of these rats changed dramatically, and they became very social, played well together and acted just as the first group was acting.

       When the age of Ďeightyí was reached, these rats were also killed and their bodies autopsied. The findings were identical to the first group of rats who were fed only the fresh fruits and vegetables from the beginning! These was no evidence of the dis-eases of aging. No cancer; no eye problems; no diabetes; no senility; nothing!

       Perhaps, as you think of the ramifications of these experiments, I should mention just a couple of important points.

       First, I recently saw, in a major daily newspaper, the results of a study in New York which detailed the most commonly purchased "food items" in the major super markets of the New York area. The number one purchased "food item" was Pepsi! The number three purchased "food item" was Coke, and the fourth was Diet Pepsi! Call me an idiot, but I never realized that pop was a "food item"! I think that if a group of rats was fed only pop as an experiment, that youíd get the same result as was gotten by feeding them white bread and water! They would all die of malnutrition!

       But the subject is even more interesting than that, because if you will make the effort to find and read the book titled The Cure For All Diseases, ISBN 1-890035-01-7, by Hulda Regehr Clark, you will find out that pop, ALL POP, is loaded with benzene, which is very damaging to your body, as well as numerous other chemicals. There is much more great information in this book, particularly about parasitic infestations of our bodies and other damaging processed foods contaminated by solvents and other chemicals. The real problem with the book is the author does not tell us where the parasites come from. More on this a little later.

       To continue with pop, let me tell you about a little conversation I had with a good friend of mine who was managing the trucking segment of a Pepsi distributing company. It was a very interesting talk! It seems that when there are two semis parked in the lot, he has to be very aware of how they are loaded. If one truck has only Pepsi in it, and the other is loaded with Diet Pepsi, the Pepsi loaded truck will weigh up to seven tons more than the Diet Pepsi loaded truck!

       Remember, a can of pop is 12 fluid ounces, not 12 ounces. So it is a measurement of volume, not weight, and the extra weight in the truck loaded with regular Pepsi is suspended white, processed sugar. And if your children are exhibiting anti-social behavior and are difficult to be around, perhaps drugs are not the answer!

       But it could be worse! You could be drinking the Diet Pepsi, which is loaded with nutrasweet, a plastic sweet derived from coal tar. Literally, nutrasweet is a form of plastic, folks. And this plastic, when it enters our blood stream, turns into formaldehyde, also a derivative of plastic, which helps to harden our arteries. But most of this information is not in Clarkís book, you have to find it elsewhere. All she really tells us is what is in the food, not the source of most of the problems.

       A serious Note: Organic versus inorganic: Organic is natural; inorganic is artificial. An inorganic mineral is made from some carbon form to resemble the organic mineral. The only source I know of for carbon is oil (yes, I know, coal is carbon, but before they could use coal for this, they would need to process it into oil first. Why bother, and would that change the basic premise anyway? Coal is a form of oil, or vice versa.), so you can say that all inorganic vitamins are a form of plastic. Since they are a mirror image of the organic version, they are very damaging to the body. If you study this subject, you will learn what I mean. In the meantime, look at the labels on the vitamins you are thinking of buying; if they say "according to the pharmacopia code" or words to that effect, they are artificial. And all major brands of vitamins are artificial (why not? The profit is immense!). (I know, there are exceptions to this, like iron. They donít use plastic to make minerals; I said vitamins!)

       But this is not all of the story either. We are just learning that when we separate natural vitamins from their natural state that we are probably losing some major benefits of the vitamins because of the relationships of the different elements within the plant where the vitamins originate. In other words, natural foods work much better within our bodies than a separate part of the same food, given as a supplement, PROVIDED, however, that the food is organic and natural (see genetic engineering and chemical pesticides/fertilizer).

       There is another aspect of this same story that is... interesting. It concerns fidelity. As in marriage. I have no proof of the following, but as my understanding of health and the relationships in plants has increased, the following has come to make a lot of sense to me. (This was explained to me by a man who did not tell me where his knowledge and/or understanding came from, and I was too overwhelmed by the facts to ask.) The operative part of understanding this is to take what God says literally. He means it when He says that when a woman marries a man or when a man marries a woman that you become one. My understanding is that the physical act of union between a man and a woman transfers fluids from one to the other and from the other back to the first. I think we can all agree upon that part. The part that is interesting is that these fluids build a connection between the man and the woman, a connection that is reinforced over time and creates a physical bond between them. A real, physical, existing bond, at the cellular level. They become One.

       I know this bond is real, because I have experienced it, and found myself unable to sleep when away from my wife, just as she had the same problem. This bond is weakened, and in some cases destroyed, by sexual relationships with a second man or woman. The problem, of course, is that if one half of the marriage is true to their vows, and the other half violates that trust, the one is bound and the other is not. This creates a very damaging relationship for the true one, and can destroy them just as the marriage is being destroyed.

       Without this type of relationship, true happiness can only be an illusion. Have you ever seen a couple that has been married for fifty years, and true to each other? It is a truly wonderful and moving sight. And I expect that one day we will learn that having only one partner in the physical sense will lead to a much deeper level of commitment and, ultimately, happiness. We are told in scripture that man is incomplete without woman. The same is true of woman, and the physical fact is that marriage is the physical consummation creating the bond, not the words spoken by man, and not the "license" issued by the "state". You might think about this the next time you are tempted.


       The second point I need to make after our talk about the rats is the state of the food, in general, as found in the multi-national food chain super markets today in America. You really need to subscribe to Acres USA, P. O. Box 8800, Metairie, Louisiana, 70011. Subscriptions are $24.00 dollars a year, and sample copies are $3.00 each. I know I have mentioned this before, but after you get your first copy of the paper youíll see what I mean.

