Chronology Early of Events
                   and Obstruction of Correspondence
                      In re:  Grand Jury Subpoena
           Served on New Life Health Center Company ("NLHC")

1.   March  5, 1996:     Subpoena to Testify issued

2.   March  7, 1996:     Subpoena served on Richard Rineer, Manager

3.   March 20, 1996:     PRIVILEGED COMMUNICATION ("PC") to Foreperson

4.   March 21, 1996:     PC mailed and postmarked

5.   March 22, 1996:     Delivery Date of PC on Return Receipt

6.   March 27, 1996:     Grand Jury appearance scheduled

7.   April  2, 1996:     first USPS tracer mailed

8.   April  5, 1996:     first USPS tracer delivered to NLHC

9.   April  8, 1996:     Cardenas Affidavit signed

10.  April 10, 1996:     Application for OSC by Miskell/Napoleon

     RLM states:    "The undersigned  [Miskell] did  not  receive  any
     communication from  New Life  Center explaining  the  failure  to
     appear or requesting a continuance of the appearance."

11.  April 12, 1996:     OSC issued by Judge John M. Roll

12.  April 17, 1996:     second USPS tracer mailed

13.  April 18, 1996:     second USPS tracer delivered to NLHC

14.  April 18, 1996:     Supplement to Application for OSC
                         by Miskell/Napoleon

     RLM states:    "In the  application for  order to show cause, the
     undersigned  [Miskell]  stated  that  he  had  not  received  any
     communication explaining New Life Health Center Company's failure
     to appear for [sic] the grand jury on March 27, 1996."

     RLM states:    "On April  18,  1996,  the  undersigned  [Miskell]
     received the  attached communication,  which was postmarked March
     21, 1996  and addressed  to the Grand Jury Foreperson at the U.S.
     District Court."

     RLM states:    "The attached communication does not eliminate the
     need for  the order to show cause hearing currently scheduled for
     April 25, 1996."

15.  April 25, 1996:     first show cause hearing:
                         Mitchell appears for NLHC

16.  May 3, 1996:        second show cause hearing:
                         Burns speaks, Mitchell not allowed

17.  May 14, 1996:       NLHC files suit against Miskell et al.

18.  May 20, 1996:       NLHC supplements suit against Miskell

                             #  #  #

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