Godfrey Lehman, Sui Juris
c/o General Delivery
San Francisco, California


                             )       Subscribed, Sworn and Sealed

     I, GODFREY LEHMAN, being a Sovereign Free Man, of sound mind
and body, do affirm as follows:

     1.   My first encounter with Barbara Boxer on the subject of
the income  tax was  after a  meeting  of  the  Raoul  Wallenberg
Democratic Club  at the Wallenberg School in San Francisco.  This
meeting was  held on  or before April 12, 1986.  With Mr. Michael
McGovren as  my witness,  I gave Barbara Boxer a letter addressed
to me, dated December 23, 1982 and signed by Mr. Alan Pastor, who
identified himself  in this  letter as  "Acting Chief,  Technical
Services Staff,  Internal  Revenue  Service,  Department  of  the
Treasury, Washington,  D.C 20224".   In  his letter,  Mr.  Pastor
advised me twice that the Internal Revenue Service operates under
a "system  of voluntary  compliance".  Upon accepting this letter
from me, Barbara Boxer replied, "I know it is voluntary."  A copy
of Mr. Pastor's letter is attached.  I incorporate this letter by
reference and make it an integral part of this Affidavit.

     2.   In order  to record  this encounter,  I  wrote  Barbara
Boxer a  letter dated April 12, 1986, with which I transmitted to
her supplementary  material regarding the voluntary nature of the
federal income  tax.   A copy  of this  letter is  attached.    I
incorporate this letter by reference and make it an integral part
of this Affidavit.

     3.   On May 29, 1986, having had no response whatsoever from
Barbara Boxer,  I wrote  to  her  again  to  remind  her  of  her
statement: "I know it is voluntary", and to advise her that Title
18 of  the United  States Codes (the Criminal Code) declares that
any public official, who has knowledge of a crime being committed
and who  conceals or  does not report that crime, is committing a
criminal act herself.  I have not received any communication from
Barbara  Boxer   since  then.    Subsequently,  Michael  McGovren
presented me  with a  copy of  a letter  which he  also wrote  to
Barbara Boxer  on June 10, 1986.  Copies of these two letters are
attached.   I incorporate these two letters by reference and make
them an integral part of this Affidavit.

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     4.   I approached  Barbara Boxer  again when she addressed a
scheduled community  meeting in  San Francisco in August of 1990,
with Kirby  Ferris as  my witness.   At  that time,  I  presented
Barbara Boxer  with a  copy of  the book  The Law That Never Was,
volume one,  authored by  Bill Benson  and M.  J. "Red"  Beckman.
This book  documents that  the 16th Amendment, which the Internal
Revenue Service  declares is  the source  of  its  authority  for
collecting  federal   income  taxes,  was  falsely  certified  as
ratified on  February  25,  1913,  when  in  fact  it  never  was
ratified.   Barbara Boxer  promised to  study the material and to
act upon  it.  I did not, however, record this encounter with any
subsequent correspondence.

Further This Affiant saith not.

Subscribed, sealed and affirmed to this  ________________  day of

___________________________, 1992.

I now  affix my  own signature  to all  of the above affirmations

/s/ Godfrey Lehman
Godfrey Lehman,  Sovereign, by special Appearance, proceeding Sui
Juris,  in   Propria  Persona,  with  Assistance,  Special,  with
explicit reservation  of all of my unalienable rights and without
prejudice to any of my unalienable rights.

                         Godfrey Lehman
                      c/o General Delivery
               San Francisco, California Republic


                                )   Subscribed, Sworn and Sealed

     On this  ______ day of ______________________________, 1992,
Godfrey Lehman  did personally  appear before me, and is known to
be  the  one  described  in,  and  who  executed,  the  foregoing
instrument, and  acknowledged that  he executed  the same  as his
free act  and deed  as a Sovereign in this above named said State
of the  Union.   Purpose of  notary public  is for identification
only, and not for granting jurisdiction to any government agency.

                            /s/ Notary Public
                            Notary Public

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