Abortion, Homosexuality,
                     and the 14th Amendment

                            Dec. 1989


                        Richard McDonald

     Homosexuality and  lesbianism are  a violation of the common
law and  the Bible,  upon which  this Nation and all of the State
Constitutions were  written.   These were against the Law, so was
indiscriminate abortion, also known as "prolicide."

     The United  States Supreme  Court in  Roe v. Wade, which was
the abortion decision, as it involved a federal citizen under the
so-called 14th  Amendment,  an  avowed  lesbian.    To  show  the
correctness of this decision two (2) points must be shown:

     1.  In the so-called 14th Amendment the word "born" is used,
signifying that  the citizenship  and protection of the so-called
14th Amendment  do not  operate until  they are "born" (i.e. left
the womb).   Citizenship  under this  so-called amendment  is  an
admiralty/maritime jurisdiction  completely foreign to the common
law.   There is  no common law under this jurisdiction.  The only
privileges  and   immunities  are  those  Congress  has  granted.
Naturally, Congress could not grant a privilege to a "person" who
is not  "born."   So, in this jurisdiction those not born are not
persons and  have no  protections.   The privileges  Congress has
granted can  be taken away at any time it is in the best interest
of Congress  to do  so.  These are commonly referred to as "civil

     2.   The Preamble  to the Constitution for the United States
of America  (1787) utilized  the word  "Posterity" (capital  "P")
signifying that  the future Citizens (capital "C") has this solid
protection from  the date  of conception.   This  Constitution as
well as  all of  the State  Constitutions were  founded under the
Common Law,  and are  under this  Constitution.  The Constitution
for the  United  States  of  America  (1787)  was  written  as  a
protection for the State Citizens against the Federal Government.
The States'  Constitution were  all based upon the Common Law and
were in  agreement with the Constitution for the United States of
America  (1787)   as  grants   of  limited  power  to  the  State
governments.  This was the basis for all States to enter into the
Union of several States.

     As a  State Citizen,  you have all of the Common Law Rights,
and the  complete protection  of the  Bill of  Rights against the
Federal Government.

     So,  for  those  of  you  who  do  not  have  primary  State
Citizenship of  the Union  first,  and  are  not  State  Citizens
(capital "C") first as designated in the Federal Constitution but
are  Federal  citizens  (small  "c")  under  the  so-called  14th
Amendment  by  possessing  a  Social  Security  Number  (SSN)  as
security for  the mounting  corporate Federal Debt, abortions for
any reason are legal.  You cannot argue against the law, when the
law is absolutely correct under the circumstances involved.

     Next month I shall bring information to you about the use of
the various laws in State and Federal Courts.

     You may  make copies  of this  and  pass  it  around  as  an
educational  tool,   to  assist   everyone  to   understand   the
applications of the laws.

                             #  #  #

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