"Compassion and Infiltration:

California's Shysters Are Impeding Public Health"


Michael Hafter, Freelance Writer


December 4, 2015 A.D.


First in a Continuing Series on American Just US


            In the quiet little town of Hayfork, California, a seething volcano is about to erupt from its heated origins below grade.  The war on drugs has now crossed a line hitherto invisible to voters, jurors and the population at large.

            Working diligently to master a matrix of State and Federal laws and regulations, the Compassionate Use Alliance has now exposed verified evidence of widespread infiltration of The State Bar of California by all its members.

            Using rules of civil procedure and evidence assembled in a copyright case commenced in Sacramento just days before 9/11/2001, founder Ed Guenette has steadily pursued diligent investigation of unlicensed attorneys appearing in State Courts and County government offices.

            Yes, you read that correctly:  these UNlicensed State Bar "members" are openly violating sections of the California Business and Professions Code which expressly require a certificate of oath to be indorsed on the back of their licenses to practice law.

            To "indorse" is to sign on the back, as when indorsing a standard bank check.  In Latin, “in dorsomeans "on the back."

            These licenses are not to be confused with their standard "Bar cards".  Just yesterday, Guenette confirmed that a Superior Court docket record contains photocopies of the front and back sides of one such Bar card.

            But, that card does not even come close to satisfying the clear requirements imposed by CBPC sections 6067 and 6068. 

            Section 6067 was first enacted in February 1939.  California's Courts have already ruled that its requirements are constitutional, and the California Legislature does have authority to impose an oath upon all Bar members.

            As such, not only does such an oath invoke lawful substance by obliging attorneys to honor 2 large bodies of Law -- the U.S. Constitution and the State Constitution.  The oath requirement was elevated to supreme Law of the Land when Article VI, Clause 3 first became law on June 21, 1788 (this writer's birthday).

            That Oath of Office Clause predates the Bill of Rights, first ratified in 1791, and it has never been amended, not once!

            Making State Bar members even more vulnerable are standing decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court identifying them as "officers of the court", and at least one Act of Congress at 4 U.S.C. 101 imposing the oath requirement on all State judicial officers.

            Guenette's first foray into this dark matrix was a written DEMAND for the licenses to practice law and certificates of oath required of former Trinity County Counsels.  Smaller counties in California routinely hire private attorneys like Cota Cole LLP to perform such services. 

            Guenette invoked a public records law to discover County payments to Cota Cole totaling more than $300K.  With the automatic triple damage multiplier authorized by the Federal Civil RICO statute, Cota Cole was served with a lawful INVOICE for almost $1 million payable to the County of Trinity.

            More recently, another CUA client requested counsel with a misdemeanor citation for pot possession issued by a law enforcement officer employed by the U.S. Forest Service.

            Guenette promptly invoked the federal Freedom of Information Act to request that officer's U.S. Office of Personnel Management APPOINTMENT AFFIDAVITS.  The USFS Disclosure Officer is now in default -- by failing to produce that credential within the time limits imposed by the FOIA.

            Making matters much worse, OPM published a counterfeit revision of that form in August 2002, and it stubbornly refuses to apply to the Office of Management and Budget for periodic review and approval of that form.

            OPM's Standard Form 61 is a "bootleg" form because it lacks a valid OMB control number, which must be displayed at the upper right-hand corner.

            And, an Act of Congress bars all such officers from being paid if they have not executed valid APPOINTMENT AFFIDAVITS.

            As such, it is very probable that all federal personnel hired after August 2002 have executed counterfeit credentials, and the affected number could easily total a million or more.

            The County Sheriffs Department is also implicated, because it routinely deputizes USFS personnel with authority to enforce State laws.

            However, in that particular case, the implementing federal Regulation requires violations to occur on Postal Property, but the defendant was nowhere near USPS land or buildings when he was stopped and cited.

            Guenette has also demanded licenses and oaths from the current County Counsels for the County of Trinity, and they too are in default.

            The mind-boggling conclusion now warranted -- by all the evidence assembled and confirmed to date by CUA -- is that not one "member" of The State Bar of California is properly licensed.  Not even one!

            At last count, there are 250,000 registered State Bar members in California, and many of those are presently employed as U.S. Attorneys and Federal Judges. 

            And the McDade Act requires all U.S. Attorneys to obey all State Bar disciplinary guidelines "to the same extent and in the same manner" as all private attorneys in each State.  This writer spoke with one of the U.S. Representatives who authored that law, and she made the intent of Congress very clear.

            If you happen to notice cracks forming in the public pavements of Trinity County, please call 911 if hot molten lava suddenly shoots skyward or smoking sink holes swallow your parked car:

            The missing licenses and oaths for all State Bar members are about to explode into a statewide crisis of epic proportions that will make the Mount St. Helens eruption look like a firecracker.

            Governor Moon Beam, are you reading this?  Your State Bar Number is 37100:  http://members.calbar.ca.gov/fal/Member/Detail/37100


About the author:  Michael Hafter is a freelance writer who appears briefly in the Supreme Law Library on the Internet, using a variety of stealthy pen names.


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