TO:       Cathy A. Catterson
          Clerk of Court
          Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
          P.O. Box 193939
          San Francisco, California state

FROM:     Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
          Counselor at Law

DATE:     March 14, 1997

SUBJECT:  Complaint of Judicial Misconduct No. #96-80337
          against William D. Browning, USDC, Tucson

Please incorporate  this letter, My attached letter to USDC Judge
William D.  Browning dated July 25, 1996, and My Notice of Intent
to File  a Criminal  Complaint dated September 20, 1996, into the
docket file which has been assigned judicial misconduct complaint
number #96-80337 against Judge Browning.

Because I  have heard  absolutely nothing from the Ninth Circuit,
or  from  any  other  government  personnel  in  this  matter,  I
respectfully request  some action on this complaint, which is now
six months old.

As I  have already written in a previous letter to you, inquiring
about  the   unexplained  delay(s)   in  processing  My  judicial
complaint against  John M.  Roll, the  Chief Judge is required to
give such  complaints his  expeditious attention.  I do not think
you could  find anyone  in America to preside on a jury who would
conclude that one-half year is expeditious.  Do you?

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell

Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Counselor at Law and federal witness
c/o 2509 N. Campbell Avenue, #1776
Tucson, Arizona state



copy:  Procter Hug, Chief Judge

p.s. Please have someone tell Judge Browning to stop picking his
     nose during court proceedings.

                             #  #  #

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