An Introduction To The Subject


            America is no longer the country I grew up in and although I was unaware of so many things back then, the seeds of change were already deeply planted in the 1940s and 50s.  How did we get so far away from the principles upon which this nation was founded?  I truly believe it can be traced to our religious beliefs.  All nations and cultures live and act according to their particular theologies or moral concepts.  An example would be the cultural beliefs in India where many people starve to death but cows eat quite well.  It’s because of the precepts of Hinduism.  The same is true of all other religious beliefs whether Christian, Buddhist, Moslem, Judaism or any variations of these.  People form their cultures and traditions based on their Spiritual understanding and practices.  Even one’s political ideas and allegiances are heavily influenced by his religious beliefs.   As a matter of fact, one’s political and religious beliefs are inseparable.

            A drastic shift began to take place in the American experience just prior to the start of the 20th century.  Although immense in their ramifications, the changes began slowly and it would take decades for many to be recognized or have an effect on American society.  A shift was emerging in two major areas of our lives.  The political arena was being infiltrated with progressive thinkers who no longer believed our Constitutional Republic should remain as formed by our founders.  The religious realm was changing from the traditional thinking of the reformers to a modernistic, evangelical church whose doctrines would ultimately change the face of Christianity forever.

            Most people have become very much aware of the fact that we no longer have a government as intended by our framers.  We presently live in a Legislative Democracy wherein the Federal Government usurps more State’s rights and individual rights every year. It has gotten to the point where a police state is emerging and those in government are above the law and indifferent to the cries of the people.  Most of our citizenry are only aware of the tip of the iceberg and would probably be too astounded to accept many of the hidden facts which can be found only by extensive research.  Our government is completely out of control and the blessings of liberty are rapidly disappearing.  Further frustration is created by the fact that the two major political parties are nothing more than a ruse to continue filling the halls of Congress with men and women who are like minded and have no concern for our freedoms or heritage.

            The enslaving legislation that keeps coming from Washington since the turn of the last century is supported by a corrupt Judiciary that continually fines and imprisons those who dare to criticize the direction our government has taken.  Added to this is a complicit media that demonizes those who object too loudly and uses slander to vilify any opponent of these present trends, the truth having escaped their pens years ago.

            From the adoption of the Federal Reserve Act to Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal,’ the Korean War, the assassination of President Kennedy, the Viet-Nam War, Cambodia, Iran, Somalia, Kuwait, Bosnia, 911, Iraq and Afghanistan, our country has become an aggressive force around the world. This list of conflicts and deceptions is only the more noted and remembered by the hundreds of military involvements, coups and treachery perpetrated by our government, either directly, covertly or with complicity and indifference.  For a more detailed and extensive list go to:  Read it and weep.

            Much more could be said about the undermining of our economic system, the unlawful enforcement of a fraudulent tax system, a social security tax (FICA) that is nothing more than a ponzi scheme and one that is rapidly approaching implosion.  A fiat currency that allows bankers to create money (debt) out of thin air has enslaved our children and grandchildren for the next century.

            Around the same time that our government began to erode and change from a Republic to a Legislative Democracy, a similar change was taking place in the Christian community and in Christian theology.  The writings of John Nelson Darby created the groundwork for dispensational theology in the 1840’s in Ireland and later Cyrus I. Scofield implanted it deep into American churches around 1910.  Scofield’s reference Bible contained numerous notes that supported the dispensationalist theory and as Churches across the United States began to use Scofield’s notes, dispensationlism became orthodoxy in most Protestant churches.  Dallas Theological Seminary and Bob Jones University started turning out thousands of ministers who were deeply ingrained with these fundamentalist concepts and they would have a profound and lasting effect on the Christian religion and Christian theology.  Dispensational theology teaches that God has changed the way in which He relates to men and the number of times God has instituted these changes is anywhere from 3-8 times depending on your interpretation.  It leads me to want to name it the "ooops" theology.  When in actuality, "ooops" is not in God's vocabulary.  He has had one plan from the garden of Eden to the end of time and it has been unfolding just as He planned with no changes or detours.  The only change I can think of is that God took the Old Law Covenant and wrote it upon our hearts and minds and called it the New Covenant.