       This paper is invaluable when you really want to begin to understand what is happening to Americans in general, and to our diet and health in particular. It is as well written and researched as anything I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Perhaps pleasure is the wrong word, because the message in the paper is not comforting nor pleasant. But it is information that you must have if you are going to increase your resistance not only to the old dis-eases, but to the many new ones beginning to crop up today. Frankly, eating out of the super markets is a slow, painful way to die, but it is profitable for the corporations which own the stores! You can be sure of that! Is it healthy? No, it is not. There is no other conclusion to be reached once you begin to look at the facts.

       In this regard, there is another book which is very necessary. In all of the information that I have read about cancer, this book explains things better, and makes so much clearer what must be done in order to avoid the pain and slow, agonizing death from cancer, than anything else I have ever seen. The book is titled World Without Cancer, ISBN 0-912986-09-3, by G. Edward Griffen. I suggest that you check with old book stores and the like, because this book is as good as banned! The information contained in it is simply too explosive for it to be allowed in general circulation! (I may have a source for several copies of this book. E-mail me if you have trouble.)

       This book will leave no doubt in your mind that cancer is a dietary deficiency dis-ease, and not an invasion of our bodies by some outside villain. The book is specifically about vitamin B-17, otherwise known as Laetrile, which is a water-soluble, non-toxic nitriloside. On page 52 of this incredible book is an interesting quote:

       Can the water-soluble non-toxic nitrilosides properly be described as food? Probably not in the strict sense of the word. They are certainly not drugs per se... Since the nitrilosides are neither food nor drug, they may be considered as accessory food factors. Another term for water-soluble, non-toxic accessory food factors is vitamins.

       It is incredible the lengths that have been gone to by the establishment to vilify vitamin B-17, and to demonize it in the minds of the people. All in the name of profit. The list of dis-eases which have been proven to be simply a dietary deficiency includes: scurvy, pellagra, rickets (which three I have already mentioned), beriberi, night blindness, pernicious anemia and others, and many of these are still misdiagnosed by the establishment pushers of drugs! Why, then, should we be surprised by the complete lack of honesty concerning cancer? Or any other dis-ease?


       Isnít it amazing how much sense there is in the sayings we bandy around? You are what you eat. What a strange concept! You mean, if I put benzene into my body, the benzene becomes a part of me?

       If I put a plastic sweetener into my body, it becomes a part of me?

       You mean, if I put drugs into my body, they become a part of ME?

       Wow! If only Iíd known! Well, now you do. And it is all well and good to speak of the ninety or so vitamins and minerals that our bodies need on a daily basis for proper nutrition, but the damaging things we put into our mouths are just as important to avoid as it is necessary to include the good things!

       If you overload your body with filth, your body is no longer capable of cleansing itself, nor of keeping your immune system strong enough to fight off the many viruses and germs floating around, no matter how many vitamins and minerals you take, waiting for a weak moment to invade your body. As you load your body with filth, your need for doctors and drugs, to protect you from your own actions, becomes much greater. (Arenít drugs great? And drug pushers? And I am specifically referring to the sign down on the local "drug" store, and to the doctors who "push" them. Theyíre drugs, people!)

       But where does most of this filth come from? From the processing of the foods?

       Yes, a large part of it comes from that, but not the most damaging of all the filth comes from that source! Most of the filth we put into our bodies comes from our disobedience to His Law!

       What!? Are you trying to tell me that weíre subject to the old dietary Laws!


       And thatís not all, because I can prove it beyond any shadow of a doubt!

       First, what is Law, and who is subject to Law?

       Law is the prerogative of the Sovereign Authority. Law may only be written by the King to which one is subject. This is called the Kingís Privilege; the privilege to make law. Only, for the Creator, it is not a privilege, but a Right, which should explain the extreme difference between His Law and the laws of any man. To understand this best, think about stepping off the top of the Empire State Building in New York City. This is not a good idea because of something called the Law of Gravity, established by the King Who has Sovereignty over the Universe, which says that only birds may fly in their natural state. Therefore, if a man tries to do as the birds do, he will have a very short time to live.

       The only difference between the Law of Gravity and the other Lawsí effects on man is that most of the rest of His Laws do not work in as rapid a manner as does the Law of Gravity. But... they do work every bit as thoroughly and as efficiently. Ignoring them will kill you, only the process will take a lot more time, and generally, involve much more pain.

       Scripture tells us that Man is intended to live for about 120 years, possibly a little more. Evidence from around the world indicates that this is true. There are a number of areas of the world where the people live to an average age of 120 to 140 years, and some well past this. There must be some reason for this difference between them, and us, who can expect to live at most to about 75 years of age. Generally, considerably less.

       Generally speaking, there is a reason for this, and the lack of nutrition is only a part of the story. Although many parts of Scripture deal directly with the principals of feeding ourselves and not trusting others who deal with food strictly for profit (Remember; the LOVE of money is the root of all evil; think about this when you buy food), the real message concerning diet and health in the Bible is contained in the dietary Laws.

       As an example, letís look at pork; you know, the "other white meat". If I am not mistaken, I believe that 28 times in Scripture we are admonished not to eat the pig. We are commanded not to even touch his dead carcass. Why? Anything in Scripture which is repeated 28 times is something worth considering! So there must be some reason for this admonition, and, from what I have learned in Scripture, I seriously doubt that this Law, as is the same with all of Godís Laws, is meant to be arbitrary and capricious.

