I N V I S I B L E   C O N T R A C T S


                         George Mercier

                    T H E   H E L P   F I L E

INVISIBLE  CONTRACTS   was  privately   published  and  privately
circulated beginning  in early  1986.   It is not copyrighted and
the author has given EXPRESS and EXPLICIT permission to those who
first purchased  the book  to distribute  the book  in any format
they choose, without compensation to the author.

INVISIBLE CONTRACTS  is actually  a 745-letter in book form.  The
"letter" is  addressed to  a "Mr.  May", who wrote Mr. Mercier in
connection and  in response  to a  letter Mercier  wrote to Armen
Condo, the founder of a major tax protestor group (in the 1980's,
now defunct)  called "Your  Heritage Protection Association."  In
that original letter, Mercier was attempting to present a correct
description of  the error  that Armen Condo was committing in his
case  against   the  Feds.     Condo   rejected  the  letter  and
subsequently lost  his case,  not wanting  to entertain the idea,
for even  a moment, that perhaps the King did in fact have Equity
Jurisdiction Attachment  on Condo  (which he most certainly did),
and that  perhaps the real error resided with Condo and not "over
there" with the King.

Words written  in ALL  CAPS are  italicized in the original text.
Italics are  normally used to call attention to something, and in
the format  of ASCII,  the only  reasonable way  to accomplish an
equivalent is  to type  the word or words in ALL CAPS.  Apologies
are given  for the  inherent IN  YOUR FACE  nature of  words that
appear in all caps, but there simply is no other way to replicate
italics in  an ASCII  format.   (In comparison,  italics  on  the
printed page  attract your attention in a low-key, but noticeable

The numbers  appearing in  brackets refer  to  FOOTNOTES  in  the
original text.   The  beginning and  ending of  each footnote  is
indicated with  a line  of =====================.   If  you wish,
using your  own word processing program, you can do a "search and
replace" operation wherein you search for "=" and replace it with
NOTHING.   This will  remove the  lines.   (When I say NOTHING, I
don't  mean   that  you  LITERALLY  replace  "="  with  the  word
"NOTHING."   Hopefully, the  people reading  this  are  not  THAT
hopelessly stupid!  I mean that you instruct your word processing
program to  search for  "=" and when your word processing program


prompts you  for the replacement STRING, you don't type anything.
Therefore, it  results in the DELETION of every occurrence of the
character "=".)  The point is this, I have input these files in a
very CONSISTENT  manner.   This will  allow any half-way talented
(and experienced)  word processor  to "process"  these  files  to
their own ends with a MINIMAL amount of effort.  So, for example,
if you  want to  make the  footnotes REAL  footnotes, using  your
favorite word  processing program, you will be able to use MACROS
and other GLOBAL functions to do this rather easily.

In a  normal word  processing environment,  as opposed  to ASCII,
footnotes normally  don't even  appear ON SCREEN, but only appear
when the  document is  printed.  However, in the format of ASCII,
footnote ENCODING  would not  "translate"  from  a  Word  Perfect
environment (for example), into an ASCII format, and thus, all of
the data  contained in  the numerous  footnotes  would  be  lost.
Therefore, the  main body  of  text  is  interrupted  whenever  a
footnote makes  its appearance.   It  is  up  to  the  reader  to
recognize this  as a  necessary inconvenience  and make  a mental
adjustment to  compensate for  the occasional  interruption of  a
footnote in  the middle  of a sentence appearing in the main body
of text  (or at  the end  of a paragraph or sentence on the other

The files  comprising the  totality of  INVISIBLE CONTRACTS  were
processed in  Word Perfect  5.1 using a Courier 10 pt. Font and a
1" margin  on the  left and right; and a 1" margin on the top and
bottom.  SOFT RETURNS were used throughout, except at the ends of
paragraphs, which  is standard  word processing  procedure.  Each
file was then "saved" in an ASCII format.

The term  "Gremlin" is a generic term that refers to a person who
is a  "source of  trouble."   Stellar examples of such "gremlins"
would  be   Henry  Kissinger,   David  Rockefeller,  Franklin  D.
Roosevelt, and  George Bush.   I think you get the idea of what a
"Gremlin" is.