             John Darby was hailed by many as an expert on prophecy and his dispensationalist doctrines would touch every area of Christian thought and theology.  One would hardly recognize what Christianity taught prior to the 1900’s and would be labeled a heretic for such beliefs if voiced in the Churches of today.

            I became a Christian and was baptized in 1956 and although I have had periods when I “fell away” from the faith, God has always dragged me back and I have never tired of studying Scripture in all of its facets and concepts.  I had accepted most of the traditional Protestant theology but as Francis Schaeffer would say, there was always a “tension” that existed because of so many inconsistencies and differences of interpretation.  During the late 1960s and the 1970s, that tension became so real that I found it more and more difficult to attend any church on a regular basis.  The doctrinal differences in Protestantism leads to much confusion and frustration and the various programs that the different churches promote are usually short lived and unproductive of their stated purposes.

            There are so many books and sermons that support dispensationalism that it is difficult to get anyone to try to “think outside the box.”  I see one of the biggest obstacles for Christians as being the same thing that caused the ancient Israelites to become so easily deceived.  When God called Moses and the Israelites to Mt. Sinai, He instructed Moses to have the people come near to the mountain to hear and receive His commandments.  They responded by telling Moses that they would prefer it if Moses spoke with God because they were frightened and did not want to confront God directly.  Read about it in Deut. 5:23-27.  The same is true today.  Christians don’t want to hear the words of the Lord.  They want their Pastors and teachers to explain what the Bible says rather than approach God Himself and listen to His voice and study His word.  Whenever a Christian is confused or doesn’t understand a particular concept from God’s word, he usually asks his Pastor.  There’s nothing wrong with this if it’s concerning any one particular teaching, but when a person’s entire theology is formulated by listening to others, then he has left God out of the picture and can be misled and easily deceived.  This is primarily the case in most churches I have attended.  You must search the Scriptures to see if anything anyone tells you is Scripturally sound.  I seek the advice of other Christians all the time but I never accept what I’m told as “Gospel” until I search it out myself, consult with God about it and wait for His guiding Spirit to confirm or dispel the matter.  Sometimes this process can take years but if you continue to pursue the truth, you will find it.  God promised us that He would not forsake us.  Did He not say, “… seek and ye shall find; knock, and it will be opened unto you:  That’s a promise that I hold to.

            There’s always the fear of being misled or not trusting your own conclusions but we must remember that God wants us to draw close to Him and trust HIM!  I’ve gotten off on some tangents at times but God always uses them to teach me more things and He always gets me back on course in His own time.

            We are perishing as a people and as a country from a lack of knowledge.  We are perishing from a lack of God knowledge.  We lack Spiritual understanding because we’re lazy and want truth fed to us instead of seeking it ourselves.  It’s time to grow up and take responsibility for our beliefs.  Because we have not been lovers of the truth, God has sent us great delusion.  It is so great that we have been calling black white and white black.  We lost our Republic because we forgot the principles of government given to us by our Founding Fathers and we’ve lost Scriptural understanding because we have likewise forgotten the teachings of the early Church Fathers.

            As you read through the things I’ve written, do not take them at face value.  Do your own research and verify any and all concepts thrown at you by me or by anyone else.  I’ve written these things to cause you to think and to try to stress the importance of doing your own studies by relying upon and trusting in the Holy Spirit.  We have never had so many resources at our fingertips as we do today and it’s because of these resources that much of the truth is now coming out.  There are excellent software programs such as “e-sword” which can get you started.  It’s absolutely free and such an aid is indispensable for the serious student.  I have no education in Hebrew or Greek but it certainly helps sometimes to be able to look up an original word and see if it sheds any light on the subject.  Having so many valuable tools available to us leaves us with no excuse.

            I pray that whoever reads these words will take seriously what I am saying and start his own research and investigation of Scripture.  You will have to cast aside most of what you’ve learned in order to acquire a clear mind that is ready to trust God  rather than men for the truth.  We have been misled and deceived and now it’s up to each of us to humble ourselves, repent and approach the throne of grace with boldness and faith.  God will not mislead you if you trust in Him and believe He will guide you into all truth. We must do it for our nation.  We must do it for our children and grandchildren.