       A brief word about The Law. The One True God is Perfection which is His Nature. He does not change His Law, because He can not, by the very Nature of Himself. To change His Law would be to act in some interest, most likely His own, but no matter. To act in any interest is to be subject to that interest, and God can not be. He is the Sovereign of the Universe, so His Laws, which made the Universe and which make the Universe operate as it does, in Perfect Harmony, are unchangeable. His only release for us is mercy, which He has shown to us on numerous occasions, and which I pray for when I stand before His Implacable Presence at Judgment.

       I say this because I have heard the nonsense about "those Laws are nailed on the cross" so many times that I have little patience with the comment any more. To make this comment is to say that God, on "repealing" His dietary Laws, changed the nature of Man and of the pig. God did not because God can not. The dietary Laws are simply His way of telling us how to live healthy lives, to use the food He has placed here for us, and to avoid what He has placed here for other purposes, so that we may live to the fullness of the time that He has allotted to us on this earth, that we may continue to learn and, at some point, become as close to Righteous Men as possible. Does this mean that we will lose salvation if we dis-obey the dietary Laws? Yes and no.

       We will not be condemned by dis-obedience to the dietary Laws. At least, I donít believe so, because the Laws are for our own well being. And our salvation comes from another source; Christ. However, that being said, when you break the Law, and it leads to a very young and untimely death, how prepared are you going to be to meet your Creator? And if you are pushing the dietary filth onto Godís People, and limiting their time on this earth through their ignorance and your culpability, are you affecting your standing before Him at Judgment? So there are some other aspects to this that are certainly worth considering. Particularly when it comes to feeding and teaching your own children.

       And to consider His Laws, we must look at them through science. The dietary Laws are based on science. Strange concept, isnít it? God would use science, which He Created, for His Own Purposes? How so?

       As I was saying, letís consider pork. The pig does not sweat. Therefore the waste products that would normally be excreted through the pigís skin is instead recycled back into itís meat. These waste products are called urea, as in urine, which is the other area where they are emptied from the body. This is where the odor and flavor of pork comes from. Doesnít pork smell great while it is cooking?

       The pig has only one stomach. This is a very important area of knowledge and understanding for us. All animals mentioned in the dietary Laws as permissible for us to eat are chewers of the cud. This means that they have a number of stomachs, and they reprocess their food a number of times. It also means that they can not eat meat, but must eat only plant food which they can reprocess through their mouth. Because of this reprocessing of their food, these animals create a meat from a single enzyme, which is specifically created for the digestion used in our stomach and intestines.

       The pigís meat is what is called a complex meat, and we are incapable of digesting it. Sorry if you donít like this information, but it is a fact. There are a number of books which describe "cleansing of the colon". This becomes necessary because, as we age and ingest numerous chemicals and unclean foods, excess waste matter which our bodies are unable to rid itself of, fast enough, becomes impacted into our intestines. Pork is undoubtedly a large part of this impaction in our colons. This impaction of waste matter in our intestines affects our ability to absorb nutrients, and increases our bodies demand for "more food", so we eat more and benefit less. Also, as the intestines swells from the waste matter, our bodies become first, fat in appearance (swollen around the waist), and second, incapable of properly cleansing itself because the paths into the intestine for riding the body of waste from the liver and other organs becomes blocked.

       Then the body must store this waste in other areas. The most common area to store waste which the body can not throw off is in fat, which the body will create if there is no other way to store the deadly toxins it is trying to rid itself of. It is a very vicious cycle. (A point about fat: We are not the only ones who store toxins and other waste matter our bodies can not throw off in fat. Every animal which inhabits the earth has a body which works in the same manner. You might want to think about that the next time you cut a nice, dripping piece of fat to go with that tender piece of fat-marbled, grain fed beef. You also might take notice of the fact that prior to the 30s, most of the beef eaten in this country was grass fed. It was not until the 20s, and again in the 30s, when the fed broke so many of the ranchers and farmers and the "government" got involved in "subsidizing" the production of food and millions of dollars was poured into grain subsides that some use for the excess grain had to be found. Hence, the feed lot and the grain fed cattle. As you study, you are going to see a lot more to this story!)

       This impaction of our intestines has another, much more visible aspect. Ever seen anyone with a very swollen abdomen? Hanging over their belt? Iím sure you have, because there are millions of such people walking around in the states. But donít forget, itís the "other white meat".

       But is this the whole story of pork? Sorry, this is just the beginning. Now, the information gets worse, much worse.

       I mentioned the book titled The Cure For All Diseases, and that the book really does a good job of covering the parasites which infest us. I also mentioned that the book does not cover where these parasites, like liver flukes, come from. Well, the primary source for these parasites is from the pork you feed to your children. And donít even think about cooking pork enough to kill everything that is in it. The studies have been done, and it is not possible. They have cooked pork at 400 degrees, burning it black all the way through, and, under a microscope, could still see parasites crawling in the meat. And under a microscope, you can see these parasites crawling in pork. Weíre not talking about theory here; this is established, scientific fact. Fact which can and has been duplicated many times.

       The other important point here concerns viruses. Pork flesh contains over 900 different viruses. Cooking does not kill these either. Your children been sick lately, had runny noses, and no one knows where the illness comes from? Did you enjoy that wonderful pork roast, or the pork chops, you fed to them a week ago? Gonna have bacon and eggs in the morning for them? Iíll tell you, some of the sorriest stories I ever see in the paper concerns children dying from "lack of medical care" because the parents "believe" that prayer is the answer to dis-ease. These same parents gladly feed their children hot dogs made from pork, shell fish, white bread, and pop, and then pray to God to overcome their dis-obedience to his scientific Laws. Makes no sense to me, Iíll tell you that! But then, the letter to the editor that I mentioned in beginning this paper comes to my mind every time I think about the dis-eases children suffer. And the children shall suffer the sins of the father even unto the fourth generation. I wonder what that means?

