Suspicions Mount in Young Kennedy's Death


                    Michael Hafter
                 Freelance Journalist

                    July 25, 1999

                 All Rights Reserved

          (Permission Given to Copy Intact)

Martha's Vineyard,  Massachusetts.  The obvious doubts
surrounding young  John Kennedy's  death  are  already
mounting  up   to  a  staggering  list  of  unanswered
questions.  Eyewitnesses have come forward to report a
bright flash  over the  Atlantic.  Conflicting reports
of clear  and cloudy  weather over the crash site are,
without question, irreconcilable.

     John-John's flight instructors are now telling us
of a careful student who,  if anything, underestimated
his abilities.

     No  sooner   had  newspapers   printed   close-up
pictures of  a suitcase  and  business card, allegedly
those of  Lauren Bessette, when doubts arose as to its
ability to  float to  any shore,  even in  calm  seas.
And, since when does shattered landing gear float?

     Was the  son of  a President murdered and, if so,

     The inevitable  rash of references to the Camelot
mystique  have   served  to   obscure  a   pattern  of
historical  facts   all  too   familiar  to   informed

     John's  famous  father, President John Fitzgerald
Kennedy, was  assassinated in Dallas some 36 years ago
by  an   obviously  coordinated  cabal.    Lee  Harvey
Oswald's "window"  of opportunity was the head shot he
had  as   the  motorcade  approached  the  Texas  Book
Depository:  the target was then unobstructed, slowing
down, and getting larger.  Ask any KGB or CIA how they
do it.

     Even trained FBI marksmen could not duplicate the
feat required to hit the same target moments later, at
an oblique  angle, with  elm trees  in the  way  of  a
right-handed bolt action  better  known for  bad jokes
about its propensity to jam.

     The President's head was hit either by a powerful
deer rifle, fired from the grassy knoll, and/or a hand
gun fired  from a  storm drain  in front of eyewitness
Abraham Zapruder.

     The  8  millimeter  Zapruder  Film  is  the  best
forensic proof,  because the  other "Best Evidence" --
the wounds  on Jack's body -- were altered en route to
Bethesda Naval Hospital.  Author David Lifton "follows
the body," in his famous book by the same name.

     What  was  JFK  Senior  doing,  or  planning,  to
warrant  his   untimely  demise?     History   is  not
completely silent on this point.

     Of all  the theories  which still hold water, his
Executive Orders  authorizing U.S.  Notes --  the "red
dot" currency  -- have regularly been down-played by a
socialist media alliance.

     But, the  evidence is  there, even in last year's
annual report  of the  New York FED:  those banks rake
in tons  of interest annually on their Federal Reserve
Notes ("FRN")  -- a mighty castle of papier-mache, and
a foundation of sand.

     As one  keen observer  has quipped,  the "system"
has within it the seeds of its own destruction -- bank
racket Babylon  -- pearls  of cancer in a dying oyster

     In contrast, JFK's U.S. Notes were interest-free,
and the  FED had  to put an immediate stop to this end
run by  the Oval  Office.  Their ultimate motives were
very far from standard bureaucratic survival.

     Most recently,  Alan  Greenspan  fell  silent  in
response  to   a  simple   question  about  the  FED's
charitable contributions,  if  any,  during  his  long
tenure as  Chairman.  The real answer:  New York's FED
spent 3  years of  effort to  convince high schools in
Puerto Rico to teach economics.  Read "indoctrination"

     So much for charity.

     Fast-forward to John Junior, heir apparent to the
family dynasty,  such as  it is.    The  darkness  now
descended upon  the D.C.  is so thoroughly documented,
one would  have to  be blind  and deaf not to know the
sordid facts.   The  District of  Columbia itself is a
city planned -- of evil, by evil, and for evil.

     Charity?  Forget it!

     When this  author was  a  summer  intern  in  the
nation's Capital,  the winning  coach in  the  Potomac
rowing contest  was routinely tossed in that river and
then chloroformed  to disinfect the sewage soaking his
clothes (not a metaphor).

     Young John  had chosen  journalism, and needed no
help from  a  mainstream  media,  bought  and  sold  a
thousand times over,  to see the killing fields in his
own backyard.   D.C. has  now become a city synonymous
with filth, and death, intent on "reaching out."

     Young John  had also chosen charity, with a poise
and grace  reminding us  all  of  mother  Jacqueline's
memorable tours  of a  newly decorated  White House --
hearts up-lifted  by small children's laughter filling
history's hallways.   That  was our camelot, small "c"

     Look carefully now at Senator Kennedy's pose,  in
life jacket  and leaning  over the fan tail of a Coast
Guard cutter,  as it  trolls for  body  parts  in  the
Atlantic's shallows.

     Contemplate the  grief of  this man  as he stares
into the  murky depths of a nation gone mad.  Not just
another son,  but his  beautiful wife  and her equally
beautiful  sister.     These   are  days  which  leave
permanent hollows in our souls, and community chests.

     Some say  that parents' worst grief is to witness
the loss  of their children.  Politics aside, Ted must
now endure  the mental  torture of realizing America's
been stolen,  and he's  helpless to  take the helm any
longer, if  ever he could.  Sweet solace, alcohol.  We
cannot rightly  blame him,  really, so  great are  the
forces arrayed against America's highest principles.

     Surely, this is spiritual warfare, at its peak.

     What America  can now  expect, with  the greatest
of expectations, is a spectacle  already  repeated  ad
nauseam.   Plausible denials will proliferate, and the
truth will  sink under  clouds of  murky, slimy  kelp,
bio-engineered by our friendly local thugs.

     Here's real  money (NOT paper!) on a bet that our
vaulted Department of Justice is already busy covering

     I now believe John Kennedy, Jr., was murdered.

     Perhaps the  Senator from  Pennsylvania will head
up yet  another commission  --  or  would  that  be  a
another Spectacle?

     Now, will someone please prove that I am totally,
utterly, and  demonstrably WRONG?   PLEASE!    I  want
proof.   I need  proof.   Without proof, I do not have
any viable alternatives.

     I do not WANT to believe that American government
is now some "New World," ruled and ordered by a murder
and  extortion   racket  dooming   any   prospect   of
statesmen, or  justice, or  genuine leadership  in any
branch, state or federal.

     Rest in Peace,  John-John.   You are back home --
with Mom and Dad.

                       #  #  #

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