Dear Registrar of Voters:

It has  recently come  to my  attention that  the  Arizona  voter
registration affidavit  requires that I certify, under penalty of
perjury, that  I am  a "citizen of the United States" before I am
eligible to vote.

As  a  part-time  student  of  comparative  economic  history,  I
recently stumbled  across a number of court cases which, quite to
my surprise, decided that an American may be a Citizen of Arizona
state without  also being  a citizen  of the  United States  (see

Since I  am a  Citizen of Arizona state who is not also a citizen
of the  United States,  nor do I ever want to become a citizen of
the United  States because  so many federal government agents are
now involved  in widespread  criminal syndicalism and even murder
(e.g. Oklahoma City bombing), this is my question to you:

As a  Citizen of  Arizona  state,  how  can  I  sign  your  voter
registration affidavit without also committing perjury?

I  certainly  would  like  to  vote  in  the  upcoming  election,
particularly for  My representative in the Congress of the United
States, but  I do  not wish to be forced into declaring a foreign
status just because I wish to exercise my voting Rights.

Please correct  me if I am wrong, but it is my understanding that
U.S. Representatives  are supposed to be elected by the People of
the several  States (see U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 2,
Clause 1).   In my opinion, this provision proves that voting for
U.S. Representatives  is the exercise of a fundamental Right, and
not a privilege.

I would  appreciate your  timely clarification  of these matters.
If I  do not  hear from  you,  in  writing,  within  thirty  (30)
calendar days,  please accept this letter as my formal withdrawal
from the voter registration roster.

One last  thing:   If I  withdraw  from  the  voter  registration
roster, does this mean I will never be called to serve on a grand
jury or trial jury?

Your timely response to these questions will be most appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Eugene A. Burns

Dr. Eugene A. Burns, D.C.
Citizen of Arizona state

copy:  Counsel
       Representatives Jim Kolbe, Ed Pastor
       Senators John Kyl, John McCain

                             #  #  #

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