       Oh, and do you sweat? Ever suffer from the dreaded "body odor" problem? What is sweat? It has a double use by your body. One, it is a cooling device, and two, it is a cleansing agent as well. Your body works the same as the pigs body, but where the pig can not sweat and thus recycles the waste back into his meat, your body uses the sweat as another disposal system, flushing waste matter out through the sweat glands and the pores of the skin. This may be a normal process, or it may serve as an emergency system when your body is, as most American bodies are, overloaded with filth. Depending on the rancid state of the waste your body is trying to throw off, the odor your sweat gives off will vary from non-existent to highly offensive. The one thing I can assure you of, is that if you want a powerful odor, eat more pork. (The same is true of bad breath.)

       Of course, to control the odor, and stop the cleansing action of the sweat, the multi-national corporations will offer you all the "deodorants" you could possibly want. Is there a cost associated with using these, and similar products, besides what they cost in "money"? I made a little trip down to the store and examined about twelve different brands of deodorant. The first ingredient in nearly every one of them was a compound of aluminum. Now, everyone is pretty well aware that aluminum cook-ware is bad for your health, and is probably part of the reason for the upsurge in dementia and related mental dis-eases, like Alzheimerís, in America.

       The aluminum in deodorants is every bit as bad, if not worse, and is designed to penetrate directly into the body for the purpose of stopping sweat. You didnít think it stayed on the surface, did you? And the deodorants which did not use aluminum used instead propylene glycol, which is anti-freeze, basically. Ever hear how a puddle of anti-freeze lying on the garage floor will kill a pet who licks it up because it is so sweet tasting? It will kill them because it is poison! Yet we use it under our arms to control the odor of what we eat. Interesting, isnít it, as God takes His vengeance.

       One of the largest pork eating people in the world are the Germans. You should go out of your way to talk to someone who has been in Germany. I have. I remember one woman in particular talking about being in a crowded elevator full of Germans. She almost gagged! You are what you eat. Another interesting discussion you may try is with anyone who works in a meat packing facility. They will tell you that pig meat is handled completely different from any other meat. It has to be, because it is already half rotten while the pig is still alive! And once the pig is slaughtered, the meat has to be processed quickly and in certain ways or it is spoiled. As if something this rotten to begin with could ever be called "more spoiled"!

       Hereís another interesting subject; How about blood? Why, in the Bible, are WE told to drain the carcass of an animal thoroughly before eating of the flesh? (I know! Thatís just that silly stuff the Jews do!) What is blood? Yes, blood is the life-giver of the body. It carries the oxygen without which we can not live, as well as all the nutrients which are needed by each cell of our bodies.

       But blood is also much more than this, as it acts as the cleansing agent for the body as well. The joint purpose of blood is to nourish our body while it simultaneously carries every particle of waste the body generates to the kidneys or the liver. Every particle of waste. So blood may be a "rich" medium, but it certainly is no food. We are told to drain the carcass of every animal of blood so we can remove as much as possible of the carcassesí waste before we eat it. To make the carcass as clean as possible. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. The more filth you invite into your body, the less health you enjoy, and the more it affects every aspect of the workings of your body,. not the least of which is how it affects your ability to think.

       As a corollary to this, we are told not to eat of the innards of the animal. Such things as the liver, heart and kidneys. Why? Where does the body deposit all of the waste it carries out of the body? And we want to eat of this deposited filth? Why?

       Shell fish are another forbidden food. Why? Because shell fish are what are called "bi-valves". They process sea water through their bodies, using two valves, in order to eat, and, I may add, in order to clean the environment. That is their job! To clean up the environment. So they remove the filth from the water, and we pay extra to eat the filth that they have removed and which is still stored in their flesh while they wait to process it into their shells. I think a study of their shells would probably reveal where the toxins and other wastes they process out are stored, but I have not seen any such study done. I just know what their purpose is, and I want nothing to do with eating such unclean food.

       I also wonder at our sense when we have all kinds of environmental damage, and we continue to remove from the environment the very animals created by God to clean it up! Of course, if you give this information to any "good" environmentalist, I am sure he will explain to you that he is concerned with the environment, not with some nonsense about God! And as we all know, health has nothing to do with God, and, anyway, His Law has been set aside.

       As long as we are on this subject, letís discuss birds for just a moment. We are told that we may eat certain birds, but not others. Why?

       Every bird that we are told we may eat has what is called a "crop". For you city folk, that is a pouch under the birdís beak where they store all of the seeds and other plant matter that they collect. They will then swallow small rocks, which collect in the crop and grind the seeds and other matter into digestible bits. The point is, there is a definite difference in how they process their food in order to create a meat which is digestible by Man. So when someone tells you that the dietary Laws no longer apply, ask him when God changed the nature of Man and repealed the scientific basis of His Laws in order to do this.

       The next time you discuss anything with your "pastor", you might bring up a couple of these subjects. Just for the experience, in most cases, of seeing someoneís eyes glaze over. In nearly every so-called church in America today, the so-called pastor/minister is licensed by the state and works for a 501 (c)3 corporation, which they call a church (for their own benefit). The state also has very specific rules limiting what the "pastor" may talk about, and I assure you, the material contained herein is not on the approved list! Failure to obey these "rules" will lead to the corporation losing its tax exempt status, and that would have a direct bearing on the pastorís income! No thanks. Iíll pass on such a "church".



