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Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 07:15:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell <>  | Block address
To: "Andrew J. Anderson" <>
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In reply to your message below,
we refer you to Internet URL:

If you don't understand plain English,
then get some help -- somewhere else.

Copies of "The Federal Zone" now extant on the
Internet were stolen, and then modified

We are therefore now demanding that ALL copies,
in whole or in part, and ALL links, whether
in web pages or in search indexes, be removed

I am sure that Webster's Dictionary has most
of the above words well defined, for your
reading enjoyment.

If you don't understand the legal implications,
then hire someone who can explain it all to you.

There are criminal penalties in the federal
copyright laws, in case you are ignorant of
these laws.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Author (under a pen name)

---"Andrew J. Anderson" <> wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Jul 1998, Paul Andrew Mitchell wrote:
> > The copyright violation was found on a web page written by you,
> > therefore you are a responsible party. 
> Perhaps I did not make myself clear.  I will try to use short
> and small words: 
> I do not work for Stetson University any longer.  I did not write
the web
> page in question.  I am not the person that you wish to talk you
> this.  I have told you to mail the contact listed in the whois
> about this.  Not email, mail.  Surface mail.  United States Post
> You can even send it certified if you wish.
> > I regret to inform you that our budget simply does not authorize
us to
> > do your homework for you.  
> And I do not have the time, nor the patience to continue to state the
> above.  I will be ignoring any further email that you send, even
though I
> have explicity stated that I will charge you $20 per word and a
minimum of
> $1000 per message.  (Which I do reserve the right to do should I see
> > We have done our diligent duty to provide violators with proper and
> > lawful notice of the violations. 
> No, you have not.  You have contacted me via email.  I am not the
> "violator" here. I did not write the web page in question.  I do not
> the web server in question.  I am not an official representative of
> Stetson University any longer.  I have directed you on how to
contact an
> official representative of Stetson University, but you ignore the
> information that I am giving to you.  You choose to harass someone
who has
> no ties to Stetson University any longer.
> > This has already been enormously expensive for us, thus adding to
> > actual and consequential damages. 
> *chuckle* Yeah, right.  A free email account from yahoo and the time
> took you to do a web search, and then threaten people with
> Oh, I forgot -- the $19.95/month AOL account to do this with.
> I tire of you Mr. Mitchell, I really do.  I can see that all you
want to
> do is bully people into doing what you want.  If you were indeed
> about this copyright issue, you would have contacted the user in
> then, and then me.  After contacting me, you
> have taken my advice and contacted an official representative of
> University and dealt with them in this matter.  
> Any person who has a legitimate gripe has one objective: to get
> satisfaction.  You do not have that objective.  If you were indeed
> interested in solving this copyright case, you would have stopped
> to intimidate me long ago, and you would have contacted someone who
> help you get satisfaction.  That person is not me.  How many times
do I
> have to tell you this?
> And please, do _not_ forward the "if person A ... and person B ..."
> to me again.  I don't care.  I am not the person you wish to talk
to, and
> I have no power to give you what you want.  Please stop harassing me
> start talking to Stetson University instead.
>  Andrew Anderson             
>                if(!(family_tree=fork())){redneck=TRUE;}

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