"9/11 -- An Inside Job,"


Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.,
Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964



There is a HUGE amount of evidence of an inside job on 9/11.

For example, our Executive Summary to the U.S. Coast Guard
achieved positive identification of the Pentagon murder weapons:

An A-3 Skywarrior hit just after an AGM missile was fired
from under its port wing, to soften an entrance hole for
the fuselage.  A key debris photo shows 2 planar fuselage
sections, one of which has a telltale re-fueling line
along its horizontal length:


Very few jet aircraft have rectangular fuselages;
and, of those only one has an external re-fueling line.
All photos of A-3s that we have seen do show this external
re-fueling line on every A-3 we have examined.

That A-3 was reportedly modified at a private airfield
in Loveland, Colorado, using different crews to do
different retrofits, e.g. avionics, weapons, remote-control,
transponder beacon, etc.

It had been purchased as part of a fleet of A-3s now
owned by Raytheon, a major DOD contractor.

One USAF pilot I know told me that Captain Gerald F. DeConto
was on the telephone to Gordon England, Secretary of the Navy,
requesting authorization to engage the incoming, because
the Pentagon's automatic fire control system had been fooled
by a "friendly" transponder beacon.


As the highest ranking officer in the Naval Command Center,
DeConto and his staff must have been tracking that incoming
on their in-house radar systems, and realized that the
incoming jet had a friendly transponder, because the
fire control system had NOT activated itself.

While England kept Captain DeConto on the telephone,
evidently stalling him, DeConto and his staff were killed
by the missile warhead and subsequent impact of the A-3.

The Boeing 757 seen by many eyewitnesses was timed to fly over
the Pentagon at precisely the moment of the A-3's impact.
It landed at National, into the waiting arms of 94
ground crew who had infiltrated Dulles and National airports

They were later deported for falsifying Social Security
applications and violating immigration laws:

(search for "94 workers")

We suspect they were all Mossad (Israeli secret police).

Wayne Madsen also recently reported that a Boeing 747
departed from JFK for Tel Aviv at 4:11 pm on 9/11/2001,
full of passengers.  We estimate that about 400 people
were on that flight, most likely to receive heroes'
welcomes after landing in Israel, despite the FAA's
grounding order which was not lifted until several
days later.

AA11 was most probably hijacked by Mossad officer
Daniel C. Lewin.  AA11's first flight deviation
turned it into a new heading straight for Rome, NY,
host to Griffiss AFB and NEADS -- the Northeast
Air Defense Sector responsible for tracking all
aircraft in the airspace above 500,000 square MILES
of Northeastern USA.  This is what we learned
about the tracking technology at NEADS on that day:


While we were assisting the U.S. Coast Guard with this
investigation, we requested the U.S. Military to issue
an APB (All Points Bulletin) for the immediate apprehension
of Daniel C. Lewin on suspicion of aircraft piracy on the
morning of 9/11/2001.

All that Griffiss interceptors needed to do was to get airborne,
and AA11 would have flown right into them.  If they had
scrambled SOP instead and accelerated to about Mach 2, they
would have screamed by AA11's windshield at a combined
velocity of about 33 miles per minute (~600 + ~1,400 mph).

Air National Guard claims they have the proven capability
to intercept anything above anywhere in the USA in NINE MINUTES.

AA11's first reported deviation was about 8:14 a.m., so
add 10-15 minutes to estimate actual moment of intercept --
we calculate that moment would have occurred in VERY close
proximity to Albany, New York.

According to flight paths published by the Federal government,
the jet that hit the Pentagon flew due South and almost
bisected the distance between the Pentagon and Andrews AFB:
that distance is about 11-12 miles, so the attack jet could not
have been much more than 6 miles away from the fighter wing
stationed at Andrews.

F-14 and F-15 interceptors can accelerate to max velocity
in less than 60 seconds after takeoff, by activating
their after-burners.

Moreover, Dick Cheney and Norman Mineta were in their command
bunker, while a radar operator kept them informed of the
forward progress of that attack jet.  "It's 50 miles out;
it's 30 miles out;  it's 20 miles out;  it's 10 miles out.
Do the orders still stand?"
the operator asked.

"Of course the orders still stand.  Have you heard
anything to the contrary?"
Cheney barked back.

So, they were tracking that attack jet all that time.

We have more, much more.  Does this make your blood boil?
Mine is STILL boiling, now 8 1/2 years later!

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964(a)
Criminal Investigator and Federal Witness: 18 U.S.C. 1510, 1512-13
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