       Before we continue, perhaps we should discuss the quote at the beginning of this essay. Most people have a King James Bible, and if you did look up the said quote, you found that there were a number of major differences. The most important difference in the quote and the King James Bible version is in the use of the word "shall". In the King James, it says: These are the beasts which ye shall eat:" In the Bible I use, which is the James Moffatt Translation of the Holy Bible, it says: "Here are the animals you may eat:"

       There is a world of difference between the use of the words shall and may. One, shall, can be construed to be a command. The other is permission. Perhaps the forgiving nature of a Loving God, who, knowing the nature of Man, let us have our way, even knowing the damage such conduct would do to us by eating meat. As I grow older, and, I hope, wiser, my intake of meat shrinks. I eat no unclean food, but I eat very little meat now (some fish, chicken, and turkey), and I am coming closer to understanding a vegetarian diet. I think back to the information about the rats...

       I donít think, given the short term of our sojourn on this earth, even if we live to the full term of 120 to 140 years, that some meat will damage most people. But some people, who have no tolerance, and still insist on eating such food, will suffer harm from it. And I am becoming more sure as I research, that if we spent the early part of our lives, as I did, eating unclean foods such as shell fish and pork, that our bodies have less margin for error if we truly desire to extend our time on this earth.

       This is a decision that each of us must make. I am making mine, and it is difficult, but I see my future, and I am quite sure that not very far into that future I will forego all meat. But that will be my decision, because I understand that we were given permission to eat certain meats designed by God for our digestion systems. As for the unclean foods, none of us have a choice. Oh, you may eat them, but you will suffer the dis-ease of your body if you do. Science, and not I, say so. And vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord. But this does not mean that He reaches down and destroys the unbeliever. It simply means that His Law is absolute, and the way His Law works exacts vengeance without any action by God other than the original establishment of His Law. And the same is true concerning all the different aspects of how His Law works, not just as far as diet is concerned. (Boy, how much I could write on this!)

       This is the operative part of His Law. The active part. Praying to Him for relief while ignoring His Law is self-defeating. Just as praying to Him for relief from His Law makes no sense. He can not change His Law! He can grant Mercy, but it is not the same thing, and does it make any sense to ask for Mercy while flaunting His Law?

       And does this mean that prayer does not work? No, this does not mean that. What this does mean is that, as our understanding of the chemical composition of our bodies increases, we are probably going to find that somewhere there is a key that we unlock by prayer. A chemical key. Possibly one which enhances our immune system, or which works in some way that we, at this present time, have no way of understanding, and quite possibly, no way of even recognizing. But I can assure you that it operates on faith, because it takes faith to ask Him for mercy! You can call it what you will. I think it is probably a direct connection to Him, which He, in His Wisdom, established in the beginning. But, depending upon this while ignoring the science behind His Law is not only nonsense, it is dangerous.

       It took me a long time to understand this. What we see happening to America is occurring because of US! Not the U.S.; US! Because we put other gods in front of the One True God. Because we let the so-called ministers tell us that His Law was set aside, and no longer counted, and we believed! We had faith in THEM! Not in God, and in His Loving Nature. We actually thought we could ignore the Law and do as we please, with no understanding that the only purpose of the Law is to protect our nation and us! From ourselves!!! And, and... This is important, so listen up; And to protect us from the godless! Without His Protection we have no chance! We are too few! Just as without His Mercy and the Salvation offered by Christ we will never enter into His Kingdom.

       And if I can show that one aspect of His Law is valid under scientific understanding, doesnít that show that the rest of His Law must be valid as well? Or, at the very least, that it must be given careful study and consideration? Go back and read Parts VI and VII if you doubt this.

       I want to share with you something one of the first readers of these papers wrote to me. I think it is important: "...reading your papers has changed me. They have changed the way I look at the world around me.

       "I was thinking about Part three and the things you said about "truth," and I was thinking about the Scripture that we all know that says, "and you shall know the truth and it will set you free." I have realized that in everything, it isn't enough to just hear the truth, or to know that something is the truth -- you must embrace the truth and allow it to change you -- just as knowing that Jesus died to free us from the bondage of sin will not set any person free. It is only when we embrace that truth and allow ourselves to be changed by that truth that we are set free from the bondage of sin.

       That is what the Truth does. It changes you. Why? Because all Truth comes from Him, The One True God. There is no other source for The Truth.

       To be frank, I had thought to make this a much longer, much more detailed paper, but that would defeat the purpose of the paper. This is supposed to be a gateway, for you. To be a gateway, it must act as an entrance, and not as an answer in and of itself. As I said earlier, this should be a book! But it can not be a book and serve the purpose for which it was written. The gateway is to show you Who is The Truth, and let you find your own way to Him, and to health, to happiness, and to wealth.

       Only you can do it. I can not do it for you, and the only help you have along the way is Him. All I can do is crack the gate to the pathway open, just a little.

       That being said, there are a couple of things I need to address before signing off.

       First, you must understand the Truth, and the purpose thereof. Truth will change you. I have said this before, but not in the sense of the power of Truth. You see, you will understand the Truth because it changes you. Not because it has the ability to change you, but because it does change you. You have no choice in the matter. It will happen. That is why, at the very beginning, I warned you that reading these papers would change you. It does not matter if you, at this moment, accept the Truth of this or the preceding papers as Truth, because now you know facts which you had not dreamed of before, and you will change. Right now you may even think "no way"! But it will happen, I guarantee to you. You have no choice, just as I had no choice once I started to learn. You are on the pathway. The only thing that can stop you now is you; by deliberately turning your back on Him.

       And I also warn you; from this point on, you will see that you are leaving most everyone else. They are on a different path, and that path diverges sharply from your own. You will be different, and no longer a part of the world of man. You will look at things differently. You will understand things in a different light, and you will make decisions which make no sense to many of your friends and family. I know. I have been there and done this. But as I said at the beginning, I am happy, are you? And if not, why not? Most of my family is not happy, and they are not content, and the same is true of my friends. But I am.

