Certified U.S. Mail                   c/o 2509 N. Campbell, #1776
Serial Number #P-332-390-902                Tucson, Arizona state
Return Receipt Requested                          zip code exempt
Restricted Delivery Requested                      August 5, 1996

                      AFFIDAVIT OF DEFAULT

Mr. Robert A. Johnson
3225 North Central Avenue, Suite 1500
Phoenix, Arizona state
zip code exempt

Dear Mr. Johnson:

     This is  my AFFIDAVIT OF DEFAULT affirming, under penalty of
perjury, that  by your  total silence  you have  defaulted in the
face of my two (2) CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICES AND DEMANDS dated May 27,
1996, and  June 15,  1996,  respectively,  copies  of  which  are
attached for your information and recollection.

     In said  NOTICES AND  DEMANDS, you  were advised  that  your
silence in  the face of the attached AFFIDAVITS would render them
conclusive fact  and the truth of the case for all time, and that
your silence would invoke estoppel by acquiescence.

     To repeat, you have completely failed to answer or otherwise
rebut, either verbally or in writing, any of the statements which
have been made in the above mentioned AFFIDAVITS.


     I hereby  certify, under  penalty of perjury, under the laws
of the  United States  of America,  without the  "United States,"
that the above statement of fact is true and correct, to the best
of my  current knowledge,  information, and  belief, that  it  is
materially complete  and not misleading, so help Me God, pursuant
to 28 U.S.C. 1746(1).

Executed on August 5, 1996.

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell

Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Citizen of Arizona state and federal witness

email:    supremelawfirm@altavista.net

website:  http://supremelaw.com

copy:     Federal Bureau of Investigation


                             #  #  #

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