TO:       Randy Parsons

FROM:     Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
          Counselor at Law

DATE:     October 15, 1996


I hope  you will  not mind  if I  am very direct with you in this
memo.   I wish to discuss some matters which require an executive
decision by you, and I don't want to waste words or time.

1.   There has  been a  lack of  communication between me, Keven,
     and you  with respect  to my  pay.   When Keven requested my
     help at  The Freedom  Center, I  quoted to  him my  retainer
     ($500) and  my hourly rate ($75).  You may already know that
     this is  the going  rate for attorneys in the federal Public
     Defender's Office,  and about  one-half the rates of private
     attorneys.   Because Keven  did not refuse or counter, I had
     to go on the presumption that these terms were acceptable to
     him, and  to The Freedom Center, because he was speaking for
     it, like  it or  not.   I also  did not  think I  needed  to
     confirm his  authority to approve a legal services contract.
     Evidently,  that   authority   is   yours   and   not   his,
     notwithstanding his affirmations to the contrary.

2.   I have  had several  discussions with  colleagues  here,  in
     California, and  in other  states  on  this  subject.    The
     unanimous consensus is that I should minimize my presence in
     Billings, or  stay  in  Arizona  entirely  and  support  The
     Freedom Center  via email,  U.S. Mail,  and  the  telephone.
     Much of  that consensus  derives from my attempt objectively
     to describe  the living  and working  conditions in the bunk
     house.  People winced when I told them how much cleaning and
     organizing I needed to do, just to feel comfortable, and how
     I was  being forced  to live  on three  and a  half hours of
     sleep per  night.   I should have listened to Al, but now Al
     is persona non grata for reasons that are not entirely known
     to me.   I  know that  I am  not the most courteous and kind
     person in  the world,  but I cannot be a man for all seasons
     when  the  odds  are  stacked  so  heavily,  and  my  living
     conditions are way below standard.  Nor is it right to shoot
     the one who brings the message about these conditions.

3.   I am  concerned about  the wisdom of having me do carpentry,
     HVAC, electrical,  sheet rocking,  plumbing  and  carpentry,
     just to  have a  room for  sleep and privacy.  That tells me
     that The  Freedom Center  does not  have command  of  enough
     resources either  to pay  for lodging,  or construct it, nor
     did The  Freedom Center  adequately anticipate  what  should
     have been  obvious to any human being inviting another human
     being to  live in.   Also,  I do not think that construction
     work is  a good  use of  my time.  If I were to begin such a
     project, I would want to finish it, so that I would not have
     to walk  bare-footed on  dusty concrete  floors, or suffer a
     cold winter  without heating  and insulation.   I  know that
     Rudy must  be delighted  to have  such work done "for free",
     but is  it really  "for free"  when the litigation work must
     suffer directly?  I think not.  The bottom line here is that
     I do  not think either Rudy, or The Freedom Center, have the
     resources available to create a basement bedroom at least as
     good as  a basic  motel room,  using the Building Code as an
     objective standard.   Please  correct me if I am wrong about
     this.   I hope I am, because it goes to your ability to keep
     this entire project alive.

             Memo 10/15/96 by Paul Andrew Mitchell:
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4.   I am  also very  concerned about Keven's level of commitment
     and ability to learn what he must learn to oversee FREEMAIL,
     the Intervention  of Right,  and any other programs we might
     develop to  involve Americans in the Schweitzer case.  There
     is something  gnawing at me, way down deep, as I glance over
     at a  man who  is horribly  overweight, and  stares  at  his
     terminal for  hours on end without a shirt and with piles of
     mess surrounding  him.   That does  not bode  well  for  The
     Freedom Center and for what it wishes to accomplish.  Do you
     expect the  Pentagon to be impressed, if and when we need to
     meet them  behind closed doors?  Ask any office manager, and
     they will tell you that Keven might last all of 4 hours, the
     first day  on any  new job.   I know that your heart reaches
     out to  him, because  his parents  are in jail, but you must
     understand that  dead wood is not going to produce wins in a
     hotly contested  courtroom.   To me,  Keven also  seems very
     resentful of  my skills,  but he  is blaming  the  messenger
     here, and  that only aggravates the situation.  I appreciate
     the willingness by both of you to stop smoking, but that has
     had no  effect on  Morley.   One cigarette  in my  immediate
     environment is one cigarette too many.

5.   I am also extremely concerned that Keven failed to inform me
     that The  Freedom Center  would be  unable to  pay me for my
     professional services, in a timely manner, if that is indeed
     the case.  Is it?  The Freedom Center is placing itself in a
     very precarious  position  to  preach  the  common  law  and
     biblical principles,  on the  one hand, and then to invite a
     legal expert  to help develop a comprehensive legal strategy
     for 20  criminal defendants,  on the other hand, but without
     being up-front  with him  about their  inability to  pay him
     what he  is worth.   If  you will take the time to study the
     definition of  "fraud" in  Black's Law  Dictionary, you will
     find that it applies as well to any failure to disclose what
     should have  been disclosed.   If  you select  a man for his
     talent, and  then engage  his professional  services to  the
     point of  buying a  plane ticket so he can work on location,
     and of  setting him  up with  a desk,  computer,  telephone,
     filing cabinets, fax machine, and so on, wouldn't it be fair
     for him  to expect  to be paid for the time he spent working
     on your  behalf,  particularly  when  he  works  double-time
     without a weekend off and only bills you for half as much?