       This is the power of Truth, and unless what you are hearing is changing you in some manner, then you are not hearing Truth. Going back to Part III, this is why lies are told so often and so forcefully, because they have no power and can only work as programming. They can not change you, but they can indoctrinate you, and it is this principle which makes TV so very damaging for children. And you, I might add. At one point in time, when I was a very successful contractor, I owned seven TVs. Amazing, when I look back at it.

       The second is the nature of churches in the world today. But before I get into this part, I want you to think about what I wrote above. Is your church changing you? Now, letís be honest, shall we? Are you perfect? If not, then does it not stand to reason that you must change in order to become closer to Him Who is Perfection? And if your church is not changing you, is there any Truth being revealed to you there? Or is it a social function, and good for business to attend church? Do you like the tax deduction given by the government to the church as an incorporated agent of the government?

       And does this have anything to do with you and with salvation? Or with health, and happiness? Perhaps. Let me tell you a tale, actually, two tales, the first a tale of a celebration that has been going on every year all across this earth for over 6000 years. A celebration of a birth.

       The man whose birth is still being celebrated today was named Nimrod. You can read about him in the Bible. When you do, look closely at the Tower of Babel. He was the first in a long line of men who wanted to rule the earth. Today, his mental brothers call it the New World Odor. Sorry, Order. Nimrod was also the man who brought to the earth such practices as cannibalism and the sacrifice of children. All in all, not a very nice man.

       His birthday was celebrated throughout the centuries as the High Feast of Babylon, or the High Mass of Babylon. But people became tired of the sacrifice of their children, and other perversions practiced in the various names of Nimrod, and they began to rebel, so the names were changed, many times, to Baal, to Mardoc, and to others so that those devoted to him could worship him in secret, while convincing the people that something entirely different was going on. He had been elevated to the status of a god, a god known as X in the secret communication of his adherents down through the years.

       Over time, the celebration of his birth came to be known as the High Mass of X. Finally, this was shortened to Xmas. Always, his adherents followed the same rituals in their celebration of his birth. His mother (he married his mother and fathered his wife on her), after his death, claimed that a pine tree had sprang full grown from a rock, and that X had appeared to her and commanded her and all others to bring gifts for him and to leave them under the tree. He would come in the night, the night before his birth, and examine the gifts. Those that he found particularly pleasing he would take, and all others they would be free to distribute among themselves.

       X was celebrated as the Sun god, and much was made of the day each week upon which he was worshipped. In fact, the day was named after him; the day of the Sun, or Sun day; Sunday.

       Around the year 200 AD, in Rome, a religion struggling against Christianity, to control Christianity for its own ends, adapted this celebration of X as the day to be celebrated in the name of Christ. That day is December 25. Christmas, or the Mass of Christ. Christ mas; Christmas. That same religion also decreed that all worship of "Christ" in "their" churches would henceforth take place on the day of the Sun. Such blasphemy! And today, in the writings of the hierarchy of that church, we find the claim that all "churches" which follow their command to worship on the day of the Sun are subjects of that church.

       We were never told of the day of Christís birth for a very good reason. Birth is not the beginning of life. And to celebrate birth as the beginning is to acknowledge that the killing of a fetus is nothing special. This is particularly true when it comes to children, who have been indoctrinated from the year 1 by their mothers about "birthdays". How do you convince such a child that birth does not begin life, when he/she celebrates that very thing every year of his/her life? How do you argue the facts about abortion with someone indoctrinated from birth with this kind of belief? If Christ wanted us to celebrate his birth, there would have been a very clear statement made in Scripture as to this. There isnít, and I hope you begin to understand why not.

       On Xmas (the correct spelling), the same thing applies today that has for over 6000 years. We, the adherents of Baal, put out the presents under the pine tree, he comes to inspect them, in the fairy tale guise of Santa Claus (in his red suit; if you do not understand the use of "red" in history, begin your study with the "redcoats" and the "reds" of communist fame), and the gifts that "he" leaves behind are then distributed in the Xmas morning celebration. As an aside to this, perhaps you should read Jeremiah, Chapter 10, where we are admonished not to go into the forest as the heathen do, not to cut a tree and bring it into the house, and not to set it up as a god, bedecking it with gold and silver. And we wonder why we have so many problems, and why God has turned His back on us? And, just as a little extra something to think about; I know of no children who come into this world loving Xmas. I do know of thousands, nay, of millions of children indoctrinated by their parents into the pagan rituals of Xmas. But I know of no one in which this system of rituals is natural.

       The second story involves the capital. You know, Washington, DC, Paris, Helena, Montana, Berlin, etc. But where did the term come from? The use of the word capital started, in modern times, at least, with the name of Jupiterís Temple on the highest hill of the seven hills of Rome in the days of the Roman Empire. This was the center of the Empire, from which all power flowed, and through which the Emperor ruled by Divine Right as an agent and brother of Jupiter. The Emperor was a god in his own right, and ruled from the capital. Today, the seat of all manís government is known as the capital. Coincidence? Or something more? Judge for yourself.

       There are, today, two sovereign entities on the face of the earth. One is the City; the London financial district known as the Crown of England. The other is the Vatican, which claims sovereignty over the earth because of a bequest from the last Holy Roman Emperor who supposedly gave ownership of the earth into the churchís care. Whether this is a spurious claim, as many writerís convincingly argue, is a moot point, considering the power and force of the Roman church. It claims a world wide membership of about 950,000,000, and I see no reason to doubt this. It is simply the best organized and richest government on the face of the earth. Did I say government? Of course I did. They claim to rule and own the earth, so what would you call them? And all of the royalty of Europe paid/pay allegiance to the Roman church and receive, in return, their "divine right" to rule legitimacy. And, in return, they occupy the "capitals" of their respective nations, receiving, still, from the capital in Rome, the authority to do so (there are plenty of books on these and related subjects if you wish to pursue them).

