Legal Words and Consequences

                         Volume 1, No. 4


                        Richard McDonald

     This is  a newsletter  that may  be dangerous  to your  well
being, as  it contains  some truth  that  you  were  or  are  not
supposed to know or understand.

     To begin  with, I  must tell  you that all words used in any
type of  law have  a specific  meaning attached  as it relates to
that specific  law.   They do  not  mean  the  standard  everyday
dictionary  meaning  at  all  times,  as  you  are  mislead  into

     First, you  must understand  that  this  is  an  educational
forum, and  I will give you the meanings that are utilized by the
various governmental  agencies, to deprive you of your rights and

     The word  "person" as  it is  used in  most of  the statutes
refers to  the same  person as  defined  in  the  so-called  14th
Amendment.   It does  not include  everyone, as  you are  led  to
believe.   There are  several court cases that define who is that
specific "person,"  and one  of those  cases is Van Valkenburg v.
Brown, 43 Cal. 43.

     Next the  term  "United  States"  has  three  (3)  different
distinct, and  separate jurisdictional  meanings.   This has been
stated in  Hooven &  Allison Co.  v. Evatt, 324 U. S. 652.  There
the court stated:

     The term  "United States"  may be used in any one of several
senses.   It may  be merely the name of a sovereign occupying the
position analogous  to that  of other sovereigns in the family of
nations.     It  may  designate  the  territory  over  which  the
sovereignty of  the United  States extends,  or  it  may  be  the
collective name  of the  States which are united by and under the

     Each  of   these  definitions   have  completely   different
jurisdictions and  cannot be  mixed.   Do you  know which  of the
meanings are  being utilized when they say "United States"?  When
in doubt,  ASK!   This always brings some type of answer, and you
will at  least know  for yourself what they are doing to you with
your permission.

     There are  several groups  that are claiming federal rights,
that originate in the 1866 Federal Civil Rights Statute, 14 Stat.
27.  They should read and understand the law before claiming such
statutory rights and privileges.  They might be surprised to find
out what they are stating and claiming.

     The law states the United States is a foreign corporation in
relation to  one of  the several  States.    Remember,  that  the
District of  Columbia is  not one  of the  States of the Union of
several States, but is a foreign nation (corporation).  See 20 C.
J. S.  sec. 1785,  p. 11.  So under these facts of law the "U. S.
citizens" of the District of Columbia are only alien residents in
any one  of the  several States.   So,  if all state agencies are
operating under the purview of the municipal laws of the District
of Columbia, have they registered with this State's Department of
State as  an agency  of a  foreign power  doing business  in this

     The original  Political Code  of 1872,  states that  you are
either a Citizen of this State, a Citizen of another State, or an
alien.   So, if  you do  not possess  Primary and Paramount State
Citizenship, then  you must be a resident alien, who can and must
be controlled  at all  times when,  where, how,  and  why  to  do
anything affecting the public (Citizens of the State).

     I am a Citizen of this State first, then as a consequence, I
am a  Citizen of  the United States of America, as defined in the
Original Constitution  for the  United States  of America (1787),
and have  full, complete  and unencumbered  access to  all of the
Bill of  Rights (1791),  Amendments 1  through 10.    The  U.  S.
Supreme Court  has stated that since 1969, Amendments 1 through 8
have limited application to the States through the 14th Amendment
for the  U. S. citizens.  They as citizens of a non-state (notice
a difference  of status  between the  State and  the District  of
Columbia) have  no access  to the  9th and 10th Amendments.  As a
Citizen of  a State,  I have  all the  powers not  given  to  the
governments.   I am a sovereign and as the courts have stated the
Constitutions are  a limitation upon the government as it relates
to the  Citizen of  the State.   But  this is not so if you are a
citizen of  the District  of Columbia.   SO, just what are you???
If you  are a  slave on  the  Federal  plantation  known  as  the
District of Columbia, then act like one.  If you are a Citizen of
this State  then act  like the  sovereign you are by heritage and
Birthright.  Read and understand the laws that apply to you.  You
must always  obey these  laws under  all circumstances.  I do not
obey the laws of Japan, Germany, England or the municipal laws of
the District of Columbia for the very simple reason that I am not
one of their citizens.

     So read the law, understand it and ask questions if in doubt
of your status.

                             #  #  #


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