There is  something in  INVISIBLE CONTRACTS  to offend just about
everybody,  or   on  a   low-key  level,   cause  one  to  become
"disinterested" because  they read  something that conflicts with
their  own  beliefs  and  thus  triggers  an  "emotionally  based
negative response."    But  as  Gremlin  Bernard  Baruch,  Looter
Extraordinaire, so aptly instructs us; "The main obstacle lies in
disentangling  ourselves   from  our   own   emotions."      [See
INCON007.ZIP]  You will find in the pages of INVISIBLE CONTRACTS,
and this  statement is  inherently based upon the assumption that
you are one "with eyes to see and ears to hear," some of the most
powerful statements  of Truth  and Principle  ever put  to paper,
universally applicable,  as well as an astonishing and incredible
compilation of legal data in one condensed location.


The on-going  task of  converting the  printed words of INVISIBLE
CONTRACTS into  an electronic  medium is  not an  easy one.   The
first installment  of THE CITIZENSHIP CONTRACT was chosen as this
seems to be the "hot button" at the moment.  As time permits, the
other sections  of INVISIBLE  CONTRACTS  will  be  converted  and
uploaded.   For a  preview of what is to come, here is the entire
list of the "chapters" in INVISIBLE CONTRACTS:

     Introduction [p. 1-88]

     Third Party Interference with a Contract
     [p. 89-130]

     Bank Accounts [p. 131-193]

     The Story of Banking [p. 194-228]

     The Employment Contract [p. 229-299]

     Admiralty Jurisdiction [p. 300-385]

     The Citizenship Contract [p. 386-434]

     Federal Reserve Notes [p. 435-477]

     Insurance Programs [p. 478-479]

     Federal Licensing Programs [p. 480-481]

     State Created Juristic Benefits [p. 482-531]

     Government Enforcement of Commercial Interests
     [p. 532-553]

     The Residency Contract [p. 553-565]

     An Endless List [p. 566-661]


     Epilogue [p. 662-745]

INVISIBLE CONTRACTS  was written  for  knowledgeable  and  "well-
seasoned" Patriots.   Its contents are on the equivalent level of
a Ph.D.   It  assumes that  you have,  at a  bare minimum, a good
working knowledge  and understanding  of law  and legal  concepts
related to  the Patriot  Movement and  its primary  concerns  and
issues.  It assumes that you have ALREADY passed through numerous
mental barriers  erected by  society and  our Rulers  to lead you
down blind  alleys and  dead ends,  fighting worthless  fights or
just plain  giving up  and turning  on the Boob Tube.  It assumes
that you  are somewhat  intelligent, and  more importantly,  in a
"teachable state."    In  short,  depending  upon  your  personal
orientation just  prior to  exposure to this book's contents, you
may either  conclude that  the experience  was, as  the  Russians
would  describe   it,  a  "Providential  Discovery,"  or  in  the
alternative, a  "waste of  time."   However, you  must understand
that INVISIBLE CONTRACTS is a KEY, and this KEY only fits certain
LOCKS.   Either you  ARE or  you ARE NOT one of those LOCKS which
the KEY  fits.   This KEY  only seeks to find LOCKS that fit, not
one's that  DO NOT.   In  short,  this  book  is  not  running  a
"popularity contest."   If you find this book very valuable, then
that alone is PRIMA FACIE evidence that the book was written JUST
FOR YOU (and if so, in fact, it was).

Word definitions are VERY important.  If you encounter a word you
do not  understand, STOP right then and there and look it up in a
good dictionary,  and if it is a legal word, look it up in a good
legal dictionary,  such as  Bouvier's Law  Dictionary.  Light and
superficial EFFORTS  only produce  light and superficial RESULTS.
Read the words of Thomas Edison:

     "The best  advice I  can give  a  man  who  wants  to  be  a
successful inventor  is to  work 20  hours a day.  That is what I
did for  30 years,  and I  cannot see  that it hurt me.  There is
really no  other way  to produce RESULTS.  Good inventions do not
come easily.   The hardest way to do a thing is almost invariably
the BEST  WAY ...   Whenever  I bring  about a certain result too
easily, I abandon it at once and look for a hard way."

