TO:       Postmaster
          United States Post Office
          Coronado Station
          255 N. Rosemont
          Tucson, Arizona state

FROM:     Dr. Eugene A. Burns, General Manager
          New Life Health Center Company

DATE:     March 31, 1996

SUBJECT:  Registered Mail Tracking:
          Serial Number #R-591-643-753

We would  like to  request that  you  provide  us  with  evidence
documenting the chain of possession of an item of registered mail
which we recently posted at your office.

The attached  copy of  the Domestic Return Receipt (PS Form 3811)
shows that  there was no signature, even though we requested, and
paid for,  "Registered" and  "Restricted Delivery" of the mail in

Please forward  to us a certified copy of the chain of possession
in documentary form.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Eugene A. Burns

Dr. Eugene A. Burns, D.C.
General Manager
New Life Health Center Company
4500 E. Speedway, Suite 26
Tucson, Arizona state

                             #  #  #

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In Re Grand Jury Subpoena