The Supremacy Clause


                        Richard McDonald

     There are  many people  who have  misconstrued the intent of
the Supremacy  Clause of  the Federal  Constitution.   So, I have
undertaken the  chore  of  explaining  this  clause  for  all  to
correctly understand this clause.

     First:    The  Federal   Constitution  was   written  as   a
"Limitation and Restriction" upon the federal government.  It was
a delegation  of power  by the  Sovereign States  of a portion of
their sovereign  power that  had been previously delegated by the
People.    It  did  not  grant  anything  to  the  People  (state
Citizens);   it only  restricted the  government from  infringing
upon certain  sovereign powers that the People wanted to keep for

     Second:   The Supremacy  Clause (Article  VI, Clause 2) only
applies to  certain sections;   it  does not  apply to Article I,
Section 8,  Clause 17  and several  other sections  which are the
municipal power  of Congress.   The  federal government was never
given internal  police powers that could have operated within any
of the  sovereign states.   Constitutional  Powers (1837) Justice
Baldwin.   Congress's municipal  legislative police powers do not
apply within  the boundaries of the states of the union, but they
DO apply  to the  citizens of  the District  of Columbia wherever
they are  "resident", in any country all over the world.  It also
applies  to   any  federal  territory  that  is  not  within  the
jurisdiction of one of the several states of the union of several
states.   The Supremacy  Clause only  pertains to  those sections
that have  applicability to  all the  government of  the  several
states of the union.

     Third:    A treaty  that was  made NOT  in pursuance  to the
federal Constitution is NOT law that can be applied to the common
law states  of the  union, and has no legal effect upon those who
are not  subject to  the municipal  powers of Congress.  A treaty
made outside  the purview of the U.S. Constitution can only apply
to those who's rights are not secured by the Constitution and are
outside the  intent of  the Constitution.   The Constitution does
not apply  to the  District  of  Columbia  or  its  citizens  and
residents.  Adair v. Children's Hospital (DC).

     Fourth:   The  Interstate   Commerce  Clause   is  the  main
authority for  Congress to  legislate upon  its subjects  because
they are  in interstate  commerce when they leave the District of
Columbia, Hendricks v. Maryland.

     Fifth:    Prior to the enactment of the Social Security Act,
and the Public Salary Tax Act, (Title 26, Internal Revenue Code),
the federal  government was  not allowed to enforce the municipal
laws of  the District  of Columbia within the states.  But, these
acts made  everyone "subject  to the  jurisdiction thereof" and a
subject of  the purported  14th Amendment.   Thus, they are under
the municipal  powers of  Congress to regulate and control in all
aspects of their lives.

     Sixth:    The  power   to  create   uniform  Bankruptcy  and
naturalization laws  was given to the Federal Government, but the
Feds were  NOT given any authority to naturalize anyone, Ex Parte
Knowles, 5 Cal. 300 (1855).  The several states of the union were
to enforce  them and  make ONLY state Citizens by naturalization,
as the Federal Government was not given power to make citizens or
have its own citizens.  This was the true intent of the law.

     Seventh:  The  Supremacy   Clause  is   be  misconstrued  by
everyone, to  the detriment  of the people.  The reason that this
is so  is that  the  government  only  talks  about  the  federal
constitution this  way the  People never  hear about  their state
Constitution.   The Constitution  of your  state is  really  what
protects you  and secures  your unalienable  Rights, the  federal
constitution only  applies through  the purported  14th Amendment
which is  not law, (see Congressional Record House, 13 June 1967,
pages 15641-47).  The misinformation that is given out by various
individuals, agencies,  and the  controlled media  is intended to
mislead you.   Please be aware of this intent.  Do not believe me
or any  one else.   Do your own studying, because in this way you
can discover the truth for yourself.

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