ZIP Code Use Invokes Federal Jurisdiction

                        Volume I, No. 6


                        Richard McDonald

     Use of  the ZIP  Code  is  voluntary.    See  Domestic  Mail
Services Regulations,  Section 122.32.  You should also know that
the Postal service cannot discriminate against the non-use of the
ZIP Code.   Postal  Reorganization Act,  Section 403, (Public Law
91-375).    The federal government utilizes the ZIP code to prove
that you  reside in  a  "federal  district  of  the  District  of
Columbia".   This is  why the  IRS and  other government agencies
(state  and   federal)  require  a  ZIP  Code  when  they  assert
jurisdiction by  sending you  a letter.   They  claim  that  this
speeds the  mail, but this is a sly and subtle TRICK.  It is also
PRIMA FACIE  evidence that  you are  a subject  of Congress and a
"citizen of the District of Columbia" who is "resident" in one of
the several States.

     The  receipt  of  mail  with  a  ZIP  code  is  one  of  the
requirements for  the  IRS  to  have  jurisdiction  to  send  you
notices.   The government cannot bill a Citizen of California, as
he is  not within  the purview  of  the  MUNICIPAL  LAWS  of  the
District of  Columbia.  In fact, the Internal Revenue Service has
adopted the  ZIP code  areas as  Internal Revenue Districts.  See
the Federal Register, Volume 51, Number 53 , Wednesday, March 19,

     You must  remember that  the Postal  Service  is  a  private
corporation, a quasi-governmental agency.  It is no longer a full
government agency.   It  is like  the Federal Reserve System, The
Internal Revenue Service, and the United States Marshall Service.
They  are   all  outside   the  restrictions   of   the   Federal
Constitution, as  private corporations.  They are all powerful in
their respective  areas of  responsibility to  enforce collection
for  the  federal debt.  So, if you are using a ZIP code, you are
in effect  saying openly  and notoriously that you do not live in
the State  of California,  but, instead  are a  resident  in  the
california area of the District of Columbia (a federal district).
There are  some so-called  Patriot groups  that I  consider to be
patriots for  money.   They advocate  the use  of Title  42 suits
(which are  for federal  citizens only),  send mail to you with a
ZIP Code,  and ask  you to  do things  that place  you within the
municipal jurisdiction of the District of Columbia.

     Remember these  individuals may  be agents of the government
or, even  worse, are advocating a one-world government by the use
of the Social Security number and the ZIP code.

     So you  must be  aware of  the movement  towards a one-world
government through  annihilation or elimination of State Citizens
by use of the so-called 14th Amendment and its related laws.

     This movement  can be  halted by  the efforts of everyone to
return to  the status  of Primary  State Citizens.  By becoming a
State Citizen  and not a citizen of the United States you can get
the federal government off your back and out of your billfold.

     I myself  want the  Original  Constitution  for  the  United
States of  America put  back in  force, as  applied  against  the
federal government,  and the  States restored  to their  original
status as Republics.

     So, all  you have  to do  is to  study  and  determine  your
status, whether  you are  a "slave"  and a  second class  citizen
(commonly referred  to as  a "federal  citizen") or  a Citizen of

     You must decide who and what you are!!!!!

                             #  #  #

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