       But how about "capitalism"? What is that, then? Isnít it the same thing? What is capital for a business? The credit the business runs on? Where does the "capital" for the United States originate? Isnít it from the "credit" of the United States, issued through the Federal Reserve as credit of the King, and collected by all those businesses as "capital"? Then define capitalism for me, and go back and read Part VI and PART VII again. Then, after you have done this, please explain all the benefits of capitalism to me again, because I just donít get it, I guess.

       I read all of the posts and other information about "asset forfeiture" and "taxes" and wonder at our gullibility. Then men I know go into court and argue "Rights" and the judge snarls at them about "donít bring those arguments in here" and they think he is off his rocker! Who, exactly, is crazy? Them, or us? In capitalism, "things" have standing, as "things" are what these people worship! Why shouldnít the government bring charges against $3,789.56 or against a house? Their god is blessing them! They get the "things" and we wonder what is going on!?! You are known by whose law you study and keep, and when you participate in "their" system, you wonder that you are subject to their god?! Or their rules!? And we cry out for "justice" with no understanding of what we ask for.

       In the Roman Empire, under the "Capital" of Jupiter, there were three minor gods. Two of these were "justice" which stood for judgment under manís law according to the Kingís privilege and the other was "liberty" which simply meant a release from the strictures of Gods Laws for the rule of man. You can find both of these prominently in the preamble to the Constitution, but you will not find them in the Declaration of Independence (So do not think that "god" is not mentioned in the Constitution. You simply have to understand the terms!). This information is just in case you donít think that there was a difference in the intent behind both documents. Or in case you still think that the writers of the Constitution did not know what they were doing. (And yes, liberty is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, but if you read all of the Declaration of Independence, you will see that it is talking of Liberty from the Kingís [manís] law, and the justice named is the Kingís justice. I think they understood, much better than we.)

       The third minor god in Rome was "licencia" from which comes "license" under manís law. A license is simply permission from the king to do something which would otherwise be illegal.

       At this point, it should be quite clear to the reader that our nationís leadership changed radically between the Declaration of Independence and the "ratification" of the Constitution for the United States. The Declaration of Independence removed the curse placed upon mankind in First Samuel 8:18. Further evidence that this was the publicly accepted intent and purpose of the Declaration of Independence is this 1778 quote from James Madison:

       We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future... upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to sustain, according to the ten commandments of God.

       How much we have forgotten. We have forgotten His Law, and opted instead for the curse of manís law, and we wonder why we are unhappy and persecuted. We have individually re-created our own slavery by entering into contracts with a government founded upon manís law. We may individually remove the slavery (curse) by reverting to the natural condition of one in America. Because there is only one True Law, and One True Law Giver, The One True God. Because of this, the government is compelled by its own statutes into accepting our expatriation into our natural state and condition of freedom under His Law.

       Extensive changes in our lifestyles may be required in order to accomplish this. Trust me, I know about this! And they are worth the effort. Really, you have no choice, for there are changes coming to America that anyone can see, and your lifestyle WILL change. More than you can possibly believe, particularly if you presently live in a city.

       All of my prayers and best wishes are with you. God Bless. David


Unconditional happiness

Happiness is not the result of favorable conditions. That's backwards. Favorable conditions result from happiness. So what does it take to be happy? Nothing more than a willingness to be happy.

Happiness comes from the way you respond to life. There are people who have every reason to be miserable, but who still live with happiness and joy. In every life, there is room for happiness.

Everyone has challenges. Everyone has disappointments. Yet they do not have to get you down. True happiness comes not from the absence of problems. True, enduring happiness comes in spite of the problems.

Happiness is not a reaction, it is a choice. Let it be yours. -- Ralph Marston


There is one more book I am going to plug here. The title is Eat Right For Your Health by Dr. Peter J. DíAdamo, ISBN 0-399-14255-X. And Iíll tell you right up front not to bother reading the first chapter. He presents information about blood types developing 60,000 years ago that no one can possibly have any idea or knowledge of, and he presents his opinions on this as fact. And I realize how this puts the rest of his work in a bad light to begin with. That being said, the book makes more sense than most anything else I have read on the subject of health and the individualís diet. With this warning; the man has no knowledge or understanding of the Biblical principals of diet, so he approves of eating snails, shellfish and other foods I wonít touch.

       But... He is also the only one I have seen that makes the definite statement that pork is not good for anyone. And he says the same thing about all pop. So he is on the right track; he just needs to learn a little more! He also hits the nail right on the head: We have to quit accepting toxins and other poisons in bright colored packages sold to us as food!

Other books of interest:

The Medical Mafia, ISBN 0-9644126-0-8, by Guylaine Lanctot, M.D. I doubt you will ever look at your doctor with the same eyes again.

Fluoride The Aging Factor ISBN 0-913571.03-2, by Dr. John Yiamouylannis. Absolutely essential reading, before you buy another tube of tooth paste for your children, or for yourself. And to understand the real depth of corruption in the united States.

Oxygen Therapies ISBN 0-9620527-0-1, by Ed McCabe. Actually, any of the books by Ed McCabe on oxygen. After you read one of his books, you will understand why Ed is now in the federal prison system. He has not been convicted of anything, but is being given, and has been for some time, diesel therapy (being moved around in the "system") to break him spiritually and financially. Ed is the prefect example of someone who thinks you can be in and use the "system", keep your SSN, do your "banking", and, because you are "right", fight the "good fight" to correct the "wrongs". Incredible information in his books. There will be no more of them, and the ones available will probably be the last ever printed. Be warned.

