The Secretary of the Treasury                     Dated: mm/dd/yy
Foreign Operations Division
950 L'Enfant Plaza South, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20024

Information Copies to the Following
for proper action and follow-up:

Governor of California
Attorney General of California
Attorney General of the United States of America
Chairman of the United Nations
Director, Federal Bureau of Investigations


My name  is Richard McDonald, and I was born in Illinois State as
an Illinois  Citizen, and  I have moved my domicile to California
State and  have taken  an oath of allegiance to California, which
oath is  properly recorded  in Los  Angeles County.  I have NEVER
been a  U.S. citizen  under the  14th Amendment.   I  am now  and
always been  a Citizen  of the United States of America, which is
derived from my State Citizenship.

     I have  the Political Status of a Citizen of California, not
a U.S.  citizen, and  have sent numerous requests to your agency.
So far,  none of  them has  been answered,  which shows that your
agency is  using the  Social Security  Number as an instrument of
Genocide,   with    the   specific    intent   to   destroy   the
National/Political Class  of Citizens  known as  Sovereign  State
Citizens, in  violation of the Genocide Treaty.  As you know, the
Genocide Treaty was signed in 1988, after 42 years of stalling by
the United States government, which is an indication that someone
has knowledge  that compelling  the use  of the  Social  Security
Number  (SSN)  is  an  act  of  destruction  of  sovereign  State
Citizenship, in violation of this Treaty.

     Article II of the Genocide Treaty states in part:

     In  the  present  Convention,  genocide  means  any  of  the
     following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or
     in part,  a national,  ethnical, racial, or religious group,
     such as:

     (c)  Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life
          calculated to  bring about  its physical destruction in
          whole or in part;

Your agency  is demanding  that workplaces require a SSN prior to
hiring anyone.    This  shows  specific  intent  to  destroy  the
sovereignty of the People called State Citizens and to force them
to into  subject status  as citizens  of the District of Columbia
(a/k/a U.S.  citizens) in order to be able to work and obtain the
necessities to sustain life.

     Article IV of the Genocide Treaty states:

     Persons  committing  genocide  or  any  of  the  other  acts
     enumerated in  article III  shall be  punished, whether they
     are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or
     private individuals.

There is  no immunity  for anyone  for violations under the above
stated Section  of the Genocide Treaty.  This includes all public
officials, government  employees and  private  work  places  who,
under the  direction of the Internal Revenue Service, demand that
everyone  obtain   a  SSN  in  order  to  work.    This  is  done
deliberately, with  specific intent,  to cause the destruction of
the National/Political  Class of People commonly called Sovereign
State Citizens,  of  which  I  am  a  member.    This  is  formal
notification to  you and  your agents, including your withholding
agents, that they are in violation of the Genocide Treaty.

     Therefore,  based   upon  the   above  Treaty,   which   the
Constitution  states   is  superior  to  all  of  the  rules  and
regulations of  your agency,  I am  demanding that  you remove my
name  from   your  number   xxx-xx-xxxx,  and   send  me   proper
notification of  this action  by your  agency.   This  demand  is
retroactive based upon nondisclosure of material facts when I, as
a  juvenile,  obtained  this  number  from  the  Social  Security
Administration acting  as  an  agency  of  the  Internal  Revenue

     Please answer  as soon as possible, as a legal action may be
required to  correct the  erroneous statements  based  upon  this
violation of  the Genocide  Treaty and the fraudulent information
maintained in your records.

I hope to hear from you soon.


/s/ Richard McDonald

Richard J. McDonald
2nd Judicial District
585 Box Canyon Road
Canoga Park, California  (NO ZIP CODE)

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