Paul Andrew Mitchell, Sui Juris
c/o general delivery
San Marcos [ZIP code exempt]

In Propria Persona

All Rights Reserved,
without prejudice

At Law


                     HAYS COUNTY

Paul Andrew Mitchell,    ) Case No. CV-98-0547
          Plaintiff,     ) APPLICATION FOR LEAVE
                         ) TO PROCEED IN FORMA
     v.                  ) PAUPERIS, AND AFFIDAVIT
                         ) OF INABILITY TO PAY COSTS
City of San Marcos,      )
San Marcos Utility,      )
Community Action, Inc.   )
  of Hays, Caldwell, &   )
  Blanco Counties,       )
Century Telephone, Inc., )
and Does 1 thru 25,      )
          Defendants.    )

COMES NOW Paul Andrew Mitchell, Sui Juris, Citizen of

Arizona state, Federal Witness, Counselor at Law,

Private Attorney General, and Candidate for the United

States ("U.S.") House of Representatives, currently

inhabiting Hays county in Texas state ("Plaintiff"),

to petition this honorable Court for leave to proceed

In Forma Pauperis ("IFP"), and to present this, His


now follows:

     I, Paul Andrew Mitchell, Sui Juris, am the 

Plaintiff in this case.  I am of majority age, and

competent to make this verified declaration concerning

My present inability to pay the normal costs associated

with such a law suit as this.

     My revenue, resources, and expenses are set out

in the schedule which now follows:


     (a)  Public Benefits:    zero

     (b)  Net Compensation:   zero

     (c)  Other Compensation: zero

     (d)  Spouse's Revenue:   no spouse


     (a)  Cars or Trucks:  one 1978 Datsun 280-Z,
                           currently needs $575 repair
                           to failed exhaust manifold
                           gasket, before it can run

     (b)  Checking and/or Savings Account:  none

     (c)  Cash:  zero

     (d)  Other Property (excluding homestead): none


     Rent/Mortgage:   $500/mo.    Food:        $250/mo.
     Car payment:        0/mo.    Child Care:     0/mo.
     Transportation:     0/mo.    Medical/Dental: 0/mo.
     Insurance:          0/mo.    Utilities:    $75/mo.
     Clothing/Laundry: $15/mo     Other:          0/mo.

         Total Monthly Expenses:               $840/mo.

     (exclude house and automobile):

     Creditor:                               Amount Due
     -----------------------------------     ----------
     1.  Central Texas Medical Center,
         Emergency Room, to treat assault       $307.75

     2.  San Marcos - Hays County EMS, Inc.
         transport to CTMC Emergency Room       $292.00

     3.  Rent due on June 1, 1998
         to Mr. Andrew Thomas Scott:            $500.00

     4.  Rent past due on May 16, 1998
         to Mr. Andrew Thomas Scott:            $112.50

     5.  Miscellaneous utility bills
         to Mr. Ron Holmes (ex-roommate)        $ 65.19
              Total Debts:                    $1,277.44

     I am unable to pay the court costs in this case,

but offer to pay them, in full, from any damages which

are awarded to Me in this case.

                  REMEDY REQUESTED

     Wherefore, all premises thus duly considered,

Plaintiff requests leave of this honorable Court to

proceed In Forma Pauperis, and to be exempt from 

court costs, until such time as further orders are

issued in this regard by this Court.


I, Paul Andrew Mitchell, Sui Juris, a Citizen of

ONE OF the United States of America, hereby verify,

under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the

United States of America, that the above statement

of facts is true and correct, according to the best

of My current information, knowledge, and belief,

so help Me God, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1746(1).

See Supremacy Clause.

Dated May 26, 1998

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell

Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Counselor at Law, Federal Witness,
Private Attorney General, and Candidate
for the U.S. House of Representatives

All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

[See USPS Pub. 221 for addressing instructions.]

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