GARFIELD COUNTY

People of the United States      )
of America, ex relatione         )
Paul Andrew Mitchell,            )    Cause No. 2721
                Petitioners,     )
          -vs-                   )     Order
United States et al.,            )
                Respondents.     )

     The Plaintiff has filed in the above-entitled

action a document which he calls, among other things, a

Petition for Removal.

     This Court has previously, on July 22, 1996,

dismissed the action with prejudice as being frivolous.

     It is this Court's opinion that the Clerk of Court

has no discretion once a petition for removal is filed.

Therefore, the Court orders the Clerk of Court of

Garfield County to transmit Court File 2721 to the Clerk

of the United States District Court, Room 5405, Federal

Building, 316 North 26th Street, Billings, Montana,

59101 for appropriate action and to serve a copy of this

Order on the United States Attorney, Box 1478, Billings,

Montana, 59103 and the Plaintiff, Paul Andrew Mitchell,

P.O. Box 80446, Billings, Montana, and Paul Andrew

Mitchell, 2509 North Campbell, #1776, Tucson, Arizona,

and to create another file No. 2721 to file a copy of

this Order.

     Dated this 28th day of October, 1996.


                             #  #  #

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