We must also do it for ourselves to better our relationship with our heavenly Father.  I pray that God will bless each person who will be so daring as to listen, contemplate, pray and learn.  It’s imperative we do this.  The answer is not in the political arena.  We must first repent and turn from our wicked ways and then God will hear from heaven and heal our land.  Most Christians don’t repent because they think there is nothing more to repent of once our sins are forgiven.  Once again I would emphasize that our actions as people of God and as a nation are a reflection of our religious beliefs.  We need to repent of our blasphemies, false doctrines and aggression then God will take care of the political scene.

            God has promised us that He would bless our land if we would keep His precepts and I would ask you, dear reader, has our land gotten better or worse during the last century?  We’re obviously doing something wrong and it can not be thrown off onto evil men.  Evil men only succeed when God’s people sin and abandon His laws, judgments and statutes.  It’s not the evil men and women who need to repent in order for change to happen.  God’s people must repent and turn back to God.  Religion and denominational beliefs must be set aside and God’s word brought back into prominence over the teachings of men.  There are many people worldwide who are realizing that something is very wrong and they are searching for answers.  The church no longer has the answers, but fortunately thousands of Christians are having the scales removed from their eyes and are beginning to awaken to a new understanding of the truths taught in Scripture and are returning to the principles taught in the churches during the first several centuries after Christ.  If you know the truth, it will set you free.  God has truly blinded His people just as He said He would, and He will open the eyes of those who truly hunger and thirst after righteousness.  You must have a relentless desire to know God’s truths or you will never find them.  I pray that more Christians would admit their shortcomings and burn in their hearts to know more of God’s word.

            In the introduction to his book, “How To Enjoy The Bible,” E. W. Bullinger wrote,


When we come to ask ourselves, and say, 'Where did I learn this?' 'How did I get this?' 'Who taught this to me?' it is astonishing to find out how much we have imbibed from man, and from tradition; and not directly from the Word of God.


All that we have learned from our youth up must be tested and proved by the Word of God. Where we find it is from man and tradition, we must learn it over again, from God. And where it will not stand the test of His Word we must not only be content, but be thankful to give it up and receive Divine revelation in the place of man's imagination.


When you stand before God, you cannot tell Him that you believed some false doctrine because your pastor taught you about it.  Nor can you say you learned it in Sunday School or from your parents or friends.  God gave us His word and the Scripture and only the Scripture should be every Christian’s source of truth.

            Martin Luther had been raised and schooled to be a Catholic Priest but his constant reading of the Scriptures caused him to see that the theology of his church did not square with God’s word.  When Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to the door of the “All Saints Church” in Wittenberg in 1517, it sparked the Protestant Reformation.  Religion has forever stood in the way of truth.

            As I address each of the listed doctrines, the reader should know that this is not an exhaustive analysis.  I will state my beliefs briefly in the hope of sparking some thought and interest and perhaps some will be encouraged to study further.  I don't recommend too many books but the ones I'll be listing are indeed worth the effort to read and digest.  I pray that this is the beginning for many, but I know others will scoff and cling to their presuppositions.  Such is the nature of conditioning.  Above all, pray for understanding and knowledge.

The Judeo-Christian world is filled with contradictory concepts and their teachings are without substance and damaging to the very character of God.  Even the labeling of themselves as Judeo-Christians is an oxymoron.  Almost every Rabbi, past or present, will tell you that Judaism is only loosely based on the Torah.  Judaism is and has been based on the Babylonian Talmud for at least 25 centuries.  The Talmud is an encyclopedia of Rabbinical thought and is comprised of close to 20 volumes.  Judaism is the antithesis to Christianity.  This is what Jesus was referring to when He criticized the Rabbis of His time and told them they had made void the word of God through their “traditions.”  By having a Judaized-Christian theology, the churches of today have also made void the teachings of Scripture.  Not understanding the history of Judaism and how it appeared in Jesus’ time and how it appears today has caused churches to accept the erroneous notion that Judaism is strictly an Old Testament practice even though access to the information that refutes this notion is readily available to anyone.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  This pattern of believing in opposites continues throughout Judeo-Christian theology.



Note:  Although I give reference to a number of websites where a particular author’s book may be read online, I strongly recommend that you purchase the books, CDs or DVDs because one never knows if a website is going to remain up permanently or not.


Quotes from Scripture are from the King James version of the Bible unless noted otherwise.