TO:       Randy Parsons
          Keven Entzel
          c/o P.O. Box 80446
          Billings, Montana state

FROM:     Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
          Counselor at Law

DATE:     November 30, 1996

SUBJECT:  Invoice for Professional Services

This is  My FINAL  NOTICE AND DEMAND for payment which is due for
professional services which I performed for you during the period
of September 21, 1996, thru and including October 9, 1996:

     Quantity  Description                             Total

     18.5      Litigation counseling and related
     days      services, @ 8 hours per day, @ $75.00
               (18.5 x 8.0 x 75.0 = $11,100.00)       $11,100.00

               Retainer (U.S. Postal Money Order)     (   600.00)

               Retainer (cash and gold, nominal)      (   350.00)

               TOTAL AMOUNT DUE:                      $10,150.00

My terms are TOTAL AMOUNT DUE upon receipt of invoice.  Please be
advised that  I worked  more than  8 hours  on each and every day
between and  including September  21, 1996,  and October 8, 1996.
Payments must be made in cash, or blank U.S. Postal Money Orders.

The above  fees do not reflect any normal business expenses, such
as travel and living allowances.

I have previously submitted three (3) separate invoices to you in
this matter,  and you  have failed  to  do  me  the  courtesy  of
responding in  any way.   Your silence forces me to conclude that
you intended  to defraud  me from  the beginning,  and that  your
failure to  make any  arrangements to  pay all,  or part, of this
overdue invoice  is evidence  further still  of  your  intent  to
defraud me  of my professional time, my services, and my personal
belongings which you have failed to ship to me, as requested.

Accordingly, if  I do  not receive  payment for  the above amount
due, no  later than  Saturday, December  14, 1996, I will have no
alternative left  but to  take appropriate steps, including civil
and possibly  also criminal  action, to enforce my rights against
both of you, personally.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell

Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Counselor at Law
c/o 2509 N. Campbell, #1776
Tucson [zip code exempt]



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