"The Trial Balloon and The Bowling Ball"


Michael Hafter

Freelance Journalist

February 6, 2017 A.D.


In the District of Columbia, the technique known as "The Trial Balloon"

is well known, and well understood:  float an idea where everyone

can see it, and wait to see if it stays up, falls to earth, or gets shot down.

Then, there is a similar technique that is not so well known and

not so well understood inside the District of Columbia, and elsewhere:

it is called "The Bowling Ball":  aim your 16 lb. bowling ball at the

nearest 10 pins, and wait to see which pins jump out of the way

and which pins foolishly stand their ground.

To obviate any false claims of gross negligence, the "Bowler"

floats a very short-lived Trial Balloon long enough to convey

advance notice of a Bowling Ball that will follow shortly.

Those who get knocked down were just not paying attention,

or they were so heavily subsidized that they started to allow

their own social theories to morph into fact.

Our next installment of this lesson will explain how

The Bowling Ball handles a 7-10 split.



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