Chapter 10

In Conclusion


          The Judeo-Christian churches have nothing to offer individuals or to our society in general.  Their house is left empty and having neither substance or truth, they are as whited sepulchres full of dead men’s bones.

            I titled this book, “There’s a Hailstorm Coming” because in Scripture, hail has the prophetic meaning of truth.  It is also a sound alike of my last name and for those of you who are unaware of it, God is hooked on phonics.  My family motto is, verasequor, which is Latin for, “I follow the truth” which has been my lifelong goal.  Even my name can be interpreted to mean, a ruler who tills the earth with truth.  Does that mean that I speak only the truth?  I have only as much truth as I seek after and no man will ever have the full mind of God.  It means to me that God has set me on a journey to seek the truth.  I pray that I’ll be able to be a person someday who can rule and reign with Christ and spread His glorious truth throughout the earth.  God is sending a hailstorm upon the earth and from the books I’ve read and the videos I’ve seen recently, it has already begun.  He is sending hail mingled with fire; truth and judgment.

            The wonderful thing that has happened since learning these truths is that verses leap from the pages of the Bible that we had never seen before because they were buried under our presuppositions.  There is no longer any tension in our theology because it is consistent and all of the various doctrines flow together making sense where there was none before.

We are what we eat and we are what we think.  As long as Christians continue to think of God as someone who can torture men with unbelievable horror, then they shall think it alright to make war and to render unto Caesar that which is God’s.  They are deceived on both counts but because of their cognitive dissonance, their knee-jerk reaction to any thought that might upset their world, the vast majority of them will remain as war-mongers and lust after material gain.  A large number of churches today teach the “name it and claim it” doctrine.

            Jesus and all twelve of His disciples, save John, were murdered because they dared to speak the truth.  I know of men today who are persecuted and reviled for teaching and preaching the very things I have mentioned here.  A new book was published this month, March, 2011, by Pastor Rob Bell, who has a 10,000 member church in Grand Rapids Michigan called Mars Hill Bible Church.  In his book, he refutes the idea that God is going to burn people in a lake of fire for all eternity.  I truly respect such a man and pray his entire congregation will listen to him but it is more likely that they will ask him to step down.

            Also this month, a pastor Chad Holtz of the United Methodist church in North Carolina was fired after expressing his belief that he did not believe in eternal hell-punishment.  See his story here:

            I never intended this book to be exhaustive or of itself convince anyone of the truth of the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It truly is a synopsis of this vast topic of the restoration of all things.  Each person must be fully persuaded in their own minds and that is only done by individual research and study.  What I have done is to compile a list of authors and sources that anyone can go to and discover the truth for themselves.  What has been exhaustive is my research into these matters and can be seen from the suggested authors, audio tapes and videos.  I have spent 50 years researching this topic of salvation.  You are without excuse, oh Christian, whoever you are if you do not pursue the truth on your own.  You can’t blame your pastor for your deception.

            My wife and I have had to break 99% of our relationships with Judeo-Christian friends because they will not hear of the doctrine of universal reconciliation.  We now attend the America’s Promise Ministries church in Sandpoint, Idaho where a remnant meets weekly, about 12-15 souls.  But, we’re not interested in numbers, we’re interested in truth, and our Pastor, Dave Barley, teaches these very doctrines.  Pastor Barley and his lovely wife, Martha, have been blackballed by every church in the area because of their beliefs.  In fact, they have been labeled as racists and bigots when in point of fact, they are two of the most loving and giving people I or my wife have ever met.  Such is the cost of believing that God is a loving, merciful and gracious God.

            The vast majority of Judeo-Christians (can you say, 80 million in the US alone) support the nation of Israel and continually vote for Congressmen, Senators and Presidents who support Israel and her wars.  There is a feeling today in America that was prevalent centuries ago that resulted in the Crusades and most Americans have been led to believe that Arabs are our enemies.  It isn’t Arabs that are our enemies, it’s politics based on greed and power and until Judeo-Christians stop supporting war-mongers both here and abroad, the unjustifiable killing of millions will continue.  Christ told us to pray for our enemies and for those who despitefully use us.

            I consider the greatest man of the 20th century to be a pagan by the name of Mohandis Gandhi.  Some Judeo-Christians, when asked of this man’s fate, have stated that he is burning in hell.  I have to shake my head at such ignorance and wonder how anyone can be so blind and judgmental.  Gandhi may have been deceived in many areas but he understood the message of love. The sad part is that I cannot point to a single  Christian man or women who could even compare to him, self included.  He was the strong, driving force that forced the British to leave India and relinquish their colonial hold over them and he never hated or despised the British or treated them badly in any way.  To the Christians who would say he is burning in hell, I would point you again to Paul,


For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves:  Rom. 2:14


            There are too many Americans who believe we are safe from our government because so many of us are armed.  That thinking may someday get you killed.  Gandhi used peaceful non-compliance with laws he thought were unjust, discriminatory or in violation of one’s rights, as did our Lord.  Weapons are fine to have as a deterrent to criminals but this is not 1776 nor do we have the moral fiber of those men back then.  Force will be met with force and the bigger force will win.  Recently, Ron Paul made a very profound statement when he said,


What if Christianity actually teaches peace and not preventive wars of aggression.


            The number of people we have tried to explain these truths to, including some family members, has resulted in their becoming angry with us and rejecting the concept even before any of it is explained or researched.  Most just quote a few of their “pet” verses that, in their own minds, justify their beliefs.  So much for, come let us reason together.

My youngest son, William James, was talking with some Judeo-Christians in a chat room on the internet and they were discussing Rob Bell’s book mentioned above.  Most of the response was, “well, if God is going to save everyone eventually then I’ll just go ahead and do whatever I want and be saved later.”  My son responded by saying, and I paraphrase him, “So, you will respond to God under threat of eternal damnation but not in response to His love.”  That says it all.

            My oldest son, Richard Glen, has had similar conversations with the many men he works with as an electrician.  While on his jobs, he converses with fellow workers who have the same feeling as the man mentioned above and Richard shows them the illogical conclusions they’ve made.

            Kathleen’s oldest daughter, Cheryl Irene, helped convert her husband, Brian Hicks, from Catholicism to the understanding of the restitution of all things by the sheer evidence of Scripture.

            My daughter, Sandi Hale Nicholson, married David Nicholson whose father led them to the understanding of the Glorious Gospel.  Ernie Nicholson and his wife, Peggy, were friends of ours before our children married.

             We have two other children, Chad Buxton who lives in Australia and is still pondering the weightier matters of truth and Kathleen’s youngest daughter, Cindi Gower, who truly loves Jesus completely but remains a Judeo-Christian.  They are both precious to us and we live with the hope that they too will someday learn of the Glorious Gospel but all in God’s timing.

            So, we feel blessed by God that He has opened the eyes of most of our children and they are carrying the torch of truth to our many grandchildren and perhaps their generation will be the ones who bring the next reformation of the church and the whole of Christianity.

            Fortunately, the situation in this world is rapidly coming to a close because the times of power hungry dictators and politicians is over.  It is time for the unveiling of the sons of God.  It is time for the unveiling (revelation) of Jesus Christ.  A hailstorm is coming and when His laws and judgments are in the earth, the people of the world shall learn righteousness.  Come Quickly, Lord Jesus.  Amen.



Final Suggestion:


If you don’t do your own research into these matters, you and the world will never change.  Responding to me with your lifelong presuppositions forces me to have no response.