FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                          September 25, 1996

                      Montana Freemen Start
                     Subscription Email List

BILLINGS, MONTANA.   The Freedom Center today announced the start
of their  subscription email  list  --  FREEMAIL  --  for  anyone
willing to  support the legal defense fund recently developed for
the Montana  Freemen.   For a  nominal fee,  FREEMAIL subscribers
will receive,  for 12  months, electronic  copies  of  all  legal
briefs as  they are  filed in  the case,  in addition to periodic
press releases and other related files as they become available.

     The  Freedom   Center  has  recently  retained  Paul  Andrew
Mitchell, Counselor  at  Law,  federal  witness  and  Citizen  of
Arizona  state,  to  help  defend  the  Montana  Freemen  against
criminal charges  which were  filed after their protracted stand-
off with  the Federal  Bureau of Investigation in mid-June, 1996.
Mitchell has  worked for  over 25  years as  an advanced  systems
development consultant,  in addition  to  7  years  investigating
corruptions in federal constitutional and statutory law.

     Mitchell immediately  recommended that  The  Freedom  Center
develop a  private electronic  mailing list, in order to keep the
nation informed  of developments in the case.  Conventional media
are now  boycotting the case.  Mitchell is considered a leader in
the application  of  high-performance  computer  workstations  to
distributed alternative  media for  research and education.  More
than 20 years ago, he was recommending that Internet bandwidth be
expanded to  accommodate full-motion  interactive video and audio

     LeRoy Michael  Schweitzer, a  Citizen of  Montana state, has
become one  of the  nation's leading  experts on  the federal and
state constitutions,  commercial and  common  law,  and  American
banking practices.   In  a series of in-depth seminars which were
sponsored  by   Justus  township  in  Garfield  county,  Montana,
Schweitzer single-handedly tackled the Federal Reserve System and
its successor  in interest,  the International Monetary Fund, for
their corrupt lending practices and the unlawful assessments they
have imposed upon the American People and American businesses.

     The case  has already  earned international  recognition for
its complexity,  and the  importance of the issues it has raised.
James M.  Burns, the  federal judge  assigned to one facet of the
case, has  recently ruled  that  it  deserves  special  treatment
because of  that complexity.   More  than a  dozen defendants are
being assisted  or represented  by as many licensed attorneys and
unlicensed counselors,  some of  whom were placed into "stand-by"
status by  Judge Burns.  Schweitzer has chosen to reject licensed
bar members  and to  proceed in  His own  stead, to  perfect  the
lawful claims  which he  continues to  make from his prison cell.
Schweitzer is regarded by many as a political prisoner of His own
government, for  having  both  decoded  and  exposed  intentional
deceptions in federal and state judicial practices.

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     Most recently,  Schweitzer was  placed under a 23-hour lock-
down  regimen  within  Yellowstone  County  Detention  Center  in
Billings,  Montana,   reportedly  for   refusing  to   yield  His
fingerprints to  the booking  officers at the jail.  This regimen
has meant  that Schweitzer  no longer  has any  access  to  legal
Counsels to  assist with  the  preparation  of  His  response  to
charges  alleged   against  him   by  the   federal   government.
Yesterday, Rupert  Randall; Parsons,  executive director  of  The
Freedom Center, authorized the preparation of a formal Notice and
Demand  to   Montana  State   Governor  Marc   Racicot  to   halt
deprivations of  Schweitzer's  fundamental  Rights,  specifically
including His  Right  to  the  assistance  of  Counsel,  and  His
immunity  against   cruel  and   unusual  punishment.    Governor
Racicot's office  has yet  to respond  to this  Notice and Demand
from The  Freedom Center.    The  telephone  number  at  Governor
Racicot's office is (406) 444-3111.

     Subscribers to  the FREEMAIL private electronic mailing list
will receive  copies of all briefs submitted to the Clerks of the
various courts  now involved  in this  complex set  of cases.  In
addition, as  press releases  and related  documents are produced
and released  to the  public, all  subscribers will automatically
receive copies of these documents as well.  The Freedom Center is
also considering  a proposal  to publish  electronically, and  in
hard copy,  all of  Schweitzer's prison  writings, including such
works on  topics incorporated  within His  brilliant analysis  of
judicial power  versus legal authority in America, and His unique
insights into the complex nature of federal and state laws.

     Schweitzer has already made important moral and intellectual
contributions to  our understanding  of  the  characters  of  the
American legal  experience, and the many ways in which alien laws
have overlaid  and hidden  the true American identity.  His focus
has been  to reveal  a lawful  process for restoring the American
dream of  true  freedom  and  individual  self-government,  using
fundamental principles to power the best of American ideals.

     Anyone is  eligible to  subscribe to  the  FREEMAIL  private
electronic mail  list, provided  that they  already have an email
address to  share with  The Freedom Center.  Subscriptions can be
purchased from  the Center  for an annual fee of $100, payable in
insured cash  or blank  U.S. Postal  Money orders  mailed to  The
Freedom Center,  c/o P.O.  Box 80446,  Billings,  Montana  state.
Upon receipt  of the  annual fee, the Center's professional staff
will acknowledge  receipt of  the annual  fee, and  register  the
subscriber on  the FREEMAIL  private  email  list.    Subscribers
should  include  their  email  address  with  their  annual  fee.
Questions concerning FREEMAIL should be directed to Keven Eugene;
Entzel at  email  address:    Keven  is  also
available to  speak briefly  at telephone number: (406) 652-7412,
fax:  (406) 652-1813.

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