     -    Thomas Edison,  as quoted  by Allan Benson in "Munsey's
          Magazine," at page 563 ["Edison's Advice to Inventors"]
          (July 10, 1910).

     The same  Principle that  is responsible  for uncovering one
invention  after   another  under   chronologically   accelerated
circumstances is  the same  Principle that  Patriots need to take
cognizance of  to produce  results in  any  other  setting:    An
impressive amount of effort expended.


Every effort  has been  made to  keep the  INCON files internally
consistent.   For example, all words that appear in ALL CAPS were
formerly in italics in the original text.  Therefore, if you have
Word Perfect  (for example)  and you  want to  get rid of the ALL
CAPS stuff  and convert  it to italics (for print out, using your
favorite  combination   of  Fonts),  then  this  will  be  fairly
straightforward.   (Mind you, it will be straightforward, but not
necessarily quick).   Another  example, if you want to SEARCH for
references in  an INCON  file, you  need  only  set  your  SEARCH
function to  search for  TAB-HYPHEN-TAB and  you will  be able to
find 95%  of all  the source references in the file  (And please,
if you  just read  the above  and interpreted it to mean that you
literally search  for TAB-HYPHEN-TAB,  then you  have no business
even reading  this file.)   The other 5% can be picked by setting
your SEARCH function to look for brackets "[]".  Another example,
if you  want to  search for  only Court  Case Citations, then set
your SEARCH  function to  look for "v." or "V."  This will find
every single case cited in the text.

On the  subject of CONSISTENCY, the following might be of GENERIC
value to  future end-users/readers  of these INCON files.  In the
realm  of  textual  work,  the  following  rules  are  considered

     (A)  All sentences  in a  paragraph  are  separated  by  two
SPACES.   (Go up and scan the text in THIS file.  You will notice
that there  are always TWO spaces between each sentence.)  Why is
this needed?   Because  it  provides  a  "visual  break"  between
sentences, just as a LINE BREAK provides a "visual break" between

     (B)  Paragraphs are  ALWAYS separated  with a LINE BREAK.  A
LINE BREAK  is nothing  more than  two HARD CARRIAGE RETURNS that
create an "empty space" between paragraphs.  There are EXCEPTIONS
to this  "rule" however.   In these INCON files, the FOOTNOTES do
NOT have  any  LINE  BREAKS.    This  is  just  to  help  further
differentiate the FOOTNOTES from the MAIN BODY of text.  In other
words, in  the FOOTNOTES,  all the  paragraphs "run together" and
there are no "empty spaces" between paragraphs in the FOOTNOTES.

Whenever you  see ANY  text appearing  between  "[]",  it  is  my
intervention to  expand upon  and/or explain something that might
not be  readily understandable  from the  context;  meaning  that
probably the  text, phrase,  or idea in question was explained in
an earlier or later section of INVISIBLE CONTRACTS (and one which
you don't  yet have),  so it  sometimes is necessary to intervene
and fill in the background details.


As stated  above, the first installment of INVISIBLE CONTRACTS is
the chapter  dealing with  THE CITIZENSHIP  CONTRACT [pages  386-
434].   Although it is only 49 pages in length, it involved quite
a bit  of typing  and time  to convert  it to an electronic ASCII
format.  One of the reasons I am devoted to eventually converting
the entire  contents of  INVISIBLE CONTRACTS  is  because  it  is
currently out  of print.   Additionally,  I am aware of how files
such as  these have a way of spreading out far and wide, which is
good.   However, you  should know that all future installments of
the chapters  listed in  this file  (INCON001-INCON015) will only
originate on  one BBS  board; and that is the board at (818) 888-
9882 (current as of April 1, 1992).

The  author   of  INVISIBLE  CONTRACTS  published  and  privately
circulated a  second book entitled THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY.  It
is over 2,500 pages in length.  As the author justifiably states,
it is  a MAGNUM  OPUS (a  "magnificent statement").   The A&E was
first published  as of  January 1, 1991.  The A&E deals primarily
with the  House of  Rothschild and  the House of Rockefeller, and
their numerous efforts to run great civilizations into the ground
during the  last 200  years or  so in  the pursuit of grand-scale
commercial  enrichment.     It's   scope  and   depth  is   truly
breathtaking.   Someday too, this book may be available as a TEXT

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