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6.   Another concern of mine is that I was informed, only after I
     arrived, that  I would  be responsible for raising the funds
     necessary to  pay for  my services.   This is another matter
     which should  have been disclosed to me while I had a chance
     to accept, or reject, any offer package you had in mind.  As
     you may already know, developing a sound legal strategy, and
     following the  paperwork to  its final fruition, both take a
     great  deal   of  concentration,  privacy,  and  insulation.
     Raising funds involves public relations, ringing telephones,
     outreach, advertising,  and a  solid Internet  presence,  to
     mention a  few things, most of which are a total distraction
     from the  intense focus required to develop and prevail with
     compelling legal  arguments to  a hostile federal judiciary.
     From experience, I can tell you that I have what it takes to
     do both  of these  jobs, but not within the same 8-hour day.
     As it  is, I  have worked  almost 16 hours on each and every
     day I  was there.   This  is excessive,  and it  begs for an
     emotional, physical, mental or medical breakdown.  Moreover,
     requiring this  kind of  "contribution" will, for sure, make
     stamina and  endurance impossible at a time when these goals
     should be  foremost in your planning and resource allocation

7.   I am  also concerned  about the  lack  of  management  which
     occurred when  Dick and  Charley showed  up.   Was  I  being
     tested for  some unspecified  future role, like "paralegal"?
     I hope  you know  by now that I will not be their secretary,
     their spelling  coach, their  grammar instructor,  and their
     procedural mentor.  This story about all the money they will
     "soon" bestow  on The  Freedom Center  sounds like a trap, a
     Trojan Horse,  and a  wedge to  achieve one  of  their  main
     objectives:   control of  the strategy.   I almost broke out
     laughing as  Charley kept  backing up on his last day there,
     to the point of falling down the stairs with his back to the
     basement.   But, the reality of the whole situation was just
     too painful  for me  to laugh,  so I  almost cried.  Did you
     notice?   Charley miscalculated  in a  big way;  he does not
     know how,  when, or  where I choose to be a warrior, and his
     defeat only  dawned on  him too  late, as  I drove my points
     into his chest.  "How about the Queen of England?" he asked.
     Charley, you  cannot stay on point;  this is all too obvious
     to us now, after you wasted 4 days of our previous time with
     your ego, your greed, and your self-centered preoccupations.
     Can you  really blame  me for getting personal, particularly
     after he  orders me  to take  a hike,  with no authority for
     same?   Now, that's  real teamwork.   Evidently,  he did not
     know any  of the  events which had led up to my being there,
     such as  the plans  which I had written and published on the
     Internet, the  briefs which  I had  mailed to  you at my own
     expense, and the tentative commitment The Freedom Center had
     made to those plans.  These two guys are from the dark ages,
     as far  as I can tell.  Did anyone offer to reimburse me for
     the time I spent and the Express Mail postage I bought?  No.

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8.   The final  thing I  want to  share with  you is  that Keven,
     evidently, failed  to inform  you that,  before agreeing  to
     work for  The Freedom  Center, I  had already made a serious
     long-term  commitment  to  tour  the  country  with  Richard
     McDonald, to  conduct Supreme  Law Seminars  in every  Union
     state over the next two years.  This commitment amounts to 4
     days of  intense work on location, every month, plus another
     4 days  of travel  (1  day  there,  1  day  back,  for  each
     seminar).   When you add at least one day off each week, for
     rest and  relaxation, you  will find  that I  simply  cannot
     devote 18  hours per  day, 7  days per  week, to the various
     cause(s) of  The Freedom  Center.  I want you to know that I
     strongly disagree with some "Patriots" who feel that we will
     win this  battle only by working our brains into mush, while
     our bodies  and souls  are screaming  for rest,  relaxation,
     recharge,  love,  friendship,  privacy,  and  entertainment.
     People will say, "Get a life," and they will be right.

So, I  want to end this with the following proposal:  If you will
pay my  first invoice  in full  immediately, I will drive back to
Billings for  a maximum  of four  weeks, but  you must  also make
arrangements to  complete the  bedroom, with  carpeting,  painted
sheet rock,  light and  heat, before  I return there.  I will not
sleep, or  work, in  a construction  zone;   I've been there, and
done that.  Once is enough.  I hereby reserve the right to return
to Arizona on my own schedule after those four weeks have passed,
and to provide The Freedom Center with professional services from
the comfort of my own place.

If you cannot pay my first invoice, now that it has been faxed to
you, or  if you  and Rudy cannot finish the basement bedroom with
outside contractors,  there is  no reason  in this  world  why  I
should drive up there, except to fight for the compensation which
The Freedom Center owes me for all the work I have done to date.

Please don't get me wrong here, Randy:  I like you very much, and
I am  philosophically and  intellectually  behind  LeRoy  Michael
Schweitzer, but  I cannot  and will  not work  pro bono,  or on a
contingency basis,  for him  or any  of his  many co-respondents,
certainly not  after Broderick  stiffs me  for  $10,000,  Wallens
stiffs me  for $3,000,  and Crawford  stiffs me  for  $1,000  and
threatens me criminally over a dozen times.  Enough is enough.  I
have a  right, and  a duty,  to defend  my own life, liberty, and
property, and  this Memo is how I do that.  Let us first begin by
walking our own talk.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell

Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Counselor at Law
c/o 2509 N. Campbell, #1776
Tucson, Arizona state



copies:   Red Beckman, Billings, Montana state

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