Greetings Bob Schulz:
I will speak on behalf of the government
of the United States.
I occupy the undelegated office of
Private Attorney General.  See
Agency Holding Corp. v. Malley-Duff & Associates,
and 18 U.S.C. 1964:
I am sworn to defend the U.S. Constitution,
having done so in the presence of officials
of the County of Marin, in California.
I am bound by the Holy Bible to tell the
truth, the whole truth, and nothing but
the truth.  See Proverbs 12:22.
You may use my document "31 Questions and
Answers about the Internal Revenue Service"
to answer some, if not all, of your questions:
If I do not know the answer to any one of
your questions, I will tell you so, and/or
tell you where I would look for an answer.
I would appreciate an opportunity to see your
questions before answering them, in the event
that I may need to assemble documentary evidence
and confirm certain facts and laws, before 
You may record my answers under oath, if you wish,
and transcribe my answers into an official
transcript, for any lawful purpose(s) you may have.
I would only request that I be allowed to
publish a certified transcript in the Supreme Law
Library, in a folder of my choosing, for the 
benefit of all Ameicans.
I anxiously await your earnest and sincere reply.
Thank you.
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell
Private Attorney General,
People v. United States et al.,
USA v. Gilbertson, and
USA v. Konicov
All Rights Reserved without Prejudice
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