DMSO Natureís Healer ISBN 0-89529-548-2, by Dr. Morton Walker. Pretty interesting.

Natural Remedies for a Healthy Heart ISBN 0-89529-808-2, by David Heber, M.D. Again, pretty interesting, but, as usual, the information has to be filtered. He does show you do not have to be tied to drugs.

Prescription for Nutritional Healing ISBN 0-89529-727-2, by James F. Balch M.D. and Phyllis A. Balch. I use this as a reference for quick knowledge of natural products for specific problems. A wealth of information.

There are a lot more, but you can find as many as you want on your own. The thing is, you must start.

       Thank you for being with me through all ten parts. Now that you have reached here, I want you to know how different you are. Very few have the drive and the determination to do as you have done. Read all ten parts. In a way, this is part of the reason that there are ten parts; the information in Part X is not for the average man or woman. They can not utilize it, and because of their natures, they must find a different path.

       This is the real reason why Parts I & II are the first two parts. No one in America can read them and go about their lives without looking around them in a different way. They may not even realize what is going on inside themselves, but the time will come when they must make decisions and the part of the information they did look at will make a difference in their decision. And most probably they will not understand why they made the decision they did, but that does not matter. What matters is that they have a better understanding as a basis for their future, the future of their children, and the future of America.

       Now for the warning. Is everything you have read in these essays absolutely correct? Of course not. First, I am a man, and far from perfect. The only place to find perfection is God; itís what makes Him God. Second, every time I think I have something completely figured out, new information comes to light and it turns out that my vision was out of focus. Third, I can only give you my version. I am not a part of the so-called elite and have no knowledge of their motives or actions behind the scenes. I can only speculate and draw conclusions from the evidence existing in the public record. So there are many things, and many people, involved that I have no knowledge of, and of whom I wish no knowledge. I have chosen my life, just as they have chosen theirs. Fourth, my reality is different from yours. I know that sounds like a silly statement, but it is what makes us man instead of God. And this is why the decisions I make for my life are not proper for your life. We must each find our own path, and follow it the best we can.

       This is very important to understand. We are responsible! Not some preacher, or politician. WE are! When you come into this life, your mother is there to help you, to cuddle you, to feed you, and to protect you. Thatís her job. But if you want to understand what comes after, simply look at the end of life; you go that road alone, just as you will face judgment alone. The men who misled you will answer for their sins, but you will stand alone before Him. All I can do is point you in the right direction, encourage you, and help in any way I can.. That is all any man can do.

       This is why depending on any man will get you in trouble. Man acts for his own interest. Not yours. What is important to your minister is his pay check and his license from the state. The same is true of your doctor. The root of all evil is the love of money. Really rather simple, when you come right down to it. The jack booted thug working for the state is not different; he just expects a lot less than the doctor does! I no longer worry about them; vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. When you fully grasp the significance of what I have written, you will understand what that means. I do not have to punish them; their punishment is ongoing, now! They can not read these papers! They are blind, and they are deaf! They are no concern of mine, and Satan destroys his own first. Why? Because it is the easiest thing to do! Shortly, in America, you will see men destroying each other. One side fighting for the Constitution, and the other side fighting to save the Constitution! Have pity for them, for vengeance is come...

       I have a favor to ask of you. Now that you have finished, please sit down, and with your new understanding and insight, read the Declaration of Independence again. Then, tell me what you think... now.

       May God's Blessings Shine for you and yours. All my Prayers, and all my best, David; and, lest we forget, remember; you now have knowledge. With knowledge comes obligation.


       Now, for the next part .... As I said above, I have an ongoing obligation to each of you who wish to continue. How much more I will prepare I have no way of knowing. Just as I had no way of knowing, when I started, that there would be ten parts to this work. Nor did I know what those parts would consist of. Some of these papers were written years ago, and I have refined them over the years, correcting and expanding, using the feed back from those good enough to tell me how they were affected. This work is what it is because of you, and it became what it is because of the ongoing questions and reactions, and, I hope, guidance from Him.

       And that being said, please, I ask you, do not copy Part X and run out and give away a bunch of copies of it. You can damage people as well as help them by doing so. Yes, a few may be ready. But look back at what you went through in getting to this point. People have been programmed. There must be a certain amount of de-programming or exposure to this information can blind them worse than before. I know. I have seen it.

       The information to follow will be somewhat different, and will probably concentrate on aspects of sovereignty. That means law. Before you continue, I want you to wait at least one week and think about what all you have learned, then, if you feel comfortable, E-mail and ask for Part XI.

All my best, David


From the December issue of ACRES USA:


It has been long suspected by scientists that pigs play a role in aiding influenza viruses to evolve into new forms, enabling them to re-infect people who have developed resistance to them.

"The Journal of Virology" recently presented new evidence supporting this theory. An international team of researchers report finding that the lining of pig throats contains receptors for both human and avian influenza viruses, providing an environment in which viruses that attack birds, and those that prey on humans, can mix and reformulate themselves.

"The evidence we present supports the role of pigs as a source of potentially hazardous influenza A viruses, arising through classical genetic re-assortment or a novel adaptation to human virus receptors or perhaps through both mechanisms," the researchers report. "Thus the continued intensive monitoring of swine populations for avian-like influenza viruses should be an integral part of global health planning." (I have a rather unique approach to this; I simply don't eat any swine or swine products, and thus have no problems! -- David Gould)


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