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                                          Billings, Montana state
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                    FORMAL NOTICE AND DEMAND

Marc Racicot, Governor
State of Montana
State Capitol
Helena, Montana state

Subject:  Violations of Sixth and Eighth Amendments
          in U.S.A. v. Schweitzer et al.

Dear Governor Racicot:

     Formal Notice is hereby given to you that Mr. LeRoy Michael,
Schweitzer, Citizen  of Montana state and Respondent in the above
mentioned  case,  is  currently  suffering  from  systematic  and
premeditated  violations   of  His   fundamental  Right   to  the
assistance of Counsel of His choice (see Sixth Amendment), and of
His immunity  against cruel  and unusual  punishment (see  Eighth
Amendment).   Mr. Schweitzer  is not  being allowed to visit with
His Counsels,  and he is currently incarcerated under a lock-down
regime for at least 23-hours per day.  Such treatment has already
resulted  in  irreparable  damages  to  Mr.  Schweitzer  and  His
Citizen/associates, both inside and outside the jail.

     This is  to place  you on formal Notice that such violations
of fundamental  Rights, like  those mentioned  above, are  crimes
under 18  U.S.C. 242:   deprivation  of fundamental  Rights under
color of  law.   They also violate two international human rights
treaties which  are supreme  Law by  authority of  the  Supremacy
Clause.   Since We,  as Mr.  Schweitzer's chosen  Counsels,  have
become aware  of these  violations, We  are under  an affirmative
legal and  moral duty to report these violations to you, pursuant
to 18  U.S.C. 4,  and to take appropriate steps to guarantee that
these violations  cease and  desist as  soon as possible.  See 42
U.S.C. 1983 thru 1986.


     Accordingly, formal  Demand is  hereby made  of you to Order
the staff of the Yellowstone County Detention Center in Billings,
Montana  state,   immediately  to   cease  the  lock-down  regime
currently imposed  upon Mr.  Schweitzer, and  also to  permit His
Counsels of  choice to  have routine access to Mr. Schweitzer, in
order that He may have adequate opportunity to prepare a response
in the  trial(s) now  pending in the United States District Court
in Billings, Montana state.


     Demand is  respectfully made  of you  to sign  said Order no
later than  5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 27, 1996, and to serve
it on  Captain Dennis  McCave, Superintendent, Yellowstone County
Detention Center,  Billings, Montana  state, with  copies to  Mr.
Schweitzer and The Freedom Center, fax number: (406) 652-1813.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Randy Parsons

Rupert Randall Parsons
Citizen of Montana state

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell

Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Citizen of Arizona state, federal witness
and Counselor at Law

All Rights Reserved Without Prejudice



copies:   Office of U.S. Attorneys, Billings, Montana state
          Chief Judge, Supreme Court, Helena, Montana state
          Speaker, House of Representatives, Helena, Montana state
          President, Montana State Senate, Helena, Montana state
          Dennis McCave, Yellowstone County Detention Center
          Adjutant General, Helena, Montana state

                             #  #  #

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